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I have the Platinum version.  Guess that's not good enough? And if I have to purchase the EE, is it just going to overwrite updated files or totally reinstall the full version again in another file? Lost and confused … (yeah, always been that way :P )
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General Discussion / Re: For a friend...
« on: November 20, 2012, 10:08:16 am »
It's that time already?  Sheesh ... Happy B-Day!
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General Discussion / Happy Holidays!
« on: December 24, 2013, 12:26:28 pm »
I want to wish everyone to have a wonderful time over the holidays be it with friends or family or both.  Raise a glass of Egg Nog (spiked or not) in toast to good friends and good times.  Happy Holidays Everyone!
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General Discussion / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2012, 10:14:37 am »
[SIZE=32]Happy New Year![/SIZE] one and all.  May the upcoming year be filled with joy and prosperity :)
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Under-used Areas
« on: June 07, 2012, 11:47:07 am »
I have found through discussions that some areas appear to be quite under-used.  Or mainly only used as a place to quickly pass through to get elsewhere.  One  example:  Hurm.  The port city has no crafthall.  The surrounding areas have so little in the way of cnr, yet the area is populated with such nice scenery.  There are forts and small populated areas (Towns if you can call them that) Orc's Watch, Bloody Gate, Lans Port, Stone, Wolfwood is huge, High Pass Fort, Xora's Tower, Thorns Keep, Audria, , the place outside Audria only reachable by ship and I'm sure there are a great many others.  So much beauty and work that the Creators and the player base have made that are seen so little of.

Would it be alot of work to put at least maybe one Static Quest person in these places?  And maybe someone like a town cryer (That doesn't shout all the time) but someone in charge that could tell a story or brief history of the place?

Something like this would promote more wandering, share a bit more history with the populace on whats been done by the player base.  It would also get groups out to other places instead of the regular grind of the cnr.  With these places spread all over the map, more folk would be spending more time doing that and less grinding the deep or the Forest of Fog.  

Sure, the low levels see alot of Center and the surrounding countryside, but when you get up in your teens, it becomes "Old Hat" and you fall into the CNR grind run.  Maybe make them level specific to prevent lower levels from wiping them out early.  

Say for instance .... My char Melody ... when she reaches lvl 15, it would be something like ...

"Well Miss, you sure have made a name for yourself around Center and Port Hempstead, your skills have greatly improved over the years, maybe you should get out and see more of the world, as there are so many other places to see and many more folk that may need a person with skills such as yours ..."

You folk have put alot of work in into creating this wonderful place, and the player base has made alot of history there,  I can understand the Great Library not annotating these things, but if there was an NPC at each place that told a brief story about thier location (What town wouldn't be proud of their accomplishments?) It would encourage others to have their characters to do the same and/or appreciate what players have done to make the world such as it is.

Just a thought, a possibility, that came to me after the server crashed :)

Just for Fun / Could it be ... ?
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:00:28 pm »
[SIZE=18]      Fisterion?[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / A Moment of Silence
« on: September 11, 2011, 02:30:41 pm »
Haven't seen it posted yet ... I bow my head for a moment of silence for those lost 10 years ago today at "Ground Zero" where the towers once stood, the Pentagon and those of the Flight that went down in Pennsylvania.  My heart felt thanks goes out to all those that help to serve and protect their fellow man.

Rumour Has It / Eulogy for the Boy Hero in Wayfare
« on: September 05, 2011, 07:24:14 pm »
*She dresses in her best dark clothes and attends the very small funeral of a homeless child in Fort Wayfare.  The Bone Bats that came through the gate and harassed it's residents are gone but the loss of the one child hurts this Bard the most.

She stands quietly off to the side and lets the preacher say his words, only a couple adults attend, the children are kept away.  Tears stroll down her cheek but she controls the sobs that wish to burst forth, and when he is done, she pulls out a harp and begins a soulful tune and sings softly.*

[FONT="]Though better minstrels far than I May strike the quivering string; And bards more worthy of the theme Thy praises loud shall sing.
Yet I, a wandering Harper new, with heavy heart and soul feeling blue, By harp and voice to honor you, my feeble strains to try.

[FONT="]My voice upraised to wild swept chords I sing thy happy times be wild; Thy frowning times, running games, And all that makes thee a playful child.
All these I love and all have seen though gone now from my sight, I can but hear the children play, for all the rest is night.[/FONT]

[FONT="]But even yet, it you’ll but list, To my old harp's best note, I'll sing to you your heroic deeds, To them my songs devote.
Now guided by my faithful ox I stray from door to door, And tell how my hero fought and bled, And tales of old time lore.[/FONT]

*She bows her head, drops a flower upon the ground and slowly walks away.*

NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Bard Performance Item
« on: August 09, 2011, 02:17:31 pm »
Is there some kind of wand or such that a Bard can use, to change appearance (humanoid main forms only, not monstrous)?  The Tailor sells clothes that can be altered, but no hats/helms/hoods.  I know you can make a human face in crafthall ... but what about a Dwarf's or other races? (Full beard and shaggy hair).  Or enlarge clothing for smaller forms to give appearance of being fat?.  Costumed outfits? Dragon, Giant, Orc, Sailor, Princess, King ... etc.  I know its just a cosmetic thing, but something for bards only for performances.  This way it would avoid everyone from having such and running all over the place like everyday was Halloween.  Kind of like a make-up kit.  I know special effects are limited, but since we already have the ability to alter clothing, I wasn't sure if this idea wasn't too far off.

Comments?  Suggestions?
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The Silver Buckle / Melody Widgeweaver
« on: August 07, 2011, 09:28:53 pm »
*She looks a bit nervous as she 1st enters the large imposing place of the Buckle, and it must have been a slow night as not many folk were about.  She wanders over to the stage as she hears piano music and sees a man at the piano.*

"Hello," she smiles a bit nervously.  "I'm Melody, I was told I could come here to play."

"Hello, young lady, I'm Billy.  of course you're welcome to play here.  Would you like to try a song?" He runs a couple scales quickly on the keys, stops quick and smiles to her.*

"Well, I've been hearing much about this war that is going on, and I sort of wrote a ballad."

"Well, then, you get it started and I'll chime in when I feel I have your rhythm, all right?" *She nods to him, takes out some papers, takes a deep breath.  In a smooth tenor voice, she sings.*

"They came offering peace, we offered them heat, a roof o'er their heads, bread made of wheat, we wined them and dined them, they ate of our meat, and they slept in the house of Layonara.

They came from Kuhl with murder in mind, the Captain had orders, their leader had signed, put all to the sword, these words underlined, leave no one alive in Layonara.

They came in the night while our men were asleep, this band of Dragonmen, on silent wings did creep, like murdering foxes among helpless sheep, they butchered the peoples of Layonara.

Some died in their beds at the hand of the foe, who then fled in the night, dark as a crow, some lived to avenge those, who fell to the first blow, and did unite the peoples of Layonara.

*She pauses, and begins again, this time altering the beat slightly.*

Midsummers eve, the moon barely seen, Two armies draw up on the green, The hardiest force that e'er was seen, On the Edge of the Great Water.
To crush the Enemy was the Heroes boast, And protect our land from coast to coast, Let the Enemy quail before our host, Like lambs before the slaughter

The Enemy outnumbered three-to-one, Take up their places on the run, The bulwarks in the morning sun, Defiant as the thistle
The Heroes lines of armour bright, Present an awesome, fearful sight, Behind each mounted Brave knight, The spears and lances bristle

The Heroic knight Stargazer, whom, In armor silver from toe to plume, Spurs out to change the Enemies tune, Amid the flight of arrows.
He thunders at them cross the plain, And wields his weapon in disdain, And drives his sword through skull and brain, And ends the Enemies tomorrows

Then charge the Enemy to the field, Towards the hedge of sharpened steel, And into the mud and carnage wheel, In waves of dead and fallen.
The Arcane Archers join the fray, And send aloft their deadly spray, And countless in their saddles slay, Who's death knell now is tolling.

The name of Stargazer sing with pride, Argali and Daniella brave beside, And all who swelled that gallant tide, To stem the enemies advancing.
And here's to Lance Stagazers name, Our own true knight renowned in fame, His flag like Blue and Golden, flame, In Layonara's honor dancing.

Here's to the enemy that we spurned, With pride, each Enemy heart should burn, As they back to home do turn, To mourn their fallen glory.
Hail to the Heroes of the north, Send trumpeter and herald forth, To tell the world of our enemies worth, And place in freedom's story.

So draw your sword and about turn, See the enemies dignity return, Let the foreign tyrant learn, Each man is at his station.
Join the Heroes of the north, And drive the false invader forth, To show the world of our enemies worth, and send them to damnation.

*It ends abrupt, she kinda of blushes a a bit, as its still a piece in progress.*
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General Discussion / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2010, 05:09:54 pm »
To All who celebrate ... may the following year be more joyous and prosperous!!
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Rumour Has It / Minotaur Attack
« on: September 03, 2010, 05:29:54 pm »
*As told by Sharyn Valhaikor to the Guards outside Hempstead ...*

We had just come out of the swamps and stood within the Dapplegreen, sorting coin and ore, Ygraine had wandered to water the plants leaving Annywl and I to to defend ourselves from a group of Minotaurs.  There were about 4 and a leader.  A patrol?  Who knows, but anyone wandering through the Dapplegreen should keep their eyes open.  Never heard of those creatures wandering this far south ...
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Just for Fun / It was True Before, Its still true now ...
« on: March 21, 2010, 12:36:25 pm »
Giant In the Playground Games
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General Discussion / You Will Be Missed
« on: March 16, 2010, 08:09:54 pm »
Jonathan Selmek aka Daren Valhaikor aka poohbear383340 died this morning in a fatal car crash.  

He was a great roleplayer and really knew how to throw you a curve. His characters were well known and quite diverse from each other.

You will be sorely missed.

CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Ignot Recycling
« on: December 04, 2009, 04:28:38 pm »
I tried looking back but only found a 2 post item about Silver Recycler in North Point.

Anyways ... when an ignot requires 2 or more nuggets and the creation fails, how about a drop of some Mangled Ore?  That way a person gets to save some of the melted ore and used towards another try.  I would think that somewhere in the process of melting the ore down, that not all of it should be a loss. So say you failed at an attempt at Cobalt (3 nuggets), you fail ... you get what is left over (1 Mangled Ore) which can either be used in replacement of another nugget or say maybe 2 Mangled Ores = 1 Nugget. Not sure what the system would allow.

Another place I used to play on let you drop it in the recyclers and if you passed the roll you got an Ignot out of it.  Which shouldn't be right as if you failed the 1st time there would be some loss.  But that all depends upon the game mechanics ability to process this.  You are basically melting ore into a mold, so some slop would account for the fail but not total loss as you would just melt it down again.

Is this something that has been tried here before?  or a reason why this is not being implemented?
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General Discussion / Question in reference to Public Slayings
« on: November 30, 2009, 05:27:49 pm »
After attending the Beheading of Steel, it brought up some questions I hope that can be answered for me.  Now I understand that we try to be as realistic as possible within the boundaries of the game mechanics and some things are quite difficult to do, but I do not understand why we go through some actions.

Case in Point: Steel's Execution.  Now, he did something bad and had his head temporarily removed.  Then banned from the city for a period of time. Now if I have this right ... If I had an evil character I could run rampant, killing, stealing, etc. and run off ... if I am about to get captured, I provoke them into killing me, zip I get taken off to the nearest bindstone and continue the rampage.  I get caught ... I kill myself and zip I get taken off to the nearest bindstone and continue the rampage. Of course the dance with the Soul Mother is on my shoulders, but such is the life of a thief/murderer.  So with Steels sentence ... why even go through with killing him and setting him free?  So what if he gets caught again ... he loses a limb or whatever ... Kill yourself/get killed and zip ... off to the Bindstone ... a new man.  I am surprised that the land is not crawling with such evil doers already with this system.  So, If you know a person executed is going to the bindstone and thus whole once more, why behead/sever limbs at all? All the populace knows of the bindstone and their abilities.

Now, I am not looking to to have Steel permed (1st he is a friend) I am just curious as to why things are done in this manner and the thoughts behind such a rule (your escape clause).  Not only is it not realistic, but its not logical either.  A far cry from it.  

If you are going to remove a limb you can have the player fix the clothing/armor to make it hidden/pegged/whatever, but a death?  Unsure outside of having a SS removed. Jailed (Character is unused for a certain period of time, hope you got a backup), these are options that I can think of.  I'm sure there are more, but I am really looking for answers.

Not ranting or creating a flame thread, just does not understand why.
((Looking for DM answers here, but other thoughts from regular players are welcome as well. Yes, DM's are regular players too, but I would like official answers, thank you.))
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Trade and Market Hall / For Auction/Sale: Belt of the Battle Mage
« on: November 18, 2008, 07:39:07 pm »
After long and careful crafting, I was able to create this wonderous belt of which I would put up for sale/auction.  Much effort was put into collecting the required elements, along with the help of some great friends.  

This wonderfully crafted belt, adorned with emerald and glittering diamond will increase your charisma and intelligence and allow you to be more nimble.  It's soft pliable leather greatly increases your concentration and allows you further insight in the Al'noth.  

I ask that the sale price start at 200,000 coin.  Serious inquiries please make note below or send a note to me via private bid that will be set here by amount only for others perusal.

Please send all inquiries to me so as to keep this open for bids only.

~ Jil Kendall

//Cha +1, Int +1, Dex +2, Concentration +6, Spellcraft +4  Lvl 21 Required

//Bidding Expires 30 Nov.
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