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Development Journals and Discussion / Letters to Karst
« on: September 16, 2011, 06:38:22 pm »

I hope you receive this letter well. We're given opportunity to write to family when we have time and I'm sure you enjoy knowing I do not have to worry about getting coins to send word to you. Things are going well here, originally I started out with a fellow student, Hector, he's from Fort Llast I think. Since we were early, Lady Stormhaven and Sir Stargazer had us aid a nearby farm which was threatened by flooding. We spend most of the day, deep into the evenings digging a ditch to keep the water away. It has been somewhat taxing, farm work sure is hard.

When we got back, two other girls had joined us, also from Fort Llast. It seems the others have seen little past the walls of the great fort. When I told them of visiting Leringard they wanted to know all about it. Anyway... the training is hard, but they feed us well. The kitchen is always well stocked, with fresh goods too. For now there are four of us, but they say more are going to join. At least me and Hector got first choice on the bunk beds.

Sir Lance has us training a lot with just shields at this point. They talk a lot about learning when and when not use weapons. I guess that's why they teach us to defend with shields first.

Most of my training is going well I think, though I could do without the talking. There's one girl who doesn't stop talking though, Mari. No, not me... though she has a name much like my own. Anyway, the teachers sometimes ask a lot of questions. I prefer it when they just tell us what to do I think.

Still, things are good here and I hope your business is doing well.

With love,

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Wait what? A submission for something other than a Soulstrand Reimbursement? O.o

WLCDQ Application: Hardragh
Character Name: Hardragh
Current Level: 35

Original Submission
Skald Prc Submission

Chaotic Tides
Backroom Chatter

Development Journals and Discussion / Backroom Chatter
« on: June 11, 2010, 02:48:20 pm »
Two hooded figures make their way from the docks of Fort Vehl. The hooded half-orc gestures to a house near the docks. “Yous hear what happened to him?”
The leaner one of the two, Hardragh, stops a moment at the question. “No? Why?”
“He died. Right in front of G'ork... Wasn't the one that ended him though.”

A lot of thoughts went through Hardragh’s mind at that moment. He professed to G’ork that he envied him, for having been there to see. They entered the local cesspool, the One-eyed Harpy. Hardragh showed an amused smirked as he read the withered sign. G’ork liked to claim the name of the inn was based on some person the half-orc had dealt with once. Hardragh hadn’t mentioned to him, he might just as well carry the title.

G’ork on entering the inn, immediately made his way to the backroom. Hardragh watched him and knew exactly where the half-orc was going. It’d been a long time, but he remembered G’ork’s favourite spot, where he had his back safely to the wall.

He walked up to the bartender and noted Wheezer was still running the bar. This served him well, money was tight and he managed to persuade Wheezer to get their drinks for a few coins less. Though, perhaps Wheezer had just seen him walk in with G’ork and that was the reason. It didn’t really matter though.

Hardragh carried a large tray of mugs with him. Saved them from getting up, since he reckoned him and G’ork had a whole lot of catching up to do. As expected, he found the half-orc sitting on his regular spot and moved to sit to the side of him.

“So, How did he go?”

The half-orc grunted. “He was helping G'ork along most of the hunt for the woman next to Rael. Promised him good pay, told him risks. He accepted.”

Hardragh nodded and took a swig from his ale.

“Wes had been tracking her down through lands of succession, and this woman had hired a hit on caravans that smuggling things into Prantz, from Liwich. Which is why G'ork was hired in first place to take her down.”

Hardragh patiently let the half-orc spin his tale. He was quite surprised by all that had happened in his absence. G’ork had grown somewhat since they last met, more devious in a way. Hardragh saw a little of himself in how the savage killer managed to get himself out of the troubles he had been in.

“Why did she choose you?”
“Liwich? Or Rael's woman?”
“Rael's witch, aye”
“Cause she knew G'ork had bad track with Rofies, and knew Kobal wanted his hands on head.”

The skald nodded with a smirk at the mention of Kobal. No good memories there for either of them. He remained quiet as G’ork delved into the way they tried to track down the one who sought to frame him for things he did not do.

“Then headed to this hideout, a cave, found a beholder they had been using, again it disappeared. But G'ork managed to get one of the mercs to sign confession and explanation of his death.”
“What did you do with the merc?”
The half-orc grunted. “Killed him after, he wanted it that way. He lost everything, and would have been killed anyway by her if not by G'ork.”

Hardragh nodded in agreement. “You don't need two attempts at least.”
The half-orc nodded. “G'ork agreed to end it quick. So he did G'ork a favour. Which put pressure onto Rofies.”
“Anyway. Wes found out where to go next. Beholder cave. This point wes had to use some people in Liwich to help us lose Kobal and Jennara.... So we used a portal, and typically, then G'ork finds out they have Connor.”

This surprised Hardragh. “What's he doing helping them?”
“No.. Connor.”
G'ork laughed at the skald’s surprise. “He believe he hunting murderer.” Then shrugged. “Technically true, just not how they see it.”

Hardragh chuckled slightly, as G’ork continued his tale. He learned quite a lot, for one thing, he never heard of a malpheus before. But it appeared G’ork had extensive dealings with them... And made him quite resourceful. He listened thoughtfully, as G’ork explained how he managed to pick the right side in a struggle between two of these malpheus, even though he had to break a prior agreement for it.

“Eventually managed to do it, Ami not happy about it, had long talk after about what wes doing. But she stuck by.”
“What was her issue? It was just a beholder.”
“Betraying trust of some one. Was messy kill. too....dagger deep in eye....arm buried inside it....”

“ part, was first meeting with Tilkari. Ark was on traps and scouting. First few groups had priests.”
Hardragh smirked at that, “Away from everyone else.. good arrangement”
The half-orc continued his story without stopping. “He got spotted and hurt badly. But lived...told him to be more careful, was going to get Emie to do it instead. He said he'd go corner, literally just heard blades filling him, went around corner. Could see his body falling. Four people stabbing him each with two daggers, over and over. Life left his eyes and he hit floor. Wes tore the rest of the place apart.”

The skald, raised his mug for a short moment and took a sip. He really did feel sorry for not having been there.

“Ami and Emie went to check Ark while G'ork torturing some one. Then took his body to docks, paid for it to be sent to Vehl.” The half-orc uttered a grunt. “And that how Ark died.” G’ork too a large swig of his own mug, as if rewarding himself for finishing such a large tale. He never was big on talk.

The two talked some more about Arkolio’s demise. In the end, it was pretty much concluded that he got careless. Hardragh wondered what had come over the old rogue to risk his life in such a stupid manner.

Their discussion touched upon other things at that point, eventually they discussed G’ork’s years at Olist Orbinn and the dark elves living therein. The skald leaned back and watched his old partner. He ran a finger across his lips as they went over dark elves they knew. Then G’ork spoke about Naster.. Hardragh knew him.
“He got skill, just not brain. Needs to control tongue.”
“Reckon he's the type to do a job, just for the sake of proving how deadly he is.”
Then the half-orc said something incredible. “He trying to unite dark elves to do something though, being why G'ork keeping close reigns on him. Doing work for him when he needs it.”

Hardragh’s mind was buzzing at this point. He always thought he could sense an opportunity a mile away, but this was like striking mithril.

“Have you considered putting a middle man in?”
The half-orc stopped and looked up from his ale. “Yous have proposal?”

“Aye..” The skald leaned in closer and the conversation turned to touch on many subject. Old Lino appeared to be still in business, but had failed before in the service of the dark elf. Then it suddenly came back to Hardragh. Many years ago, he slipped someone a note with promises. Perhaps she would do well..

“I might have a woman in mind. She has a cold demeanor, black hair... and walks and acts with the grace of a trained killer. A silent one at that.”
“First off. Is she a dark elf?” As G’ork too a swig at his drink.
“No, human. And totally unconnected to you and me I reckon.”
“Good. What her name incase heard of her?”

The half-orc nodded after some discussion. “Could work, there one bad thing. They do know each other.”
“Ahh, distrustful?”
“They've worked together. Just not sure how close they are.”
“Only one way to find out.” Hardragh replied.
The half-orc considered. “There a chance she would be willing to just speak to him.”
Hardragh smiled slightly. “I'm sure we can entice her. The trick is.. to entice Naster” The half-orc let out a boisterous laugh at that. “Would say it's other way round.”

He and the half-orc joked around for a bit. Then Hardragh cut it short. “Let's focus on this Leisa for now. We should start rebuilding our network I reckon.”
The half-orc nodded. “Certain connections only get us so far.” Hardragh stopped to consider. G’ork had been hinting about his connections time and again. Obviously, there is going to be a change in their working relationship. The skald knew he had earned the half-orc’s trust though, as far as G’ork was capable to trust.

“Chatter always end up at the bottom. It's valuable to have ears there.”
The half-orc snarled. “Naster used to be one of them ears.” Then he laughed grimly. “Getting too big for own boots nows.”

Hardragh nodded. “That's why we're doing it this way. It's going to cost us some funds I reckon, but it will be worth it, I reckon.” G’ork let out a grunt in agreement.

They discussed little Lino a bit more. Touching upon his failed mission for G’ork in the past. Eventually they came back to Naster.

G'ork smirked. “If worse comes to worse, he not a tough enemy to defeat. Just how many he rallies with him that be issue.”

The skald smiled at that. G’ork could learn a thing or two from him still.

“Don't need to defeat a dark elf. If we can gather enough dirt on him. All we need to do is leak it if he becomes trouble. Why bother fighting a dark elf when there are scores of dwarves, leaping at the opportunity.”

G'ork smirked. “Cause yous want to kill them yourself?”
Hardragh leaned back in his seat. “No... would it not amuse you more to see Kobal hunt down your enemies for you?

G'ork took a large swig from his mug, and curled his lips as if he had just drank something bitter. “Kobal a blind fool led by a even smaller wench... Would be amusing, yes.”

Hardragh leaned forward on the table and grinned. “Knew you'd see it my way. But.. that's just idle fantasy. Anyway.. I reckon this is better than the artifact..”

G'ork looked skeptical. “This artifact might be worth fortune to Fisterion, or Shadrix'kayl. Aye.. but we don't know what it is. If we make the wrong decision, people will be looking for us.”

Hardragh and the orc-blooded killer mulled things over. They did end up on a plan of sorts, though Hardragh was skeptical if there was enough time. Also, G’ork was quite clear he did not trust Steel any longer, but was reluctant to divulge his reasons behind this. Hardragh managed to persuade him that with time short as it was, it would be better to involve Steel. He wondered though, whether this would not blow up in his face on a later date.
Hardragh locked his hands together. “And there will be a chain, a chain of people, between the artifact and Shady”

They touched on other subjects afterward. It was amazing how much catching up they had to do, but things were starting to move. Grandoch.. the runner, Shadrixkayl, Fisterion, Steel and the dark elf Naster.

Hardragh explained the goal. “We don't hold a direct stake... but we could control the flow of perhaps valuable information.” That puts us at an advantage without being involved directly.”

The half-orc nodded a few times. It seemed to Hardragh that he had managed to sway him for now.
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General Discussion / Hey all
« on: March 11, 2009, 12:38:28 pm »
I want to apologize to everyone for suddenly disappearing, to the players, the GM team and Harlas especially, who put more faith in me than I probably deserved. :)

I don't want to get into details, but I went through a rough period and I felt it would be easier to handle it without Layo, instead of feeling stretched in life by obligations, if that makes any sense. It wasn't planned, or I would have let you all know that I'd be gone for a while, it just happened.

Anyway, apart from a little recent skiing injury (last day injury of course..) I'm quite all right now. And thanks to the people who missed me, I missed you too!

I don't know if I'm still going to be very active here. Hardragh and Daeron might show their face occasionally at any rate. I do so very much miss the insane schemes of the first. So I'll see what happens.

Anyway, good to be back-ish and maybe see you all ingame at some point.

Fixed Bugs / Bug: Grapes at Merchant District in Prantz unaccessible
« on: April 21, 2008, 06:01:31 am »
Description: As the title states, the grapes (CNR) at the merchant district in Prantz are inaccessible. They're in the middle of some house there.

Location: Prantz, merchant's district.

Verified: Double checked after reset

Reproducable: Yes

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Would it be possible to add a counter check like this to the dicebag, or allow through a command?

(1d20 + character level or Hit Dice + target’s Wisdom bonus [if any] + target’s modifiers on saves against fear)

Basically as the SRD site says, including modifiers for size differences.

Intimidate ::

Edit: Was thinking perhaps an item that allowed to roll versus a single pc, or the pc's entire party, or everyone in a certain radius.
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Layonara Server / A friendly competition, postponed for one week
« on: July 08, 2007, 08:40:33 pm »
To make my life a little easier, I'm going to postpone the next episode by a week. Apologies for the lateness of this post.
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