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General Discussion / Happy Birthday!!!
« on: February 05, 2011, 03:10:18 pm »
Tooooooo EventHorizon. :):p:)

hope you have a good day!!!
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Just for Fun / Posting and you
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:54:15 pm »
YouTube - Posting and you :p
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General Discussion / Catch 22
« on: August 30, 2010, 01:56:39 pm »
I'll start out by saying this is not a personal attack on anyone.

I normally stay well out of the team's decisions and trust them to rule fairly. Even though requests are handled on a case-to-case basis then they are still saved and used for later references. There are also some contradictions in the team's reasoning that confuses me, therefore I'll voice my concern on this particular case.

In this case the player xiaobeibi has given both IC and OOC reasons to his  request to change domains.


"New" heal kits and potions, regardless of if you're for or against them then the new healing kits have made it easier to travel without the aid of a cleric, under the 3.2 release notes=>healing supplies the changes made from the old to the new heal kits and potions can be viewed, it is even posted that "Potions and heal kits are much more powerful" stack size up to 50 and weight was lowered. Thereby enabling everyone to carry large amounts of healing without being weighted down. In my experience the better potions have diminished the need for a healer, thereby making the healing cleric less needed and the healing domain less attractive from an OOC view compared to before the changes in potions and heal kits.  




            In Galathea's request, so much of her development has gone on unrecorded and to the vast majority of the staff she has not moved far from the roll of healer, in fact moved closer to it by our measures.

It is no secret that large part of the staff are busy working on the mmo, some are busy in RL and others have simply burned out. The current activity of GM:s is at the lowest I have experienced in my 5 years here as an active player, therefore I can't help to wonder how many of the vast majority that feel that way due to only knowing Galathea through her work with the hospital and not through quests or observing her RP. The player don't keep a CDT and I can understand that it makes it hard for the team to support requests due to the lack of recorded evidence, in the cases that lack support in the form of CDT I will therefore suggest that the player be allowed to gather support in the form of not only GM: s but players in the same way as is being done for SS returns under the GP system. The people playing on a regular basis are after all more likely to give an accurate impression/view on the character. Something else I find highly troubling is that in the end a decision seem to have been made to discard the input by the single most informed GM in favour of less informed individuals.

Contradicting /confusing Information:



             To address some raised points about her other efforts, even with her actions on certain quests where she has used her divine gifts from Beryl to perform miracles and her CDQ with Dezza, the vast majority of us still feel she is more the healer now then she was the first 20 levels of her life. Her actions, her miraculous efforts still fall pretty squarely in the 'general Berylite' effort line for us. Any devout Berylite, regardless of domain, would be allowed to attempt such miracles.

What strikes me here is that the "general Berylite" has to take earth as a domain. From "2. Clerics of this deity almost always choose this domain. Clerics not selecting this domain should provide a good RP reason." For Beryl that domain is earth, it can be viewed as the majority of the staff sees Galathea as any other Berylite cleric and since they have earth then they support the claim that Galathea has moved to RP a cleric with the earth domain?



             In accompaniment to the above we are requiring two CDQs for domain change. The contents of those CDQs will be largely between yourself and your selected GM, but it should deal with the wholeness of moving away from healing all together and stepping into the earthen domain

It is my understanding that deities domains are picked because they fit the deity and gives guidance to players on how to RP the different deities on Layonara, since Beryl has healing then wouldn't an all together move from healing be moving against the wishes of her? Deities have more domains than a cleric can pick but why should picking one over the other mean a complete cut from another domain that falls under the deity?  


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Rumour Has It / Attempted prison break
« on: August 11, 2010, 03:36:59 pm »
In the small settlements, Clover, Vale ,Oakhurst and Orc's Watch, hidden in the Forest of Fogs rumors start to circulate of yet another prison escape, or rather an attempted one from the small town of Rangley. While the rumors claim no reason to the attempt, the brutality of the Raelian forces and their disrespect for the lives of the villagers whom they slaughtered in their eagerness to capture the small force is brought up several times. The Green Dragon Cult is put up as a likely candidate for the attacks because who doesn't remember the previous attack on Prantzpatrols by them, not to mention that no other forces are cable of killing hundreds of Rael's finest and escape into oblivion.


for the small group on the suicide mission, the actual death count

Dwarf Mercenary 30

Adamantine Brotherhood monk 7

Guard of Bloodstone-Dwarf Mercenary  29

Adamantium Adapt 25

Duergar Priestess of Sulterio 16

Deep dwarf scout 3

Adamantium Master 2

Raelian Enforcer 22

Rael Choosen 2

Mithril Golem 2
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday!
« on: February 06, 2010, 09:18:38 am »
A belated happy birthday to layo's cutes dark elf ;)
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General Discussion / Balance caster/none caster
« on: November 20, 2009, 08:56:48 am »
Caster vs none caster, this is my view of balance between casters and none casters on Layonara, let me start of by saying that I don't think you can ever make them even in regards to soloing. Why? From the simple fact that soloing=crowd control.
 This is the casters tools for it LORE: Encyclopedia of Spells and this the melee's tool LORE: Knockdown

that is of course rather bluntly put. Yes I left out devastating critical, from the simple fact that there isn't a player that has achieved the feat yet, secondly you can't get the feat till level 28 as a half-orc and 32 for races with a starting strength of max 18 in short meaning your utterly depend on caster or quests from 15ish and up. Going for quest then you likely won't make it in the nwn version, if you're lucky enough to travel with a caster regularly then it won't matter, you're character have access to the wards needed to survive
Some time ago (V3 I think) there was a much needed revamp of the spells in layonara, in general making the evocation school useful on epic levels again, and thereby making it possible for casters (mostly arcane casters) to be useful in a group without the use of instant death magic. I think it's time the same happened to the none-casters. The trick is.. how to do it with the least amount of work? Because let's face it, the team already got their hands full with the mmo. :D  

So I put on my thinking cap, rework all spawns making them smaller as suggest hmm sure but would in my opinion make the world a boring place when you're in a group, and it sounds like a huge work load as well.
Even if I do agree that the mob spawns is the number one reasons none casters can't solo (or travel in groups without a caster). I'll give an example Angela my level 40 melee has a ac of 51 unbuffed and deals out hmm around 14d6+ enchantments and strength etc (when sneak attacking). so clearly one on one she can hold her own, against a mob.. no way. I can't even take her into the first area in the deep, dark elves and spiders at around CR 20, and that is even though I can raise her AC to 60ish put up a shadow shield to get 50% miss chance and immunity to necromantic spells and death magic as well as mind immunity (gear) and an improved evasion reflex save on 50+ all in all making her completely immune to their damage spells. The fact is that the 10 dark elf rogues will surround her and with 7 attacks per around from duel wield will roll enough 20ish to kill her. Not only that but the time and the items (scrolls, scales) is making the risk/cost vs. reward to great.

I don't want to see casters nerfed, the changes to the Screechings in the Great Forest was a good start, the amount of spells a caster has to use balance out the risk/cost vs. reward (In my opinion) but is only dealing with half of the problem, it balance out the spawns for the casters not the none caster. But if none-casters should be able to travel around without a caster (In my opinion they should be able to but leaving the decision in the hands of the team as I'm not the one that will have to dedicate the hours into it, that is needed) then there are really only two choices

1: redo all spawns made for level 17 and above
2: change items to reduce the difference between a buffed and unbuffed character.

The problem is that the current spawns on Layonara are all build for groups with a caster in them. Meaning a spawn build for level 20 is build assuming your none-caster have a +4 weapon, buffs on stats, immunities to mind spells and death wards (due to the lack of clerics, healing potions and so were made more potent reducing the need to travel with a cleric)
Since there already is items' adding to stats, granting immunities etc, then the logical step would be to up weapon and armors something like this.

Weapons (meaning melee range, gloves or whatever a none caster uses)
+0 raised to +1
+1 raised to +2
+2 raised to +4
+3 raised to +6

Armors (same here all types of armor)
+0 raised to +1
+1 raised to +2
+2 raised to +4
+3 raised to +6

This in effect completely removes the need for gwm/mv and makes the gear follow the curve that layonara's critters are assuming you have,  since we haven't touched stats or immunities then a spawn is still going to be at the very least a huge challenge to any none caster.  Now, for the people arguing that this won't make the problem of soloing better. Then you're completely right, on the other hand that is not what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to put balance between casters and none caster in regard to how the spawns are now on Layonara. Doing these changes will in my opinion give none-casters a fighting chance to do the same as casters can, Solo in a way where risk/cost is balance out with the reward or travel in a group without the need of a caster to ward them.
So for me balance comes down to this:
Should a player be able to solo?

if the balance between risk/cost vs. reward is fair yes

Should all classes at the very least have a fighting chance to do it then?

YES YES YES! Imo Layo's problem isn't that a caster can solo it's that a none caster can't

If your answer instead is no, players shouldn't be able to solo at all:

Added a few creatures to every spawn, give them 50+ in all saves, true sight, perm haste, immunity to mind spells and 1000+ hp. That will add a creatures your caster can't kill with spells but a buffed up melee can with the cost of a lot of healing

Another option is to do a complete remake of every single spawn, making them in a way that a none caster can deal with, but that will also mean you need to reduce their number or people who can group with a caster is going to fly though the xp chart at the speed of light.

In my opinion the best choice is to up gear as suggest in my post so it reflect the spawns as they are already build, it would also mean that your crafter no longer feels frustrated over the xxxxx hours he/she used perfecting a craft are in a mechanical sense useless since your fighter is better of getting a bronze weapon and have a gmw cast on it. It will push the balance between a caster and a none-caster closer to equal (casters would still hold the advantage)
Of course.. all this is assuming that the team have the time to make these changes :)
Feel free to comment, I'm looking forward to hearing it


Rumour Has It / Traveling through Lor
« on: September 30, 2009, 06:20:19 am »
People traveling though Lor will notice an increase in the number of guards around the dock district, as well as the areas around the city gates.  Patrols consisting of five guards each are quietly making the way through the crowd.

They seem to take an particular interested in the tall and sturdy as well as people wearing mask, helmets or any other gear hiding their face from view.  People falling into this category are politely asked to state their name and business in Lor as well as searched for weapons.

If asked the guards will inform that they are searching for the notorious murder Gork as he has been rumored to travel through Lor, and that any complaints to the search are to be taken to diet member Angela Swann as the orders are coming directly from her office.

//ooc information
Each guard carry a whistle and are under order to use that before engaging any person trying to resist the arrest (by resist I mean offering violence to the guards) refusal to remove head gear will result in the person being refused entrance into Lor, if coming in by ship they will be forced to remain onboard and return to the city they arrived from.

If the whistle is blown the city gates will be closed and ships prevented from leaving, and of course guards will rush to assist in the capture of who ever caused the problem.

If any player should wish to bribe/bluff/intimidate or in any other way try to avoid removing head gear, I request that they contact a dm over the dm channel, as dc should be individual to each player depending on rp and so on.
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General Discussion / Common Courtesy
« on: September 24, 2009, 08:13:08 am »
A few thoughts after having read this thread

While there is nothing wrong is asking question in order to better understand any event, then do please bear in mind what is ooc and what is ic. In this case the post was made IC in a IC forum, but out of the 25 posts so far only 2 of them are ic, and frankly most of them are completely unrelated to the event and deals with rules regarding magic dead areas, which should have been taken up in either or

Do please remember that there is a player who has taken time to make this, give him/her the same courtesy you would give a dm setting time aside to run a quest, or such events are sure to die out. And really, dont post links to different player events in the same thread, IMO that is extremely rude and belittles the effort the player put into the event. And read the event over before starting to ask questions a competition among fighters and those who think they can stand a fight in range of a melee weapon. Everyone is welcome for this even, may it be to attend as a fighter and prove ones skill with a weapon, or just to watch the combatants fight.[/i]

In this case I cant see how the player could have been more clear to his/hers intent, as already being said not every event is for every character, if the event dont fit you make one that does. All the more fun for us all, but please dont take it out on the person who actually bothered to try and make something fun

General Discussion / Adventure 20-09
« on: August 18, 2009, 06:09:01 am »
Since the first trip was such a succes I'm gonna try again
new round of adventures on the 20.08 at 10 am gmt The Fixed Time World Clock

Starting location: Fort Miritrix
Level reg: none, join at own risk

notice that I moved the time one hour back, so please don't be late or it will be a short adventure :)
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General Discussion / Adventure tuesday 11
« on: August 10, 2009, 06:25:05 am »
hiya boys and girls
Alantha and Angela would like to invite anyone interested out for a night in town/forest/crypt/mountain or what ever we decide on tuesday 11 at 9 am gmt
The Fixed Time World Clock

starting location: Fort Miritrix
party limit: none
level reg: none, join at own risk :)
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General Discussion / Reminder to the player base
« on: July 09, 2009, 08:24:10 am »
I have in recent time twice now encountered spawns left right at the transitions in the Great Forest.

Please if your in over your head and run (even though after the guidelines for the server you shouldn't), contact a dm or make a post in order to avoid causing needless pain and grief to other players

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Just for Fun / Dm theme songs
« on: May 16, 2009, 07:58:19 pm »
I figured it was time for the dm's to get their own theme song as well as us poor players :D

This one made me think of Pesudonym with Lord Cove and Dezza as back up singers :P

YouTube - Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me

[size=-15]please dont kill me the next time I log on ;)[/size]
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Fixed Bugs / Law of Layonara out of date - FIXED
« on: April 15, 2009, 03:45:02 am »
Was doing a Query on the law in layonara and stumbled on this.


Official senior representatives of the church of Toran, known as the Justicers, are appointed by the Divine Court, and are responsible for carrying out the will of the Judge and enforcing the law.
The Justicers are well versed in the law (often taught to them by the most devoted of Rofireins followers). The Justicers are beyond reproach, the best of the best that the church of Toran has to offer. Justicers are often chosen from among the veteran ranks of the Paladins, although they have been known to come from other bodies as well. Justicers have responsibilities for districts, traveling from town to town to dispense the justice of the court. The righteous standing of a Justicer is such that they are entrusted to hear trivial matters of law during their travels so that they might keep such matters from bogging down the Divine Court. They are also empowered, in times of crisis, to take charge of local authority and militia to see that law and order are maintained or restored. As the Justicers are to Judges, so too are Paladins to Justicers.

Powers Granted to Justicers:

Carry out the will of the Divine Court of Layonara in regards to punishment.
Apprehend any person believed to be guilty of a crime or wanted by the Divine Court.
Where immediate action is required or a representative of Rofirein cannot be contacted, sentence and execute punishment for minor crimes.
Take control of and direct local authorities where serious crimes are involved or social stability is in jeopardy.

LORE: The Law of Layonara

But as shown in the timeline, then it has been a few years since the Justicers were removed :)

In this year...

The part of the church of Toran known as the Justicers is removed from the church. They are taken in by the Rofireinites and form the Office of Marshalls
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Fixed Bugs / Unable to log in
« on: April 06, 2009, 06:34:51 am »
Description: After the update I been unable to log into the server, when trying to connect I get this message Invalid character - player login refused. Character has to many feats

Location: -

Verified: Yes

Reproducable: Yes
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday!
« on: February 05, 2009, 02:27:42 pm »
To EventHorizon, Have a good day :)
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Yog'oldrania
« on: January 09, 2009, 02:56:14 pm »
*A letter arrives to the people tainted by the shadow dragon Shardrixkayl
sealed with wax and stamped with a crest of a tiger battling its own shadow. The tiger itself is not covered in the usual kind of stripes, but with clearly visable lightning bolts.
under it is written*

read only in well light area and burn after

We have found a new source of information and possible a being able to remove the curse that plague us all.
The Golden Emerald Yog'oldrania has agreed to meet us in the Grove of Slumber on Timar, in return for the aid we will be asked to share our knowledge about the incident as well as the state of the war with the green dragon cult.
Understand that the dragon is in no way obligated to aid us, therefore it is of the utmost importance that people share their knowledge as well as behave properly.

Angela Swann and Alantha T'sarran

//reguesting a meeting with the Golden Emerald as per pm's with Harlas and EdTheket.

//the letter will arrive to the people having a known house/room/place of living, otherwise feel free to ignore the letter
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday!!
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:37:18 pm »
Happy birthday to Aragwen, enjoy the day mate :)
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General Discussion / Kudos to Chongo
« on: July 02, 2008, 03:17:08 pm »
title says it all :) thanks for dropping in on us and adding flavor to our trip though the underdark, even if I didn't get to bed before 1 am because of it :D
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday
« on: February 05, 2008, 08:50:16 am »
a huge happy birthday to Eventhorizon :)
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Roleplaying / Impromptu Quests
« on: January 04, 2008, 11:13:07 am »
when a dm is running a impromptu,it is not the right thing to send out invites in tells to have your friends join.  Large parties can be fun, but 20 people with spells on, makes for a very laggy adventure. Some people also have issues with large parties and crash due to their computers, so please. Everyone likes to be part of the action, but have enough respect of your fellow players, and  let the ones being lucky enough to be in the right place enjoy the quest.

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