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Bug Reports / Re: Can't find my character
« on: September 20, 2020, 02:59:00 pm »
Characters are back. Thank you!
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Trade and Market Hall / Emeralds for Auction
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:19:04 am »

Notices are posted throughout the taverns and notice boards in both the towns of Center and Port Hempstead, revealing beautiful calligraphy in purple ink.

Emeralds for Auction

            In my possession are two of the rarest and finest of gems in thier purest form.  The auction will start at 20,000 tr for each raw emerald.  Let the bidding war begin, it will only last for a week.


((The final best bid before Friday next week after the RR will have the gems.  I should be able to make that RR, so if the winner happens to be there I will give them the gems when we finish the RR event))

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Forum Discussion / Website not touch screen friendly
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:44:37 am »
Not a huge priority, but I sometimes find myself wanting to examine the lore, forums or any other aspects of Layonara while on breaks at work or maybe on the road (any situation I don’t have a computer with me).  The problem is when I do this, I only have my phone or tablet with me and the top menu's occasionally (more often than not) do not want to cooperate with me, forcing me to select the top option (such as Lore) before being able to select anything in the dropdown, making those menu's completely unavailable to me.I’ve tried working around it, but I can't find any other means to access the other menu's and it’s just overall frustrating when you quickly want to look something up and you know where to look, but the only way you know to get there becomes a game of how fast you can select something after selecting something else (which doesn’t always work even when you think you won).
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Notices are posted throughout the taverns and notice boards in both the towns of Center and Port Hempstead, revealing beautiful calligraphy in purple ink.

Liberating SubjugationMy fellow adventurers, I need not emphasize my distaste regarding the chattel of sentient beings, as I am sure many of you share my revulsion.  I am also not so presumptuous as to assume that I could abolish slavery, but I find myself weighing the cost of idle rumination while I carry the potential to do more, however infinitesimal the deed may be.So I ask those willing to join me in Arnax; we will take the roads north through Fort Nesar and as far up to borders of Khul as possible.  We will then roam as far north as feasable until we reach Hilm as our final destination.  Along the way we will engage with the slavers who chose not to emancipate their ill-gotten gains and we will assail their camps and hideouts to manumit all captives.  Once in Hilm I will provide our liberated with enough Truth to allow them time to become self-sufficient.I am willing to hear any advice and information regarding my request for aidLia((I wanted to add that DM aid is not required for this in game.  What my intention is we go through the areas mentioned including caves off the road that could harbor these unsavory sorts, haha, and RP as per normal throughout the adventure having fun.  After that if possible, I would love a bit of DM interaction via forums to help specify how many slaves recovered if any and any other potential RP that can happen after arriving in Hilm.Made a minor change to the note after learning about Khul's borders closing.))

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Rumour Has It / The sinking of the Lucinda's Star
« on: October 21, 2016, 12:21:23 pm »
((OOC Note: Let me know via PM if the accent is too strong.  I mention this because I want it to be noticeable, but not misunderstood.  If it’s really hard to read what I’m saying then I want to tone it down a bit.))                 Looking quite exhausted and disheveled an elf stumbles upon the small haven of Center.  While passerby’s showed signs of curiosity for her current appearance she beeline's to the Bull’s Eye Inn, neglecting their concern.  She slumps into the first available bar stool and demands a drink.  The bartender queries her, stating that it looks as if she has a story to tell.                “Yah’, head west hyof’ here, hoff’ the coast’f Windjammahs bah.  You will find hremnants’ hyof’a shipwreck.”  She pauses to down her entire drink in one mouthful, “Don’t know hef’ thah’ will be ‘nough drink’n the wohld’ foh’ meh hright’ now.”                As the evening progresses her story continues, telling all who would listen.                “Hyi’ was the ships Quartermastah’…  Wasah’ good crew, but hyonleh Hyi’ mahdit’.  Weh’ were hyattacked’ yeh’ seh’.  Wizahds’ feh’ sure.  Two ship’s yeh’ seh’, well hyorganized.”                “The Lucindah’s Stah’.  Weh’ were supplyin’ goods hyof’ magical nachah’, supposed teh’ beh’in Poht’ Hempstead beh’ now Hyi’m sure.”                Day’s go by and she continues to tell her story to merchants, adventurers, anyone who is simply passing by that can spread the news.  Especially those heading to Port Hempstead, she makes sure to keep mental note to eventually write down names and descriptions of those who seem particularly upset about her predicament and/or showing desire to investigate the situation themselves.
                “Hyis’ thah’ wohk’ the’ beh’ had hehr’?  Don’t look hyat’ meh’ like that, Hyi’ve plenteh’ time teh’ grieve.  Meh’ livelehood’s gone hyand’I nehd’ wohk’.”  She was simply directed to the main notice board.
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General Discussion / Chuckles Online
« on: October 20, 2016, 11:27:16 am »
Hey,Creating this thread as a place to post when I intend to be online for a relatively long period.  If anyone wishes to join me, we can enjoy some low level gameplay fun.I live in the PST timezone and am usually back from work at around 4:30pm.  Family obligations make long term play difficult, but not impossible (a couple dedicated days of the week).  This of course makes forum RP very ideal.Starting next month I will be on a course to help me move forward in my new career.  The timezone there is CST and I will also have a lot more free time with exception to school and studies.I will also be trying to make every Friday Night Round Robin (you can add me to the roster if you want Acacea, but I currently have no suggestions on what we can do).
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Introduce Yourself / Looking around after so many years
« on: August 30, 2016, 11:35:20 am »
Good Day,     Nostalgia hit me recently and I wanted to see how my old favorite server has been doing.  It's been almost 10 years now since I last stepped foot in the world of layonara and I'm honestly surprised I remember my password.  For those curious, I used to play a mouthy seductress named Lia Di'Makiir.     Times have changed a lot for me and I honestly don't know if I have enough time to get back into the game, but a lot of my young adult life and growing up happened throughout my time here and I wanted to see how the server has grown.  I remember talk about a seperate project for an MMO, how is that project going?     Anyways I'm enjoying myself just reading up on the lore again and recent events.  I'll be browsing the forums for awhile yet as I determine whether I should jump in or not.     Have a nice day.
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*when one takes a closer look, they can see the sign at the front that says "open"*

((okay, I guess I'll explain ooc now.  I'll be opening the inn up atleast 3 days a week for atleast 2 hours each day (not counting special opening events, with entertainment, Lalaith may plan).  These openings are simply to have the Leringard Arms act as a normal inn; a place to eat, drink, relax and tell your tales amongst others.

With that said, I can only garauntee opening it atleast 3 days a week for atleast 2 hours a day.  My life is never planned and I will always take presidence in RL events then Layonara and I will not be able to say in advance what days I can open it... However, if you see this thread updated, it will mean that I've opened the Leringard Arms at that moment (makes sure you check the hours I posted it of course).  Then send me a quick "tell" in game to open the door for you.  Most likely, if you see me in game, it will mean, I'm either crafting, doing a quest that suits my character, or opening the inn.  So you can send me a tell asking me if its open as well if you see me online, I wont mind.

It will also allow my character to hear about adventures and on whats going on in the world without having to exactly go on them.  She has quite the opinion on adventuring right now and I have it so she only goes on them if she feels they will help her with her studies to wizardry.))

Greetings all,

I've finally made it home and have never been happier.  6 months is definately a long time.  I see theres now a new site, the new campaign began and apparently the dark ages are over.  So much has changed since I've been gone and I have alot of reading to do it seems before I submit my new character.  I would definately appreciate any assistance in knowing whats imperative to read so it doesn't take me all day (just a little shove down the right path, heh).  To help with my characters story I would like to know more about the dark ages, like how long it lasted.

I can't wait to see you all in game again, I hope everyone will like my new character, well I'm quite possitive she will be more likable then Lia was, though that does't take much to achieve, haha.  I thought about trying to be origional, but then with all the players here, most being excellent role players, I wouldn't be suprized if everything has been tried already, so I decided to instead play what I like and just have fun, which of course means, wizard, female, elf, haha.  I can't help it, its my favorite class, sex and race to play.  I thought; though, so to be a tad different from my last character (well other then the personality and story difference) I would also multiclass her as a theif.  I then thought of the dual class prospect back in 2nd edition and thought it would be interesting and fun to have her start off as a theif and then strive to become a wizard.  Since Layonara is supposed to be a low magic world (that could have changed since I was gone as well though), I thought it would be a great idea to play a character struggling to become something that should be difficult to acheive in a low magic world.  Of course there would be much RP assistance from the community, I'm counting on it, but I do intend to give her a few small personallity traits to insure it doesn't become too easy, hehe
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