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Important Layonara Announcements / Re: A new craft! Runesmithing
« on: July 25, 2019, 09:36:11 pm »
This is very cool, Orth. Great job.
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General Discussion / Having Fun?
« on: May 16, 2009, 09:51:24 pm »
I hope everyone is having fun exploring and adventuring together with friends this weekend. One of the things I hope to see from this weekend is that players (you) find new friends to adventure with in Layonara, or that some players return to regain the enjoyment of the world. I challenge each of you to go find new players or encourage players to return and enjoy the world. Layonara is built for you, the player/gamer--something we never forget.
 We really do have a fantastic GM team that dedicates a whole heck of a lot of time (for 7!! years now folks) to the community.
 Not to mention all of the "lowly" programmers and module builders that dedicate their time to grow the world and community *ducks for cover behind the content team....then realizes his mistake...* :)  I really do enjoy dogging on them the very few times I get the chance!!
 Hope all are having a good time.

Layonara Server / 2x XP and 1.5x GP Weekend
« on: May 12, 2009, 11:18:29 am »
Layonara will be running a 2x XP and 1.5x GP weekend from May 15th - May 17th. These are always great times to join up with friends and to explore the world, while also being well rewarded.

Layonara Server / Yllyrryon has been banned
« on: September 25, 2008, 09:45:49 am »
[SIZE=16]I have banned Yllyrryon for making threats against me and my family. Since he states he will take legal action against me for HIS addiction I don't take that kindly or well at all. At the same time since he is claiming addition and he has asked to have his characters deleted this should mean nothing to him and it will indeed just help him to "cure" the addiction as requested.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I have posted his character deletion request below so that you know what is being talked about.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Bioware Name: Krysthalion

Character Names: Ael Rynthien, Krysthalien, Krysthalien Dawnstar[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Reason: I wish to end an addiction to computer games from which I suffer. Deleting both of these characters will help with that, and I will need all the help I can muster. Many people laugh about the addictiveness of these games; many people talk as if the addictive nature of these games is something desirable.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Yet I have come to view this as a clinical addiction - fundamentally similar to addictions to drugs and alcohol - or other behavioral disorders such as eating disorders. And having such a disorder or addiction is intolerable for me, personally.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Furthermore, I am requesting this after consulting with my family - and they will explore legal action against Dan Scott and others involved in the Layo business if these characters are not deleted. This is something very important that I need to pass on to you.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]Farewell and have a good one folks! :) [/SIZE]
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Layonara Server / Can't Connect Today/Last Night (or laggy)
« on: August 30, 2008, 10:45:59 am »
There are a few people reporting that they could not connect to the server last night and a few are still reporting that for today. I have also seen reports of the server being laggy.
 A few things.
 1) The company hosting the servers had problems yesterday with their core router. They sent me an email at 5:59pm stating they would be doing emergency repairs on their core router at 6pm. Sadly I did not check my emails until early this morning so I did not know this was happening and could not give you any updates. Sorry about that.
 2) It seems that their emergency maintenance took quite a long time (at least 30 minutes) but the servers are up now.
 3) I have restarted the world servers so the lag should be cleared. I don't know why they would be laggy due to the down time that the company caused but perhaps they did, I rebooted them just to be safe. This should cure the overly laggy issue (see #4 below though).
 4) I don't know what is going on with the some of you not being able to connect to the servers via gamespy or via direct connect. I am able to direct connect just fine (just did a few minutes ago). Currently there are 17 players online (after the server reboot). I am thinking that perhaps the company did something that is causing DNS to update across the internet (though our server IPs remain the same--so perhaps something on their router). If this is the case it will take a while for the information to propagate to the world (no more than 72 hours and probably less than 24 hours--of which it has been at least 12 now)....if this is the problem. I am not sure how else to help here other than to suggest waiting.
 Sorry for the inconvience.

Server Rules / Muling Update/Clarification
« on: August 04, 2008, 07:49:22 pm »
While loaning "credit" to a character is not against the server rules it can easily be pushed over the line and can quickly be classified as muling. I am asking that you please be VERY CAREFUL about the way you loan items or True/Gold. Lets not push the boundries.
 A few examples:
 A level 12 character who has been active for several months (or longer) borrows a little bit (but fully intends to pay it back) in order to buy a diamond amulet. This would be acceptable as it is not muling and indeed can pass for RP.
 However, a level 5 character gaining a full set of good gear or a large amount of True/Gold through credit or association (such as a guild) is not acceptable in any way. A level 5 character is "new" to adventuring and thus will take a long time to find/make friends (via RP), I think everybody would agree with that statement in an In-Character and RP way. Most certainly "guilds" would not loan a lot of True/Gold to the character because he/she is not proven and/or is not well known.
 One thing that is illegal (and this is known) is that one should not enter houses that another of their character(s) (or friends/guildmates) has storage just to equip items and/or take items/true from a chest. This is most certainly muling and it is a blatant attempt of muling. By this I mean: Say you are a level 5 character and you have another character that is level 15 and that character has a house and/or is a member of a guild, but this new level 5 character does not. The level 5 character should not gain the "benefits" of your other character, they are different characters and they need to be RP'd that way. To push this line is muling, and there can be no other explaination, so please do not do this. This rule is explained and is known already but it seems I need to spend some more time to explain it again.
 Final Note:
 Since "loaning" is a two way street (it takes two or more players) both players need to be aware of the situation and the character and loan in question. Both players need to be aware that this can (and does) quickly become muling. Both sides will be held accountable. So please keep that in mind.
 It is okay to "loan" but use some common sense and keep it reasonable. And don't push the lines please, I don't want to have to make a rule that loans are not allowed (that would suck).
 If it does not feel right then it most likely is not right. And I am quite sure that nearly everybody will agree that any of the examples above would not feel right.
 Thank you.

General Discussion / Thank you!
« on: March 12, 2008, 08:57:32 am »
I want to take a moment to thank all of the people involved in the last three updates over the past two weeks. There has been many long hours (I would be willing to bet at least a thousand) put in to these updates and it is clear their love for the world and community is what keeps them working on updates. The past six months have been extremlly packed with RL happenings, holidays, family issues, and the list goes on and yet these individuals continue to produce updates for the community.
 There can not be enough thanks for them but I just want to make sure everybody understands that their selflessness is what continues to make the world a great gaming place that is enjoyed by many around the world.
 In no special order:
Gulnyr, muaddib, Chongo, Eorendil, Darkstorme, Weeblie, Script Wrecked, and Dorganth.
 Thank you and good job!!
I also want to thank everybody on the GM Team, now and in the past. I firmly believe that a major part of what makes Layonara so special is the GM Team and all of the events they run and all of the difficult work they do behind the scenes (online and off) in order to ensure that Layonara remains a RP server at heart. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and it is your attention to the spirit of the server which is what continues to make Layonara loved by many.
 Thanks folks, to each and every one of you!
And of course, thank you to the community! What a great RP community.
 You rock!

Hello Everybody,
 I am very happy to announce that the module created by the Single Player Module Team (Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial) is up for nomination for Module of the Year (for 2007) at NwVault. The team worked many long and hard hours on the project and their efforts have been very much rewarded in both the score and the number of downloads the module has received as well as it now being nominated for Module of the Year for 2007.
 Voting begins on March 1st so please vote on the module. This would help to further enhance and grow the Layonara community if we were to receive the award. It would also help even if we get many votes and do not win (but we will win if everybody votes!! *smiles*). This is a golden opportunity to download the module, play it, and then vote for it. It could bring us many more quality members to the community and they would tend to be RP type members due to the module itself being heavy on RP.
 Get out there and vote, we need every vote we can get!
 This is the direct link to the module:
Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
 This is the direct link to the annoucement of the vote:
VN Boards - 2007 NWN Module of the YEar
 I want to say thank you once again to the team that created this excellent module, good job folks.
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Layonara Server / Reinhard318/Øskar Haakonsen
« on: February 18, 2008, 11:49:28 am »
Reinhard318/Øskar Haakonsen has been banned for stealing, blantantly disregarding the rules, lying to the team over and over, and just not caring in any way about the community. We hoped the tempoary banning from before would be enough to get him to shape up, it wasn't (isn't), and we are done spending so much time on one indivudual. We have tried to work with this individual and the constant stating of they can't understand english just doesn't cut it any more.

Layonara Server / Mountains of Madness Occurance
« on: February 17, 2008, 12:56:14 pm »
Over the Mountains of Madness a very large dark and swirling cloud has formed within the past few hours. As you watch the swirling it picks up in speed, not super fast but fast enough to discern the swirling of the cloud. The swirling cloud is several miles in circumfrance, perhaps as much as ten even.
 //This continues until Harlas, Ed, or myself post that it seems to have disappeared (if it ever does) and it is there every second of every day (and night) until then. Those that try to discern magic or anything like that find nothing in any way. Those that wish to travel to try and find the source realize you will be traveling in the Mountains of that a good idea? IF (if) the community wishes to explore I want to make it clear that it must be a GM lead event and the players need to schedule on the player calendar and via Harlas (around his schedule, or the teams) for this to happen.
 //I will leave it at that for now.

Layonara Server / Donation Chest Theft - Everybody read
« on: January 27, 2008, 12:03:32 pm »
Hello folks,
 Everybody knows the rules on theft on the server. Stealing is not allowed on this server and we trust everybody in the communtiy to abide by these rules without the team having to babysit. We need your (the community as a whole) help to make sure this stuff does not continue. Don't let yourself get bullied in to this and don't for a second think it is okay, it isn't.
 Sadly we have a group of friends that have targeted a donation chest and are indeed stealing items from the donation box. We know who you are (see below for our PARTIAL database entries). I am giving these individuals (and you know who you are) 24 hours to come foward and admit this then tell the team why they should not be banned outright. If you have not come foward within 24 hours (all of you) the team and I will take actions in to our own hands. One of these individuals started this on the 24th (our logs show that detailed information), you know who you are.
 Time for all of you to come clean. Send myself, Harlas, or Dorganath a PM.
Code: [Select]
  | name | object | time_stamp |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 07:00:42 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 11:28:39 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 11:29:31 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 11:31:01 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 11:38:14 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 12:17:26 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 12:22:41 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 16:43:11 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 16:43:37 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 16:44:08 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 16:47:35 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 16:49:20 |
  | ************* | furn_crate1lg1123055 | 2008-01-26 16:50:54 |
 All times are PST (GMT -08:00) timezone.

Layonara Server / Heads up/Warning on Flags (and abusing them)
« on: December 16, 2007, 09:38:22 pm »
 It has come to my attention that some people are abusing the flags (Flag of Might for instance). Please do not abuse these flags or we will just rip them out of the module. We put them in there in good faith and trusting the community to not make us jump through hoop after hoop fixing exploits and such.
 A good example of abuse is carrying around five Flags of Might and using them in short periods of time...or using them in dead/wild magic zones. It is a pretty clear cut example of common sense and keeping within the spirit of the server. And least one individual is doing exactly this. This is an exaggerated abuse example as carrying around even two of the same flag and using them back to back and/or in wild/dead magic is abusing things a little too much.
 We will not go down the path of coding for special rules on these things, we just don't have the time. We will just rip them out of the be nice to the community and don't abuse them.
 Spread the word.
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Layonara Server / Imprompt Quest
« on: December 09, 2007, 07:08:30 pm »
I am running a quest starting at 4:30pm Pacific (today) (15 minutes from now). It is open to levels of 17+....but you really should be at least level 20ish.
 I just found out I had some free time tonight and this is the best I could come up with for an imprompt and to move a fork dealing with a major NPC.
 Log in to west if you want to play...We will "start" in Fort Vehl...(or near it)
 It will last several hours and there is no guarantee of success, but a guarantee of death. No rewards will be given out for the quest other than a specific thing that will be "rewarded" by an NPC IF (big if) the quest is successful.
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Layonara Server / Emergency Maintenance - 11/24/2007
« on: November 23, 2007, 05:23:52 pm »
I just noticed that the foxpro databases (it is what Bioware choose to use for NwN) are almost at their max size. I must bring the servers down tomorrow morning (probably around 5am or 6am) for maintenance and to shrink these files. All servers will be down for about 2 hours. I will get them back up ASAP.
 11/24/2007 around 5 or 6am Pacific.

Layonara Server / Deity Relationships and RP'ing them
« on: September 14, 2007, 09:37:27 am »
Hi folks,
 It has come to my attention that a particular individual or two are totally and absolutely ignoring deity relationships in RP. It has been stated "because I don't know" or "because the character does not know". When you are a follower of a deity (especially as a champion, paladin, or cleric) you do know and you know it very well. The church would ensure you know this until it was ground in to your head and that is a mere fact. To say my character does not know when you are a follower of those types is wrong and wrong in all sorts of levels, it is also not acceptable in any sort of way. Deities will strike back and they will ensure those that are close to them and that represent them do as they request and desire or they will not give them the powers that are prayed for, that is also a mere fact. When you are a close follower of a deity (of those types; champion, paladin, cleric) you can not claim you do not "know" because you do and you would via the church. It is hard to represent/show that in an online game environment and that is why we have so much on the site about this topic, but as a close follower of a diety you are to go by the relationships as they are defined and RP in that manner.
 Please start playing deity relationships properly folks.
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Layonara Server / Plot quest today
« on: August 19, 2007, 12:10:10 pm »
I just want to clarify that the plot quest begins at 2pm Pacific time today. The calendar was showing 3pm and I stated in text 2pm. I have updated the calendar to show 2pm and my text still says 2pm. The quest starts at 2pm Pacific.
 Please do not be late.
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Layonara Server / Server Maintenance - 8/14/2007 @ 9am PST
« on: August 12, 2007, 08:49:06 pm »
I am going to be performing server maintenance on all game world servers on Tuesday the 14th at 9am Pacific. All game servers (not IRC/Forums) will be down for about two hours.
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Layonara Server / Server Maintenance
« on: May 30, 2007, 06:32:33 pm »
All servers will be down for about 2-3 hours on Friday, June 1. The down time will either start at 6am PST or 10:30am PST and last for 2-3 hours.
 Please spread the word.
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Layonara Server / Server Changes
« on: May 09, 2007, 01:17:30 pm »
Hi folks,
 For various reasons we need to make a few changes and server merges. More details will follow, specifically on the day that they occur. Nibor and/or Orth will be the ones that post about the changes on that day, at least that is my guess right now.
 As a heads up the following is going to be happening within the next week or so, pretty much when the next update happens.
 The Quest server will be moved to (it is currently on but you will still refer to it as so nothing really changes for you there. Just a heads up.
 The east server will be merged on to the central server. Both are under utilized and this will merge them both on to one server box and that box will still be under utilized.
 The planes server will not be coming back online. Since the cut over to V3 we have had hak pak issues on that server and we are just going to drop the planes server. I wish to thank IceDragonDuvessa for creating the really cool areas and content that was on that server. She did everything there and deserves all of the credit for that great server. Thank you Ice.
 We are also merging the character server and the SQL server on to one box but this will not really affect anybody as it is a background service.
 Essentially we are going to be running on 4 world game servers like we were in early V2 and late Beta instead of 7 like we have been for the past year or two. This will be happening within the next week or so, if things continue to go as planned.
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Layonara Server / Maps are Updated
« on: May 02, 2007, 07:37:49 pm »
Rasterick has been working on keeping the maps updated. I have just uploaded all maps with the updates. The new maps fix some of the old names that we had wrong, makes a few of the text locations a little sharper and easier to read, and puts a few major "areas" in to the world.
 I want to thank Rasterick for all of his hard work in this area.
 I also want to thank Honora for giving the team a very long and detailed list of areas in game and on all of the maps. It helped us to find areas on the maps that were wrong, not fully updated, and to put key areas that I felt needed to be recorded on the overland maps. Not all areas are there as the maps would just get too cluttered but for the most part I think these maps are now final for a very long time.
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