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Just for Fun / it's late
« on: November 27, 2011, 05:56:05 pm »
Andrew walks into the Wild Surge.

Landlord says, "oi, you're Bard!"
 "Epic!" Andrew cringes, "Before I go get this - How many Druids does it take to change a lantern?"
 Landlord says "Epic with dual class, thats too easy. None, Druids only change into Bears it's by far the best shape!"
 "Well I am halfway out the door but tell me what do you get when you cross a Broken Hope Monk with a Druid mathematician ?"
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Character Submissions / Exotic Race Submissions - read here first.
« on: July 08, 2016, 11:12:40 am »
As of right now Exotic Race applications are now re-opened!We will be placing a few restrictions on their submission though, in an effort to keep these characters sufficiently rare to reflect their uniqueness in the world. These restrictions apply to the following races:Wemics
Dark Elves
Sea ElvesHalf-orcs, half-giants and half-ogres are no longer viable as PCs, as they would have to start adventuring at too old an age. Please read the following guidelines for exotic race submissions:-Submissions for exotic races will be limited in number to one(1) per person per month and four(4) per month total.
-Three(3) days prior to the end of the month a random date and time will be selected for the opening of submissions for the following month. A d4 will be rolled to indicate the date (so submissions will always open within the first four days of the month) and a d24 will be rolled for the time, always quoted in GMT to avoid confusion (so a roll of 13 would be 1pm GMT). The time will be announced in this thread.
-The first four posts, according to their time stamp, will be the submissions reviewed. The others will be given five days for the submitter to save their work, and then deleted to keep the forum organized.
-The threads will also be numbered 1-4, to indicate which thread gets priority in review; 1 being first in line, 4 being last.
This system was devised to limit the flow of exotic characters in to the world, and to give all time zones the fairest chance of getting their submission in first. The policy may be amended if a more efficient process is identified and agreed upon.I also would like to note that exotic races are still subject to the RP consequences that NPCs of the same race are. Namely, rampant hatred, bigotry and/or animosity from the "common" races. That being said, have a great time!Cheers,Gilshem
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General Discussion / Evil Rollcall?
« on: October 23, 2011, 12:32:00 pm »
Hiya All,

Just started an Evil character and am having a difficult time finding a group. Fortunately my son has a CN character so we can travel about a bit. What I'm looking for is maybe people who have Evil characters to post here and I can set up an event maybe once a week so we can travel about. I'm rather (and so is my character) bored with the few places me and my son's character can go. And it's tough to RP an evil PC when no one else around is evil...

Basically I'm trying to get a list of who has Evil characters so I can PM everyone and get something together for us to do!

My Character: NE Cleric/Rogue of Branderback

My Son's: CN Fighter/ Rogue mercenary

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The Dragon Storm Campaign / 6 months after Briardusk
« on: October 21, 2011, 11:19:51 pm »
Briardusk, the name remembered well by soldiers of Hurm and those other armies who participated in years of warfare on Hilm soil as the final stage in reclaiming their lands from the hands of the Green Dragon Cult, led by the malefactor known as Molvaren.

It has taken just over 6 months to clear the city of the memory of the Drach ori, the slave pens, their mad leader and all that he enacted their. Dark labs for experiments on slaves and the creation of abominations. Who knows the extents to what was truly done in the dark places beneath the city. Thanks to the Grannoch giants, Rael dwarven engineer squads and so many other groups Briardusk was beginning to rebuild.

Once the fighting was done in Briardusk more legions from The newly established Siphe Principality joined the intial ones and worked with Hilm legions to reestablish the borders of Hilm. Various skirmishes occured along the borders over the months that followed until finally reports began to arrive in Hilm that once more all border posts had been restored and garrisoned.

Immediately plans were put into effect for the next six months to 2 years to provide a massive building program to provide better protections for the border garrisons, to rebuild Sundance and Briardusk and a dozen other communities across Hilm, ruined by the war.

Sir Lance took up his role under Lord Alexander to oversee the rebuilding of Hilm even as they began to sketch out what the liklihood would be of them ever trying to reclaim Kuhl for the Queen.

Many were released from service but their names listed for recall once it was decided if any action would even be possible.

Lord Rael offered a five year placement garrison of 5000 mixed Raelite soldiers at Briardusk and an open offer of more support if and when they deicded to strike at Kuhl. After the other supporters of Hilm heard about Lord Raels offer many also came forward offering other types of support as well.

Thus it remains at the moment, Hilm is rebuilding its strength, rebuilding its broken land. The Principality of Siphe builds a new fortress over the bones of the Fort of Last Hope and people prepare and wait and watch Kuhl to see and wonder what it is Molvaren will plan next.
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Rumour Has It / Special Lecture at the Tower Academy
« on: October 04, 2011, 10:16:43 pm »

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Layonara Server / Character Submission Process Changes - September 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:41:25 pm »
Greetings Layonara,

 I am writing you on behalf of the Character Approvals Team and in conjunction with the changes happening server wide. Over the years we have given little (and not so little) tune-ups to the CA process, trying to find away to make the requirement of pre-approval work for the majority of people. We've taken feedback to heart and attempted to scale back certain obtrusive aspects to the process while balancing overall needs and have only met partial success. Striving to find a better version of policies, we have taken a large step back and looked at things from a different angle entirely.  

 What is outlined below is a result of that different viewpoint. The changes, in some ways aren't much, but in other places they are quite huge. All of these changes, together, are designed to return the world to a policy that promotes the focus on roleplay. While exploration, crafting and accumulation of experience are all part of our experience, the focus is returns more fully to character development through roleplay.  Lore will be the primary focus of the character application process. Rarely will mechanical detail hold up applications, but lore must be compliant. Here is an outline of the changes:
 General procedure goals and statements:

 - The CA Team's main goal will scale back to what is most important for the biographies, and indeed the world: Lore. If something does not fit with current lore, it will be held up until there is an appropriate change (or compromise in a few cases).  
 - CAs will no longer ask for justification of class, development of an alignment nor expansion on a race except for those that are listed as special (Wemic, Brownie, Ghostwise Halflings, Sea Elf, Dark Elf or Goblin). Those biographies that include details that are CONTRARY to alignment, class or race will be held up where lore becomes an issue. (No wizards gaining innate power and lacking the need for study. No humans with elf traits. No Lawful Good characters lopping off heads out of rage.)
 - Resubmissions for basic classes have a new set of rules. Any scrutiny will be lore based but there are level related restrictions (for lore reasons). For clarity, 'basic class' is any of the standard classes except cleric, paladin, druid or monk due to issue of lore or long standing multiclass restrictions.
  • Multiclassing with a basic class at level seven or below will only require a resubmission request. No CDT, no proof of training, supporting documentation. The resubmission will require only an updated biography blurb in the request. (Johanson wants to add rogue levels to his fighter class because he's been studying on how to attack more effectively. The new split will be 5/15.)
  • Multiclassing with a basic class between levels eight and fourteen, will require either a maintained CDT, a PC trainer or a CDQ. This choice is up to the requesting player but they will have to abide by the needs of their choice. If opting for a CDQ, some minimal RP/Lore justification will be needed.
  • Multiclassing for basic class at level fifteen (the last point at which anything can be added before level twenty) will require a CDQ and either a maintained CDT or a PC trainer.
  • Multiclassing after level twenty will begin to require more in depth attention from the CA team as this is much like turning over a new leaf in the life of a person. A maintained CDT or PC trainer are a must.
  • Multiclassing with a basic class from level thirty on will -not- be approved without a supporting WLDQ.
  • PrC multiclasing will remain the same.
Other changes we are making, exclusively geared toward new players/accounts:
  New forum accounts, regardless of if they are simply alternate accounts for current players or whole new people, will be limited to the following for the first approved character:  
  -Races are restricted to basic elf, basic dwarf, basic halfling, human and basic gnome. No subraces.
  -Character class is restricted to Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Ranger, Sorcerer and Wizard.  
  -The character's alignment is restricted to CG, NG, LG, LN and TN.
  -New players are eligible for resubmission for with the original character or with a new character after two weeks of active game time.
  -The Character Stable will still be an open option to new brand accounts.  

  The intent behind these restrictions has nothing to do with a prejudgment of new player's ability to correctly play a class, alignment or race. What it does is require new players to focus purely on the lore of Layonara, which is vast and unique compared to many places. The limitations placed will hopefully help simplify entrance into the world in effort and gaining expediency. They will hopefully limit the frustration many people have expressed about being required to know lore that they feel they don't have proper access to. Once in the world and experiencing things first hand, the rest of the opportunities open up.  
 Some notes related to these changes:
Gilshem Ironstone is the new CA Team Leader. He, Pibemanden and Geloooo will be working the majority of applications. Ycleption, if she should get a chance to return to us, still holds a spot on the CA team (at least for now).  
 There may be a rare instance here and there where a GM will step in to help out but this will be only under certain circumstances which we will not list. An example of such would be, if two or more CA team members are unable to fulfill their duties for a period of time due to RL obligations and the remaining CA requires assistance.  

 Your GM Team will still be a part of the process on the back end of things. Giving council, clarification and testimony will remain a part of what we do to help. We will be focusing our attention other places instead (elaborated upon in other posts).
 Some upcoming reform and projects for the CA Team/process:

 Our Class and PrC descriptions will be updated on LORE to be Layo-centric. A lot of what is on LORE for descriptions now are stock NWN descriptions of things and long have been out of sync with the server's core lore. This confusing factor will be rectified in the coming weeks (though we do not have an exact ETA.)
 We have some additional avenues for advancement and training coming to the server that will relate back to how the CA Team can work with people to gain desired classes, alignments and deity relationships (among other things) and encourage roleplay.
 Our documentation on the process of submitting a character for approval will be brought up to current both on the forums and in LORE. We do ask that you be patient with us as we go through this adjustment. Please keep in mind that we are working with several people to make this change over with clarity and thoroughness.  
 We hope that all of the changes bring a more meaningful and less stressful experience to the world as a whole.  
 The Character Approvals Team
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Layonara Server / World Policy Update -- Sept. 19, 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:39:48 pm »
Greetings Layonara Community,
As we have done now and then through the years, we are bringing some changes to Layonara.  Some of these are significant. Others are simple clarifications of what already exists.  Regardless of the case, from this point forward, a new set of policies and conventions will be in place for all, from the new player on up to the GM team.  These changes have come after a good deal of consideration, proposal, discussion and refinement over the course of several months.  They take into account those things that we, as a community, do well and those things that we, as a community, could do better.  The full details of all these things are too much to list here, but they will either be covered with some detail elsewhere or be evident in the way things are done by the GM team.  Don't worry; the changes are all aimed at a more positive experience for everyone.
What I will do here is summarize these changes and then offer an agreement between the community-at-large and the GM team. The latter is offered because in order for this all to work, it requires cooperation between everyone, whether one is “just a player” or our most experienced GM. Afterall, we're all working toward the same goal: a rich and enjoyable experience for everyone.  
[SIZE=18]Summary of Changes:[/SIZE]
 As mentioned above, the details of all the changes are too numerous to list here, and much of them get into administrative details.  To list the major changes in summary:
  • We are creating a world lore     publication fork. This is different from diverging NWN lore from MMO     lore, but it will still allow for some greater freedoms for GMs and     players while protecting those players who eventually wish to     achieve World Leader status or undertake a similar effort.  There     will still be opportunities to “change the world”, leave one's     mark and the the like. World lore is still important, but there will     also be flexibility.  This fork is considered to begin with the     conclusion of the last lingering matters after the world plot finale     quests held in May, 2011.  As things stand, this will coincide with     the wrap-up of Briardusk.
  • This publication fork also opens     up possibilities for GMs to run events which may not fit into world     lore.  Such events will be considered “unofficial” and     unsuitable for character development.  They are intended for player     entertainment and education...and perhaps GM entertainment as well.     GMs will clearly state when such an event occurs, so there is no     confusion on the part of players.
  • CDQs (and     GCDQs) are getting a significant change in terms of things like     waiting periods and other policies, with individual GMs being     allowed to set their own policies for the most part. They will also     be the domain of lore-friendliness, meaning a CDQ need not directly     deal with world lore, but neither should it violate it or conflict     with it. Everyone should read the updated CDQ policy, found here.
  • The world plot     will be handled in a different, more “organic” way. With the     wrap-up of Briardusk, we're taking a small break to get organized.     We will put out a “state of the world” description so everyone     knows the setting for moving forward. From that point forward, we     will be operating on a new methodology.  There will be opportunities     for world-level involvement on many levels, even when something     isn't marked as a “plot” event. To a large degree, what happens     moving forward will be up to the community.  More details will come     out over time.
  • The Character     Approval process is undergoing a shift, and we will be clarifying     some things as well. It is important for everyone to read and     understand this new policy, as it will affect all character     submissions from this point forward. Everyone should read the     updated CA policy, found here.
[SIZE=18]Agreement Between Players and GMs:[/SIZE]
  In order for everything to work well, we all need a reminder that there is a need for cooperation between both players and GMs.  Without it, there is nothing but difficulty, and anyone who has been around here long enough has probably witnessed the occasional period of problems and tension.  We recognize these will never be truly eradicated, but we can all take steps to minimize them and work more constructively when problems do arise. In that spirit, I offer the following agreement to be held between players and GMs.
 Players agree to...
  •     ...have fun, but never at someone else's expense.
  •     ...engage in RP as much as possible. Encourage the same in those     around you.
  •     ...keep in mind that GMs are your partners in RP here, not your     enemies.
  •     ...not spread rumors about favoritism or unfair treatment. If     there's a concern, bring it to Leanthar, EdTheKet, Dorganath, Rowana     or a Lead GM.
  •     ...try not to use words like “bother” or “inconvenience” (or     some form thereof) when approaching members of our various teams.      We choose to do this.  It's OK. It's not a bother or an     inconvenience.
  •     ...never be the reason for another player leaving the world or     abandoning a character. This has happened, generally through     behavior that has made a person feel uncomfortable or threatened. We     know it has happened.  It is unacceptable.
  •     ...avoid telling other players how to play their characters,     alignments, classes deity/dogma, race or some other significant     defining characteristic, which also includes concepts like the     Heartsong or the Al'Noth.  If there is a concern, bring it to a GM.     Otherwise, unless a player specifically asks for advice, let it be.
  • toward a better level of communication between everyone     here, whether it is with one of our various teams or with general     members of the community.
  •     ...remember that GMs and especially the lead staff have a lot     invested in Layonara.  We sometimes want to participate in     discussions. Our words, unless specifically stated, are not     generally the end of the conversation.
  •     ...understand that at times, the GM team must say “no” but this     should be respected rather than gossiped about, back-talked or     flamed.  “No” is rarely given without a reason, though if it is     (such as cases where we cannot immediately give one), it is not an     arbitrary decision.
  •     ...join the GM team in our respect for and observance of world lore.     As part of this, keep in mind that if we approach players with     matters or concerns about lore, we are only seeking to encourage and     maintain a consistent environment for everyone here.
  •     ...remember that GMs are players too.  Sometimes we just want to     enjoy ourselves just like everyone else.
  •     ...maintain respect for everyone here, from the newest player on up     to Leanthar.  This applies equally whether in-game, on IRC or on the     forums. We're all people. We're all gamers. We're here for the same     reason. Do not hide behind anonymity.
In return, the GM team will...
  •     ...provide a fair, open and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  •     ...provide a rich and interesting environment to support, encourage,     inspire and reward RP for everyone.
  •     ...attempt to communicate clearly and accurately with the community     on various matters.
  • open and available, as our time permits, for questions,     concerns and ideas. We may not be able to accommodate all requests,     but we will make reasonable efforts where it is appropriate to do     so.
  • as fair as possible. We are still people. We will make     mistakes, but the goal remains.
  •     ...try to communicate as clearly as possible at all times.
  •     ...respect, support and enforce world lore as appropriate. In doing     so, we may bring forward concerns or problems to players that are     intended in the spirit of our established world lore. Please give     these due consideration and respect our comments and the reason     behind them.
  •     ...provide a “clean slate” for all players moving forward from     this point (more on this below).
The above agreement is offered in the spirit that we're all here trying to play the same game.  We're all people. Many of us, whether player or GM, have a lot invested in this game world. Some arguably have much more invested than others, but for the most part we all have a significant emotional attachment to this place.  With such attachments often comes a sense of ownership, and with that sense sometimes there is a sense of entitlement or a way of doing things that is “better”.  It is usually these sorts of things that cause the most problems. We're all different.  We all have different ideas and perspectives.  These things are truly great, but we also need to remember that we're all here trying to get enjoyment from the same place, and this place has its set of rules and guidelines that everyone needs to follow. One person should not take their fun at the expense of another's.
  In understanding our various differences, let us also remember that each of us is only human.  The above agreement is a goal, and regardless of which side we're on, no one expects perfection. We do, however, request that everyone keeps these things in mind when playing here. Most of us here are adults. Let's remember to act like adults.  Speak to other players. Work out differences person-to-person, and ask for help if there are problems doing so.
 [SIZE=18]The “Clean Slate”[/SIZE]
  Under the GM section of the agreement, the concept of a “clean slate” was mentioned.  By way of explaining this, it is necessary to mention the oft-misunderstood “Player Watch List”.  Many players may not know if this list, while others may have the wrong idea of it.  
  The Player Watch list is simply that...a list of players to watch. A player may get onto the list in several ways, which can be summarized as bad or questionable behavior. Such behavior can take many forms, whether it is a complaint by another player, minor rule violations or any matter that seems of concern. We use this as a communication tool between the entire GM team, such that we may all know of issues that may require a closer eye on a player in order that they do not cause problems for others through such behavior as we may document. A player will remain on the watch list for a period of six (6) months, after which time, the thread will be moved to an “inactive” archive, assuming no further issues during that time. If necessary, an archived thread may be made active again if there are repeated issues for a given player. These threads help us determine when administrative action or more direct intervention may be necessary, and they serve as long term documentation.
 It bears stating, unequivocally, that the Player Watch List is not a list of people that the GM team “does not like.” This is actually quite far from the truth. It should also be said that just because someone is on the watch list does not mean the player is in trouble. In order to illustrate a little better what the list is and isn't, here are a few examples of why someone might appear on the list:
  •     Player A is seen repeatedly luring or using terrain features to     trick creature AI or is otherwise abusing creature AI to     disproportionately lower the challenge posed by a creature or set of     creatures.
  •     Player B is observed camping CNR or creatures in excess of what     rules allow.
  •     Player C is reported by Player D for some inter-personal matters     that make Player D uncomfortable or which impact Player D's     enjoyment of the game.  In this case, both players might receive     posts for tracking purposes.
  •     A GM comes across something that brings questions to mind about     Player E.  The player in question is not available at the time to     speak to about the find, and there are no other GMs around who might     be able to offer clarity. The GM posts a thread seeking attention     and comment from other GMs regarding the find. (Note: in such a     case, the post may be removed if it is determined that there is     ultimately nothing wrong or questionable.)
There are surely other reasons for appearing on the watch list, but these are among the most common.  In most cases, a GM should make contact with the player who is being listed to discuss the problem and request an adjustment in behavior.  However, whether due to time constraints, RL obligations or the player logging off of the server before such an opportunity arises, a GM may not be able to do so in a timely way. In such cases, the GM may still post in order to mark the incident for other eyes. A GM may also post to raise a player concern with the rest of the team in the absence of available information. Again, it should be stressed that someone being on this list is not automatically in trouble with the team.
  To enact the “clean slate”, from this point forward, any and all active Player Watch List threads are now archived permanently. Any past incidents or disciplinary actions, except for permanent bannings of course, are hereby forgiven and completely in the past.  If a player who has been the subject of one or more Player Watch List posts in the past has a new incident worthy of the Player Watch List, such incidents will be considered new, and past incidents will not be taken into account.  Repeated incidents after this point will, of course, be handled as we have in the past, with each thread serving as a historical record for future reference.
  This gives everyone who may have come in conflict with server rules in the past or who may have caused difficulties for other players to start fresh and without bias. It is our hope that in this environment, people will seize this opportunity to be better members of the community as a whole and remember that this is not just a single-player game and that our actions affect other players, either directly or indirectly.
 [SIZE=18]So let's get started![/SIZE]
  Without further ceremony or description, let's all start moving forward and continue making Layonara the best environment for RP and enjoyment it can be. For good or ill, we've all contributed to what Layonara is today.  As we go on, we will continue to shape it. Let's make it good!
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Trade and Market Hall / Grand Opening - the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop!
« on: September 04, 2011, 03:53:56 pm »
*Small posters are placed in Major Cities and on the bulletin boards in Crafts Halls*

Grand Opening!
The Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop

Tired of selling your crafted or unused or outgrown items for diddlysquat at a pawn shop?
Now you can trade in your items for full value!

I am hoping that this shop serves the adventurers and heroes of the realms. Please let me know how it can serve you more fully. We are beginning with 18 chests and only 115 magical items (and 33 scrolls). I invite independent crafters to trade their goods to the shop to fill the chests (for Trade Credit).

Here are the guidelines:

•   Trade your items in to the shop and take items of equal value.
•   Trade higher valued items than what you take for a credit at the shop.
•   Trade lesser valued items than what you take, and make up for it in coin.
•   For all items taken from the shop there is a 10% of value charge in True to cover shop expenses, such as rent, furniture, upkeep of the shop, and the eventual expansion of the shop.
•   Every trade requires a note left for Riven detailing the trade. (// post on this thread in the forum and PLEASE LIST ALL VALUES OF ITEMS TAKEN AND GIVEN (I may not have time to check for you)//).
•   The Shop accepts no more than two of any specific item (unless it’s stackable items like scrolls or potions), so before you drop your item in a chest Examine the chest first to see if there are already two items in it. If a chest is full (but does not have two of the item) then place the item in the Overflow Chest. If the Overflow Chest is full, then we cannot accept the item in trade (until the shop expands to larger space and more chests).

TRADE VALUE OF CRAFTED GOODS: the Barter Shop uses the prices of Cailomel’s Shop for crafted goods (see his posters for prices).

* Bronze Weaponry are half the trade value of Iron Weaponry.
* Enhanced Weapons are 75% of the trade value of the specific weapon and specific enhancement.

TRADE VALUE OF FOUND TREASURES (DROPPED GOODS): For now, the Barter Shop will use 100% of Lens Pricing for dropped goods, with the following trade value exceptions:

PRICE EXCEPTIONS (and please contact me if you think there should be more exceptions) -

Brawlers Belt, Swordsman’s Belt, Archer’s Belt: 2500 True Trade Value (instead of the lens price of 1500)

All dropped/found Leather, Studded Leather, or Hide armors have the following trade value:
Leather +1 - 1,250 True in Trade Value
Studded Leather +1 - 1,500
Leather +2 – 3,000
Studded Leather +2 – 3,600
Leather +3 – 7,000
Studded Leather +3 – 8,400

All dropped/found metal armors have the following trade value:
+1 metal armors = the value of that armor in Iron.
+2 metal armors = the value of that armor in Platinum.
+3 metal armors = the value of that armor in Adamantium

Trade Value of all Scrolls:
Lv. 1 – 256 True Trade Value
Lv. 2 – 368
Lv. 3 – 641
Lv. 4 – 1,603
Lv. 5 – 3,206
Lv. 6 – 6,412
Lv. 7 – 23,750
Lv. 8 – 36,000
Lv. 9 – 57,000
Raise Dead Scroll 9,000

Silver and Topaz ring 1500
Silver and Alexandrite ring 1500
Silver and Sapphire ring 2000
Crow Feather Necklace 600

Oak club 800
Oak Quarterstaff 1250
Oak Speak 1500
Mahogany club 2500
Mahogany quarterstaff 5000
Mahogany Spear 5250
Yew  Club 40,000

Oak Shield (small) 2,500
Oak Shield (large) 3,000
Oak Shield (tower) 3,500
Mahogany Shield (small) 10,000
Mahogany Shield (large) 11,000
Mahogany Shield (tower) 12,000

Compound Oak Shorbow or Longbow 5500
Compound Mahogany Shortbow 10,000
Compound Mahogany Longbow 12,000

ARROWS (count of 500) (these prices include any type of feathers)
Oak Copper-Tipped: 750
Oak Bronze-Tipped: 1,000
Oak Iron-Tipped: 1500
Mahogany Copper-Tipped: 1500
Mahogany Bronze-Tipped: 2000
Mahogany Iron-Tipped: 2500

Special Weapons and Armors
(others not listed below may also have a special price)
Bloodfall Longsword 2500
Coward's Blade Shortsword 1500
Snakefang dagger 1250
Swashbuckler's Sabre Rapier 2500
Last Defense Greatsword 2500
Walking Stick of the Hierophant 500
Dragonskin Buckler 7,500
Dragonscale Bracers 15,000

LOCATION: Twin Dragon Inn, 137 Leringard, owned by Tyrian Baldu’muur.
The Twin Dragon Inn is located on the Southwest side of the residential area of Leringard. It is a three-story building just East of a fountain, with no sign upon the building at present. Leringard can be sailed to from Hempstead, or hiked to (North of Krandor, East to Fort Llast, North to Blackford Castle, skirt castle on West side, North to Palden Lake, and take the West fork to Leringard).

FINDING THE SHOP INSIDE THE INN: From the main room of the lodge, take the furthest and most left door. This opens into a hall – turn right and follow it to the end to a large room that houses two different shops.

THERE ARE TWO SHOPS AT THE TWIN DRAGON: Tyrian Baldu’muur and his Apprentice Alton Tealeaf run Tyrian’s Trade Goods (chests marked in red). You are invited to purchase any of their goods for True Coins. Their prices are very reasonable and they are usually open to negotiations. At the far side of the room is the Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop (chests marked in gold). Examine the bookcase and the room divider for further details and instruction.

FREE SPELL COMPONENTS: In the Barter Shop there is one chest for freely giving and freely taking spell components.

ALL ARE WELCOME ANYTIME: The doors to Twin Dragon Inn are always open. Come warm yourself by one of the fireplaces in this elaborately decorated Inn.

FREE PORTAL IN MAIN ROOM OF THE INN: Feel free to make use of the portal in the lodge.

ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE FOR RENT: Leave a note for Tyrian Baldu’muur or Alton Tealeaf regarding rooms for rent at the Twin Dragon Inn.

GIVE PRIVACY TO RESIDENTS: Please give other residents of the Inn Privacy - meaning, please do not open any door, other than the doors to gain access to the shops. Anyone caught snooping or thieving will be dealt with harshly by Tyrian's guards.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please send me a note at the Twin Dragon Inn. I welcome your ideas, and I look forward to meeting you!

~Riven Ring-Cleaver
Proprietor, Saddlebag Pawn Barter Shop
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Rumour Has It / Zahid Al Safi - Dead
« on: August 08, 2011, 10:29:44 am »
Human lives are brief, lasting little longer than a child's writing in sand. Their legacy lies in their works, whether they are children of the flesh or children of the mind.

Zahid Al Safi, aged 69, died as he was born, wandering the Great Desert. After fighting for Sederra against the Green Dragon Cult, he ultimately succumbed to old age. He will not likely be remembered beyond the absence of an old man on a bench, or a shouting figure at the side of a Center road. Perhaps he never found the oneness he sought, but he smiled and died in peace. His journal, like his body, moulders in the desert's shifting dunes. He breaks down, and becomes one with the sands.
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Introduce Yourself -- Game Masters / Lonnarin/Brewmaster Bob
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:21:20 pm »
GM Name: Brewmaster Forum Name: lonnarin (with an L) Bioware Name: karma_virus Time Zone: EST Availability: 7pm-11pm EST Weekdays, 10am-11pm Weekends About myself: Howdy Folks! Good to be back in action. Currently getting my bearings here, relearning how to slip back into the groove of things from the other end of the table and learning how to use all these nifty new wands and GM tools. In another week or two I'm hoping to bring back the age of the impromptus, as well as light up that calendar with a quest or two on a regular basis. I'm currently part-time, thanks to working full time, but hopefully as I become more used to the scheduling and tasks, perhaps that role may grow as well. About myself, I have been playing various RPGs in computer form since I was a wee tyke back in 1986, and D&D in pen and paper form since around 1994 onward. GMing tabletop D&D for about as long as well, and Shadowrun since about year 2000. I have played on this server since October 2004, making me semi-ancient. Not quite a Lich compared to some, but more than a whelp. My GMing style is typically less hack n slash and more social-based, though there will be plenty of both, no doubt. I try to be very malleable about how my players approach things, as there are never simply one path to take to achieve a goal. If an enemy seems too strong, try to outwit or hoodwink them, perhaps even befriend them. If a task seems too daunting, try to find a way around it. I am very open to attempting other solutions, so never feel that there is only one way to achieve your goals on my quests. Moral ambiguity is just as treasured to me as ethical extremism, there is no right or wrong way to act, as long as it falls within the server rules. I may be a bit more forthcoming with alignment adjustments than many of you may be used to, but please, never feel that these are a punishment by any means! Good people can have bad days at times, and even the most despicable of villains may feel a twang of mercy or pity once in awhile. If at any time you feel slighted by any alignment changes, please let me know! The GMs are not all knowing, telepathic bastions of omniscience, so the more input we get from you about your intentions or ambitions, the easier we can understand your own perspective of how you see your character's thought process. Also, if you are leaning towards an alignment goal, please let me know that as well and I'll try to work with you on my quests and impromptus. While it is important to play the alignment a character is approved for upon creation, it is just as much so that all of us understand that character development and enjoyment must take precedence over stagnation. That is not to say that I want to see any of you LG paladins out there suddenly slay a baby out of the blue and shout "wooot, unholy champion here I come!" because that would be a strange case to make. But if you want that neutral character to make a few steps towards the path you see your character taking, by all means send me a tell and I will offer my feedback on how they have been performing thus far and some ideas on how to accomplish this at a reasonable pace I mention these alignment note specifically because far too often I see people take the alignment adjustment as a devastating thing, or the lack thereof as a stifling speedbump in their development. Roleplay, breathe, adapt, adjust, live & learn! It's those conflicted, complex and interesting characters that make it all worthwhile. For you "action" gamers out there who are drawn to this server for its utterly awesome area design and game balance, know this; I do not consider "action" to be a dirty word on RP servers! I myself have played rather bloodthirsty and overly excitable gems in my past & present (Earl & Kurn come to mind) and by no means is Action exclusive from RP or visa versa. Some advice on filling that roll? Know your one-liners! Live the role! Your character enjoys running around and killing 200 orcs before down every day before breakfast? Have them talk it up! Be boastful, act obsessed with the idea. Those kinds of character might draw some strange glances from the folks who prefer chatting in town and discussing more interpersonal matters, but ultimately this server is here for all of us, many different character types and gaming styles. Think about how your actions fit your character's psyche and play on it. I only ask that you not camp in the same area over and over, particularly for CNR items. Try to spread out a little, test your limits and find allies to take along with you to try new areas outside of your "sweet spot" for challenge vs. XP. Exploration over grinding, what's the point of hitting lvl 20 in a month when you've only seen 1/10 of what the world has to offer? On the note subject of camping, please be respectful to others and those who run this server. This means not sticking to the same area for more than half an hour, resting, waiting for the respawn, rinsing, repeating. Instead, try adding some variety, branching out to a north path here for quick break, doubling back and trying a different form of CNR, THEN returning. It gets really boring for the other players who have to sit through long smoke breaks, 20 minute bios, staying in the same area and fighting the same circuit over and over. Also, please don't be afraid to ask me to spice things up a little if you grow bored on your trips, and likewise, to tell me if you have limited playtime and would rather spend it gathering CNR and crafting vs. having an impromptu. I totally understand the limited playtime that many of us have, and I don't want anybody ever to feel that I am derailing them from their planned schedules! Feedback is a two-way street, so I'll give you a heads up if I see you in an area too long well before any "stern warnings" or reports. The GMs are not here to punish, but to enhance the gameplay. Never assume that any spawn is there to deter you or drive you out! That is not the purpose of a spawn, but rather to add to to excitement and stem the monotony of clockwork repetition. Above all else, we GMs are also players of this world. There is no Us. vs. Them here. If you ever have an issue with any of us for any reason, please let us know via PM or tells immediately. If you feel that talking with any of us has reached a dead end or you feel uncomfortable with it, we can mediate any issues out with a meeting facilitated by Dorg, Ed, Rowanna or Leanthar, or any other GM on the team for that matter. Don't ever take things too personally, if you need to log to cool off a bit we understand. Above all, rumors, bad blood and interpersonal conflict are not worth the effort. This is a game, and games are meant to be fun. If at any time it ceases being fun for you for any reason, let us know so that we can make amends as amicably as possible. Rules for my Quests: -Please announce aloud what rolls you wish to make and send me a tell on the GM channel before you make them. Many times there will be so much chatter that they can get lost in the shuffle! We appreciate a good hearty heads-up so that we can have the NPCs react properly to your actions. -If you see my avatar appear, please hold action! It either means I need to brief you on something that has occurred OOC, or fix some great blunder on my part to prevent somebody from dying horribly. Or that there's an emergency that you need to be aware of. -I do not mind looting of gold at all on my quests. For items too, within reason. Please notify me immediately if you notice something drop that shouldn't be there, and hold onto any iffy items that might need approval for the end of a quest. Try to use common sense and not grab anything way too high level. Don't try to hide it if you find an emerald in a 10th lvl goblin cave either; between the pickup item script and our mystical GM powers we usually will know. -Please try to be respectful to you fellow players and give them a chance to speak on quests, no matter their level. And don't feel shy when you're a tiny lvl 2 on a quest of Epics to speak up and take charge! Remember the tale of the Fellowship of the Ring, where the godling wizard, the human nobles and the gruff burly dwarves all shouted and argued over the meek little hobbit on his first adventure ever? Who was it who wound op driving that tale most? Level, class and self-importance is all irrelevant compared to the will to RP, get involved and make a difference. -If you feel upset with another player over the actions of their character, take a deep breath, cool down a little and send tells about the issue with them first before getting angry. If through the tells the issue is not resolved or you feel like they are being disrespectful of you as a player, please notify us. Don't let this bad blood broil within you. Don't go to the rumor mill. Deal with the issues at the source of the interpersonal conflict and find a mediator if need be. I know this from experience! -Please keep the OOC chatter to a minimum on the party channels. This does not include however, personal emergencies, afk announcements or needing to hash something out. If at all possible however, try to keep OOC in regular "talk" mode when addressing multiple people who are present. The OOC chatter is distracting to players and GMs alike. -If the challenge rating feels too high, please let me know! I'll try to keep the mass deaths to a minimum and will adjust the situations if need be. Unless of course you're trying to do something unreasonable, then I may remind you to try a different approach. -Don't let the game interfere with your RL duties as a human being! Don't miss any work that you can get fired over, pay attention to you kids, don't be afraid to drop a quest and leave early if a baby is being fussy or your kitchen is on fire. *study for your finals* It's just a game, and no game is worth sacrificing your life over. -an in the words of Bill & Ted, "Be excellent to eachother"
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Layonara Server / Annoucement: Please Welcome...
« on: July 25, 2011, 10:35:20 pm »
... Our newest GMs to the world.





They are going to be jumping in very soon and learning their tools and tricks. In the next few months they'll be getting their feet wet in the world of running quests for you all.

Thanks again to everyone who applied and interviewed or even entertained the idea of applying for the position.


The GM Team

[SIZE=10]p.s. Please do not haze the new GMs until they have been in their new bunks for at least three weeks. Thank you.[/SIZE]
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Layonara Server / New version update coming soon...
« on: July 05, 2011, 10:51:08 pm »
Hello all,

There's an update coming soon and this one will require a HAK update.  I've posted the HAK file now so you can download it before the update and be all set to go.  Download it here:

As usual, save and extract this file into your "hak" folder, and you'll be all set.
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General Discussion / Axe-ing a question
« on: July 03, 2011, 10:40:04 am » I check server status on a whim and on Central I see...


and because he has to be different, one Bolderanvil.

That made me laugh.  Out loud.  Do you get a bonus stamp on your Dwarven Army membership card if you have "axe" in you name somewhere?  Can I make an Axe "The Axe" Axesson for a free toaster?
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General Discussion / FOR ALL YOU DADs OUT THERE
« on: June 19, 2011, 09:34:37 am »
Happy Father's Day!  May your tables be full of your favorites and may your ears be filled with the laughter of your children (no matter how young or old).
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Layonara Server / Version 3.30.5 is online!
« on: June 08, 2011, 11:29:11 am »
[SIZE=32]Version 3.30.5 is online![/SIZE]
  • Adjustments to Kuhl areas and Fort of Last Hope to reflect plot/finale events
  • Adjustments to Audira and a few nearby areas to reflect plot/finale events
  • Adjustments to Parched Hills cave to reflect plot/finale events
  • Adjustments to Mount Thil and Voltrex to reflect volcanic activity
  • Added Siphe Garra
  • Fixed Titanium Enchancement II and III to have correct tagging
That's it!

Oh and in case no one has noticed, there should now (as of the prior reset) be a recipe for Ancient Dire Bear slings.

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After speaking [POST=1720656]with[/POST] High Protector Daniel Poetr, Naldin seeks to make an appointment to speak with High Justiciar Reus regarding the Rofirein temple patrolling the streets Vehl.

Would Reus, or someone acting in his stead, be available for such a meeting?

How would this be handled? A CDQ? In-game meeting, IRC, PMs?


Script Wrecked.
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General Discussion / Dragon Storm Campaign Finale
« on: May 21, 2011, 09:36:46 am »
I know it's been said several times, but once again I think it needs saying.  Thank you very much to the GMs that put their time and effort into making such an incredible series.  It may have taken a lot of unexpected turns and probably went on way longer than anyone had ever anticipated.  But that's how things go when dealing with so many pieces.  Now that we stand at the close, I can honestly say I am looking forward to what comes next.  It may be the close of the campaign, but it's just an incredible chapter of the story.  I feel very lucky to have been able to have had such an active role in it, and I urge those who felt like they didn't feel as involved as they may have liked to put in the extra effort in the next thing that comes along.  It's incredible rp.  People talk about how they want to have their characters become world leaders by taking on WLDQs but I tell you the truth- plot quests are world changing events and will turn your character into a truly epic character in all senses of the word if you let them.  It's the experiences that your character lives through that will make it so that you are one of those "old veteran characters" with the stories of epic battles to share with the generations to come.

So thank you Plot team for helping me change my character from a Toranite Leader to a World Leader.  For the heart-wrenching loss, and the stomach twisting anxiety and nerves, for the times my heart skipped a beat, and the mistakes I made and almost made, and for the triumphs that we all shared together, thank you.  Thank you for giving us the opportunities to find greatness.  I can't wait for more.
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Just for Fun / Rofirein dealt a heavy blow today...
« on: May 19, 2011, 07:44:04 pm »
You can take our lives, you can take our freedoms, but you will never end... our legalese!

Feds must stop writing gibberish under new law - Yahoo! News
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Layonara Server / Version 3.30.4 is online!
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:36:40 pm »
[SIZE=32]Version 3.30.4 is online![/SIZE]
NOTE: There is a new HAK file for this update.  Download it here.
  • Slight tweaks to Brech Mountain cave
  • Adjust Awakened spawn appearances to better match lore
  • Fix description on Xeen statue in Katherian to properly reflect lore
  • Better destruction of furniture inside player housing when the house is sold
  • Fix a furniture duplication error under specific circumstances in multi-area player houses
  • Update Angel's guild hall to add a new statue
  • Fix laggy display cases in Angel's guild hall (hopefully)
  • Mist added to Warrior Falls to reflect quest outcome
  • Fix silk quests in Center
  • Fix price coding on some West Blackford houses
  • Fix (hopefully) inconsistent issue where combat dummy appears as a music stand
  • Fixes to the Silver Buckle Inn
  • NPC changes in Kelin's Inn in Krandor
Assist credits go to Alatriel and thanks go to those who reported bugs.

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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Nesar
« on: April 06, 2011, 06:16:29 am »
Within days of a Black Wizard showing up in Blackford Castle to make an offer to the War Council an unsanctioned action has taken place.

Before the War Council had even finished making their determinations over whether they would accept the Wizards offer a group of adventurers had taken it upon themselves to act.

Upon reaching Nith the adventurers found a state of chaos. Soldiers and mercenaries ruled the inns and taverns, the local inhabitants hiding in their homes, many afraid to leave them in case they were set upon by thugs or riffraff or undisciplined soldiers.

The Drach Tesak ruled the night eliminating any they felt were a threat to their armies impending invasion. A whole city on the brink of destabilisation, ready to capitulate to the armies of the Cult as soon as they arrive.

Into this mess came a band of hardy folks, used to the rigours of danger and death. With the help of one of the few remaining figures of authority in the town, the head of the Peasant army or the Nesar Field Regiment as they were referred to, Master Kerrin of Balin dale. The adventurers began their search for the Drach Tesak in the city.

Several strikes from the Tesak on the Adventurers at night took their toll but the Tesak fared the worst of it. Tenacious as adventurers are known to be they pushed and pushed eventually finding Cult sympathisers in the town who were giving the Tesak access to the city through tidal tunnels created by the river and the ocean. These men declared a pox on adventures and Faith worship seeing the Cult as a viable alternative to both.

Persistant as ants the adventurers descended into the tunnels facing not only the sneaky underhanded strike and run tactics of the Drach Tesak but their nefarious traps and attempts to flood tunnels the adventurers entered as they themselves fled.

Lives were lost on both sides but the determination of the adventurers coupled with their considerable firepower in strength of steel and Al'noth forced the Tesak to abandon the tunnels and return to their own forces.

Within hours of the adventurers returning from a farm a day out of the city where the Tesak were gaining access to the underground tunnels four men in black robes appeared in the centre of the city.

They summoned all the Black Ravens in the city and surrounds and new orders were issued. The Ravens then set about driving the soldiers and mercenaries out of the city and back to their mobilisation areas. more than a few soldiers lost their lives to the violent agression of the Ravens in carrying out their orders.

Meanwhile in the city a meeting was called by the four Black Robed men of any and all hidden in the city who held any position of authority.

Whether they have enough time to rebuild what the Tesak pulled down only time will tell.
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