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Introduce Yourself / *cough cough*
« on: July 24, 2007, 09:12:21 pm »
Heya Folks,

Not sure how many old timers that I know are still around, but I thought I'd drop in and hit the Forum with a quick thread anyway. Life sorta took off without me a while ago and I'm trying to track it down... bugger's pretty elusive though. ;) Just thought I'd give props to whoever is keeping things going on the GM and Content side of things now adays. It's a very large and demanding job and one that I always respected.

I also wanted to say that out of all the entertainment and media (music, movies, TV, or literature) that I've ever come in contact with, Layonara has had the most profoundly positive effect on my life. I started playing here when I was thirteen. I'm seventeen now and two of the most important things I've learned in life, that I attribue to Layonara, are moderation and the power of dreams. I was always allowed, even encouraged to let my imagination run away with me here. It's allowed me to drift off to places I didn't know existed, to keep my sanity in real life, and to approach everything from a different angle. It was good for me.

Layonara's a peaceful oasis in a busy and harsh world. That's not to say that it can shelter you from it. But, as it did for me, it can refresh you, maybe even teach you something, and ready you to face it again. I miss all of the friends I left behind with I stopped playing, I wanted to say that, and I wish everyone who's still here the best of luck with everything. Keep it going guys; maybe you'll affect someone else like me.

Long Live Layonara!
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