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Roleplaying / Enemy Deities
« on: December 08, 2013, 04:31:48 pm »
As the player of a Champion of Pyrtechon, you can imagine that I often find myself travelling with a lot of characters with enemy deities. I have been told on a few occasions that I am not to accept blessings/buffs from enemy-deity clerics, but why? The explanation I was given was that it "gives the enemy deity power over me," but it seems like if anything the deity would be trusting me with a certain amount of their power, not the other way around. I also can't mechanically refuse spells cast on me.In addition to my own hardships, this presents a hardship to the cleric in question. I don't go around announcing my evil deity. I don't let my Pyrtechon flag fly, even when I'm alone, for fear someone might see. I take considerable measures to ensure my secret remains just that, so how is a cleric supposed to know to not cast spells on me? I know divine relation is one means, but if I were a cleric I wouldn't just go around casting divine relation on everyone I see, both because I would think that would be a bit of a social faux pas, and also because I just don't have the slots to cast divine relation willy-nilly. Unless someone is blatantly suspicious, I would probably assume they were fine. Also, if we're in the same party, we're working towards the same goal. It's not like I'm receiving buffs from a Toranite and using them to go burn down a schoolhouse, I'm using them to further our group's collective mission. Even if our deities are enemies, our characters are, if only temporarily, allies. Regardless of our motivations, it should be expected that allies would help each other.I guess I'm posting to see what the popular/correct response is to this situation. Thoughts?
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