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General Discussion / Discharged and Leaving
« on: February 27, 2009, 03:50:39 pm »
I wish to inform you that as effective right now, I'm discharged from the DM team and leaving the server, effectively being banned too.

The story goes that once upon a time, months and a year from now, I did grow tired of how the security matters of the server were being ignored. While the DM team can be trusted in the majority of the cases, it is not unknown for some to have left in "rage". Considering that there are countless ways for a DM to exploit his powers for his own gains, I thought it was not too unlikely for such a person to have cheated before leaving (or if you have a DM that is tired of the world and doesn't care anymore... or worst case, if someone actually cheats because they want to cheat).

As the proposed counter-measures to such actions, to monitor and keeping track of everything was deemed unnecessary, I made this last fatal error of actually wanting to prove those claims wrong. That's where I came up with this not-so-clever idea of triggering one of these exploits myself, in this particular case a one that involves acquiring XP. My hope was to accumulate very huge amounts of it and lay the cards on the table afterwards to present the horrors of the situation, fully realising that when doing so, I would highly likely be banned.

But then there was this WLDQ approval and I so dearly wished to have the quest run first (I realise now that it was a very selfish wish), and the WLDQ got delayed. Something that I wanted to be handled in a relatively short amount of time (a few months to prove that it could easily have been done in an undetectable fashion) got prolonged. A lot.

Over more than a year, this particular exploit managed to generate about 3,550,000 (yes, you read it right - I was very keen to keep track of all of it) XP without setting off any alarms. And this is where disaster struck. While I was fully aware of that all XP is logged in an easily scan-able manner, I didn't think anyone is nowadays actually bothering to look at those logs anymore (recall a very early case of someone doing a quest-XP exploit and getting caught?) and hence didn't realise the mess I was creating for Dezza who had so kindly accepted to finally run the WLDQ.

The attempt was "caught" and my intentions seriously backfired. It is highly unlikely anyone will believe my words now since I was literally caught with my hands in the cookie-jar and I understand you. It's unlikely I would have believed myself if the situation had been reversed. Maybe if I had "confessed" first, but not now. As pointed out, this is the same sort of arguments someone would use in order to make him or herself look innocent.

If there are any suspicions of me helping someone else using this exploit (or any other fashion helped them); put those thoughts to rest. I'm certain the team will be more than happy to confirm that I kept this localised to me, myself and I only. There are no items or gold dropped to anyone (not even myself). There are no freebie levels given to anyone (those who know me probably also knew I was one of those who were very strict in even handing out RP ones). There was no "porting others to the emeralds". It was I who did it to myself and there was no reason to involve anyone else (keeping all the fallout on myself). My wish was to prove a point, to increase awareness and actually prioritize the fixes, not to help people cheat.

In hindsight, this was rather stupid.

I deeply regret that all the efforts Dezza has put in are now getting tossed out of the window and do feel I owe him the greatest of all apologises.

I also regret to have misused the trust that the team and the community had put in me as this certainily was not handled in any manner even close to being acceptable. While I believe my original intentions were pure to the spirit, the method I choosed isn't right, and I feel guilty about creating this whole mess.

But done is done and my fate was already sealed the moment I first made my decision.

The team were very kind to open the door for something less than a permanent banning first but in the end it was agreed upon that the most proper thing to do here is nothing short of a ban, which I'm sure you all agree with too. Using an exploit of this kind, especially in a position of a DM, regardless of whether you believe my reasons or not, can really result in nothing else than a banning.

This was plain and simple a screw-up from my side. No one asked me to do this and I'm smart enough to realise this was crossing lines.

I therefore wish to make a last apologise to Dezza, the team and all of you here for the troubles I've caused.

We will walk separate paths from now on... and I do hope that you will have a continued pleasant Layo-journey.


ps. I would kindly ask people not to quote every single line here and start a lynching process of the team or myself. This post is more or less final from my side, though I'm certain the team would like to express their official view too. I realise what I did is doubtful at best and there are thousand and one ways to question me and my motives. It is my preference to have this locked.
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Just for Fun / Exceptional Lag
« on: May 04, 2008, 07:43:07 pm »
SS reimbursement requests are from time to time filed under the Exceptional Lag case... but what is really exceptional lag? Lets try to define that with this video feed (beware that it's approximately 120 MB large)! One shall take extra note that I have a steady stream of 25-ish FPS during the whole battle (smooth camera movement... no obvious lag while typing text...) while spell casting and movement in general is hampered by heavy delays. :)


Note: It's Xvid/MP3 encoded. VLC Media Player is fully capable of playing it, if you haven't got the codecs for other media players of your choice.

Edit: I compressed the file with WinRAR for slightly quicker download.
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday Leanthar!
« on: April 09, 2008, 06:17:30 pm »
Aaah... now that everyone else has done these sort of things before, I think it is my turn in this case! Still a little bit early due to the timezone things (it's a new day here, but not a new day there!)...

In either case, lets say a happy birthday to Leanthar. ;)
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Fixed Bugs / Area Tag Collision (Road to Fort Thunder)
« on: March 06, 2008, 01:44:03 pm »

The area "Road to Fort Thunder" on Central is incorrectly tagged as "cho_arnax_outskirts", making it collide with the "Arnax Outskirts" area's tag. This is (at least) affecting rest-location-savings which might have some pretty serious consequences as the first is a very hostile area.


Change the tag of area to something else.
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