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Introduce Yourself / An old player is back
« on: March 09, 2008, 05:00:23 am »
Where to start ?

The name is Thierry  living in Lille, France. My age? ;)certainly a lot more than many players, actually 43.

My first pen & paper RPG experience was during my last year at university, nearly 20 years ago. After 10 years of player experience and some DM experience I stoppped RPGs, that's not easy to keep eyes open at work after fantastic but sleepless night or weekend.

How many Layonara player knows Wizardry ? I remind many nights on this simple graphic, single dungeon, first computer RPG like game. And many others like the Bard's tale, Ultima, Might & Magic, NWN etc...

In 2004, I wished to join a NWN online server, a friend of mine told me of Layonara as a reference. At this time I had so much fun here and sleeplees night that one day I was nearly asleep on my desk, I left layonara for a French speaking NWN server in 2006; where I had some good roleplay time. When this server stopped; I tried the popular World of W, where clearly roleplaying is close to nil. After WoW, lack of time keep me far from any online game for nearly 1 year.

Some weeks ago after a former Layoplayer informed me of his wish to come back. I looked for my NWN CDs, reinstall everything and logon. I saw with a great pleasure that Layonara atmosphere, which make it unique, hasn't changed; even if the world change a lot. A thousand thanks to the team for the astonishing job they do. My first Layo character is running again trough Mistone and is going to continue for a while. Till he will be seasoned enough for more dangerous place.

Now, I haven't as much time as 3 years ago for online gaming. My job in an international retail company make me travelling frequently in the UK, which is very good for my English, and seldomly in Far East.

Finally, please forgive my English (and my typewriting)  keep in mind that I need more time to understand you and sometimes my Francais/English dictionary help.

See you in game. :)
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