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Layonara Server / Re: Announcing our newest GM - Weeping Lily
« on: April 08, 2018, 05:55:42 pm »
That great news...congratulations :)
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Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Bolger
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:18:06 am »
Hmm since my character can’t be evil I’m going to rewrite my character submission for a LN Rofirein Human i’ll Resubmit tonight 😀
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Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Bolger
« on: March 27, 2018, 02:00:33 am »

Yep it's a pity about my character not being evil....But I can work with LN so thats not a problem
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Character Submissions / Character Submission - Bolger
« on: March 25, 2018, 07:22:14 am »
Full Name: Bolger
Age: 136
Class: Cleric
Race: Deep Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Sulterio
Domains: Earth and Death


It all started with a pure seam of Adamantine, larger and purer than any Bolger had seen before.  Mind you he was no expert, he was just a cleric of The Chosen, but the Deep Smiths in the party seemed very excited.  He'd found the seam by accident but now he was busily persuading himself that Sulterio had lead him directly to it.  "Aye it's a beauty" said the normally taciturn Korval.  We can make good use of this, he scratched the tattoo on his left arm absently.  "Well...we must get the information and the samples of this seam back to the temple.  You Bolger have just be awarded the honour of guarding the site.  Make sure nothing and no one learns of its location and any that do....kill them"
Bolger sighed inwardly, they were far from the city and he couldn't expect any relief for several days.  It would be a dangerous yet boring assignment but Korval was the leader of the party and his word was law.  They left...

 The darkness pressed in on him.  Normally being a child of the dark it never bothered him but now it seemed to be filled with furtive movements and stealthy sounds.  He sighed again the wards were beginning to fail, it had been several hours since the departure of the others and it was almost time to renew them.  A pebble fell somewhere behind him.  He did not react that would be foolish but he tried to focus all his attention towards the sound.  Again a soft whispering as if fabric brushed against stone.  Someone was here...he grasped his hammer and turned muttering a prayer to Sulterio.  There was nothing there.  He peered into the darkness all his senses attuned to any movement.  There...a slightly darker shape against the looming stones.  It moved quickly as if realising it'd been detected and Bolger was suddenly thrust backwards onto the ground, and arrow bouncing off his dark grey armour.  He roared jumping back to his feet just as dozens of other shapes suddenly resolved themselves into lithe figures all well armed.  It was a Dark Elf hunting party.  He paused unsure of what to do...he couldn't win this.  So he did the only thing he could do...he turned and ran.  Cruel laughter followed him and he knew he was a dead dwarf.

He was lucky...they didn't follow immediately and that gave him plenty of time to increase his distance from them.  "The bastards are probably gloating over the Adamantine" he thought, realising that if he was very very lucky and escaped he'd be killed for his failure when he returned to the temple.  As he ran he began to hear the sounds of rushing water. He altered course...

The underground river was deep and moving swiftly and Bolger eyed it uneasily as he crouched hidden by the rocks on its bank.  The elves had followed him and where now scouring the river banks looking for any sign of him.  He looked at the river again in distaste, he could barely swim and though he thought he could remain above water, it mean divesting himself of his heavy weapon and armour.  He sighed and quickly released his armour before quietly slipping into the cold dark water.  The current took quickly rushed him past the elves but it's raging torrent meant it took all his strength to stay afloat.  He cried out in pain as a rock smashed into his shin causing him to tumble.  When he got back to the surface he just had time to register the dark shapes before him, before he crashed into the rocks and knew no more.  It was daylight when he awoke and after the pain of the sun became more manageable, he crawled out of the shallows and stumbled off into the forest looking for the nearest settlement.

1.  I have read the information on Sulterio and I will play Bolger as a faithful
priest of Sulterio to the best of my abilities.
2.  Bolger's connection with Sulterio was restricted to the duties of a lowly
soldier cleric in one of the smaller temples of Sulterio.  He aided the Deep Smiths in staying safe from any foe in the deep.  He did this through healing, fighting and setting simple wards around the camp sites.  He never expected more, to him life was complete.  Now he has been singled out and thrown into a bewildering world that he has no experience of and all he has to aid him is his faith in Sulterio and more importantly himself.
3.  Bolger has no noble past or great wealth or any blood ties to a god
etc.  He was just a nobody, a nondescript soldier cleric working for the temple
before he was thrown into the wider world.  He will follow the dogma of
Sulterio to the letter.

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Ask A Gamemaster / Discord chat rooms
« on: March 24, 2018, 10:19:43 am »
Hi I used to play the game some time ago and I'm planning to come back.  I've noticed that you now have a discord channel and I wondered if you could tell me how to join please? :)
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Ask A Gamemaster / Half Orc's
« on: May 08, 2016, 06:25:59 pm »'s been a long time but at last I have a proper windows computer and am seriously thinking of coming back to the game.I have a question though, whatever happened to the orc's and is it possible to create a half orc character anymore?  
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