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Get well again soon! Lily and I also got together and sent some € your way. We hope you do not mind foreign currency ;)
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Description:I was introduced to the new saving/restoring spellbook feature. It is a great way to manage spells for different locations and/or group sizes. Switching to a saved spellbook works just fine. The spells I saved are all restored. The spells work just fine after the first rest.However, the problem is that after casting the affected spell and then resting again, some spells do not get restored. Checking the spellbook, the spells are shown as available, alas, if I try casting them using either the radial menu or by hotkeys, they are labelled as zero spells available (see screenshots attached).I think this has something to do with spells granted by the chosen clerical domains. My cleric, Valaria, has the domains good and animal. The spells that did not work for her (after switching a spellbook and resting after being cast) are:lvl 2 - Cat's Grace
lvl 3 - True Seeing
lvl 4 - Stone SkinI did not test lesser planar binding or polymorph self, but I think those will be affected as well.The other spells, not granted by her domains, were not affected by this bug.As a workaround I have to remove the domain spells after restoring a spellbook. Manually added to the spellbook, these do not seem to be bugged.Location:This will probably happen server wide. I only tested it in the Forest of FogsVerified: Reproducable:This occured on several occasions, so I'd say, yes. If more input is needed on how to reproduce the bug, feel free asking me.
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Rumour Has It / Kidnapping around Dalanthar
« on: July 28, 2008, 09:31:44 am »
Rumors are spreading around the town of Dalanthar that lately several young women, as well as children disappeared over night, leaving no hint about what happened.

Some say there was a dark creature walking around Dalanthar around midnight and that evil surrounded him.

Some others say demons took the children.

Some others even say that slavers broke into homes at night and took them.

Whatever the cause of this is, it has yet to be found out.

Citizens fear about their families now at night and keep everything locked, eying everyone who gets too close to their houses at night.
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General Discussion / Time passes..
« on: February 27, 2008, 03:47:06 am »
Time passes and it is time for akata's birthday again!

Happy B-Day! Enjoy your day and get well again! :)
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General Discussion / Once in a year..
« on: June 30, 2007, 06:14:58 am »
It happens to everyone of us, year by year and I know I'll get my payback for this, but...

[size=+2]HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kinai|Christine!!![/size]

I hope you have a good one dear :)
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Introduce Yourself / Inny
« on: December 08, 2016, 04:02:21 pm »
Hello, Welcome or 'Hellas’ as I use to say... I thought it is about time to introduce myself here. Yes I know some were asking me to introduce myself so well I have no other choice. Before they start poking me again, please let me go on. I wonder why they want some details about me though as there is little interesting about me, really... *eyes the people behind him, sighs slightly and goes on* . As far as I know I always had a fable for fantasy, started by books over movies and now I ended up in front of my comp playing mostly RPGs. So what are my hobbies? Well I guess you always figured one out. I spend most of my time playing Layo (oh wonder) or some other games like Morrowind or Valkyrie Profile, whereas I don’t even possess a PS2 but the game is just great, better than FF imo. If I am not around at my comp there are most likely three other possibilities where to find me. I am either playing PnP with my friends, currently DMing two groups which is a lot of fun and usually makes my day. Also is a source of inspiration for my character on Layo or for my quests. So if I am not around for PnP you can find me in the Gym or outside playing either Volleyball or Beach-Volleyball, depending on the weather of course. No I won’t mention that I already played Volleyball outside while it was raining and thunderstorm was coming closer. I am both, player as well as coach. Yeah you got it right, I am a coach as well, believe it or not. Currently I am coaching a youth-team and they are only a few years younger than I am. As for my own team I am playing for we were kinda successful last season as we won in our league. So when I am not around I am usually found relaxing on the coach or either in front of my computer watching a nice anime. Yes I know I am an anime addict and I don’t regret it. I am used to that my friends call me either Freak or Otaku, heh, so no worries, I’ll live! Besides that I can be found reading, drawing, hanging out with friends or listening to music as well. Music’s mostly metal or classical music like Wagner. Even though I am German I never attended to his “Der Ring des Nibelungen” but I really should as it sounds interesting and already got some good feedback about it. So what else do I have to do in my spare time? At the moment not much as I just finished school and am on my summer break right now. August 1st starts my life again with a job. It has something to do with computers and I will work at an university. I never figured out how my job is called in English but in German it is called “Fachinformatiker – Fachrichtung Systemintegration”. Now something about Layo itself. I joined February 6th 2005, the day of my mother’s birthday so I will never forget about this date. So who am I? Well I am the player behind Dorena, Valaria and even Liasanya. As a GM you might know me as Valkyrie, Flame Haze, Lenneth or even Innocence. Yes I know, some even call her INNYYYYYYYY! So well, these are the basics about me. Hmm picture of me? I doubt there is anyone existing, at least not a good one. But feel free to figure out how I look from this thread. *winks* Anyway, I will see you around then *he bows slightly in front of the audience and slowly fades away from sight.*
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