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Good to hear from you Guardian!

Also you don't need a PC to play it anymore. I believe you can play it on a tablet (iPad?)

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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: October 25, 2020, 09:43:26 am »
Antral  comes in the shop and purchases the following:

Diamond Eagles Splendor Ring - 5875tr
Diamond Eagles Splendor Ring - 5875tr
Diamond Eagles Splendor Amulet - 6550tr

Total purchase:  18,300tr

Payment left in Diamond and Exceptional Jewelry showcase.
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*Antral purchases Celina Dian's Boots (Sorcerer Level 6 Bonus Spell Slot)*

Lens price= 3060tr
75% of Lens value = 2295

2295tr left in donation chest
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General Discussion / Re: Good Monk Build?
« on: August 26, 2019, 09:27:01 am »
I would tell you not to try and think too hard on the build of the character. If you do you will lose out on the the experience of playing and growing that character.  :)

With that said I would look at path of elemental balance: Fire.
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Guilds and Councils / Request for group forum: The Crimson Company
« on: August 20, 2019, 09:07:52 pm »

I was hoping we could request a group/guild forum for The Crimson Company that has just recently formed. Current Members:

Khrom Firebeard, Bron Skallagrimsson, Vanderfall Bloodbather, Gumbo Limbo, and Jinn

Thanks in advance!
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*posted in bars and crafting halls across Mistone*

Calling all Crimson Tide and like minded adventures to Willow's Weep where we shall band together and fight through demon pixies and other fey to reach the lair of the minotaur. We shall show them there be other things to fear in the woods then just pixies.

Clerics and trap springers be welcomed.

// Suggested party level 10-17
// Starting in Willow's Weep at 7pm edt
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Recent stirring in caves across Layonara and sightings of giant purple worms have sparked movement within the Angels Guild.  A call of action has been made and the Angel's will lead a party in The Deep and explore and seek answers to these recent anomalies.  All like minded individuals are welcomed to come and to offer their insight. We will head out from Fort Miritrix months time.

The Angels guild will also be gathering resources for their crafters and shop and claim rights to all crafting resources. Those that come, will be offered credit toward purchase of items at the Angel's Guild Store. Loot and trues found while exploring will be shared equally by all that attend.

//Please be warned that this will more than likely be a 1 of 2 or 3 depending on time. So your character may not be seeing the light of day for a couples day or even a week depending on availability.

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Calendar Events / Re: Dwarven Moot with the Stonesmasher Brothers
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:41:03 am »
I'm available pretty much any time after 830pm est,

We can talk it over in game and if a deal is done then we can discuss it OOC. More than likely I will be the one making the area so I can take everyone's ideas and try to incorporate it into the home. 
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Khrom picks up a archers belt from the shop.

previous credit- 1130tr
Archers belt- 1756tr lens value
Trues left in chest - 626tr

Remaining balance- 0tr
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Khrom previous credit: 2230tr

Khrom drops off an Iron Great Sword - 2100tr

Total Credit: 4330tr

Khrom picks up:
 Iron Battle Axe - 2020tr
Iron Heater Shield- 1668tr

Khrom drops off 368tr in the chest

Credit remaining :642tr
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Calendar Events / Big Lights, Big City - June 4th 8:30pm edt
« on: May 30, 2019, 01:08:43 pm »
As the newly form group, who fondly call themselves the Crimson Tide, part ways after a successful journey through parts around Center helping folk and reminding monsters to stay far away from any settlement. Now a new dawn approaches and Khrom again sends out word and call for aid for a new journey around Hempstead and and the port city itself. He posts some notices around Center and in the Angels Guild and Saddlebag shops

"Calling all Crimson Tide and any others strong body adventures to venture around Port Hempstead helping folks in need and to fill our pockets with coins. As always bring yer on ale!"

Khrom Firebeard

OOC Stuff:

-Meeting in Port Hempstead fields on 6/4/2019 830pm edt.

-Looking for character lvl's 6-9, but lower levels would always be welcomed.
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Khrom drops off some items to the shop keeper for credit:

5 purple mushrooms = 250tr
Exceptional ring of endurance= 8280tr

Total: 8530tr

Khrom then purchases:

Bronze Fullplate - 3420 tr
Boots of Striding +1 - 1440tr
Lesser gloves of the ogre - 1440tr

Khrom drops off 612tr  to the keep.

Credit remaining :2230tr
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Ask A Gamemaster / Re: GM decisions for Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« on: May 23, 2019, 03:25:06 pm »
One of those books shelves is own by Celador so I can access the back room.
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Calendar Events / The Call of Bones 5/28/2019 8:30 pm edt
« on: May 16, 2019, 09:50:58 pm »
Something stirs below the town of Center and the townsfolk look to the new faces moving about town for aid. A rough scrawled notice is posted in the inn and trade hall:

Lookin fer folk good wit a blade te help chop up some critter in de crypts! bring ye own mead! Ain't sharing mione!

*Looking to start up a group of first level characters to adventure around the world once or twice a week, as long as our schedules don't conflict. :) We will start in Center*

**Will try and start around 8:30pm edt and hopefully finish up around 12:00am edt
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Layonara Server / Re: Post here if the Server needs to be restarted
« on: March 09, 2019, 10:52:26 pm »
Server could use a reset. It's been laggy all day, but has gotten worse the past couple of hours.

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Layonara Server / Re: Notice regarding the Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:50:15 pm »
Celador could and take over running the Saddlebag. Him and Caly were in relationship before me and the player took a break and it would make sense that he took  over running it.

if it were to happen, Celador would need to leave the Angels guild of course. Which currently he is an inactive member.

I would hate to see the shop fade away.

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Trade and Market Hall / Angel's Guild: Apothecary Corner!
« on: March 24, 2015, 09:56:07 pm »

We've covered your body! 

We've put weapons in your hand! 

We've penned magical scrolls, just for you! 

Now, let us inside! 

The Angel's Guild proudly announces the opening of the Apothecary Corner! Located at the Guild Shop in Port Hempstead Fields! 


**Please note that potions and kits are Trues only, no barter or Angel's credit to be used.**


Healing Kits:  (Please note that kits are sold by Single / Stack of 10 / Stack of 50)

Light Healing Kit- 2tr  / 28tr / 140tr

Moderate Healing Kit- 33tr / 330tr / 1,655tr

Serious Healing Kit- 133tr / 1,325tr / 6,625tr

Critical Healing Kit- 200tr / 2,000tr / 10,000tr


Healing Potions:  (Please note that potions are sold by Single / Stack of 10 / Stack of 50 except for Heal Potions, which are sold Single/ Stack of 10)

Light Healing Potion- 5tr / 55tr / 285tr

Moderate Healing Potion- 42tr / 430tr / 2,150tr

Serious Healing Potion- 165tr / 1,650tr / 8,250tr

Critical Healing Potion- 400tr / 4,000tr / 20,000tr

Heal Potion- 1,000tr / 10,000tr


Attribute Potions:

Bulls Strength Potion- 200tr

Cats Grace Potion- 200tr

Eagles Splendor Potion- 200tr

Owls Wisdom Potion- 200tr

Fox Cunning Potion- 200tr

Bears Endurance Potion- 200tr


Other Potions: 

Invisibility Potion- 600tr

Speed Potion- 600tr

Antidote Potion- 500tr

Lesser Restoration Potion- 500tr

Clarity Potion- 600tr

Barkskin Potion- 500tr

Death Armor Potion- 500tr

Lore Potion- 500tr


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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Let them eat cake
« on: December 07, 2014, 11:24:45 am »
Would it be possible to add a recipe on the bakers oven for cake? We have pies bread, but, no cake. *sad face*Suggested recipe:Wheat Flour x3Cow's milk x1Eggs x2Sugar x3Salt x1Butter x1(could possibly add different types of fruits nuts to have a variety) x6 Maybe have it around where a level 8 cook could start making it?
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Development Journals and Discussion / Masks
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:32:29 pm »

Tobias lays in bed, eyes unfocused and distant. The elf next to him resting peacefully for now but, it wasn't one of her good days. Really there hasn't been many of the good ones in the last month. He blinks rapidly and leans over and kisses her softly on the forehead before sliding out of the bed. He combs his hair back with his hands tying up his hair back in a ponytail and quickly dresses.. Tobias glances back and looks over the sleeping elf , the words she spoke that night still haunting him.. " I don't know you.." Those simple words have brought so much fear to him as he truly doesn't know himself or what he stands for. Hells, he doesn't even know what he wants.. No. that's not true he told himself.. he wants to be with her but, what can he offer her? His love? His fears? A future? She deserves more, so much more.. He shakes his head and heads to the basin of water on the table and dips his hands in the water and splashes some on his face and looks up in the mirror.. He exhales. "Who the hells are you Toby..." He smirks at that.. even his name isn't real.. One lie on top of another.. So many lies and now he even doesn't know what to believe.
Doesn't she deserve to know everything? He tells her that he wants her to let him in and to share her fears and yet.. is he willing to let her in? He knows she senses that he is hiding something but, it's hard for him to say for even to this day it still brings back strong emotions that he is unsure he is ready to face..
It's strange concept for him to open up and become vulnerable. For so long he has worn this mask and maybe it's too late for it ever to be removed. In not telling her how he feels for her, maybe it's not only to respect her boundaries as he knows she is still struggling with so much pain and uncertainty but, it's also a way for him not to face the truth. And he doesn't know where he stands in her heart.. How can he step forward and confess everything only to be refuted. He did that once before and it left him broken and he sees it happening again with her..So he will build his wall.. and ask her to tear hers down.. His heart tells him to give love a chance but, his brain is telling him no, not yet..let her say it first, for if she doesn't then you can put on another mask and smile and tell her you will still be her friend. And slowly he can step away and let another fill the void he could not..
And how does she feel for Nym? There is a deep history there he knows.. The short time he spent with them he could sense that they care for each deeply but, they are from two different worlds yet they lean on each other for a chance at redemption. What right does he have to get in the way of that? Nym is his friend even if the feeling isn't mutual. He would gladly fight beside him and assist him with whatever he could..Should he stand aside and let Zarianna and Nym's story play out? Wouldn't a friend do that? Tobias shakes his head confused and unsure of what to do and his mind fills with doubt. What if she chooses Nym? Could he handle that rejection?
Tobias frowns slightly. Rejection... an old friend and he knows how to greet it and tuck it away behind a warm smile and a joke or two. There it will find a home and reinforce his wall. Still as he looks back over her sleeping figure finally at peace from the long day of pain and being sick, he promised and will not leave, can't break her heart..
Gods!.. Break his so she can love again.. He is willing to make that sacrifice. Darkness and loneliness are things he can endure and has endured for so many years.. But, to see her in that place tears at his soul. Maybe.. just maybe if he could help her out of the blackness. Perhaps there would be a way out for him as well.. He can hold out a hand and try to pull her up but, in doing so would he tumble further in to the void?
He lets out a sigh and rubs his fingers through his hair, searching for an answer on what to do. His hands shake steadily as he continued to search for an answer on what he should do.. He was so scared to let her in. To let her know everything and to be completely vulnerable.. He walks over to her side of the bed and strokes her hair gently. Time.. what he told himself, just more time to decide what to do.. He couldn't bear it to lose her even if he knows he has already lost her. He could at least enjoy the dream of having her, the hope of her loving him.. But, soon he knew that the dream would end and eventually he would have to open his eyes and face the truth. Love is a dangerous game and he feared the cards would always be stacked against him.
He adjusts his mask and wipes a single tear away from his cheek and flashes a false smile. There.. he told himself.. perfect...
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The Silver Buckle / The Minstrel and the Pea..
« on: January 24, 2013, 06:15:46 pm »
On the continent of Alindor in the city of Mariners Hold, there lies a majestic inn where are story takes place.
A wooden sign can be seen over the doorway, it reads "The Silver Buckle". As you enter, your eyes are greeted with a wondrous sight; A huge auditorium, in the center is a stage and elaborate tables and chairs are arranged neatly in front of the stage for the customers enjoyment. As you look left you see a small yet elegant lounge with a  roaring fireplace. As you glance back to your left you can see a elegant bar all made of the finest mahogany. Past the bar, are the guest chambers, where our story begins..
A middle aged male sits at a desk his elbow on the top of the desk made of cherry and his head propped on his hand snoring lazily. The room is luxurious and lavish. Along with the desk is a armoire of mahogany, chest of drawers of oak and a cozy bed with feathered pillows. A pixie sits on the bed regarding the male. She shakes her head with a subtle giggle. "Only my mage would sleep on a desk rather than a bed.."
A sound from outside the hall can be heard. She pauses to listens to the sound but, she can't make it out the sound clearly over the rumblings of the sleeping mage. She curses softly and takes to the air, her wings rapidly beating behind her.

"I wonder if it's him?" she thinks to herself as her heart beats faster with elation. She fiddles with the door trying to get it open.
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