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General Discussion / Re: Stopping by the forums to say howdy.
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:59:45 am »
Sorry to Raise Dead on this thread but I just popped in to see if Layo was still alive...and yes it is! Always amazes me how long this whole strange little phenomenon has endured. I recognize many screennames and I wish you all the best of luck in continuing this unique slice of alter-reality.  :)

Someday I might try to get back into the world but right now I'm not gaming at all and instead trying my hand at novel/short story writing. Of course my chosen genre is fantasy!

Drawna Eldreal (fashionable con artist)
Fian Bearsark (Bullhead in a kilt)
Mimir Deeping (tortured dwarf)
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General Discussion / Under - Fun
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:28:05 pm »
I just wanted to send out a thanks to all the intrepid higher levels that ferried Mimir through some nasty Under Places last night. Lots of fun (except for the period of looking at my corpse ha!) Thanks to Mangus for raising me and for everybody coming back - Gromak, Rasa, Grog, and Kalberen (sp.)The funniest moment for me (and I wish I could have gotten a screenshot) was everyone standing around looking  at Mimir's prone form and Gromak asking Mangus - the party medic - "Are you sure that was the right spell??" Next time I promise to stay away from the mage...

Introduce Yourself / another hello again
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:51:54 pm »
Once again I got lured back here. And Layo is still here! I joined almost 10 years ago and you guys have squeezed every drop of fun and RP out of the clunky ancient Aurora engine. Dorg and Onest8 and Orth and everyone else involved in building and maintaining should all be running the government with that kind of efficency hahaI was skmiming the site and saw some familiar names and missed not seeing others. I knew soooo many people like Seteece, Pathfinder, Celgar, Marainna, Brutus (yes I saw you on here you old dog), Ollom, Cole Einfall, Dorganath (shared a house haha) Bris, Plen, Rakish, Farros (oh, the kilts!) and too many others to name and try to spell. Heck I even remember an attempted server attack by a disgrunted player! I had a great time playing Fian and Drawna especially and more recently Mimir.So once again I'm going to try and get into the PW I liked the most online.Now, the uncomfortable quesion - how the heck do I log in?? All my old server addresses don't work (but I know my NWN id !) I think I need another helpful PM from Minera or somebody *whimper* 
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Wild Surge Inn / Mistone Explorers
« on: December 11, 2011, 02:41:29 pm »
A nicely-written note posted:

Tired of the crafthouse grind? Looking for fresh air and adventure? Put down those tools!

Seeking: adventurers who enjoy long walks in dangerous places, sipping healing potions by a campfire and whispering tales of treasure while scouting ahead. Join me for a journey across the wild, wonderful continent of Mistone. Observations of local fauna before they try to kill us. Let's find some Places of interest for a Mistone Explorer's Badge!
Write your name below for a return to adventure.

Drawna Eldreal

(Warning: risk of injury, dismemberment, death, fear and loss of many healing items. Faint-hearted need not apply)

// I am looking for a fun trek across many areas of Mistone with a group of low to mid-levels (7-15). Lots of places to see for people who have trouble soloing. Added perk is finding those points of interest markers for satisfaction and xp :-) I am thinking Sunday Eve Dec 18 7ish pm EST until Whenever. Meet at Center. Lurking DMs welcome too of course!
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