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General Discussion / Dropped last night
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:19:36 pm »
To the folks I was running around with last night... My internet failed, and stayed that way. Things are back up, now, but I'm sorry for just dropping out.
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Trade and Market Hall / Auction: Pristine Onyx Dagger
« on: December 20, 2012, 01:53:13 am »
For auction: One dagger of finest obsidian, tempered harder than steel and sharper than a woman's tongue. Keen enough to cut a whisper from a breeze, or cleave a stray thought.

Bid in increments of not less than Tr1,000. Bidding starts at Tr30,000.

Leave bids (and contact information) here.

+1 Keen dagger, Wounding DC 16. Level requirement 19.
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Trade and Market Hall / Paying for Aloe!
« on: December 22, 2010, 07:15:11 pm »
[strike]I need a crazy-huge pile of aloe. Ten or twenty boxes is a good start.

While you're at it, get me some hickory.

2,000Tr a box of aloe, plus a 100Tr bonus for each additional box you bring me at once.

25Tr a branch of hickory, more if you bring me a pile.


P.S. I'm not joking about ten or twenty boxes. Get to work.

Good work so far! Keep it coming!
((A crude True piece is scrawled under the text.))[SIZE=32][SIZE=13]

Closed! My regular suppliers will keep it coming enough for now. I'll let you know if I need quantities like this again.

Everybody that still has some for me, bring it already!
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Trade and Market Hall / Needed: Sage, Malachite, Fire Agate
« on: December 16, 2010, 08:36:46 pm »
I need stuff.

Sage, 50Tr sprig
Malachite, 30Tr rock, 10Tr dust
Fire Agate, 30Tr rock, 10Tr dust

No limits. Need a lot.


((tacked on below it))

Yeah, I know [strike]Gormundraganradgor-[/strike] Gormy's offering twice that for sage, but I won't stop needing it. Get to work.
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Trade and Market Hall / Attn: Gromgonard
« on: December 01, 2010, 07:19:10 pm »


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Rumour Has It / A pair of figures...
« on: November 18, 2008, 04:06:49 am »
[SIZE=10]//I take a bit of creative license with this post - forgive non-canonical depictions. Please feel free to PM me with suggestions for revisions of said non-canonical depictions. Karn appears courtesy of Kenty191.//[/SIZE]

Crowded streets, as always, fill the ear with a cacophonous blur of movement and speech, conversations half-heard, hawkers half-ignored, the constant clatter of shoes, feet, hooves, and wheels on the cobbles. In such a large city as Port Hempstead, the Golden City of the South, the crowd is no drab, brown and grey mass, but a tapestry of rich and varying colours - adventurers, nobles, and wealthy merchants showing their fortune in dyes and gilt. The downtrodden and poor make their way through the masses, too; begging for what they can, or going towards their place of labor.

But the citizens of the Brelin Kingdom are an industrious folk. Regardless of station, most move purposefully, or wait with a cross between impatience and a gratitude for peace - and not a few bear charms or beads coloured gold or yellow, blessed tokens to draw the smile of the Lucky Traveler.

Above the masses rise the great structures of Port Hempstead, and chief among them is a large complex, from which wave banners of Deliar. A pair of figures makes its way through the crowd towards it, their bearing at odds with the bustling air of lively business around them.

One in bright blues and reds, the other all in black, their shoulders are hunched, and their faces are drawn - not with hunger, nor with plague, but with grief. Clear and plain for all to see. Perhaps these pilgrims come for a cheer amongst the Blessed One's halls? Perhaps a pie and a jest will liven them. But no. They come with more urgent business, for they make their way quickly into the Temple of Deliar, requesting an audience with Froigrin Pincher.

They wait as long as they must. The dark-clothed one, an elf, seems lost - a world away in his mind... While the young man in brighter garb carries with him a resoluteness that shines through the grief in his dark eyes.

[SIZE=10]//Requesting an audience with the reigning priestess of Deliar. Dunno who to talk to, but I'll be waxing poetic. :3[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / Net sketchy
« on: October 27, 2008, 06:37:55 pm »
My connection's been sketchy the past couple of days; sorry to the folks i've dropped out on. @.@
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Roleplaying / Planning/Discussion - The Adventurer's Final Opus
« on: August 18, 2008, 10:38:15 am »
Pyyran has a plan. It is a very big, very difficult plan, but it is extremely well-thought-out. Very few know of this plan, as yet (in-character, leastwise), but the time rapidly approaches that it will go into action.

I need more people. This isn't the sort of thing that one man, or even five people, can do alone.

I need at least seven volunteers who can all make a similar timeslot next week, and this timeslot must fit with Eorendil's availability... We'll hear from him on just what that is, soon (hopefully).

All levels are welcome, but if Pyyran doesn't know you, he's likely not to have asked for your help... Or if you're too inexperienced for the job. Levels 5 (and honestly 10) and under are welcome along, but it is absolutely at your own risk.

I'm sending PMs to a few of the people I already know Pyyran wants along. Sadly, one of the most important factors is taking a long, well-deserved final rest.

With one Strand left, and a long life behind, Pyyran may well be joining him soon enough. Let's make this happen beforehand.
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General Discussion / This'll make a few folks smile.
« on: August 04, 2008, 06:17:39 pm »
But... Hopefully not too many. ;)

Over the past few weeks, I'm sure a few of you have noticed that I haven't been around much (if at all). There are a few reasons for this... My internet was sketchy for a few months, then I started working/looking for work, got REALLY into LARPing... And my attendance here has just waned.

I'd log in for a while, maybe run around with folks, or tell a tale or two... Then log off. I even made a new character! Only to rediscover the low-level blues - those lonely times when, if there were folks around, you could do bunches! But... There's noone really about, and it's REALLY hard to proactively seek folks when your character is horrifically antisocial.

Meanwhile, Pyyran has only one real goal left in life.

I mean to see that goal completed, and then, in all likelihood, our blue-clad Bard-in-training will retire to tell his tales with an N before his P and C. Of course, mayhap, such stirring events will inspire characters and players alike! But...

I've really just lost a lot of my love for - not Layonara - but Neverwinter Nights, and, really, MMOs in general. A few weekends running around, bopping people with foam-padded swords'll do that to a guy. *Chuckles.*

Layonara was a home, for me. A place I could find friends, fight felonous fiends, and perchance procude some... Er... Polished... Uh... Loot. A community which I still love, and an effort I still wholly support. I've made truer friends here than a guy could ask for, and learned a very great deal about myself in the process.

However, while I'm certainly not leaving, I'm not going to be around, much. I've got one more GCDQ - with an updated cast, sadly - and then, my goals are more or less met. I'd hoped to be a WL, a GM... But time and foul fortunes fair f- Er... Messed those ideas up. (Perhaps I should cut back on the alliteration...)

Maybe I'll see a few more of the great tales written. I hope so.

But this... It's your notification of the final push for Pyyran Rahth. One last shot for glory. :)

Planning stages, babe.
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General Discussion / Linux, Ubuntu, and Gnome, Oh My!
« on: June 22, 2008, 03:49:07 am »
Well... I tried posting this thread a while earlier, but the session died on me (thanks, Windows), so...

A very long, inconvenient story short, I landed myself with a new motherboard and a need for a new OS. Not having ANY copies of Windows to hand (and not wanting to bother pirating one), I decided I'd switch to Ubuntu.

Well, that's done. Hey, I even managed to figure out how to get my lovely Tahoma font back! As lovely as Ubuntu may be, I don't like the way Mac looks... And they smack of the same design.

However, the window-dressing is of little import, all in all - it's function that matters foremost, not form.

Buuuut... Well, the reason I didn't get onto the Linux-wagon years ago was lack of knowledge and expenditure of the effort to obtain that knowledge. On a whim, I hopped onto the wagon just now... But without the foreknowledge that tells me just where I can grab onto to not be thrown to my death.

I have a whole heaping pile of files, programs, and other such nonsense on secondary drives, formatted and put together in Windows... That I'd hoped I could take with me. The programs, I'm sure, will take some doing... The files? I don't even know where to start.

I'm lost in my own OS, without a clue how to make NWN go. I know it goes on Ubuntu - I've heard as much from the lovely folk here. However, I don't have any idea how to make that work for me.

Is there anyone who can shine a light and lead me from this darkness I call the Learning Curve?
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Just for Fun / Science... Fiction? No longer!
« on: May 09, 2008, 07:24:03 am »
Next-Gen PC Design | Entry Details

You know... Every once in a while, you come across something that just makes you go "wow."

This thing looks like... Not a cross between the communicator from Earth: Final Conflict and a bracelet-device I've seen in at least a half dozen anime, but a COMBINATION thereof.

Seems we keep trouncing that "fiction" part of Sci-Fi every day, even if this is just in the concept stages at the moment.
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General Discussion / Great Impromptu!
« on: March 21, 2008, 03:41:30 am »
Just wanted to share with the class. Canislupis ran a great little impromptu earlier for a few folk that were spotted heading for the desert. Just caught us randomly in Fort Whatever, roped us in with a well-mixed hook...

Good atmosphere, nice balance between RP and hacking, excellent pacing!

If you'd had more time for setup... ;)

Still, an absolute blast. *Tips his hat.*
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Wild Surge Inn / The Four Stars Tavern
« on: January 16, 2008, 05:42:10 am »
Late evening, Haven City. Tucked back away in the hills of Haven City, lights shine in the windows of a large building. Two men stagger out, singing drunkenly and leaning against one another for support, making their way home through the night. From the building itself come the sounds of music, the light from the open door dimly illuminating a rough, wooden sign.

On the sign are four crude stars, surrounding the twin moons, the number 187 etched small in a corner.

Inside, the sounds of music and conversation float throughout the building, the long, central hall flanked by doors on either side.

To the left, the merchants' hall and lounge; a pair of independent peddlers selling trinkets to those who pass through, the man selling parchment and charcoal doing a reasonable business, while, separated by full bookshelves lining the walls, the small handful of sleepy-eyed children and adults are still left in the cushioned Storyteller's Lounge, listening raptly to an old man spinning tales of epic bravery and derring-do.

To the right, the cafe and bar, a few patrons still sitting around the tables near the front, discussing with concern the latest reports of gnoll activity to the west, over games of dice. The two at the bar, drinking away their cares, rock back and forth to the sound of the unseen gnomish music-maker, and don't argue when the fair-haired elvish lad behind the counter tells them they've had enough.

Even on this busiest night of the week, the business has been slim, but the tavern has been open only a month, and the crowd is yet comprised of locals. Far from the main roads in the city, the Four Stars doesn't seem likely to attract the attention of much of the traffic going along the eastern road of Mistone... But the small staff of only the few who live above it, the old man, young elf, and the handful they harbor, don't seem to mind.
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General Discussion / Kudos to MiltonYorkCastle.
« on: November 02, 2007, 01:53:08 am »
Just browsing LORE and I saw that Milty's been editing, from all appearances, each and every spell in LORE for more crosslinking and clarification.


(Noone ever said it had to be a thankless task.)
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General Discussion / I'm Dissapointed In Us.
« on: October 27, 2007, 12:20:24 am »
You know... One of the greatest things I've always loved about Layonara was the community. In fact, it's what's kept me here, and what will continue to keep me here, despite a few bad apples.

But those bad apples are starting to really tick me off.

Ever since Hawklen (Jeff) was banned, there's been something of a coalition of anti-Hawklen players floating around out of sight of most of Layonara. His site,, was originally mainly just Layo-bashing, and I'm sure he felt justified in it, just as the mods felt justified in banning him from this site. I agreed with the ban, and while I don't agree with the VAST majority of the negative things that people have said about Layo over the years, I DO feel they're entitled to their opinions.

And I DON'T think that, just because someone joins another site, people from this site should harass them.

ESPECIALLY! Not with inflammatory and, perhaps worse, simply untrue allegations.

Rape is not something to [ahem]ing joke around about, folks. Not statutory, not "real." Neither is pedophilia.

It is NOT cool to jump on a player just because he or she has joined another site.

Is is NOT cool to spread rumours, ESPECIALLY! not negative ones, much less aimed at someone or someones who couldn't even say anything about it if you posted in General Discussion.

I don't know names of who's spreading these rumours, because those who told me of them wouldn't give those names to me. And frankly, I don't care if there's any "punishment" that happens.

It's just a childish thing that's happening, and it needs to stop.

And I feel that posting here, where everyone can see, rather than trying to sneak around and ask in the shadows and in Tells, is a more potent way of getting the message that this infantile bull needs to stop.

Grow up. Hawk's banned, he's not coming back, and the personal lives of others are their own.
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General Discussion / My car's been stolen.
« on: October 22, 2007, 08:39:18 am »
So, life is really ironic. Like, really really.

My car's been having a lot of trouble, lately; I can't tell you what any of it is, but that's because I know way less about cars than I know about the shamanistic rituals of Grandish orcs (which is a bit scary). However, it would barely run, stalled out any time it wanted, vibrated more than I can describe, mis- and back-fired constantly, the air filter cover came off repeatedly, it wouldn't accelerate, wouldn't even increase in RPMs when you put your foot down...

The list goes on.

However, to make matters worse, we owe a fair bit of money on this car, in past-due payments. Our loan-people have been after us for a while, and we briefly joked about having the car stolen. After all, then we wouldn't be responsible for the loan, right? Well...

Fast forward a bit.

We've spoken with J.D. Byrider, who promises us several thousand dollars in trade-in value for the car (enough to nearly axe that loan from the other guys), I'm planning to continue job-hunting today, and my girlfriend has an interview with Taco Bell to be hired on as a manager (to start).

We wake up, she hops in the shower, yells at me to clean out the car, and I head outside.

What do I find?

No car.

Yeah. Apparently (and this is pure speculation at this point, my only evidence is a missing set of spare keys and a slightly-open back door) my roommate or her boyfriend forgot to lock the back door after their last smoke-break, and someone came in, found a set of spare keys, and stole the car.

JUST when we needed it.

I find the situation bleakly hilarious.
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General Discussion / Saying hey - FAST
« on: September 24, 2007, 02:14:01 am »
Aloha. Letting you guys know I'm still living, and still searching for ways to find internet as I occasionally am able to pop in and get info on dates, etc.
 I have about 45 seconds left on this kiosk.
 Love you all. <3
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General Discussion / Checking in.
« on: July 11, 2007, 07:17:51 pm »

It's been quite a while since anyone's seen me online, and for good reason - for the past several weeks, I've been doing just as I said I would a month or two ago:


It's been rough, and I STILL don't have my 'net set up, but thanks to my grandmonster's (ahem; grandmother's) laptop, I can still stop in to drop a few posts and say hey. For the moment, leastwise.

I'm healthy and hale, as is my girlfriend, and our apartment is tiny. We're making do, however. I quit Arby's, and am currently working at a kennel called Paws Playhouse and searching for another job. Money's extremely tight, but, well, that's life. I'm piggybacking WiFi from a neighbor (and I asked him first, even), so for the time being, I'll have free internet. Once I get my wireless adapter installed, leastwise.

Soon as I get home, I'm installing it and getting on. ;)

My most sincere apologies to any whose quests I've missed, to all the players I've missed (and I have missed you!), and to the Server, for not sacrificing the slowly-regenerating pieces of my soul it's so accustomed to devouring. :)

Time... Time for playing will be wonky and sporadic until my hours settle out - at the moment I'm On Call at Paw's Playhouse, and searching for another job. But never fear, I'll have hours to put into this grand ol' place even in the midst of madness.

For now, I need to go load up the car and head to dinner with the 'folks.

Free food is nice.

Cheers, and luck to you,

Edit: If there's any news about Nibor, I'm really anxious to hear... Been a bit worried.
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General Discussion / Pride
« on: June 23, 2007, 11:47:44 pm »
Probably a somewhat controversial subject, so I'll just keep this simple.

It's around that time.

[SIZE=16]Happy Pride Week!!


[SIZE=10]Even if you're not celebrating, even if you disagree with the whole notion... No bashing, please. Ciao.[/SIZE]

CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards
« on: May 29, 2007, 01:53:25 am »
Pyyran Rahth, quite a while back, got very tired of the recipe cards he bought from the vendors. They were horribly organized, poorly made, and were a greater chore to look through than the brewing itself.

As such, he made his own set, as well as a number of copies that he's been distributing since. Several copies have made it into the hands of merchants who thought the idea could be profitable...

And so they reproduced them for themselves, selling the "Better Brewing Cards" for the same price that the older ones did. Over the course of a few years, they're now as easy to get or easier... And nearly anyone who's ever tried brewing up their own grog has got a set.

And here they are...

[SIZE=13]Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards[/SIZE]
All recipes require 2 Hops Flower, 1 Brewer's Yeast, and 4 Empty Brewing Bottles.
 Barley Wort
Iron Hammer Bock[INDENT]2 Hazelnut [/INDENT]Black Knight Malt[INDENT]4 Blackberry [/INDENT]Big Rock Bock[INDENT]1 Powdered Limestone
1 Crushed Pearl
1 Pear Juice [/INDENT]Corn Wort
Will-O-Whiskey[INDENT]1 Will O' Wisp Essence [/INDENT]Cherry River Lambic[INDENT]1 Cherry Juice [/INDENT]Dead Orc Porter[INDENT]3 Raspberry
3 Cherry [/INDENT]Red Crow Cream Ale[INDENT]1 Sugar Cane Juice
1 Raspberry Juice
1 Cow's Milk [/INDENT]Oat Wort
Pig's Ear Pilsner[INDENT]1 Ear from a Red Light Goblin Scout [/INDENT]Black Horse Ale[INDENT]1 Blackberry Juice
2 Almond [/INDENT]Dark Dragon Pilsner[INDENT]2 Chicken Egg
1 Elderberry Juice [/INDENT]Tower Malt Liquor[INDENT]2 Malted Barley
2 Holy Water [/INDENT]Rice Wort
Silver Buckle Gin[INDENT]1 Powdered Silver [/INDENT]Axe Head Amber[INDENT]1 Apple Juice [/INDENT]Firewood Lager[INDENT]2 Dust of Fire Agate
1 Stick of Charcoal
1 Cranberry Juice [/INDENT]Cracked Skull Cream Ale[INDENT]2 Skullcap Leaf
1 Cow's Milk [/INDENT]Rye Wort
Blue Sword Swill[INDENT]4 Blueberry [/INDENT]Broken Knuckle Beer[INDENT]4 Skeleton's Knuckle [/INDENT]Wheat Wort
Dwarf's Head Ale[INDENT]2 Chestnut [/INDENT]Jumpin' Juniper Brau[INDENT]1 Juniper Berry Juice [/INDENT]Wizard's Wheat Ale[INDENT]1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds [/INDENT]Dwarf's Sledge Draft[INDENT]6 Cranberry
1 Honey [/INDENT]Green Forest Draft[INDENT]1 Belladonna
2 Peppermint Leaf[/INDENT]------

[SIZE=13]Pyyran's Better Brewing Cards

[/SIZE] All recipes require 2 Hops Flower, 1 Brewer's Yeast, and 4 Empty Brewing Bottles.
[table=head;sort=1,2,3,4,5]Wort|Brew|Ingredient 1|Ingredient 2|Ingredient 3
Barley|Black Knight Malt|Blackberry - 4
Barley|Big Rock Bock|Pear Juice - 1|Powdered Limestone - 1|Crushed Pearl - 1
Barley|Iron Hammer Bock|Hazelnut - 2
Rye|Blue Sword Swill|Blueberry - 4
Rye|Broken Knuckle Beer|Skeleton's Knuckle - 4
Rice|Axe Head Amber|Apple Juice - 1
Rice|Cracked Skull Cream Ale|Skullcap Leaf - 2||Cow's Milk - 1
Rice|Firewood Lager|Cranberry Juice - 1|Stick of Charcoal - 1|Dust of Fire Agate - 2
Rice|Silver Buckle Gin|Powdered Silver - 1
Oat|Black Horse Ale|Blackberry Juice - 1|Almond - 1
Oat|Dark Dragon Pilsner|Elderberry Juice - 1|Chicken Egg - 2
Oat|Pig's Ear Pilsner|Ear from a Red Light Goblin Scout - 1
 Oat|Tower Malt Liquor|Malted Barley - 2|Holy Water - 2
Corn|Cherry River Lambic|Cherry Juice - 1
Corn|Dead Orc Porter|Raspberry - 3|Cherry - 3
Corn|Red Crow Cream Ale|Raspberry Juice - 1|Sugar Cane Juice - 1|Cow's Milk - 1
Corn|Will-O-Whiskey|Will-O-Wisp Essence - 1
Wheat|Dwarf's Head Ale|Chestnut - 2
Wheat|Dwarf's Sledge Draft|Cranberry - 6|Honey - 1
Wheat|Green Forest Draft|Belladonna - 1|Peppermint Leaf - 2
Wheat|Jumpin' Juniper Brau|Juniper Berry Juice - 1
Wheat|Whizard's Wheat Ale|Potion of    Cure Light Wounds - 1


Taken from Layonara - View Single Post - A bundle of leather and parchment...

These were made entirely for my own convenience, and then I realised how useful to others they'd be... So I sent links to people. It was only just now that I realised that this might be an even better place.

These "cards" are not an actual item, though you could make some with the Parchment System, or your in-game journal.

IG, the cards are arranged alphabetically, first by wort and then by brew, usually with little indexing cards for each wort, and tabs for each brew, and list, in to-the-point Common, the recommended method for brewing each drink, down to the wood that the aging casks should be.

The recipe for Xeenite Wine is not included, as, while it's there in the menu, the recipe is actually held secret very well by the Xeenites. Only a VERY few characters have the recipe - all other Xeenite Wine is typically RPed as being bought... ;)

Hope this is helpful.

Edit: I'll be tinkering around with a new-style chart for these to put up here. Here's the work-in-progress; my brain is a bit fizzled to work even on technical stuff atm. And yes, I did shamelessly steal Orth's table as a template. Credit.

Edit again: Woo! Finished. And done. *Moves the table up to the top.*
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