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General Discussion / A Big Happy Birthday to ED!!!
« on: September 24, 2012, 08:59:20 am »
Yes, our own EdtheKet is getting on in years, let's extend our sympathies here...;)
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General Discussion / Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map...
« on: January 25, 2011, 11:08:51 am »
...Happy Birthday Rasterick.
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General Discussion / House Key Help
« on: December 14, 2009, 07:05:32 pm »
I have rented rooms out to several people over the years, and have checked my house to find many chests of...stuff...not my stuff.
 If you are currently using 227 Haft Lake as a repository or a home, or if you have a key, please let me know in this thread or by PM. I'm in the mood to redecorate.
 Don't worry, if you REALLY need the space, I'll work with you.
 Current keys that I know about:
 Caighd Brendimeere (Honora's husband, approved resident)
 Zupzupandzway (no idea if he still plays) - edit, will be removing his furniture
 Galen Tweed (RL husband, approved resident)
 Sophia - Approved to use as waypoint/storage if she wishes
 Anyone else got a key or stuff in there? Fess up! ;)
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Deities and Classes Suggestion
« on: October 21, 2009, 06:26:33 pm »
After the Sacred Fist discussion, it became apparent that this is not the first time by a long shot that a class has been denied to a specific deity.  While I am not a fan of that, in the spirit of someone else not being stuck with a character they can't progress as they had wished, I suggest a simple "Deity/Class" chart along the same lines of the deity relations chart.

Use the Deity Relation template and replace the deities on the X axis with the classes, denoting which can have what.  This chart could then be posted ahead of the classes section of LORE and would prevent any further unhappiness by spelling out the restrictions.

For example: Az'atta: No classes with more than X% "fighting" feats (fighter, barbarian, battlerager, duelist, assassin, dwarven defender, spellsword, arcane archer, weapon master, monk, sacred fist)

Vorax: No classes with more than X% "casting" feats with bard, cleric and sacred fist the exceptions (sorcerer, driud, wizard, spellsword).


Layonara is a mature game, with a population who have been with it for years.  With alts being important to keeping things fresh, this won't be the last time there will be a class/deity conflict.

I am happy to make up the chart if requested.
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General Discussion / Hello!
« on: September 11, 2009, 02:36:57 pm »
Hello Layo :)
 I live!  I have peeped on the forums and seen so many faces I recognize...I took a long break to cement a great job at a company I love and my husband and I bought a house so our son finally has a backyard.  Now that things have settled down?  Perhaps we'll see a bit of me around here.  I shall be writing again as well.
 Have missed you all!
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General Discussion / Don't Forget the Stores!
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:03:10 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen, I just did a nice bit of purchasing from, and remembered (in the nick of time) that we have a link to them *points up to the Stores tab*.  I know another person on Layo has used the Tiger Direct link for purchases and repairs - don't forget they are there, Layo gets a bit of each purchase when we use them (and it doesn't cost us anything extra).

Don't forget to use our store links!
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Introduce Yourself / Hello All
« on: March 11, 2007, 03:05:14 pm »
Well, since my husband just posted, seems reasonable to follow.
I'm Jill, 39, mother of one, chemist, half-orc monk and total geek. You'll see me in game occasionally but lately I've been caught up in the Writing Team for Layo :) .
I've been playing PnP since I was 14 (I had Keep on the Borderlands...yes I did...) and GM'd as well. Layo is a fantastic community, I welcome you who are new and urge you to read all the material available to you! The Writing Team works hard to continually add depth to the world along with those who quest and the GMs, so be sure to check out the Handbook along with the FAQs and Server Rules.
*waves and goes back to writing*
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Roleplaying / Leadership: An Opinion
« on: February 20, 2007, 11:18:34 am »
Well, I've found myself thinking of this lately, as I've been questing a lot and the issue has come up.  As I see little that specifically addresses this topic, I am putting it up with my ideas and opinions on the matter for respectful public discussion.

First:  It is my opinion that any large (and by large I mean 8 or more) quest benefits from leadership.  One person to keep things moving and speak for the party to the GM when necessary.  Less than 8 people is small enough to allow for fast communication, and leadership becomes nebulous then.  But when you have a party with a goal or set of goals, and lots of opinions, and lots of different skills sets, then one or two people to streamline things is very handy and prevents a lot of duplication and wasted time.

What do I think a leader is?  Well, it is NOT someone to make all the decisions of the party, or someone to try to do just about everything for the party.  A leader is not the center of attention.  A leader is the person who takes time to learn the names of all the party members, and what they can offer.  A leader listens to what each party member says; a leader puts things to a vote, while still imposing a meaningful time limit based on the situation.   A leader works with the strengths of the party members, and most importantly, a leader remembers that EVERY person in that group wants 15 minutes of fame, their moment in the spotlight.

With that in mind, here are suggestions based on my experience.

1)  Suggest the party choose a leader.  It never hurts.  Don't get mad if it's not you.

2)  If it is you, find out people's names, and what they do.  Find out who your sneakers are, your frontline weaponslingers, your spellcasters, your healers.  Right away you can judge who might be best to deal with different obstacles.

3)  Use them!  A crafty trap is presented?  Ask the roguey types to confer; engage the rest of the group in discussion about some other aspect of the challenge while the specialists do their job.  Trap is magical?  Call in the spellcasters!  It is my suggestion that all persons able to help with a problem are encouraged to do so; yes, the level 7 wizard in your party won't beat Lin'da in a spellcraft check, but it is his area too, and I've seen some lower level players who can think circles around higher levels.

4)  Listen to opinions.  Put things to a vote.  You are about to transverse an untamed area but the ranger does not want to hurt animals?  Ask the party if they agree.  Better the majority says "no way jose those critters are toast" than no one say anything and things just sort of...happen.  Then the ranger feels ignored and perhaps upset that he was not allowed to even try to sway opinion.  When time permits, fix on a plan with the group.

5)  Related to 4. is solicit opinions.  If someone seems to be along for the ride, ask them what they think. Perhaps they are shy?  Perhaps they are new?  Give them the chance to speak on issues before the group.

6)  Consider your situation.  Someone who has to take frequent AFKs to deal with household/work/marital/whatever situations won't be able to give the constant stream of text his or her attention.  If you think you will hold the group up, step down.  

7)  Very important; thank people.  By their name.  A sincere thank you to the fighter for doing some difficult strength checks against a stuck door, or lifting the deceased party member and carrying him for miles, does wonders.

8 )  Lastly, know your own limitations.  You may not be the leader all the time, or you may want to share that with others to keep from burning out or to spread the love.  Example:  Recently a round table discussion was held regarding a quest and directions the party could take.  One party member, Daniel, took the reins and started taking names and calling on people in order, then letting some discussion happen before calling on the next person.  Before he did this, discussion was commencing but people who were being polite and *raising thier hand* were being ignored.  Once the flow was established, he handed the leadership of the discussion to Honora, who kept the flow going until decisions were made.  Two people, one initiating, and a positive final outcome aided by it.

Another example:  Honora has lead this particular quest before.  When she lead, however, it was internally only.  A half-orc with fangs is not the best choice to be spokesperson to that lovely sea elf cleric, or the nobility with information needed to continue.  As far as leadership goes, she was internal only, to those who knew her and looked beyond her exterior.  Leadership will shift when different situations come up.  Relinquish control, and enjoy the RP.

This has been a bit wordy but I hope I have sparked some food for debate and thought.  Your opinions?
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