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Layonara Server / Announcing our newest GM - Weeping Lily
« on: April 08, 2018, 05:26:14 pm »
Dear Community,

I'm pleased to announce Weeping Lily as our newest GM. Weeping Lily will be operating primarily in GMT-friendly time zones.

Congratulations to Weeping Lily. We're looking forward to what you can bring to our little community!
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Ask A Gamemaster / This is something that
« on: November 05, 2014, 10:25:50 pm »

This is something that happens when you log out or disconnect standing too close to persistent storage, usually bank vaults.  This can be fixed in-game by a GM or it will self-correct when the server is next restarted.

If you would like to coordinate with a GM regarding a time to get this fixed, please post below with some days/times when you plan to be online.

Also moving this to a more appropriate forum.

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Layonara Server / Anniversary Bonus Event
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:58:31 pm »
Greetings Layonara CommunitySome of you may know that Neverwinter Nights turned 15 this year. Most of you may not know, however, that the NWN incarnation of Layonara also turns 15 in just a couple of weeks.In observance of these major milestones, we will be holding an anniversary Bonus Event, starting Saturday, June 24th and running for about a month. During this period, XP, Fortune and gold drops will all be doubled. As with previous bonus events, the doubling of XP and Fortune will also apply to GM rewards for quests and RP.This event overlaps with another anniversary event targeted at the greater NWN community known as the Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Days (NWPAD). The details of the event are somewhat uncertain as yet, but if anyone wants to keep up with the news on NWPAD, here’s a link: we have something more definite on that schedule, we’ll be sure to update everyone with the details.Thanks to everyone who has played here over the last 15 years!

Layonara Server / IMPORTANT -- Server problems 1-March-2017
« on: March 02, 2017, 12:28:30 am »
All,Earlier tonight, we had some problem with the server that left a few characters corrupted. I hope we things under control for the moment, however, I want to offer a few words of caution while we are still sorting things through.First, I am giving a provisional "All Clear" to log into the server again. However if you experience any trouble getting logged in or if the server crashes while trying to log in or after, do one of the following immediately:The main way this corruption seems to manifest is that it causes the server to crash when a player loads up the character selection screen. On your end, you'll see a server timeout message when trying to get to this point. Note that if you see this, it doesn't necessarily mean you have a corrupted character. It only means that the server is down. However, in one instance tonight, a player with a corrupted character was able to repeatedly crash the server when attempting to log in.Assuming we get things sorted out, we can return to a lower alert status in a few days.Any questions about this? Please ask below.
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Layonara Server / WARNING: Do NOT log onto the server
« on: March 02, 2017, 12:30:04 am »
All,I'm tracking a problem with the server right now which may be either resulting from or causing character corruption.Do NOT attempt to log onto the server unless either a GM directs you to do so or I give the "All Clear".We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Hello all!It's time again for a bonus event. Extra XP, GP and Fortune for your enjoyment.This will most likely last about three (3) weeks, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Layonara Server / Version 3.63 is now online
« on: November 25, 2016, 03:21:22 pm »
Hi all,A relatively minor update just went online. Primarily, this covers three main changes:
  • Updates to several dragons and their lairs
  • Relocated a few houses back to their original locations due to being reclaimed in the sweep
  • Temple to Kithairien on Mistone now sells holy symbols.
No code changes, system changes or other non-build bug fixes have gone in this time.
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I added an event... last year*... A limerick competition, that had both a forum advertisement and one for the crier. I can't link you to the crier announcement, because in trying to make it go away, we deleted it. It's still there. What Lonn has been doing is just writing new rumors over the top of the old ones, which is good that that will at least update the contents, we would very much like to either erase the memory of limericks from the crier's mind forever, or be able to attack him in the streets without being haunted by mice and waitresses. please make it stop*okay it wasn't really a whole year ago, it just feels like an eternity :P
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Layonara Server / Notice regarding the Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« on: October 02, 2016, 10:12:13 pm »
All,As many are aware, we are doing a sweep of housing, which includes guild halls, for properties that are just taking up space and not benefitting the player base as a whole.A special case in this sweep is the Saddlebag Pawn Shop at 181 Port Hempstead Fields, however, the current owner (Calylith Eluchil) has not been seen since 2013. While not an actual official "guild" as we have defined them, this establishment was created by three characters and has a commerce-oriented purpose. If any of the other founders are present or if there is someone officially associated with the organization, please post below. If not, we would consider letting someone else take responsibility for this location and the services it provides.However if no one does, we will be inclined to shutter the Saddlebag Pawn Shop and return its address to the open market.
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Layonara Server / Defunct/Inactive guilds
« on: October 02, 2016, 10:07:29 pm »
All,There are a few addresses in-game right now which are designated as guild halls and whose owners have not been present for some time. If these guilds are still active we need a current member to take over control. Otherwise, they will either be made available for someone else to claim (with a valid guild) or converted to regular housing. At the moment, the list of these is:Grey Circle -- 164 Mariner's Hold
This hall is owned by Kobal Bluntaxe. If there are any current members of this guild who wish to keep it going, please post below.Cailomel Goods and Wares -- 195 Fort Wayfare
The guild/store is owned by Fehriel, who has not been seen since late 2013. If there are any members of this organization who wish to keep it going, please post below.Dwarven Army -- 196 Bloody Gate
Our logs show this hall has been recently dwarves even!...but the owner (Azk'a Thunderaxe) has not been seen for over four years. If any of the current members wish to keep it going, please post below.Vakhar -- 263 Vale
The owner of this nature-oriented guild, Aralin Harenya, has not been active since 2011. If there are any current members who wish to keep this going, please post below.This thread will remain open for at least two weeks before any action is taken. If anyone knows the players of the characters listed above and can get their attention for comment, please do so.  If no one comments, claims or otherwise gives us a reasonable course of action for these properties, we will proceed with reclaiming their space in some manner.
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Layonara Server / Housing Sweep -- 2016 Edition
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:30:15 pm »
Better late than never, I suppose!Here goes my first pass. For tradition and fairness, I'm going to list these here and give people a chance to a) lay claim or b) get their stuff out before the house is emptied and put back on the market.104 -- Galathea Arnaduillae
112 -- Asher Hardrock
122-- Ni'haer Barrit'tar
124 -- Lareth Vathach
131 -- Galen Iraes
136 -- Argali Trueaxe
138 -- Log Lightrunner
140 -- Twixel
142 -- Riley Alexander
143 -- Hanta Deshaldi
149 -- Elgon In'Darsus
150 -- Gormungard Boulderanvil
154 -- Ender Sai
156 -- Iradril Arkenrahel
174 -- Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir
175 -- Klaugraquene Dragonbane
179 -- Nex Jinkai
181 -- Calylith Eluchil
185 -- Starr Saphire
196 -- Azk'a Thunderaxe
203 -- Unther Hardhammer
204 -- Xanya Enyafailm
205 -- Grohin Silveraxe
206 -- Fehriel Cailomel
210 -- Drachus Vachar
217 -- Sein Alinds
221 -- Boon Loom
230 -- Gunther N'diknik
241 -- Abiorn Rukrym
246 -- Durgen Stormbrow
260 -- Wren Thendor
 This is a preliminary list. None of these characters have been seen in over two (2) years.Houses numbered in the 100's are either on Mistone or Alindor. Houses numbered in the 200's are largely on Dregar, though there are exceptions.NOTE: Potentially defunct guild halls are not listed. If I have mistakenly added a guild hall to this list, I will remove it, though defunct guild halls will be handled in some way at some point. They may be returned to the market and priced like houses according to their physical size at some later date.You may wonder what constitutes a valid claim on one of these houses. Primarily, either there's some long-term residence involved or a significant relationship (i.e. marriage, parent/child, etc.). In the case one of these houses is the hall of an active guild, but the owner is absent, the property can be transferred to one of the current active guild members.As mentioned in a previous thread, an open portal in a strategic location is not sufficient reason to maintain an otherwise empty or un-used house.In order to lay claim, put in a grievance/request for the transfer. It is not a guarantee we'll grant the request, but we will investigate and see if it is appropriate.To keep the process moving, we will only entertain claims for a period of two (2) weeks, after which any unclaimed houses will be emptied and placed back on the market. Any existing keys to these houses will no longer work after that point.If there are any questions, please ask below.

Layonara Server / Important Server issue -- PLEASE READ!
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:57:22 pm »
Hello All,We've had an issue where the server got abruptly filled up by rogue events filling up event logs. We went from 20GB free to zero in under two (2) days due to logs filling up. This resulted in the server start-up problems we experienced tonight but it also caused some other unfortunate side-effects.To be specific, there's five characters which have fallen victim to this and may be unrecoverable by the means we have at our disposal.Pegasus55 - Michael
knightsfollytoo - Charlie Poetr
Erin Inman - Rebecca Poetr
Serissa1 - Katelyn Poetr
Borbre Barradok - Flint FireforgeWe recommend strongly that these characters do not try to log in until directed to do so by a GM who is assisting in the recovery/rebuild effort.There may be nothing we can do to directly restore these characters to their most recent state, as our backups have been overwritten by invalid files. However, we do have a record of their XP, completed static quests, etc., and we will work with the affected players to rebuild these characters to the closest approximation of their previous state as we can.As with the previous, similar incident, we encourage those affected to open a grievance request to start the process to get things set back to how they should be.We regret the inconvenience this may cause, and we'll work with you as much as we can. 
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Rumour Has It / Heralds
« on: July 30, 2016, 09:20:44 pm »
Told by those who listen and watch for such things, by those whose jobs it is to see patterns in things, come disturbing rumors out of the Liwich Kingdom.On the same day at about the same time, in Hurm, Wymere, Redferns, Bitterridge and Liwich Castle, a lone stranger arrives. Each of these strangers is robed and hooded with the bearing of a person with strong beliefs and an unwavering conviction to them. Though largely human in appearance, reports differ as to the details. Some are said to wear pale grey-blue robes, carry a staves of pale sapphire with skin and eyes the tone of glacier ice, while others wear robes of earthen brown, carry staves of granite with skin and eyes colored like unfired clay. All seem to bear markings of some sort upon the skin that are visible. Whether the are scars, tattoos or some combination of both is unclear, and all seem lacking hair of any sort.In all reports, this figure comes into the center of town, plants its staff in the ground and speaks a prophecy of doom. Like so many false prophets, their words are initially vague except for one disturbing piece of information: Each of these heralds speak a specific date, exactly one fortnight plus one day from the first day they appeared, as the day of this doom. Once their words are spoken, they leave as they arrived, speaking to no one, answering no questions. This pattern repeats itself almost exactly for five days before anything changes. By this time, townspeople are either increasingly amused or apprehensive. Having already heard of the rumored and recent incursion into the lair of the Black which stirred the wrath of the great Wyrm, there is an undercurrent of anxiety throughout the kingdom. However, with no signs of anything resembling a dragon, even the elders who have memory of the last time begin to dismiss both rumors of retribution and the claims of the strange herald. Yet there is a gathering that grows by the day to hear the herald speak all the same. On the sixth day, the herald begins to tell a story, giving only a part of it each of the next five days. It speaks of the Five who trespassed into the lair of Dre'zlunkazhn, seeking plunder and death until at last they stood before the great Dragon Lord and that only because the Wyrm did will it to be. With the great Dragon, the Five did parlay, and a deal was struck, one that would allow the Five to keep their lives in exchange for a mere token from each and a tribute from One. Yet the One, the Foul, at the last moment cast aside this deal and struck at the Great Black, finding fortunate purchase with his weapon and dealing a mortal injury to the Dragon. “But the mighty Dre'zlunkazhn is not so easily destroyed,” says the herald. “and a Dragon's memory and wrath come unmatched.” And so, it is told on the last day, that five towns, one for each of the Five, will feel the touch of the Wasting.News of an impending plague grips the kingdom, adding fuel to previous rumors that the black dragon of the Moss Crypt sought revenge. Yet many elders in the visited towns, those whose memories are long enough to remember the last time someone dared to trespass on the beast, would say that retribution came much swifter and without warning. Those who did not panic and heeded the wisdom of the elders began to dismiss each herald's words as the propaganda of some new form of cult seeking to spread fear. Those who did panic left their homes behind in search of somewhere, anywhere, to be safe from the black dragon's vengeance.During this time, the townspeople showed growing disinterest in the herald, as the story goes on.. By the end of the tenth day, only a few bothered stop and listen and usually not to the whole of the herald's words.The next five days, and the final days before the predicted doom, the herald tells the tale again, but with one addition: The Five are given names. The tale is told again, naming each Daniel Poetr, “Knight Captain of the Great Gold”, Lana Poetr the Songstress and mate to Daniel, Farros Galdor the Loud of Arabel, Tori the Reluctant and lastly, Vrebel the Foul and he who brought this ruin upon all.On the last day, when the story ends with the treachery of Vrebel the Foul, the herald makes a final declaration, “Those who are worthy may yet survive. Those who are not shall fall and serve as warning to all others. Defile not the lair of Dre'zlunkazhn!”In a final act, the herald raises its staff and plants it forcefully into the ground one last time, only this time the staff and the herald disintegrates into vapor or dust, in the case of the “brown” heralds, that expands rapidly outward past all gathered and gets carried forth by the breeze until it seems to have entirely diffused and disappears from sight.For the rest of the day, nothing happens.
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Layonara Server / IRC server move today
« on: April 23, 2016, 12:44:19 pm »
Hi all,This is just a little warning that the IRC server will be moved sometime today. Overall down-time should not be more than a couple of hours.I don't have a specific time when this will happen yet, but if you try to connect and it fails, chances are it's happening. *grin*
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Layonara Server / Bonus Event -- Year-end 2015
« on: December 26, 2015, 08:31:17 pm »
Hello All,Happy {insert secular/religious/spritual holiday of choice}! As I mentioned earlier, I'm kicking off a bonus event, effective immediately. All XP, gold and Fortune rates are increased. Enjoy, and play responsibly. The intent is for this to continue through the end of January.As an added bonus, the Soul Mother is taking an OOC break.On behalf of the GM Team, we hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.

Layonara Server / Holiday Notice
« on: December 09, 2015, 08:56:44 pm »
Greetings fellow Layonarans!The holiday season is upon us once again. As a result, time is usually a precious commodity for everyone, including our GM Team. As such, the lack of quest events will likely persist until the last part of the month at least. Please bear with us during this busy time.For those who have characters corrupted by the recent server problems, we'll be getting with you on the matter of restoration.  For those of you wanting a restoration of your items, it would be helpful to us if you were to prepare a list of your equipment to the best of your memory. We're prepared to consider all good-faith requests in this situation.On the flip side of things, we are intending to to hold another bonus event starting December 26th and likely continuing throughout the month of January.Enjoy! 

Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part IV
« on: September 05, 2015, 04:11:29 pm »
Time passes with most of the world being blissfully unaware of anything that happened in the Mountains of Madness or its significance. Across the world, Fastrot is considered to no longer be a danger, and quarantines are lifted. Leveraging rumors of some sort of confrontation or activity in Milara's domain, Rael declares Fastrot to have been the work of Milara himself, who sought to create a plague to afflict upon the people of the world. He further claims to have discovered its nature and was thus able to defend the residents of Rael against it most effectively, though he stops just short of taking credit for discovering a “cure”.Of note, a collection of similar stories begin to circulate through the world involving a confrontation between a dragon and the people of a town. The details vary depending on the teller and the region. Sometimes the village in question is nameless, or it is a small place on another continent. Sometimes the “hero” of the story is a farmer, a seamstress, a shopkeeper or a teenaged girl (though often braggards will insert themselves into the protagonist role). Sometimes the dragon is stunned, sometimes it is burned, shocked or otherwise sent away. In all cases, the dragon leaves and bothers the town no more.A full two years, give or take, from the recovery of the Conduit, the people of Layonara look up into the night sky to see another change. Of the seven deities who converged in the sky several years prior, all had returned to their usual places in the Heavens. There was no movement, no shifting and no warning. Simply, one night, they were back where they “should” be. Grannoch too and retaken her place. Only Toran, Rofirein and Pyrtechon remained displaced, but these only for a few additional nights. All was now as it was to be.
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part III
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:43:15 pm »
Another two months pass before the Conduit is fully disassembled and prepared for relocation. Near the end of this, scouting parties have found what is believed to be a passage through the Deep that will lead to Mistone and eventually the Hall of Seven, however, it is not without its perils, and such a large group passing through with the added load of the Conduit pieces would surely draw unwanted attention. In the interest of expediency, it is ultimately decided to take the Conduit overland to Anger Bay and from there to sail for the subterranean docks of the Ulgrids with the aid and capacity of the Toranite troop ships, and eventually traverse into the Deep for the last part of the journey.The Conduit is moved in five main efforts, each conveying the parts for one fifth of the Conduit, based on the notion that should any section be lost, it could be recreated using their plans and the others as a template. A key piece of each section of the Conduit is taken and moved through another means. The gnomes refuse to answer questions about these pieces or how they are moved, referring to them only as “essence” or “heart”, though there seems to be some disagreement among them as to the correct way to translate the specific word.The transportation of the Conduit back to the Hall of Seven is every bit as painstaking as its disassembly, yet the challenges along the way remain well within the abilities of those serving as scouts, protection or both. Every consideration is given to the safety of the pieces. Reassembly within the Hall begins as soon as the pieces begin arriving. After the better part of a year from the discovery of the Conduit, all pieces arrive safely within the Hall. All those who aided in its transport and protection are thanked, offered provisions and a time to rest, but they are asked to depart as soon as possible. “Our work...” they are told. “for reasons given by the gods themselves, must remain secret. The Five will soon be reborn to disappear among the peoples of this world. Remember all you have learned. Respect what you were told. When the skies change next, you will know the meaning.”
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Layonara Server / "Back to School" Bonus event -- September 2015
« on: August 29, 2015, 11:24:16 pm »
Greetings everyone!We hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.For the month of September, we will be running a bonus event, with extra XP, GP and Fortune for the duration.The event will start sometime on September 1st, most likely evening CDT sometime.Enjoy!

Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part II
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:43:21 pm »
Days of work by the gnomes turns into weeks and more. Slowly but surely, the Conduit is separated from Milara's modifications and disassembled. It's parts are tagged, catalogued, cross-referenced and documented. New diagrams are drawn with very explicit illustrations and directions for reassembling this very special and intricate artifact. They answer very few questions about their work or the Conduit itself, and only those questions asked by those who solved the puzzles are given any consideration at all.During this same period, things are relatively quiet. No sight, sound nor event attributable to Milara is noted. No passages in this chamber or the caves that link to it lead anywhere into Milara's personal domain (though he most certainly claims the whole of the Mountains of Madness at a minimum). The giants themselves are patient with all the traffic through their caves. While there are some tense moments, they honor their part of the agreement and seem much more at ease when the adventurers and the troops at their disposal consistently honor the giants' requests as well. They eventually even prove useful in keeping the path back to Bloody Gate somewhat safe and secure without the need for a large presence of troops. A few times, the impaled head of a dark elf is presented as a show of continued good faith.About three weeks into the gnomes' effort, with still a fair amount to go, the leader Ehkaheic addresses Acacea with a request. “We think Milara brought this through the underground,” he says. “Safest and quickest way back may be through the same. We need scouts...and protection when it is time to move...and perhaps messengers.”In one particular shipment of supplies, a crate arrives containing a collection of shields and rods which are distributed to the adventurers who recovered the Conduit as a token of thanks. Each device bears clear signs of gnomish design and craftsmanship.

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