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Calendar Events / Re: There and Back Again; A Dwarf’s Tale
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:11:43 pm »
Gunther's strength is up there, but he's pretty squishy.  nonetheless, I wont use his one OP ability (the barbarian screech that makes everything run away in terror).

I do have a 1st level elf mage that I was planning on turning into a pale master at some point, but he never made it past 1st.
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Quests Ideas and Discussion / little green men (and women possibly)
« on: August 14, 2012, 12:21:27 am »
I was thinking about what might prompt me to play something other than Gunther and the thought occured to me....

We have had, at one time or another, the dwarven army, the shortlived halfgiant army, etc, etc.  I imagine there have probably been other similar groupings in the past.  Guilds and whatnot.

So this isnt an original thought by any means...but what do people think about a group of goblins.  It wouldnt last forever, due to people dropping out, perming, etc, but if a GM were willing to build a campaign around the idea, it might be fun.

Say a band of red light goblins, either driven out of the caverns or their home is destroyed by a group of greedy, goody-goody paladins and clerics.  The goblin band barely escapes with their lives and goes on to seek revenge against the goodly aligned folk.  Campaign ensues.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Camping CNR
« on: July 29, 2012, 09:43:01 pm »
I hate to ask a serious question, but was recently advised by someone that I might be violating the spirit of Layonara by my actions and that I was camping in violation of server rules.

I have read the rule on 30 minutes of cnr camping and I was stating that while mining in a certain area, that I time how long I've been there and how long it takes me to mine the ore in that area.

I quoted the 30 minute rule and that the further explanation stated that if one is efficient that they can get three rounds of harvesting accomplished before the 30 minutes expire.  I stated to this person that if I cant get three rounds done in 30 minutes, then I harvest two and then leave.

I was advised at this time that I was violating the spirit of the server and worse that I was discussing my violation in front of a GM.

I read the rule and thought that I understood it and that I was sure I wasnt breaking that rule.  I really enjoy layo and playing Gunther, thats why I always come back.  I want to make sure that I'm not doing something that'll get me in trouble down the line.

In the situation where Gunther is mining, he wipes out all the critters in an area, mines, then moves on to the next area and wipes out all the critters in that area, then mines in there.  Then he goes back to the first area, wipes out the critters again, then mines again.  Then goes back to the second area, wipes out the critters in that area again,then mines.  If there is time enough, he can squeak in a third round.  I dont stay for any further rounds and leave the area entirely afterwards and dont come back for at least a day, usually longer.

If i could get some advice on this, I'd appreciate it.  I dont want to be violating either the spirit of the server or outright breaking any rules.

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Quests Ideas and Discussion / More fishing based related quests!
« on: July 29, 2012, 12:29:58 am »
Perhaps an insanse necromancer has created a school of vampiric asian carp (or the layo equivalent of asian carp).  Ships gone off course, found with only the withered husks of their exsanguinated crew.

No evidence is found, only the corpses of the crew and the sunbaked remains of a few fish that got caught on board.

Someone must stop these bloodsuckng fish and their dark master!  Muahahahaha.

Perhaps an intrepid crew, led by an elite team of powerful druids and armed with the Holy Fishing creel of Toran is the only hope of Layonara.
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General Discussion / Thanks karma!
« on: July 27, 2012, 08:32:09 pm »
Karma ran a fun impromptu for a small group of us that turned the Haven Mines into a much more ghouish scenario.

Thanks for the fun quest.  That was a blast.
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General Discussion / Apology to karma
« on: July 22, 2012, 12:04:16 am »
Hey karma, you logged before I could say anything, but I wanted to apologize for getting yet another one of your characters killed.

Its not on purpose, I swear.
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