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General Discussion / Christmas
« on: December 25, 2015, 11:33:03 am »
Merry Christmas to all.
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General Discussion / Master resigning as GM
« on: December 17, 2015, 12:49:01 pm »
I have taken a long look at this and have tried getting back into being a GM again but it is not in me any more. I have great respect for what everyone is doing here. I know me leaving is not going to be much of a streain on the team as I have not done much in over a year. The team knows the details about what has been going on with me but suffice to say I have had quite a few personal and work related issues that has kept me away.The biggest reason I threw myself into this game was because my son played. My son has not played here for years but I continued  because I needed to work on writting my thoughts down and I loved the people who played here. I do not need to work on my writting any more and prefer vocal interaction verses a text based game. I still love the team, the people who play here and the concept of  the Layo universe. It just does not meet my current needs in a game and will not for a while. When you find it a chore just to log on to play it is time to find another game. Even after a year of not playing I find it a chore to log on and play.If you want ot get ahold of me send me a PM as it is linked to my e-mail account and I will get a notification of the PM. I usually reply with in 24 hours of getting the PM.MJ
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Layonara Server / System Failure, Character Corruption
« on: December 06, 2015, 12:34:37 pm »
Hello all,I wish I was posting better news but there has been an issue as you know recently with the system acting quirky and some characters going missing and I've finally figured out why and the consequences.The servers file system was filling up dramatically with some rogue logs that would get exponentially bigger and then it would get filled to capacity. This caused the server to not save characters properly as there was no more room on the drive. I've corrected this issue but the issue is going to be a headache for some.The following characters are corrupted and there are no reasonable backups for them, the backup system overwrote both their daily backup and weekly backups with the corrupt file and I have no other known backups. It's a shame the weekly backup ran just a few hours before I realized there was a serious filesystem problem.
  • Charm2009/Raven
  • Anthony Moore/Sam Night
  • xsweetpeax/Esme Minniwyn
  • Lord Cove/Maran
  • Lord Cove/Kagen
  • MateoEll/Garadel Kamek (weekly backup never even got this one)
The following characters are corrupted but I do have a weekly backup:
  • Charm2009/Kenzie
  • Marlon55/Leon
We have been discussing the best way to restore the characters, we know how much XP they last had due to the db. We know some of the partial equipment by being able to somewhat disassemble the corrupted files but we have been trying to figure out the simplest means to restore your character exactly to how they have been. I have also been trying to find another backup from a month ago on my personal computer but it looks like I deleted it.Some of the options we're considering is:a) Just restore the character exactly to how they were by giving you the XP and the items and working on the honour system for items/gold on person.b) Give you the opportunity to create a new character (must be approved) with same XP as lost character but no equipment.c) Restore your character with the proper XP but give no equipment but a certain number of Fortune for you to decide whether to try to buy new stuff or use it for XP at your own discretion as you see fit.We are open to any suggestions you wish to make. We feel extremely bad about this and want you to have faith in the systems and we'll be happy to correct them as soon as we can. We will probably handle each of these on a case by case basis, but please feel free to discuss any other ideas you may have.The two characters whom I have weekly backups will be a lot easier to restore, especially if they haven't done a whole lot since last weekend.-orthP.S. All other things like housing/bank/storage/fortune are still on the DB and have not been lost in any capacity. It's just the physical bic file that's gone all messy. 
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General Discussion / Taking a Short Break
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:49:33 am »
I just wanted to touch bases with my Layo family... Due to some RL work and personal things I'm taking a short break until January 1st. I may still be in the forums between now and then, and will continue working through the current CDQ I have going, but in-game quests will have to resume in the new year. Thanks for your support and understanding guys and gals... I will be back. :-)-Rave
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General Discussion / Haunting Quest Monday
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:30:18 pm »
Hey folks.  I'm pushing this one up to Monday the 26th, 8pm EST as my sleeping schedule is a bit wonky right now.  Will also try to have another similar spooky quest later on this week in honor of Halloween!
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Trade and Market Hall / Lost and Found
« on: September 27, 2015, 05:38:02 am »
*A simple note is tacked up in the Center craft hall*I found a scroll placed near the public forge.  It says it belongs to Rocco Soccopopper.  I've taken it to me house in 207 Outskirts of Castle Mask.  If yer Rocco or you can prove its yers come by and pick it up.  One year from this date the scroll is mine to do as I see fit under rules of abandonement.~Vrebel//found this scroll in the public forge and didn't want the server monster to eat it.  It's in the front of Vrebel's house in Chest no. 5 if you want to come pick it up.  Address is 207 lor, outskirts of castle mask.
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Rumour Has It / Wild Magic! A meeting of the minds
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:00:27 pm »
*A once in decade, century maybe? meeting of the greatest magical minds in Layonara is taking place at the Thorn River Wizard's Castle.  Strange magical anomolies and wild magic areas are the topic.  Those with information on such phenomena or special skills or experience in resolving them or not resolving them are urged to attend.  It is hoped through mutual sharing of information, knowledge, wisdom and experience a tactical group of brave souls may be assimilated to  address these matters.*//see calender for time and date
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part IV
« on: September 05, 2015, 04:11:29 pm »
Time passes with most of the world being blissfully unaware of anything that happened in the Mountains of Madness or its significance. Across the world, Fastrot is considered to no longer be a danger, and quarantines are lifted. Leveraging rumors of some sort of confrontation or activity in Milara's domain, Rael declares Fastrot to have been the work of Milara himself, who sought to create a plague to afflict upon the people of the world. He further claims to have discovered its nature and was thus able to defend the residents of Rael against it most effectively, though he stops just short of taking credit for discovering a “cure”.Of note, a collection of similar stories begin to circulate through the world involving a confrontation between a dragon and the people of a town. The details vary depending on the teller and the region. Sometimes the village in question is nameless, or it is a small place on another continent. Sometimes the “hero” of the story is a farmer, a seamstress, a shopkeeper or a teenaged girl (though often braggards will insert themselves into the protagonist role). Sometimes the dragon is stunned, sometimes it is burned, shocked or otherwise sent away. In all cases, the dragon leaves and bothers the town no more.A full two years, give or take, from the recovery of the Conduit, the people of Layonara look up into the night sky to see another change. Of the seven deities who converged in the sky several years prior, all had returned to their usual places in the Heavens. There was no movement, no shifting and no warning. Simply, one night, they were back where they “should” be. Grannoch too and retaken her place. Only Toran, Rofirein and Pyrtechon remained displaced, but these only for a few additional nights. All was now as it was to be.
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part III
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:43:15 pm »
Another two months pass before the Conduit is fully disassembled and prepared for relocation. Near the end of this, scouting parties have found what is believed to be a passage through the Deep that will lead to Mistone and eventually the Hall of Seven, however, it is not without its perils, and such a large group passing through with the added load of the Conduit pieces would surely draw unwanted attention. In the interest of expediency, it is ultimately decided to take the Conduit overland to Anger Bay and from there to sail for the subterranean docks of the Ulgrids with the aid and capacity of the Toranite troop ships, and eventually traverse into the Deep for the last part of the journey.The Conduit is moved in five main efforts, each conveying the parts for one fifth of the Conduit, based on the notion that should any section be lost, it could be recreated using their plans and the others as a template. A key piece of each section of the Conduit is taken and moved through another means. The gnomes refuse to answer questions about these pieces or how they are moved, referring to them only as “essence” or “heart”, though there seems to be some disagreement among them as to the correct way to translate the specific word.The transportation of the Conduit back to the Hall of Seven is every bit as painstaking as its disassembly, yet the challenges along the way remain well within the abilities of those serving as scouts, protection or both. Every consideration is given to the safety of the pieces. Reassembly within the Hall begins as soon as the pieces begin arriving. After the better part of a year from the discovery of the Conduit, all pieces arrive safely within the Hall. All those who aided in its transport and protection are thanked, offered provisions and a time to rest, but they are asked to depart as soon as possible. “Our work...” they are told. “for reasons given by the gods themselves, must remain secret. The Five will soon be reborn to disappear among the peoples of this world. Remember all you have learned. Respect what you were told. When the skies change next, you will know the meaning.”
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Trade and Market Hall / Copper full plate wanted for purchase
« on: August 30, 2015, 03:04:05 am »
A parchment is tacked up on the notice board of the Center craft hall. "Wanted to purchase: full plate of copper, new or second hand, must be of sound quality. Price negotiable. Seek out Slag Bellows in Center." 
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Layonara Server / "Back to School" Bonus event -- September 2015
« on: August 29, 2015, 11:24:16 pm »
Greetings everyone!We hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.For the month of September, we will be running a bonus event, with extra XP, GP and Fortune for the duration.The event will start sometime on September 1st, most likely evening CDT sometime.Enjoy!
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Ask A Gamemaster / Logging in
« on: August 29, 2015, 02:46:03 am »
Sorry, I'm sure this has been covered but how do you get onto the server now that Gamespy isn't supporting PWs? Now that I've tried I think I need a server password. *Please disregard as I sorted this through a bit of thinking, remembering, more downloading and trying things. Feel free to delete.
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part II
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:43:21 pm »
Days of work by the gnomes turns into weeks and more. Slowly but surely, the Conduit is separated from Milara's modifications and disassembled. It's parts are tagged, catalogued, cross-referenced and documented. New diagrams are drawn with very explicit illustrations and directions for reassembling this very special and intricate artifact. They answer very few questions about their work or the Conduit itself, and only those questions asked by those who solved the puzzles are given any consideration at all.During this same period, things are relatively quiet. No sight, sound nor event attributable to Milara is noted. No passages in this chamber or the caves that link to it lead anywhere into Milara's personal domain (though he most certainly claims the whole of the Mountains of Madness at a minimum). The giants themselves are patient with all the traffic through their caves. While there are some tense moments, they honor their part of the agreement and seem much more at ease when the adventurers and the troops at their disposal consistently honor the giants' requests as well. They eventually even prove useful in keeping the path back to Bloody Gate somewhat safe and secure without the need for a large presence of troops. A few times, the impaled head of a dark elf is presented as a show of continued good faith.About three weeks into the gnomes' effort, with still a fair amount to go, the leader Ehkaheic addresses Acacea with a request. “We think Milara brought this through the underground,” he says. “Safest and quickest way back may be through the same. We need scouts...and protection when it is time to move...and perhaps messengers.”In one particular shipment of supplies, a crate arrives containing a collection of shields and rods which are distributed to the adventurers who recovered the Conduit as a token of thanks. Each device bears clear signs of gnomish design and craftsmanship.
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Introduce Yourself / Coming back again
« on: August 21, 2015, 02:28:34 am »
Came back for a look in 09 but RL got in the way. It was a little sad to see how empty the world was compared to 06. It looks like some players are coming back? I'm going to try to get a new character underway this weekend. Nothing beats Layonara RP.Regards,Eltalstro
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General Discussion / A quick community update from Milty
« on: August 10, 2015, 08:00:31 pm »
So, I've been a little scarce lately. Aside from work picking up some, I also travelled some 12000 miles in July, all by car, so I was simply out of pocket. After returning, I've had to play catch-up, which I'm still doing. All that to say I'm still alive and kicking, and I've got some stuff planned, from CDQs (you know who you are), to quest series, to finishing up Steel's exploration of the Deep. So be on the lookout for stuff from me in the very near future. =)
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part I
« on: August 01, 2015, 10:23:38 pm »
With little warning, the fortress of Bloody Gate is suddenly a hub of activity. It began a short time ago with the arrival of several persons whose names would be recognizable by the stories told of them. Not long after, a brigade of soldiers bearing standards of Toran made landfall in Anger Bay. The force, numbering a thousand or more troops based on observations, began to march through the wilderness of Morholt, apparently taking pains to avoid centers of population by a wide margin, at least until reaching Bloody Gate. The troops settle into a camp just outside the walls, resting and waiting for something.The wait ends up being not long at all, and with a few more arrivals of storied (and even legendary) persons, the troops begin to mobilize. Joined by a sizable force of Voraxian troops from Bloody Gate itself and a small contingent of scouts sent by the Wolfswood Rangers, a coordinated march into the Mountains of Madness to the east of Bloody Gate begins, led by the same prominent individuals who arrived not long before. And so began the campaign into the mountains, with the mighty adventurers securing the path and the army of troops holding the lines of supply and communication.The expedition proceeded into a cave, and at that point, the details get spotty. From outward appearances, the activity and troop distribution would suggest holding position, yet only a few waypoint camps are established along the secured route, suggesting no permanence to the effort. Observations also suggest a regular rotation of troops through the lines of fortification, some going as far back as the camp outside of Bloody Gate. Rumors of an alliance with mountain giant tribes long left undisturbed since the long-expired truce with Milara circulate among the forces. As could be guessed, such rumors are met with varying degrees of acceptance.Likewise, stories circulated among troops rotating out of the caves speak of a large machine of some sort being secured and kept for study.Within a month or so of the incursion into the mountains, a half dozen gnomes arrive at Bloody Gate. After being allowed to rest and refresh from their journey overnight, the gnomes were escorted along the supply lines and into the cave. A week after the gnomes' arrival in Bloody Gate, a trio of riders bearing insignia and flags of Morholt arrive and demand audience with King Rory.Though precisely unknown at the time, the last recorded case of “Fastrot” occurs two weeks after the mountain incursion with a man who stumbles into Fort Homestead, collapses and almost immediately liquifies. (( more to come... ))
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue
« on: July 20, 2015, 10:08:25 pm »
Sorry for the teaser here.I just wanted to let everyone know that we're working to write up the epilogue to the Ancients Legacy plot. As you might guess, there are a lot of little parts at work here, including reward items, RP and lore consequences/benefits/etc., and we want to make sure it all works out correctly. In addition, we allowed ourselves a little down-time, after having spent so long on the plot in general and on the preparation for the Finale.So anyway, it's coming. Thanks for your patience.
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Ancients Legacy / Tactical Assessments of Milara
« on: July 11, 2015, 08:34:01 pm »
*Kurn sends copies of a letter to all those members involved in the final battle and previous installments*Well done and a hard fought battle!  We sent that cowardly bugger running and thwarted his godhood in one fell swoop.  We learned some very important things that day.  One, that when we put our skills and abilities together, we can move mountains and shake the foundations of one of the most powerful men to walk the world of Layonara.  Two, that he can bleed.  And three, that he fears us.  He fled and escaped despite his fine showing.  But the battle is not over.  While Milara still breathes, he will try his mad plans again.  His Pet in ashes and his Triumph stolen from him, he is weaker than before.  But he will rebuild.What now then?  I say we prepare quickly and press forward.  If he is ever to be stopped once and for all, we need to destroy him utterly and make for darned certain he finally breathes his last.  And we should do so quickly before he musters enough forces to get his revenge; and believe me, for we thwarted his plans and he fears us, we are in more danger than ever before.  Each of us is now marked by him and, unopposed, he WILL try to take us out before we take the fight to him.  Death is certain, life is not.Having stood toe to toe with the bugger and landing a good volley of blows, I'd like to share with ye all what I have learned of his strengths and his weaknesses.  Of course you know well his tactics and that of his dark elven henchmen... dispelling magic blasts quickly followed by death magics and swarms of undead using the same.  Disjunction and greater dispelling appeared to be at work in the deaths sustained on our side leading up to the battle.  Second most he appears to have a great love of the greatest evocation, Hellball.  I noticed many of ye blasted with it, while I myself managed to evade most of its effects.  This was in part to a combination of me quick feet and reflexes, evading the epicenter of the blasts to avoid the brunt of impact.  That which was not dodged was warded by the constant effect of the resistanced placed on me amulet, rings and helm... greater resistances against each element on each piece of jewelry.  What little remained of the hellballs he laid upon me were negligable.  While not all of you are as quick to dodge such a blast, I highly be recommending investing in such protections on all of yer equipment, and boilstering the effects with means to help increase ye reflexes.In melee with him, though I hit him many many times, he withstood the brunt of the damage.  He did not appear to have the skin of stone, so likely it was absorbed by some of his equipment or even perhaps supernatural abilities.  As I glimpsed him up close, I witnessed me blades many times appearing to land as sure strikes only to pass through the image with a whoosh of air, indicating that he had some magic of the displacer beast at work, which could explain some of his purplish hue.  Perhaps even a ghostly armor.  I could have sword I had me truesight spell active, but it is possible that it had faded or been dispelled in the heat of battle. For those blows which hit him solidly, I noted the following.  Despite many attempts to knock him over, he resisted them without fail, and despite his having much natural strength of his own.  Though me blade easily swatted aside his meager and flimsy arms many times as he cast spells, the strikes to his legs did not fell him over.  I can assume therefore that this ability is not through training or opposed strength, but rather some form of persistant immunity against attempts to take the feet from under him.  Some magical items such as the dragonslayer sword or turtle shield have such effects, so I suspect something he wore has a similar ability.Also to note was that many blows which should have been cheap shots or devastating in nature, such as me patented gut-twister and cross the neck gashing combo, were dealt with only the basic severity of a regular blow.  In this manner twas much like battling one of his many undead minions.  Not many magical items that I have seen can do something of this nature, so the nature of Milara himself have been weighing heavily upon me mind.  I be thinkin that he is not entirely mortal, or has at least enhanced his body and abilities into some supernatural form.  Tis possible he be of undead necromantic material, or even a Pale Master, though I did not get a close enough look at his arms to determine if one of them had been grafted bone or not.  More likely is that he either holds some magical items we do not typically have access to, or that he may have enhanced his form beyond the mortal coil of dark elves and into something of stronger ilk.  Thus I consider his nature to be not that of standard dark elven, but of an abberational quality.  His vital organs did not appear vulnerable, nor did well placed blows across the neck.  I doubt that he breathes or feels pain as most mortal men.  he also did not burn from the bite of me blades' magics.In any case, we have therefore learned tactics that will not win a battle with him.  Backstabbing, knocking him over and anything but the heaviest and surest sighted blows will deflect right off him.  He is however not that difficult to hit when compared to many heavily armored foes, and relies on his magical and supernatural resistances to sustaining damage itself.  The question then, past nullifying the effects of his offense, is how to get past his defense.  I'm thinking that any future battle with him should begin with a barrage of dispelling magics of the highest power to breach his defenses.  While the disjunction and standard dispels might be problematic fer the frontline, perhaps the greater spell breaches designed to combat mages might be most useful.  Beyond that, blade enhancements might need more power to them to break his skin more reliably.  While Daniel's is formidable, I have felt some priests and mages cast even stronger ones, such as Sala Stonehill's blade blessings.  Rather than attempt to knock him over, frontline fighters should utilize the strongest possible blows they can.  I think had Grogmegor not been busy with Milara's Pet and Triumph and put his back into it, some devastating blows indeed could have breached the skin.  And perhaps we should look outside the conventional elements, such as the thundering blast of a barbarian's strike, spells which mimic thunder or perhaps even acids.  And of course, the smite of divine wrath might make the most powerful dent in his dark hide.This is all well and good to say how to strike at him from educated preparation, but also to prepare for his hoardes and tactics.  He uses masses of undead as fodder reinforced by mages who tactfully dispell our wards and weaken us.  For the final push, divine magics and displays of faith might be best served.  Turning those bodaks to ash quickly and arching the mages with zinging shots to make them fumble their spellcasting.  Breaching mages and routing the fodder to strike at them quickly with cheap shots and quick, brutal strikes.  The fodder is nothing but a distraction with our wards intact.  And with spells such as Stygian's massive undead slayer and Foresta and Daniel's massive healing circles they be dust in the breeze.I hope this letter serves to better prepare us when we face Milara in the future.  And we WILL face him soon.  Whether we take the battle to him while he is weakened, or allow him to sit back and lick his wound, grow in power and exact his revenge.  Either we finish the job, or he will.  There is no avoiding the battle to come.-Kurn Blackwater, stabber of would-be gods P.S.- I be also sending a copy of this to our gnomish friends who have dismantled the conduit.  It is possible that his supernatural abilities stemmed from whatever rituals he performed to drain those poor sods in the cages appended to that machine.  Perhaps in understanding the nature of what he was doing, we can unravel some mysteries as to how he was empowering himself in preparation for godhood.
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Ancients Legacy / Apologies
« on: July 11, 2015, 12:04:33 pm »
I will be unable to make the quest this morning. I'm sorry for the short notice and the unanswered PMs in my inbox, and hope to return soon. Good luck!
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Introduce Yourself / Hello!
« on: June 27, 2015, 06:16:47 pm »
Hi everyone!

Thought I would introduce myself. I'm Edd and I've been a long time fan of Neverwinter Nights. I've played it on and off over the years and just came across Layonara online. I'm fairly new to roleplaying and hope you guys would be patient with me as I'm learning the ropes. I'm trying to get a few of my mates interested in playing Layonara online so we can play together. It's a shame it's not more of a popular server! The impression I get here is a high quality and fun server, the crafting system sounds fun too! I'm going to have a think about my character and what sort of story and background s/he should have. Plus, I'll do some reading around the lore and look at some of the maps to try and get them to fit in somehow. 

So, Hi everyone! It's nice to meet you all! 

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