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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Trade Board at Center
« on: July 01, 2024, 09:46:31 pm »
Hey cakes.

 I'd like some graveyard dirt and black onyx . 
I'll pay you the going rate of  40 a handful for the dirt and 50 a piece for the onyx.
If you could get me 100 of both or as much as you can

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“Mistress” a timid voice calls from outside the chamber doors  “Mistress, an envoy is at the doors for you”
Sophia emits a low growl and reaches her hand up to rub her temples in frustration.  “Who ?” she calls back as her dominant hand flexes a slender braided short whip letting its crack rent the air.   A startled yip emits from the hall and she grins at the effect
“I do not know Mistress but the message he carries looks important” a shaky voice replies.
“I will be up shortly, show them to the receiving room and for Xeen's sake keep them out of the common room.” Sophia answers as she walks over to a small cubicle of marble set into the corner of the room.  She peels off the red leather trousers and jacket she was wearing and sets them aside as she pulls a lever to let a torrent of warmed water sluice over her bared body.   A silent figure hands her a soft length of absorbent cloth to dry herself then just a silently.  Sophia dons the fresh clothes handed to her and she strides for the door.   With a backward glance she makes a series of gestures and mutters an arcane phrase.  A masculine scream fills the air as she releases her spell on the man chained in the room.  “I'll be back to deal with you later”
She strides down the hall, her heels tapping out her gait on the cobbles as she she makes her way up a sturdy stone staircase and pushes a thick oak door open.   On the other side is a plushly decorated hall that opens into a foyer flanked with a grand staircase to a second story.  Off the foyer are a couple other passages.  One can catch the sounds of laughter and music coming from one direction while Sophia heads in the opposite.  She enters a room decked in dark mahogany panels and one large thick paned window streaming in mid day light.  The glass is not fully translucent but once can see through it enough to tell it overlooks a garden and outdoor pool of some sort.  There is a heavy desk at one side and two comfortable looking arm chairs flank a stone fireplace set into the wall.   Various curiosities full the room.  Vases, flowers, taxidermy animals and shelves with some arcane appearing artifacts as well as some nautical decor.  In all a very elegant eclectic room.
A dark skinned man in the livery of a messenger nods as she enters.  He is standing next to the fire.
“You are stonebound?” he asks
“Who makes such an inquiry” She counters
“I have a message for any stonebound  from Dsen Ravorinin.  He offers 1000 true to meet with him” he replies and places a card on the mantle of the fireplace.  He bows his head in a show of respect and strides out of the room.
When the envoy leaves,Sophia walks over to the mantle where the card is placed.  She fixes her concentration on the card and  incants a phrase softly.  The card glows blue briefly to show it is not enchanted.  She then picks up the card , then takes it to her desk where she sits and with a neat deliberate stroke, marks the information in a book on her desk. Once again her face bears the look of concentration for a minute before she takes quill in hand , bows her head and writes on some documents on her desk
A short time later, a man appears at the threshold of the room's door.  He's tall and strongly built.  His sandy brown hair is lit with lighter blond highlights and the brown tone of his skin belies his outdoor lifestyle.
“You summoned me Mistress?”  He asks , still leaning in the door frame.
“Driss, come in” she gestures to the chair in front of her desk.
Driss strides into the room and seats himself in the chair , leaning back with casual grace.
Sophia leans her elbows on the desk, chin in her hands.  “Tell me what you know of the Sederan Abt and the son of the Jnaar , Dsen.
“Well Mistress, the Abt are as skilled at navigating the shifting sands of the desert as sailor are the water of the seas.   They are constantly in motion, never staying in one place for long and they are split in family groups, some of those families very very large.”  He makes a gesture asking permission to stand.  Sophia nods and he gets up from his chair and makes his way behind hers.  Strong hands grip her shoulders and knead the muscles of her shoulder and neck.  He continues as he works on the tension in her neck.  About two dozen members of the Abt form the Sand Sea Synod and very powerful.  The Jnaar answer to them and only with their approval can he act.   Dsen I believe is his third son and has command over their warriors. He is more than a figure head and believe he is known to be a very good warrior.   He is not however in line to take the throne.  His second eldest brother I think has been named the next Jnaar.  The eldest being skipped over because he is hotheaded, impulsive and I think none too bright.  Dsen has many sisters, some of them quite lovely.  But none are you Mistress Sophia”  He places small kisses along the side of her neck.
She reaches her arm back to trap his head there.  “What is there of value in the kingdom?”she asks as she runs her fingers along the nape of his hair at his neck.
Between kisses he replies.  The kingdom relies heavily on trade as its deserts grow little except in the northeast where there is plenty of arable land.  As you know they are rich in minerals and especially silver ore.  There are magic artefacts in the treasury from the foundation of the city but a humble horseman such as myself would not know what they are.  Of course there is the usual trapping of wealth, gold, gems, fine cloths.”  He punctuates each of those with a nibble on her neck.
Sophia loosens her hold on his head and stands to face him.  He stills as if on command as she pulls the fine linen shirt tails from his leather breeches and moves her hands up his muscled abdomen and chest.
“Why does a humble horseman know these things about the Sedarans, hmm”  she murmurs as she unlaces the ties of his shirt so she can nip at the firm smooth skin beneath.
“You know very well Mistress, that I was apprenticed to care for the zreass” He replies as he in turn slips his hands under her blouse to feel the warmth of her back, a finger tracing the length of her spine.
“Apprentice, is that what they called it.  Tell me of the zreass”  She murmurs contently
They are the wind of the desert Mistress” Driss replies.  “Bred to be fast and light as they fly across the sands with a warrior on their back.  They are fearless and bold yet they have a fragile beauty about them.  They can find water where there seems to be none.  They can withstand the heat of the sands without difficulty.  They are a proud and noble animal”
“Would they blend well with my stock here, and would they withstand the voyage to get here?” she asks, raising her head to look at him.
“There were several taken by raiders when I was Mistress.  We shared the belly of the ship for many days before Silas and his crew liberated us.  They did well on the voyage.  Silas I believe sold them further down the coast though, not wanting the animals on his crossing.  There were none in the holding pens when you purchased me from Silas.”  Driss replies
Sophia slips her hands out from under his shirt and steps back.  She grabs the jacket she had discarded when she entered the room.   “We have some work to do Driss, we can play later.  Maybe I'll let you play with my new toy below if things go well.”  She motion for Driss to join her as she leaves the room and can be heard asking him “What do you think a Sederian prince wants to meet with to discuss on not even his own continent, let alone kingdom”

I  arrived in a wooded clearing.  In the distance the walls of Arnax could be seen towering above the trees and the call of  seabirds can still be heard.  I appear to have been the first to arrive at the designated meeting place.  Finding a vantage point where I  can observe the road and all that come and go, I  settle in a comfortable spot, take a swig from my canteen and wait. I surround myself in a hazy bubble of magic that blocks me from the prying eyes of others unless they, like I  possess magical enhancement to their sight.
I do not have to wait long.  A lithe elven woman appears in the clearing.  She too looks around and not seeing anyone settles herself a distance from me.   A short time later two red bearded dwarves amble into the clearing.  Both are armed to the teeth as dwarves are wont to do but with them comes the distinct odour of hogs.  I wrinkle my nose and resist the urge to cause a magical wind to blow the stench away, but thankfully Katia sees fit to change the direction herself and I am spared the barnyard smells.  The dwarves amicably chat with the elf, which is odd behaviour for both races but they must be stone bound like I and thus act differently than common folk.  Finally the arrival of another older dwarf confirms that these people are indeed stone bound.  I recognize the new dwarf as someone I have  travelled with in the past; Gorm of the mighty raging temper.
Not long after the final dwarf arrives, a cloaked figure makes his way close to where I have perched myself.   I  watch the figure and recognize the similarities in dress to the envoy; only these clothes are much finer and well made even if they show the fatigue of use.  A swarthy skinned man with scars drops his hood and introduces himself as Dsen Ravorinin, third son of the Jnaar and commander of the military forces.
I  hold her words as he spins a tale of almost unbelievable proportion.  Somehow an army of tens of thousands of fire creatures has appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the desert and appear to be on a direct path to the standing city of Audria.  Nothing is mentioned of the Camel City or the Abt.  The  prince has failed to garner any useful intelligence on the force, he knows nothing of their purpose or even why the standing city has been targeted.   He makes an appeal to those gathered that he needs their help in delaying the forces until allies can be put in place to repel an attack on the standing city.  He does not mention the state of any of the other cities and he makes what he feels is a generous offer to the group of compensation for their efforts.
I ask why the meeting is outside Arnax and not in Audria itself.  Dsen insinuates that this is more convenient and quicker for sailing to the Audria aboard his vessel.  After a period of chatter, most of it inane, they do in fact move to a vessel docked in Arnax harbour and set sail for the port of Audria.   The lithe woman is called Lia and has some training it seems in the way of the al’noth as well as with a blade.  The dwarves are known to Gorm and are called Gumbo and Vanderfall.   It is one called Gumbo that smells like a swine.
Once aboard the vessel and underway I  spread all the maps and geographical information that Dsen provides on a large work table to peruse  with Gorm. Toran’s testicles  The information is woefully incomplete and does not match my comprehension of the desert that I have spent many days mining and exploring over the years.  It would seem the commander is withholding information either on purpose or out of ignorance.  He does not seem an ignorant man so he must serve some other purpose.  The Abt perhaps have a hand in this?
It seems Lil has made her way onto the ship but no Glitch accompanies her.  Pity but at least Lil is here to hopefully provide reason or at least some fun.  Things are rarely dull around Lil.
Dsen’s looking for ways to slow the host.  He has eliminated and discounted  the use of geographic features as bottlenecks and kill zones.  No illusions to disguise deep crevasses to lead them into, like those that exist in the northeastern part of the kingdom.  In an area rife with caves It is difficult to believe the geography can’t be exploited.   Turning the giants, bandits and other denizens of the desert against the invaders was discounted.  I guess diplomacy isn’t the strong suit of this population.

What did they decide?  I say they because at this turn in events I withdrew.  Traps, hundreds and hundreds of traps and sound devices distributed in the path of the invasion.  Traps that would at best slow the march and perhaps cause a smattering of casualties relative to their overall numbers..  Confusion would be temporary at best.  If an entity has the means and might to assemble such a horde then can it be assumed that a few hundred to a thousand traps is going to put them off their game for long?
It is almost as if Dsen doesn’t want large casualties, as if he wants to be seen as doing something but without actually doing anything effective.  He claims it would be too difficult to evacuate and abandon the city.  A culture of nomads making a stand over bricks and mud.  What am I missing here?  He has given no reason for the attack.  He doesn’t seem like a stupid man.  Playing his cards that close?  He’s hiding something.

I play along, even to Lil whom I like to confuse the others by occasionally calling her Archer.  I  scribe some scrolls to allow this other  mage to transform herself into a dragon so she can better assist in placing the traps.  Would you believe the so called magic users of Audria had not even explored for a change in the al’noth to signal the invasion’s beginning?

I take Wev with me as we went to the front lines where the traps would be.  I told him to hide in the shadow of the dunes until I called for him.   Dsen told me I could scout but then gave me next to no time to do so.  Again a strike that he is either incompetent or hiding something.  The column of invaders stretched for miles?  How the hells was I supposed to scout that while wards waned on those left behind.  A dragon polymorph spell is not infinite.

All I was able to do was confirm the creatures were of fire.  All manner of creatures but I did not see any like Wev or those fire creatures I can call to.  I was not able to penetrate into the depths of the lines in the limited time I had. 

As it stood, I barely survived the battle that ensued when the lines were disrupted.  There was no talk of captives or interrogation.   
In the end the ruse worked as they intended.  It confused, it caused some casualties, it disrupted but didn’t seem to do any major damage.  No information on who these creatures were, where they came from or what they were targeting Sedera or Audria was obtained.

Other Allied forces were able to reach the city in time to provide for its protection and prevent it from being taken so now the citizens of Audria must endure a siege without any information as to why and by who holds them captive.  The harbour is at this time still open so is it truly a siege ?  A bombardment yes.  A major inconvenience , yes but I’m not sure one could call it a true siege.
Of Wev?  The evening we returned to the city, once I got the sand washed off of me and a passable glass of wine.  (This city really has some of the most disgusting wines.)  I reached out to him through our connection and watched as he snuck behind the lines.   This is an army like I have never seen before.  No representation of creatures from this reality that I could see aside from human slaves. I’m not certain how committed the soldiers of this army are to their cause whatever the duck it might be.  I have sketched a representation of the insignia Wev found one one of the carcasses.  Does it mean anything to you?  Could you have one of the more senior clerics have a look to see if it means anything to them.  I showed it to one of my summons and they identified it as coming from a pit race of  slavers and conquers.  I’m not risking a conversation with a balor yet so if you could confirm anything please send a raven in return or message through the temple here in the city.

Inform my stables I hope to have the cargo we discussed and let the estate know I may need to purchase a few dozen farm slaves of good quality but I can’t give them numbers just yet. 

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Trade and Market Hall / Request to Adventurers
« on: June 10, 2024, 11:31:43 pm »

Adventurers of Layonara

As you may have heard by now, Audria in the Kingdom of Sedera is under siege by as yet unknown army of fiery creatures to a purpose that is also unknown

While as the time of this notice, the shipping lanes remain open, the flow of supplies to the city is severely hampered and a prolonged siege will lead to suffering of the people of Audria

I intend to send aid in the form of food, basic clothing and supplies by ship at the earliest point possible that aforementioned supplies can be assembled.

I ask that you consider contributing to this shipment.  Grains, produce such as fruits, nuts and berries, meats suitable for salting and preserving as well as juices and healing supplies are needed.

That roll of light bandages or stack of light potions  might not mean much to you , but to an injured Sederian it could mean life.  Thicker bandages even more.

Plain robes, cloaks and boots are welcome as are blankets(cloth padding)

The donation crates of 108 Port Hempshire have been cleared to make room for any and all donations

I ask that you refrain from bringing items such as loaves of bread or pies as they will not transport well.
Roasts can be broken down and salted.

Salt and sugar are also needed

Let us rally to the aid of Audria

Katrien Hommel -  Queen Kayana Foundation Guild.
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Rumour Has It / Re: For travellers of lands afar
« on: June 10, 2024, 01:51:21 pm »
While performing their regular treasure hunt on Alindor, Bron happens to join Gorm and Kat.  He mentions seeing creatures of fire in desert when he was exiting the silver mines and how they filled the desert.   Kat would like to follow up on this rumor at the Port Hempshire docks and any incoming trade vessels.  She is trying to ascertain if the Foundations aid is required in the area.
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Rumour Has It / Re: For travellers of lands afar
« on: June 09, 2024, 02:18:33 pm »
 When the party left the field of battle, Sophia instructed Wev to stay in the shadows and hidden. 
 She returns to the city with the others.  She partakes of the Prince's hospitality  and once she has bathed the sand and blood off herself, had a chance to eat and drink she retires to the room assigned to her.  With the sun down she uses the safety and quiet to reach her consciousness out to connect with her familiar
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Buying glass & coal
« on: April 09, 2024, 03:18:24 pm »
Charlee drops off 150 ingots of glass and 50 lumps of coal

Leaves a note   I'll catch up to you for payment and get the other 10 coal to you
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: orc basher shop
« on: March 30, 2024, 08:50:57 pm »
As Contracted by Jeb, Charlee delivers the following resources to the guild hall

50 Branches of Mahogany
74 Lumps of Coal
72 Raw Quartz Crystals

Greater Archers Belt and Vestment of Faith  traded with 22,700 coins paid.
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Character Submissions / new Character : Mouse
« on: March 17, 2024, 02:26:16 pm »
Name: Mouse
Race : Human
Age: 18
Class: Rogue/Fighter (equal split to level 10, then see how the RP goes. ( may PC to duelist)
Alignment : Neutral
Deity: None


“That makes three this month.  Corath's fetid  breath what is going on?  The two large men load a stiff body of a third into cart and start up the street. 
Mouse peers out from the well disguised nook she has dug herself beside the foundation of the nearest building.  She moves some bushes to cover the opening to her little home and checks both ways before slithering out.  Its time for the traders to take down their stalls at the market and sometimes they can't be bothered to pack up food that is going off or broken items and leave them in the town midden heap.  Mouse likes to get there early for the best finds.  Its how she keeps herself fed these days.   She could tell the town guards what is going on but then she'd be involved and they'd want to know how she knows what she knows.   She values her life more than that.

They call her mouse because, well she's small with nondescript mouse brown hair.  She can move quietly and fit into the smallest of places.  She survives on the crumbs that others leave behind.  She doesn't want to be a mouse but since her older siblings died along with their parents on the ship crossing , its been just her.  That was five years ago, Five very long years.  Cold winters, miserable summers, the wet and the dry she has survived. 

She takes her small finding of some dodgy cheese and stale bread along with a dented old short sword back to her “home”.  As she picks off the mold and dunks the bread in some ale a drunk man tried to bribe her into his room at the inn with, she studies the sword.  Its appears to be just made of copper or at best bronze.  The edge is chipped and dull but she takes a whet stone and does her best to bring it back to functioning.  When its what she deems acceptable she places it carefully next a depression in the ground lines with dried grasses that serves as her bed.  Winter is approaching and the sun sets much earlier so it will soon be dark.  Its a full moon tonight so she can't sneak away to the militia training grounds to test it.

“Well, well, what have we here”   She awakens to the bright light of a torch being shone into her den.  “Looks like we found the rat.  She ain't the tastiest of morsels but she looks like she'll be a bit 'o fun before we turn her in to the boss. “ the torch owner, a very dirty obese man dressed in hide armor leers at her as two similarly dressed  dirty lackeys try to see around him into the hole. 

She's appears to be cornered but Mouse is not without her tricks.. One hand searches the area next to her bed for the handle of the sword, the other reaches for a small knapsack and a pouch.  With a smooth movement she flings the pouch at the opening to her home and the area fills with choking powder. While the men sputter and cough and have to close their eyes she moves a old wooden shield from behind her bed that reveals a tunnel  just big enough for her to wriggle into.  She crawls as fast as she can toward the other end and pops her head up under a bush about ten feet from her home.  She take a sad look a the home she's had to leave but quickly and quietly gets to her feet, grasping the old sword , small shield and her pack and  while clutching  the ring around her neck, whispers a prayer and starts away.

Then she feels it.  Right between her shoulder blades.  A piercing pain that makes her vision go white.  Her mind reels.  No, not again.

When she opens her eyes its dawn.  She's lying with her pack and her sword at the foot of a large standing stone.  She reaches around to feel her back. Sure enough there is small scar where the arrow had been.  The one that pierced her back, the one that killed her.  Only it didn't.  This is not the first time she's awoken feeling ill, but alive at the foot of this stone.  The stone the guards pulled a dead body from the foot of just the other morning.  She should be dead but she isn't.  Stone bound.  That was the whispers she'd heard. 
She can't stay here .  Her home is compromised and who ever found her knows they “killed “ and when the body disappears, well who know what they'll do.  No she has to leave.  Start over again.

She slings her pack over one shoulder the the small shield over the other, tucks her sword into her makeshift rope belt and sets out onto the road.   Who knows where it will take her?
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: February 22, 2024, 08:59:46 pm »
Charlee picks out a morningstar from the Adamantium rack and pays the attendant


Semeli Cainforulix's Morningstar
lens price 8016 - 75% = 6012
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Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: February 12, 2024, 10:37:02 am »
Adventure Club outing  Feb 25

Levels under 16 preferred  with  Epics as mentors and guides but  you shows, you goes - we're not going to exclude anyone.

We'll decide where we are going based on who shows but its generally an RP decision.

Meet at the fire in Center

Time - 4pm EST/1pm PST /9pmGMT  - we generally RP for 30-40 min before heading out so if you're a little late, please join
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**Kat wanders in and looks around**

She spies the display of dusts

Just what I was looking for, my emergency stash has been depleted of late.   She takes four measures of dust and hands the clerk some gold coins

20000 placed in chest for 4 star dusts of Beryl
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Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 29, 2024, 10:36:09 am »
Adventure Club outing  Feb 11

Levels under 16 preferred  with  Epics as mentors and guides but  you shows, you goes - we're not going to exclude anyone.

We'll decide where we are going based on who shows but its generally an RP decision.

Meet at the fire in Center

Time - 4pm EST/1pm PST /9pmGMT  - we generally RP for 30-40 min before heading out so if you're a little late, please join
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Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 22, 2024, 03:40:30 pm »
Lets try to cater to some of the PST folk and try for  4-5 pm EST (1-2 PST) this time

Meet in Center.  Levels under 16 preferred and Epics welcomed as guides/mentors/instigators
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Character Katrien Hommell

Her original Bio is lost in mists of the old forms  She is currently Bard (23) and Rogue(8).
I would like to add 5-6 levels of Fighter class.  I am aware that once I start adding fighter I must add at least 5 levels.   My final intended split will be Bard (26), Rogue (12) Fighter (6)
Kat's been singing for some fighting parties in various adventures and lamenting about how squishy she is and wants to toughen up so she feels she can contribute better .  I've re-started her journal to reflect this.
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General Discussion / Re: Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 14, 2024, 05:41:53 pm »
Oi..   That was fun

Lets do it again soon
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General Discussion / Re: Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 14, 2024, 11:43:15 am »
Happening in 30 min.   What shall it be?  Exploring the unknown?  Lizardmen leader's head?   Suicide mission for the shadow paw leader?  Grandfather's ashes?  Bugbears or giants on Alindor?   How about Trolls or killing the Zamin?  So many choices :)   

If this is not a good time slot, please suggest another.   I really want to make this work for everybody
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General Discussion / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 03, 2024, 08:49:38 pm »
Meet by the fire in Center and we'll decide where the adventure goes depending on the skills of the party assembled

12 (noon)  EST  9am (PST)  5pm GMT

Preferred characters level 16 and under but having a very skilled guide (Uber Epics) would be nice too

A chance to get to know some of the lower characters and give them a chance to do stuff while not solo

This is a player driven event though a GM may poke there head(s) in and make it more interesting if they want to.

Want to include as many as possible that are interested, so if this time does not work - suggest another or post your name and timezone and we can see what  compromises we can come up with
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Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 03, 2024, 08:47:07 pm »
Meet by the fire in Center and we'll decide where the adventure goes depending on the skills of the party assembled

12 (noon)  EST  9am (PST)  5pm GMT

Preferred characters level 16 and under but having a very skilled guide ( Uber Epics) would be nice too

A chance to get to know some of the lower characters and give them a chance to do stuff while not solo

This is a player driven event though a GM may poke there head(s) in and make it more interesting if they want to.
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Character Submissions / New character submission : Charlee Hommell
« on: November 23, 2023, 11:20:26 am »
Name: Charlee Homell
Race: Human
Subrace (if applicable):
Alignment: NG
Deity (if devoted):
Domains (if cleric):
Biography and Description:
Charlee's father always wanted a boy.  He got Charlee instead.  Not to say he didn't love and care for his daughter, he did.  He, however, didn't understand her.  Never one for the more domestic pursuits, Charlee is more at home with a sword than a needle.  She can cook but on a campfire, not a stove. She can hunt for her supper and she considers sparing as dancing.
She's left her family's cottage on the outskirts of Hlint with plans and dreams of adventure.  Only time will tell if it was the right decision.
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Rumour Has It / Rare Artifact offered for sale
« on: May 14, 2015, 11:02:28 pm »

Word among collectors of antiquities, artifacts and all things unusual is that several pre cataclysm art pieces are being authenticated and readied for sale via a Hound Auction. Time and date of the auction to be announced from the Vine and Dove, Leringard.



It has also be noted that Toranite Commander Stormhaven has been seen frequenting the Vine and Dove seemingly to enjoy its amenities .

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