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Wild Surge Inn / The end of Celgar Magnus (brace for long reading)
« on: April 12, 2008, 01:38:16 pm »
The unknown bard shuffles his way in past every one as his elvish features let him be lithe and silent as he moved to the center of the gathering. In a quiet and respectful tone he speaks "If i may i was asked to tell the story of one of the few remaining dragon summoned that lived" he said quietly and waited for the eyes of the patrons to look upon him. After a long and almost forever silence he spoke up "I was told by one of the Lucinda followers, a Priest he insisted on being called" he slowly held his arms up to draw more attention to him and to give him more of a dramatic tone "His name was Celgar Magnus"

     The snow was thick and still falling but the old man leaned on his staff muttering a few choice words of the weather. He may loved the cold in his youth but time as taken its toll on his body and he was struggling to move thought the snow. "Mercy come here and help me get unstuck in this damned snow" he muttered to the wind. Loud thumping followed by a roar that was unearthly. Its tones were not made by any creature that was birthed on any of the many planes. It sounded more like stone grinding into each other. The old man stood still knowing that the noise was made by something far older than that of mortal lives of man. At first it seemed that a pile of snow covered rocks moving in the distance came shambling up to the old man and he smiled broadly as the shape of a stone golem came up to him.
"There you are Venerable friend," he smiled at the stone golem, he knew that the summing of golems from other planes was like playing dice in the inn. Chance was random and he seemed not to care. To him it was the same golem he summoned ages ago and didn't listen to the mages prattle on about how they were by luck or by hearing his call into service. The sounds of stone grinding had the tone as if it was asking him a question but its impossible to tell with these mindless creatures. "Help me get out of this, we're almost to where the priests back in Blackford have sent me to" he eyed the land growing more hate for those blinded and jaded by the foul rumors that were spilt by his name. "Petty fools who only think for them selves and ignore the true ways of Lucinda" he spat with venom remembering one such priest that talked about how him being a priest was a mistake "They care nothing for the weave and only them selves" he snorted again to him self as his golem helped him out of a snow drift "I am sure many wouldn't even consider dying for the weave if it would save it" he snorted and muttered to him self "faith is purest when it is unquestioned". Pulling his staff free form the snow he stopped to stare at it. It was a holy relic to him and he for most part kept it hidden from his fellow followers, if asked he would say it was a staff he enchanted when he was still in his twenties. He knew the truth behind it. Wild rumors stated that Lucinda held a staff that looked strangely like this one in the times when gods were mortal, or it was a staff bestowed by those devoted to Lucinda by her self or one of her many angels. To him the truth didn't matter to him, it belonged to his goddess and every morning he would offer his prayer of thanks for just having it, "Watch over my friends and may the weave always be there, mother" he whispered the prayer as he broke from his reveries. He never once ask Lucinda for any thing on him self other than the blessing he needed, ever since the "Port accident", he never put him self in to his own prayers thinking he was unworthy of her grace and always prayed not for foregiveness but for those he cared about.  Slowly started to walk down the path flanked by his stone golem looking for the town.
"There it it" he smiled warmly to his golem and patted its huge hand chanting the unsumming spell to relieve his soul the weight of it being on this plane. finding the paths the villagers made doing their daily errands he started to make his way to the tavern to warm up and get further info on his mission.
     the door slowly slid open with a gently push of his palm and he wandered into the tavern to warm up and rest for a bit. An Elvish bard in the middle of a rather brilliant ballad about the king of bard was interrupted by the old man who entered "Enough sing and praise about Ozy" he said with a wry grin on his face"
"You know of him?" the bard sputtered out in a surprised gasp as his eyes were looking like they were going to explode form his head.
"Know of him? He was like a father to me in my youth," the old man said as he moved to a table, bard in tow "I know of him and I know hearing your praise would of made him murder you where you stand!" he said stamping his staff down to make his point "He cared not of heroics you sing, he was a humble man and loved nothing more than a good pie and a good lass to lick with his forked tongue" he laughed watching the look on the bard's face turn in disbelief of his hero being talked about so harshly.
"But you are old and senile" the bard blurted out to the old man
"I speak the truth lad, heroes are far less glorious than the tails told by them. They didn't do their deeds for honor or praise but what is needed!" the old man said with a curt nod turning to face the bard fully. he eyes the bard for a quick few seconds and threw off his fur that he was hidden under revealing the most bizzare colored set of robes. Checkered patterned shades of blue dominated the most of his body while fine adornments of gold that held the lighting bolt of Lucinda were adorned on his forearms. His staff at this point started to glow with the aether of the weave to show that he was far than the every day old men.
"The crazed golem man of Lucinda" the bard shrieked as if seeing this person meant impending doom upon the village
"Some call me that, but only my friends do" he laughed with mirth and took a long bow "Celgar Magnus, Priest of Lucinda at your service" he said as he slowly stood up to his full hight. The bard eyed the six foot seven man with awe and fear knowing what happened ages ago with Celgar and a Port city. "I have been sent here by the priests of Blackford to aid in your need" he said slowly as the bard's eyes slowly moved to Celgar's hips where 3 swords hung on his hip then back up to his face to drink deep of this persons features. A deep scar ran form the left most tip of his left eye brow down past his eye and ended on the lower right most of his chin giving this man a more un-priestly look. Other than the massive damage to his face what took the bard's breath way was Celgar's deep brown eyes. They didn't look like that of a man that killed a whole city with a single word. his eyes looked full of compassion, and mixed with anger and resentment to him self. Just to see his eyes the bard knew the rumors were half truths and the jokes about him were made in utter hate for some one that has done wrong in their life.
Fixing him self and making sure he wasn't gawking at Celgar the bard spoke "What brings you here other than the priest telling you to come to this back water of a town....Celgar" he said resisting the urge to call him insane putting away the slang that he used when telling stories to scare the local children.
"News of some kind of sub sect of the Corath has been scryed here by a local mage. Said they were up to some plan to destroy the weave and to attack Lucinda" Celgar frowned a bit "I came to this tavern to rest my old body and to take a break" he said "I'm getting older and older" he whispered to him slef as he sat down at an empty table "I have chased them to this town about a day or so ago, I found their old hide out in a cave close close by but it seems they upped and left. So maybe have you seen travelers about?" Celgar looked to the bard as he just set his staff to rest on the table.
"I have seen many men and women draped in black move through the town and to the north"
"Predictable Corath followers" Celgar said and grinned to him self thinking inwardly to him 'like blind sheep they never hide them selves, the common folk need to understand that some times black isn't the best color to wear' he grinned in silence as the bard watched him
"Something funny sir?" the bard ask him and snapped him out of his thoughts
"Oh just how things never change in a world full of it" he nodded and snatched his staff up and almost jumped out of his chair "Seems I need to go hunting" he said as he moved to his pile of fur cape and shifted through it pulling out a old leather bag with odd runes on it.
The bard watched in total amazement as this small back pack like bag held something much larger than its own size being pulled from it. Celgar pulled his shield from this magical bag . The logo of Lucinda painted on with skill that would make an artiest look at it with wonder and he turned to the door "I shall be back soon" he said leaving his bag on the floor where he dropped it. "And Bard, look after my things please" Celgar said with a smile on his face tossing him a small sack of gold coins.
As the door opened to the cold the bard watched Celgar armor shimmer and run like water as it turned to full plate.

((More to come but i am tired now and need sleep))
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General Discussion / Hello and goodbye :(
« on: April 12, 2008, 11:49:16 am »
Those of my old friends, those i will not meet, hello, I am the insane mind behind Celgar magnus.

 I have been away for a long long long time, and it warms my heart to see that this place is still running, with the passion I saw years ago when I first joined. It is with a said and very broken heart that i must make the dreaded farewell post.
     I have to leave this fine family and yes to those of you who are still wet behind the ears as my persona puts it is a family in whole. The GMs are like your fathers and mothers while the rest of the player base is your brothers and sisters, they watch your char grow with joy and cry with you when your char falls for the last time. :D
       As for the reason i am leaving. I have been overly busy with 2 of my life long friends running a star wars sim on a very infamous and rather misconceived game known as second life. before the flames come up and let loose unholy salvos of lag, sex, and other deprived things. I know, I have known and I try to ignore the bad and look at the good in it.Our sim has a very high ruling but is running at a mature rating for its guns, its a stupid little thing that has to be done in most if not all sims. (IE if you use guns on the sim you gotta give it a M rating, don't ask me why i didn't make Second life)
 Its a full on role play sim that was created for the geeks of Star wars and if you want to swing by there, take a look or see what the old bugger Celgar would look like as a mandalorian Twi'lek let me know drop me a line under my name Celgar Hax and the sim name can be searched for as Manaan. Yes we do have people that play Selkath.

  I have been here for 6+ years before there was an eastern server and the only way to get on was Pester Big L to open it or during an event.

I wish the holy machine spirits of of the servers that they run strong and long with out lag.

To my old friends I wish you the best of luck. to those i haven't met. Keep a good cleric by you at all times.

I think i shall make a nice RP reason why Celgar is gone here so keep an eye out.

Introduce Yourself / And the crazy one steps up
« on: March 16, 2007, 11:53:38 am »
I tend to be kept hidden about my life but I'll talk about it..
like most gamers i started out on an old "top of the line" back than 486/33mhz PC playing wolfenstine 3d. Then graduated to other first person games of legends. I didn't keep my self there, i played dark sun and other games and sealed my fate as a gamer. :D
As I grew up I learned how to build PCs on my own  and started collecting PCs that were thrown away and tossed out.
The turn point of my gaming life was about was about...1998 when half-life hit the stores I got it, beat the game got bored and got sucked into the Team fortress classic cult. for 3 years i was playing on a server called East coast with the clan NME2U (say it slowly) playing tournament matches were i accumulated money for playing games, heh.I been running that server all the way up in till the loss of WON and the change over to steam was started.
2003: Having been bored of most first person shooters I took up retirement from the clan matches only to fall back into it playing the leagues, hosting my own server, and "pwning" the nubs that dare to log on.

Long ago, and I don't remember how long ago, a friend of mine was throwing his stuff away and I found his copy of NWN gold hidden under his bed and unopened. After a long discussion on how he owed me money he gave me the game and once more I was addicted to D&D like I was back in my youth playing dark sun.

2004: I got into a car crash breaking my left leg and losing my job. I found an add in stating layo needed people. and the rest is history.
I still play first person games, I still run server but i no longer run in the leagues with the big boys, If i did, I would never have time to play layo as last year's winter (2006) has proven, my clan fell apart, I ignored layo and friends here for months on end.

After a recent rebuild (and prior shut down due to a few admins and the banning of me from my own server..)I reformed a small group that just plays for the love of the game.
I still play Layonara, its my second home, I went from fragging to just being a cleric how has a love for golems (because I have an obsession for mechs, I got a HUGE collection)

And well thats aboot it.
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Just for Fun / Games that are too real...
« on: August 13, 2005, 06:36:00 pm »
I had this moemen in my life that well... yeah.... look at the link...
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