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Axe was listed in the price list in that chest. If you don't want the item please list as such. Not my fault noone want to put points in UMD. 

* as Johnny proudly displays his paladin shield, and Monk boots and halfling armor.
Ill adjust when I get back on.
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Calendar Events / Re: Angels Guild event
« on: September 20, 2019, 02:04:48 pm »
//ill be at work. swing shift
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Implemented Ideas / Re: CNR stacking
« on: September 19, 2019, 01:42:54 am »
arrowheads are stackable

use the meat and slices are stackable, also pies, take less space when they are used they become stackable.

next you'll be askin fer nuggets and ores.
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95122 previous credit

johnny makes a credit purchase.

turtle shell shield @.75 lense = 8733

new credit balance 86389

deposits 873 in chest
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General Discussion / Re: Good Monk Build?
« on: August 28, 2019, 04:15:39 pm »
KD and IKD are Str. based so don't rely on those too heavily if you go Dex build.

Mobility is your friend when you run from battle, (no Attack of opportunity). learn to use it. saved me many times. Just don't get surrounded or you will get pounded.
Overwhelming critical is an Epic feat (21+) and requires 5 pre-req feats and you must be Str based. Not  helpful if spawn is immune to crits also weapon dependent for multiplier.
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98622 previous credit

Johnny spots another soldiers ring and buys it.

(purchase credit )

soldiers ring-  3500

new credit 95122

deposit 350 in chest.
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Johnny drops off some goods and picks some stuff up.

previous balance 79633

dropped off
gold ingot= 100
2 ancient dire bear skin= 400
4 ginsing= 240
1 garlic = 20

Picked up

10 gold nuggets=500
16 bronze ingots=640
deposit 114 in chest

dropped off Miza's Gorget @75%=8294 found the price in unique jewelry chest =3000
new credit= 87547 = 82253
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Nyx drops off a small collection after a few days in the wild.

9 purple mushrooms= 450
14 salt= 70
1 greenstone=21
1 greenstone dust= 7
4 honey = 200
24 aloe=720
5 eggs= 500
1 pecan= 60
13 garlic= 260
13 bone fragments= 65
43 gum arabic=395
4 pearls= 40
1 potion barkskin=320
100 cotton= 1000

new credit 4108
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Layonara Server / applications for new GM?
« on: July 18, 2008, 04:37:18 pm »
This question directed at Leanthar as he would ultimately have the word.
Will there be any openings for GM's.
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