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General Discussion / How's Everyone Doing?
« on: March 31, 2011, 11:18:58 pm »

Yeah, it feels like forever since I dropped by. I keep saying I'll redownload the haks and check out the updates, but that always escapes me. Anyway the forums are easy enough to get to.

Anyway!  I guess the title says it all. I wanted to know how everyone was doing. Is anyone from the old days still around? If so, What's up with you! What's up in game? How is everyone!?

It's been forever since I've played here. I started in 12th grade, and now I'm done college, it feels like ages! I've missed you guys.

Leanthar! How is the game development going? Shame about that rune game closing up. I enjoyed what little I've seen of it.

Also: Hi Dorg, and Ed, and Row, since you're the three DMs I recognize most that seem to be still active. :) How are ya? Busy as ever?
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Just for Fun / A found lullibye {Squishy the Beholder}
« on: May 28, 2009, 01:43:45 am »
As the years pass, remnants of the presumed deceased bards' journal occasionally surface in the Aragenite temples. One such collection of pages seems to be a lullaby.

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.

Little Sarun-Elly
Well she loved that Squishy lots
And brought him gifts of little paints
To make him up with polka dots!

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.

Together they would travel
Upon the lim lim's back
With wings held high
Like a dragonfly
Along the Silver Track

And noble elves and wizards
 would all bow when they came
And offer gifts of toys and snacks
and laugh at their little games!

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.

Beholders live for ever
But not so little girls
And so eye stalks and many eyes
Make room for other toils.

One grey night it happened
And Saru came no more
And Squishy the beholder
He ceased to go explore

His eyestalks bent in sorrow
Tears they fell like rain
Squishy no longer went to play
Along the Silver Lane

Without his life long friend
Squishy could not be brave
So Squishy the beholder
Slipped back into his cave

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.

Squishy the beholder
Lived along the sea
And frolicked in the Mist Filled Air
In a land of silver kings.


{{Fondly Based off of Puff the Magic Dragon}}

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General Discussion / Hi Everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)
« on: April 17, 2009, 10:18:03 pm »
How's everyone at my first PW doin'!?

I miss you guys =p What is up? Anything new for any of you? Cool stuff? Cool Server Stuff? Anyone get owned by the Soul Mother that I would care about? What's in the Layo-MMO News?

Tell me!

As for me, I'm still writing, Just got an internship at a local news paper. Still quirky as ever. Ozy's doing well too! If anyone cares :).
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Introduce Yourself / Re-Introduction
« on: September 25, 2008, 09:58:05 am »
Hey, I just wanted to say Hi to all the people who've come into this place in the one year that I've been out of it. I'm back now and I look forward to meeting and making friends or atleast aquantences with as any of you guys as I can.
 My name's Jess, I'm gonna be 20 this December (oh gods Im OLD >.<), and I like...well ..Roleplay obviously. My other interests are music (singing, playing violin and viola), writing of any kind, and....I need some outdoor hobbies bad. :( I need a bike again *nodnod*
 As for who I played. I really just had one character: An Illusionist named Rhynnala Asantiani with an astounding hatred for the slave trade. She's actually in hiding from the remnents of the Silver Crescent, and where she is she hasn't yet gotten the news of Sallaron's victory, though if she did she'd be proud.
 Ill be playing a Mistite wizard as soon as she's approved.
 I'm a 3rd year magazine journalism student, and I want to wind up writing for videogame magazines. I actually hope to, sometime before my career is done, be able to interview some of the developers here on what they're doing >.> and get a peice out about them. Who knows, maybe I can pitch it to game informer or something.
 Whoah, tangent.
 Anyway, I also happen to work in gaming retail , its hell, but it can be fun. No, you can't have my discounts =P!
 Anyway, Ill put some contact information here, so if anyone wants to talk or anything feel free :D I don't shun anyone! =P
 PS: To L: Bummer about the whole server thing. That sucks. Hope you find a new host.

Ask A Gamemaster / So....I need a bit of information.
« on: September 24, 2008, 09:03:56 pm »
1) I heard you guys have this funky thing called the Al'Noth now. I know that's magic, basically, but is there anything else that makes it different from the Weave as it was before? I know you guys are kinda limited right now by the NWN engine. But is there something I need to know?

   a) If the Al'Noth now equals the Weave, I have questions about using spells from the d20 srd in RP/DM supervised/approved situations. I know certain DMs used to allow this to a certain extent. Is it still that way, or has it become a hard coded no due to moving away from D&D. Are we still allowed to be creative? For example, Illusions, Enchantments, ecetera that aren't neccesarily given to use by NWN's RP lacking spellbooks.

2)  I need any and all information that can be spared about The Great Desert reigion and about Audiria if possible.

3)  So, what's been going on with Mistites lately that would be common knowledge, anything I can't find on the boards?

and finally

4) I've been gone forever! Like, atleast 12 In game years. What have I missed? Can someone summerize in like three to five paragraphs everything that's happened since...Oh lets say, before Dissolution say right after Milara met with the bunch of adventurers. Anything that would be common knowledge. Or if there's one handy dandy link I can look at.

Yeah.....By the way...Hello again. >.> I'm kinda..toying with playing a bit :D SO Hi Everyboody!
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General Discussion / Maybe a Half Day Late But...
« on: September 17, 2007, 03:37:38 pm »
Thanks osxmallard for a great First quest!

I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome work and for trying multiple times to become a GM. Now we know what we were missing, and we're not missing out anymore! Right on! You handled the two groups splitting up superbly!

This quest I think was a lesson in the unexpected. Thank you for not trying to cover up the fact that it happened or calling REDO. Sometimes the best and funniest endings can come out of innocent mistakes ;) So thanks for rolling with it!


Additionally, thanks to Shiff for being a good leader and scheduling the bit before hand, and thanks for everyone who showed up for it.

And thanks to Timulty and Sallaron for being witty and making me laugh.
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CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Suggestion: Spells Added To Food
« on: September 16, 2007, 10:58:30 am »
Suggestion: Spells Added To Food

    It could be argued, perhaps, that food crafting is one of the least beneficiary crafts. Sure, it's fun, but when you think about it the effort put into the craft does not meet the product gained; unless in a merely RP value. High end craft food such as pies no longer hold the same value they did when only a few could make them, and with the recent addition of the Special Drinks vendor at Stormcrest, everyone can buy the drinks that it would take a cook/brewer time and effort to gather the materials for and finally make.

    This is why I suggest the following: Higher end foods casting certain spells.
    It could be like a poor man's alchemy. Certain higher end foods on use could cast things such as a low end Version of Endurance, or the other enhancement spells, Dragon's breath could be added to say, Firewhiskey or other such drinks...

    Other Spells that could be added to food:
    Iron Guts
    Prot. From Alignment
    Ghostly Vistage
    See Invisibility
    These are just raw ideas, but I think it would increase the value of higher end crafted food, and make the effort put into them equal the result.
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General Discussion / A few thoughts...
« on: September 06, 2007, 07:44:17 am »
I was actually going to post this as a follow up post somewhere, but I've seemed to have misplaced the original post, or the poster never posted.

I've gone through four edits of this to make it as not-negative as possible with still saying what I want to say.....I know it can possibly get people to think Im an even worse person than they do now

But I'm going to post this anyway....

I'm going to give a few of my thoughts as a caster.

Frankly, perhaps its something some discussion on tactics can help me with:

I feel useless as a party member in a strictly non RP sense and have for a while.

 First of all, some people have different ideas of balance than others. Some believe that balance is having the casters able to do some things , the fighters another, the healers another etc. Others thing its more "Well Casters dominated the show so long, lets completley flip the tables." The second one isn't balance. I suppose, in some weird way there's a type of balance to it, but its not balance within server spirit (I think, my judge of server spirit has been entirely skewed lately).

As a caster I've noticed the following things. I will not even  take the time out to say it was only for this update, because it wasn't. One major problem. No, the problem isn't that quest NPCs can do things that normal PCs couldn't ever try despite never ever having their names uttered in common place. No its not the fact that everyone from the smallest pesant to grandest king has true sight. Its not even the Mind, True Sight, and Death Immunities on every monster, though that does play into the fact.

Its their saves...

Evocation has never. never worked unless you've taken an epic focus in it and then you get lucky once and a while.

Everything has such a high reflex save that evocation is no longer useful. Unless you're casting Issacs Missle storm...and what fun is spamming one spell over and over?

Well it was like this thats what people did: Hand, Issac, Weird, Wail, hand Issac Weird Wail

It was kind of boring, but it worked. and it worked in the party's favor...

And then , the added, but completley understood Mind, and Death immunities and True Sight were added to the mix..

Which, would've been fine. TOTALLY understandable. Casting the same three spells over and over is kind of cheap....but mix that with the fact that evocation still doesn't work...

and it turns into a bit of a problem. Casters effectively come buff monkies who sit down during the middle of fights or maybe throw a mass haste , displace, or hey, issac's missle here and there.

Or maybe I'm just completley bad at combat as others in Layonara have told me and Im missing something I as an individual could be doing better.

Maybe, and to tell you the truth, most probably the problem is with bioware: There just arent enough spells in general to make it interesting

Any suggestions?

I have to honestly admit that I don't know what I'm asking for here. I realize I complain a lot. I realise Im saying on the one hand, being able to cast the same five spells is boring, and on the other not being able to cast any is worse. I  know some would beleive that if I have no solutions I should just crawl off my soap box and shut up. Sadly I am cursed or blessed with the ability to make people know how I feel. One day , as everyone says,its going to get me in serious trouble. Maybe that day is today maybe its already come.

I've recently sent a post to L telling him why I was still here: So Ill tell you bits and peices of it.

This stuff Ive mentioned doesn't want to make me stop playing, because its not what I play for in the first place, but its a big part of playing.

So long as quests are thoughtful and creative (and so long as they fit my character if Im going to be there), and so long as I have friends both IC and OOC to rp with, You're stuck with me unless you see it fit to make it otherwise :) I like you guys.

That is all.

Just for Fun / World Leader Application: Squishy
« on: August 31, 2007, 07:41:02 pm »
New World Leader Application: Squishy
 [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="]Name: [/FONT][FONT="]“Squishy” Kuala’shtus Mela’fulumus[/FONT]
  [FONT="]Translation:[/FONT][FONT="] Deep Eye of Immanent Doom; a common beholder name[/FONT]
  [FONT="]Original Submission:[/FONT][FONT="] See Rhynn’s CDQ[/FONT]
  [FONT="]Character Development Threads:[/FONT][FONT="] Squishy has no hands and therefore can not write. Occasionally he has been known to use telekinetic power to balance a pencil, or dictate to Rhynn, Saru, or the Lim Lim. However thus far, nothing has occurred, because two of the three can not write, and Rhynn either thinks its cute and hugs him or at times, obliges to which excerpts such as the following occur.[/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  Floobar Kelleboots Oggitama Rhynnykins Kelleboots Oggar Gloofo Floog Flog Ohhhbarbarbarbarbarbar Kelleboots
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]

  [FONT="]          [/FONT][FONT="]Squishy began his life, as a below average beholderkin, at the bottom rung in the treacherous hives of the beholder; after all someone must be at the bottom. This was, unfortunately Squishy’s lot in life. Yet in the face, of upmost despair, everyone must have hope. [/FONT]
  [FONT="]            And so, within this normally mild and timid eyeball, after years of abuse by his larger, smarter and simply stronger kin, something finally broke. He went spare. The madness that he embraced was not of the ‘froth at the mouth’ every day manor. It was, instead of religious hysteria.  This was unfortunate. He began to rave and rant about a time of great pain, followed by the promised one, who would lead all beholderkin to a time of equality and power where they would take control of great soaves of the surface lands. [/FONT]
  [FONT="]            As with any society, especially in the highly xenophobic clans of the beholder, anyone whom decides to go against common convention, especially based off religion, would soon find themselves either banished or killed. [/FONT]
  [FONT="]            And so, before either of those two things could happen, Squishy begun his long flights into the deepening darks of the underworld. Being at this point at best, only mildly connected to the commonly accepted reality of the sane it is unknown how long Squishy wandered the tunnels, jibbering out his prophetic visions of a better tomorrow.  However his wanderings in the deep would take him once again into what he knows as the time of pain.[/FONT]
  [FONT="]            He would stumble across Deep dwarf slavers, who found him both harmless and hilariously amusing, something to throw around, punt with a stick and in general make even more miserable. [/FONT]
  [FONT="]They would loose their favorite ball quite swiftly when it fled directly into the hands of a group of half orc slavers during a pitched melee in a dispute about wages. This would continue Squishy’s time of pain, the orcs thought that the Deep Dwarves had the right idea, and proceeded to use this small eyeball as their favorite throwing object. [/FONT]
  [FONT="]All the blows to his head must have continued to deteriorate what little sanity he may have had. As he began to rave to himself more and more about the time of pain soon being over and the Great One leading him to his destiny, some strange luck occurred. This came within a years time.[/FONT]
  [FONT="]            When the half orc seriously underestimated one of their latest torturing victims. Having witnessed her cast such miracles as ‘crawling out of her own form’ , defeating the Wicked Ones, and helping release him from The Time of Pain, he began his new life, as the first and only prophet of his idol of worship: Rhynnykins[/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="]It is still assumed that he has suffered one too many blows to the head, and now spends his days , wandering while following her and raving about the beginning of his new order dedicated to the greatness of the one who rescued him from the time of pain, and her offspring, which he views, as a sacred child, or mayhaps just a follower.[/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="]            [/FONT]
[FONT="] [/FONT]
 [FONT="]The Slaying Of The Primal Water Elemental [/FONT][/B][FONT="]– It was a dark return to the underworld and squishy was determined to locate a beholder clan and bring them the great news of his religion and its growth although he still wasn’t certain about all the details.  However determined, the Squishy was taken aback to see the one that brought him from the Time of Pain into the Time of Whatever This Time Is Now (once again it is stressed that he has not quite figured out what he is doing) being attacked by a giant moving wall of water. Which he promptly attacked with all his small globular might. It was apparently enough.[/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="]The squishy is worthy of World leader not just because of his ability to slay such things as a primal water elemental; that would be powergaming. He is also worthy because of his ability to befriend and successfully travel with noteworthy heroes; and accomplishment few creatures as supposedly ‘evil’ as he , could ever dream of doing.[/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="]Furthermore, he would like to take a moment to explain in his own words, how he has repeatedly assured the success of all adventures and quest that succeeded in his presence. [/FONT]
  [FONT="] [/FONT]
  [FONT="]            Kelleboots Floogy Mormormor Veneleotu Gabby Bops Angula Baldor Kelleboots Kelleboots Bimbo Kelleboots Rhynnykins AVENTUR FLOOG![/FONT]
[FONT="] [/FONT]
 [FONT="] [/FONT][/B]
[FONT="] [/FONT]
[FONT="]Future Development As World Leader[/FONT]
[FONT="] [/FONT]
 [FONT="]            It is not entirely certain of what Squishy’s true goals may be. This is because they have changed on average once every half hour for the past years. However, it can be considered the overall goal of the Squishy to unite the beholderkin under his new beliefs. If successful, he will indeed unite them, underneath the concepts of equality for all eyeball kin, under the teachings and examples of the one idol….As soon as he figures out exactly what these teachings are.[/FONT]

[SIZE=10]now be certain to double check which forum you're looking at[/SIZE]
[FONT="] [/FONT]
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Roleplaying / Looting Etiquette
« on: August 30, 2007, 07:33:45 am »
Yeah, this seems like a weird thing to post on Layonara, I feel like I’m three seconds away from saying “Roll Greed on Green unless you need it then take it, and pass on all special Bind on Pickup Blues so we can discuss who needs it most”. Funnily enough, that’s really close to what I want to say:


  1)Designate one looter: Since NWN Has no way of making loot go right into the bag of a master looter, or in a round robin fashion, its probably best to just designate one person to do it, and hope they are good at math and have a lot of weight reduction bags and/or can carry a lot.  

  2) Don’t Leave the Looter Behind: They are doing a service to YOU , the rest of the party, and therefore it’s not really nice to leave them behind. They could have a really bad directional sense, get ambushed by a spawn, or simply loose out on the XP The rest of the party receives while going forward. It won’t slow you down that much to wait for the looter.
  3) Save Discussing Loot for the End: And pay attention to the task(s) at hand
  4) Need Before Greed: When rolling, if someone or more than one person needs the item more than you do, I think it is only fair to let them roll for it. Of course, it may not be in your character’s nature but sometimes this can impend on the fun of others. If no one needs it , feel free to roll for it.
  5) Do Not Roll To Sell!: Don’t roll on an item just to sell it unless no one , even in the slightest, needs it or could put it to better use. It does a disservice to the rest of the party to just turn around and sell something someone else was going to use. If you do plan on selling it if no one needed the item, make your intentions clear and discuss it with your party. Sometimes its only right for the gold from the sale to be divided and sometimes its just the luck of the role..

PS: Refer to:
LORE: Handling of Loot
  ~That’s really All I had to say. Thanks.
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Portal Suggestion
« on: July 29, 2007, 06:30:32 pm »
Suggestion:  When the new version comes live and/or when Central and east are brought together,  I suggest a portal to be placed in Fort Miritix (or the one further up, Last Hope?..or both) To lead to Arnax. This portal, because of its higher level will assume more in the way of loot gained and pocket expend ages and should cost more than the standard 300. My suggestion is 1000. These portals will be one way.

Its not fair for fighters that wizards teleport off and the rest can cast invisibility and get back safely. There was another forum that cited this I just don't remember what. Often times fighters would be stranded waiting for another group to pass by or otherwise resorting to the OOC of hopping on an alt or finding another way to contact someone for help.

Edit: Fighters being melee classes without spell casting.
Edit II: This is assuming enough things stay the same to warrent this.
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General Discussion / A Friendly Reminder
« on: June 12, 2007, 12:43:10 pm »
This shouldn’t have to be said, but I’ll say it anyway since it sometimes doesn’t seem to be heeded. Please refrain from drawing monsters into towns if you can help it, lest it have unseen consequences.

Today I found out my horse that was parked safely behind my house in Haven was killed, not by an ogre which would be somewhat understandable, those things sometimes respawn and follow without you seeing, but by a cockatrice from more than one area over.
              I realize sometimes people don’t realize they’re being followed. Nothing you can do about this, however I still feel that this request is warranted at least as a friendly reminder :)
              I would appreciate it if the person that did so came forward and confessed, at least in an OOC Fashion (in which I will promise not to give Rhynn the knowledge, I am no metagamer and if your character does not wish to come forward I will not force him her her.) But don’t really expect anything.
  [FONT="]            This is just a respectful reminder. Please keep your eyes on the game and try not to lure monsters into town. Thank you.[/FONT]
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General Discussion / A Request for Consistency
« on: May 13, 2007, 08:55:58 pm »
First of all I want to state primarily that I mean no harm by this post. I am simply stating my opinion, which you are free to agree or disagree with at your digression. Just please, do not chastise me for having the opinion that I do, because it is unlikely to change in that manor. If you disagree by all means discuss.

            The reason for this post, finally being posted comes up with another recent one on Shadowdancers and what they are and are not allowed to accomplish in accordance with the way they are done in standard D&D. The second thing I want to state is I have little ground knowledge of D&D Besides what I learned while studying third sources to better my rp and understanding of Layonara.

 For just over a year I’ve been rping here and most of that time I’d like to think of myself as very active in quests spanning most if not all of the GM team. During this time I’ve seen many things done by players, and attempted many things my self. Most of these things needed GM support to happen. They were not hard coded into the NWN mechanics and therefore were made to happen by GM intervention at best and purely rped at 'worse’.

            During this time, I’ve seen spells and abilities that classes should , by D&D rules possess done, and others turned down by GMs. For example, Dream speaking, Gaes/Quest, etc. are different in Layonara then they are in D&D.

 A Recent post by Dorg stated that D&D Rules are not technically Layonara rules. Just because it’s a class standard or a spell standard in D&D does not mean it is in Layonara.

 That’s fine.

 What is less fine is when a character can do something on one quest only to find that the exact same thing is impossible or not to be done in Layonara by the decision of another GM on another quest.

 So , humbly, my request is a bit of consistency, and perhaps some ground rules. The playerbase doesn’t, as far as I know, realize its limits. Some of them believe their limits are what NWN gives them and that’s not nessecearily true. Conversely some believe D&D 3.5 rules spells abilities etc are their limits, and that’s not always correct either.

 So I ask for perhaps some ground rules. “This this and this” can be done “this this and this” can’t, that would remain static for quests from one GM to the next.

 I realize what I’m asking would take the GM team, or atleast Leanthar, EdtheKet, etc.  to sit down and that’s extra time that lots of people do not possess. I also realize this just sets Even more rules and regulations to a game that is ruled and regulated enough. I just think it would be beneficial to the player base to know what they can and can not do, so that they are 1) Confident in their actions on quests and off 2) Do not feel slighted when their characters are told they cannot do something on one quest that worked perfectly fine on another and 3) Know the limits of their characters power.

 Thank you for listening, and considering. I hope this did not come off as insulting as it was not my intention.

 Feel free to discuss.

With Respect,

General Discussion / Wizard's Convention -- A Thanks
« on: March 18, 2007, 05:49:41 pm »
Thanks To everyone that showed up for the convention I think It went really well, I know I learned a lot about the game both rp and with battle tactics. I want to thank everyone that was there.


With a Special thanks to the following for giving Presentations:

Lin'da for her presentation on battle tactics
Dur'Thak for his on combining spells with swords
Malor for his scroll advertisements

And a Thanks to Tristan for helping Rhynn along with the organization!

Its the turn out and quality RP that REALLY makes me happy to put these things together. Thanks all! It was fun Hope it can happen again! If I forgot your name I'm terribly sorry!
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General Discussion / Thank You Eight-Bit!
« on: March 15, 2007, 01:57:12 am »
Yeah this is largely cliche and overdone but I just want to Thank 8bit for the awesome CDQ. Seriously I couldn't have wished for more. I'm glad I told you to "Go Nuts" On this one ;) It was amazing!
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Introduce Yourself / Obligatory Introduction Thinggy
« on: March 12, 2007, 07:34:38 am »
Well Hey, This looks fun so I suppose I’ll write a little blurb up to.



Anyway, My name is Jessica, Lynn Juniper is a pen name from my middle name and the street I was born on, in case you’d like to know. I’m 18 as of last December and a freshmen (urg) in college studying Journalism as my major. I enjoy writing (anything really) editing ( I try not to do it unless asked), Reading/being read to (yes I’m childish in that aspect) , and hmm...Video games!

Well I started the whole RPG thing with Final Fantasy and liked those a whole lot up until around the time I got my first computer, then I decided to give MMORPGs a try at the prodding of a friend and downloaded Ragnarok Online. Well that was fun for a little while at least, in a cute little way. All the while I participated heavily in Text based rping with a small group of friends that would write 20 page posts in a round creating the story as we went along. Meanwhile NWN sits in a dusty corner of my room until one day around a year ago I decide to pick It up because I’ve heard of people using it to make their own RP worlds. I clicked on some random “NWN Prestige World Top 100” List, found Layonara , clicked and joined. And well, Here I am.

Well, I guess I should say that I’m online quite often and am always around to answer any questions the best I can. My main character, unless you don’t know already, is Rhynn, and if you don’t know her yet you will. A lot of people love her, a lot of people hate her. But I have lots of fun with her and hope that my RP experience with you, fun times, or conflict, is enjoyable. See you in game!

EDIT:  Fear the blurriness of my crappy camera.
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