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Ask A Gamemaster / Pre-warning for exotic characters.
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:48:59 am »
Hello All,Some folks in the Discord channel were asking about exotic races. So I'm going to open them up sometime next week (sorry, I won't know what days until Sunday of this weekend). I thought I'd give you a little heads up in case you wanted to get a little pre-research going or poke your favorite GM about some ideas if you need to pre-bounce ideas to get ready. Please don't post them until I post in the CA forums that they submissions are open. I'll post the open and close times, my goal is to have that up by Sunday evening (USA Central time).Hope everyone has been having a lovely end of the year,~row
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General Discussion / NWPAD Details! (New Players Look Here!)
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:06:03 pm »

Hello to the World!

Welcome to Layonara’s Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Days (NWPAD) event! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to check us out!

Layonara has a long and rich history, as we have been up and going nearly since NWN went live! We are a quiet little community these days but we’re happy to have you here! If you are here to collect the token, you’ll find it not far from the spawn point for new characters. We do hope you’ll stay and check us out!

Some important details if you hang out with us:

First, we have our own set of custom HAKs. These can be downloaded here: ( There is also a custom TLK file available from the same page. This needs to be placed in the “tlk” folder within your NWN installation. Instructions on where to place these files are located on the same page.

Second, we will only be running our events until the 16th of July, at 7am Pacific/9am Central/10am Eastern/3pm BST/10pm China Standard Time/(July 17th)12amAEST.

Also, we are normally password-guarded to help keep our immersion intact, as we are a Roleplay server. We’ve suspended our usual level of immersion for the event, because there is A LOT of lore to read over and we’d rather you just jump in and hang out with us, to be completely honest! If you like us, do feel free to read up and stick around! What does our suspension mean? Here’s the breakdown:


  • We usually require character applications before you can play. However…

    • You don’t have to apply during the NWPAD period.

    • If you want to stay, we will ask that you create a forum account and notify us (or apply) within 30 days of the event’s closure that you intend to do so. Otherwise your character will be purged to help keep our data managed.

    • If you need any help our really awesome community is happy to help. Please just get in touch in one of the various ways to ask:

      • Post on the forums (you’ll have to register to do that, sorry!)

      • Pop in to our IRC server. You can jump in here, no registration needed, just a web browser. It may look empty but don’t worry! We have a bot that feeds your text into our Discord server.

      • You can get to us via Discord by request! Register with us on the forums and let us know your interest and we’ll drop you an invite!

  • Our usual RP standards are put on pause for this event. We still request that you have a character personality in mind (even if it’s just a mirror of your own!) and engage with everyone in character (IC). Some of you, we’re sure, are pros at this. Just in case of new folks or people unfamiliar with Roleplay, we’re ready to help out. Our forums have a wealth of information on RP but our players are happy to help as well. Just mark your messages in game with a // to let us know your messages are out of character (OOC). Regulars here might send you tells with helpful information on where to find stuff on our website as it’s pretty big. We’re just really excited for you to be here and would love for you to stick around and learn more.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY! Even though our RP and Character Applications are suspended for the duration of the event, we ask that you follow the other rules of our server. You can find them here. We have young children that play here from time to time and your language should reflect that at all times! No cussing and no adult content. We don’t want to be killjoys but we support our minors and their guardians who hang out here. (You might say we’re a little bit protective of them, as a lot of us here are parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.)

    • If YOU have any problems, please contact our GM staff ASAP. We are trying to guard against any troubles with our temporary password but we’ve had some crazy stuff sneak in before even with password protect.

    • If you need to contact us, you can ask for help by posting on the forums, via IRC, or certainly also our Discord Server. Additionally you can send Dorganath, myself(Rowana) or Acacea via private message (PM) if you need to reach someone privately for some reason. The three of us usually get a notification when we get a PM. If the issue is urgent, a PM including the three of us is best to make sure one of us can get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading all of this! Our temporary password for play is: nwpad

Looking forward to seeing you on the server!!

~The Team at Layonara

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Layonara Server / Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Event
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:06:40 pm »

Greetings all!Now that the dates are final for the Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Days (hereafter NWPAD), we are planning the server’s participation as well! Yay!The event itself runs from July 10th to July 25th. We encourage you guys to go check out the other participating servers. They have some neat little prizes and things you can do (for funsies of course!). I believe there’s going to be some postings (probably linked to from here) to tell you about all the places you can go.

Layonara will be hosting a 7-ish day event during that time period when folks from other places can come check us out. This is how that’s going to work:

  • We’re going to open up the server with a temporary password that is open to the public. (Sorry to anyone using auto dialers!)

  • No character applications will be necessary for the duration of our event. This includes you guys! If you want to just do some kinda fun thing for a couple of days, please feel free.

  • While no applications are necessary, we will purge the characters created in this time frame UNLESS, you a) state the intentions to apply in the character apps or b) apply in the character apps within 30 days of the closure of our event. For those only stating intentions, it needs to be done in 30 days, barring some special circumstances, in which case, PLEASE let us know ASAP.

  • There will be a post specific to the server explorers who might come check us out posted on the forums with the rules of engagement for our portion of the event. Please, please help new folks find that post so that they understand what is happening. Most of them will have found it for the password but we don’t want anyone who plays here to lose their character that they might want to keep and stick around for a while if they don’t see the details.

  • During this period, we will be having a non-canon period. This means, the RP that happens in this time frame doesn’t necessarily count. It frees the new folks from having to read up on lore, it frees you guys of having to worry about how to ICly react when someone introduces themselves as an apprentice of Drizzt/Elminster/Powerpuff Girls/A Rat Named Splinter etc. Just roll with it, though you’re welcome to offer lore information (in the form of where to go read up if they are interested, not the corrective/possibly finger wagging kind of way) via tell if you like. We’ll put out a few more details on this when we make the open post. It is pretty much like it sounds, though please still plan on using IC dialogs and // for OOC stuff.

  • LASTLY! There will be a funsie little collection item that we will be providing. It’s going to be located in the starting area, and you are welcome to grab one if you are participating in the event between servers etc. It’s part of an overall collection that goes between all the servers participating in the NWPAD event.


We are going to try to run some non-canon events during this time. Right now that’s not nailed down due to the time frame not having been sorted out until just recently. We would also love it if people would coordinate their own player events and post them on the calendar so folks can plan when they might want to jump in and play here. If you can hurry and get them on the calendar we will link to them on our post to the public when that goes up!

We hope everyone has fun! If you have any helpful suggestions for the event or questions about our part in it, please feel free to post below!



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Dragon Retribution / Rumor Mill - Location: Hurm
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:56:05 am »

Despite the seriousness of the tragedy, the bar is more packed than ever. Few people are drinking but most people are talking. The price of drink has gone up and not as many people are earning a wage of any kind. People still gather and the talk is grim.Many fret about family and loved ones. Some have an eye to the rest of what is going on.“Ey’ heard some grifters were sellin’ so-called-cures te Jonsey, or tryin te.”“Sellin’ te Jonsey? Rough… they get wha’was comin?”“Aye… Right an left. He ain’t let go of how his wee lass died off in th’ night wif a so-called-cure te help her on.”“*grunts lightly and shakes his head* Ye get what ye ask fer.”  

//part 1, but feel free to respond to this or other items.

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General Discussion / General Note of Apology and Catch Up
« on: February 08, 2017, 12:04:55 am »
Hey all,I just wanted to offer a general apology for the slow down of the Dragon Retribution plot line. As some of you are aware already, we've had a pretty bad time here over the winter. Every time I thought people were getting well again and I was ready to tackle stuff, someone would get sick with something else. It's been pretty awful. I would say one of the worst winters, health wise, in the history of our not-so-little family.Dorg is working on helping me get you all caught up so that we can get that plot moving a long again. Unfortunately, some people are still sick (including me) so I can't make any promises to how soon that's going to happen. I just mostly wanted to let everyone know openly what's going on and let you all know that it's not about a lack of desire or anything like that. Trust me, I'm feeling 'eternally' frustrated that it's still held up. We had wanted to transition the plot line long before the holiday but health has just been such a major factor.So thanks all for your understanding and continued patience. I hope that we'll be moving this along at something reasonable soon. Keep your fingers crossed.~row

Dragon Retribution / Location Thread: Liwich Castle
« on: October 05, 2016, 01:12:52 am »
//This thread tracks the goings on in Liwich Castle. There are no PCs present at the start of this thread. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Liwich Castle. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Liwich's people are rough, rowdy but often rock solid. The flamboyant leader is no different. She directs the city's efforts, having made allowance for the assistive presence of the Rofirienites. Like other locations, they have set up a number of neighborhood clinics. Somewhat better staged to withstand an assault, Liwich Castle has started out with a decent level of supplies and organization. However since the city is on a veritable lock down, little information is getting in or out of the castle at present.
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Dragon Retribution / Location Thread: Wymere
« on: October 05, 2016, 01:13:14 am »
//This thread tracks the goings on in Wymere. At the start of this thread Daniella is present. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Wymere. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Wymere, the 'other' port town of Liwich, has been hit hard by the plague known as the Wasting Death. Rofirienites have set up with neighborhood clinics throughout the town. A promonient Torantite has recently appeared and has joined in the effort to contain the spread. Despite this, resources are already stretched thin.The townspeople are frustrated and angry. Fights have begun to break out between locals on a farely regular basis.
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Dragon Retribution / Location Thread: Bitterridge
« on: October 05, 2016, 01:13:39 am »
//This thread tracks the goings on in Bitterridge. At the start of this thread Daniel Benjamin and Lana are within the town. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Bitterridge. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Bitterridge, the trade town at the crossroads of Liwich and Boyer, is engulfed by the Wasting Death, much like the other towns and cities of Liwich. With it's borders locked down, the life blood of the city has all but come to a chilling halt. Rofrienites have set up neighborhood clinics to attempt to contain the spread but their resources are already spread quite thin. The mood of the place is defeated already, having gone from disbelief of what was to come, to something low and consigned to what will probably consume them all.
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Dragon Retribution / Location Thread: Hurm
« on: October 05, 2016, 01:14:04 am »
//This thread tracks the goings on in Hurm. At the start of this thread Jennara and Acacea are within the walls and Vrebel is near by. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Hurm. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Hurm has been engulfed in a plague, believed to be the product of the Black Plague, known as the Wasting Death. Rofirienites have set up neighborhood clincs throughout the city in an effort to contain the outbreak. Most recently some Aeridintes have come to assist with apparent cures that aid only the least afflicted. People are transitioning from disbelief and incredulity to angry. Prior to the plague outbreak, names of those allegedly responsible were called out and many city folk are blaming openly those names. Reportedly the Regent himself has sworn an oath to destroy those responsible.
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Hello all,In an effort to make this experimental quest-by-post as smooth a process as possible and make sure all sides understand the expectations and obligations we are posting this guide. This is an evolving set of guides that may change at any time. We would like to eventually establish an accepted norm out of what is developed here, if possible. Please do check back here before making new posts in the case of new or updated thread so that we may all remain on the same page. Guide for the Dragon Retaliation quest threads:GM obligations:*Row and/or Dorg will do their best to post advancement of events every Wednesday or Saturday. If you have actions you wish to have considered for the update, please post by the evening before each day (so Tuesday evening and Friday evening). We will do our best to accommodate actions posted prior to those times, but if we cannot (perhaps we didn’t see your post till the next day and GM work had already been done for the posting), we will be able to catch your efforts in the next pass or in an individual response thread as we have time.*Private requests for information will be dealt with as soon as possible. If there will be some delay in response for some reason (largely affected by RL here) we will post a response letting you know approximately when to expect the next response. Priority will be given to problematic situations.*NPC interactions will be dealt with as soon as we are able. It would be ideal to have those dealt with outside of the threads via PM or an IRC appointment, if possible before posting. We understand this is not always possible and will do our best.*We will attempt to give an idea of tracked time in each Wed/Sat update to help players keep track of the passage of time. Player Obligations:*Players will each consider their own lore based power level (as opposed to mechanical) when writing their posts/actions. We would like to keep the story flowing as much as possible without having to stop movements for mechanical skill checks (though we will certainly do that as much as necessary). The exception to this is if crafting skills are involved. We will adhere tightly to character’s actual crafting level or quest given crafting abilities. Please don’t indicate working on Mithril shields if you are still mechanically working in the lower spectrums.*As an aside about crafting: GMs will not concern the quest with actual in-game resource availabity except as necessitated by quest (such as an item related to the quest) or unless the items in question are considered rare/top tear. I.E. No churning out platinum emerald rings for everyone unless the resources are actually available to the character doing the crafting. Secondly, items of lower tier nature will just be always assumed a successful creation (such as if someone wanted to craft blankets for the cause. GMs and player will simply come up with a realistic amount of blankets crafted in a certain time period). If the player wishes to spend the time IG to do this, and donate them IG, this is perfectly fine and for larger scale donations this would be preferable but not mandated.*All posts should halt at direct NPC interactions to allow GMs to respond as soon as possible. Conversations or actions needed by NPCs necessitate GM interaction. You are very welcome to contact us prior to your post and work out the details. PM or IRC is fine, though allow for delays as we often are doing our GMing from RL work environments.*No overt post bumping. Again, if we don’t respond to an action, it may just have been missed due to our work period vs your time of post and we will respond in our next loop of responses. If you feel this is not the case, please do contact us privately. Again PM or IRC work best.*Players can post combined posts (such as conversations between two or more characters) so long as the approval from included players is given. If any conversations or actions are force emoted we will ask the player in question to walk it back (at the request of the inconvenienced player). If you need to request an action/conversation be walked back, please contact us privately rather than posting in the RP threads. We will take care of it as soon as possible, including editing player posts to keep confusion to a minimum. End notes:Please remember that this is a work in progress (WIP) and we may adjust as time goes on to compensate for issues that arise. GMs will do our best to keep players apprised in this thread of any updates to the guide. If all goes well, we will be running a second, related quest set with similar guides.As mentioned in the previous post on this matter, characters will be rewarded with IG exp/fortune etc as appropriate.~row (with Dorg)
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Dragon Retribution / Welcome to the Dragon Retribution forums.
« on: October 05, 2016, 12:49:35 am »

Dragon Retribution is a mini campaign triggered by player actions. What is within this forum will contain the experiment of quest-by-post for this mini campaign. It is -possible- that more than one quest run may occur, depending on how the experiment goes.Please treat this forum like a quest. Anything OOC should be addressed in usual OOC methods, denoted by a // or by taking the issue outside of this forum to Ask A GM or PM or whatever is appropriate.Dragon Retribution will take place mostly in locations. As such the GMs will create locations and characters should indicate what location they are at, the details of their arrival and departures as necessary and of course what they do while there. The main point of location threads is to assist the GMs and Players in keeping track of who is where and what events are going on in those threads.Please do ask questions if necessary, again the Ask A GM or PM is preferred. Announcements regarding method changes or event changes will be here in the stuck threads as necessary.~row (with Dorg) *Edited to add the relevant threads from outside this forum leading up to this point*
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The fervor and fears following the supposed dragon attack fades off after a week. In the lack of anything concerning happening in Hurm, Wymere, Redferns, Bitterridge or Liwich Castle leaves many decrying the supposed threat of The Black Plague. Some begin even begin to speculate that whatever magic had happened with the Great Reallignemnt of Stars had neutered the power of The Black Plague. A great sigh of relief is had when a second week of relative ‘silence’ passes. 

(Part One)

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Layonara Server / Dragon Caution and Choices
« on: July 30, 2016, 02:16:24 pm »

Hello one and all,It has been made known to us IC and OOC that there are a number of people killing dragons of late. As many of you probably know, it’s being kind of chatted about IC and OOC, and likely (I’m guessing) there's a little stressing out because of a certain incident with the Black Plague and what that means for everyone involved.We can all appreciate the need for interaction and challenge, doing things that are a bit off-the-path, especially with the lack of quests on the calendars in the more recent times. However, I feel compelled to point out that killing dragons does not come without consequence. I know, fundamentally, you all know that. It is important for you to think very, very hard about that right now, about the balance of your fun time spent here and the “reality” of the IC events of the world.We (Dorganath and I) just recently got approved for the events that will be following the recent killing (but not permadeath) of The Black Plague. The events are beginning in full very soon. Those folks who were involved know something is coming as there was a GM with them pretty much every step of the way.There was not a GM involved with the killing of the others and we’re giving the people involved the option to walk that back and say it was just an OOC thing “for funsies”. If you do not choose this option, consequences will follow. We do NOT want to come off like we are targeting/persecuting people but the killing of dragons have ALWAYS brought to bear consequences, particularly since the defeat of Sinthar Bloodstone. (Remember, dragons have allies too, so retribution is not always a direct set of circumstances)If you as players want to take your characters to take on dragons for the fun of the challenge or even for the difficulty of the journey there, that's fine. Keep your high-fives on the forums and in tells or any other medium that is not IC. No consequences will occur, no grudges will be held. Have fun! However, if you want to keep that dragon-killing encounter in your IC tally sheet, particularly if you want to become known as (or just brag about being) a “dragon slayer”, be prepared. Bloodstone’s death wasn’t that long ago and all that he has wrought is still quite fresh on the minds of the long lived creatures. Wars have begun that way, and dragons really do not have a sense of humor.In some ways, this is very similar to some places we used to have in-game that were marked as plot areas. People were allowed to go in, look around even fight the things that existed there, but the two conditions were 1) nothing that happened there “counted” in any IC way, and 2) if you died and lost soul strands, it was all on you.If anyone wants suggestions on how to reconcile going to have some fun confronting dragons with what we're talking about above, or if there are questions about what we mean by this, just ask! It would not be our first choice to kick off the Second Dragon War, but if enough of you want to play in that sandbox we can certainly oblige.So, with all that in mind, knowing that we’re about to execute one set of consequences already (which cannot be averted), please make your choice so we can begin writing up any necessary pre-approval requests and get these balls rolling. Are you folks ready or even interested in the idea of having the very long lived and grudge-holding dragons as well as their varied allied supporters waging a war to defend themselves from the aggressive adventurers (and all the innocent folks who get in the way)?~row (with Dorg)
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Rumour Has It / Swampy Rumors and Ill situations...
« on: July 13, 2016, 12:06:34 am »
An opened letter is brought to the Regent of Hurm and delivered with trembling fingers. The Regent’s aging features twist in annoyance at the interruption. He snatches the letter off of the tray and glares at the servant then turns to read the note. His eyes trace over the words, then reads over a second time as his face turns red. He crumbles the note in his hand and throws it at the servant.

“GET ME MY GENERAL!” He rages at the servant, who only too happily flees the room.
----------------------------The Council in Leringard is brought to into regular session at their “secret” location. Business is conducted as usual, though they address a recent letter. C1: “Well I for one don’t believe it. Surely it’s a joke...”C2: “I do not believe we can take such warnings as a joke, Sir.”C1: “*Laughs* But it is a joke, is it not?”C3: “I concur, I can’t believe anyone could be serious about such a warning. The Black Plague indeed.”C4: “Gentlemen, I believe that we should give an ear to such a warning. No action is necessary until proof is given, but what harm is a little preparedness?”C1: “Is that your mystical wisdom, witch?” C2: “Now that’s uncalled for. Besides, her words are wise, regardless of your opinion of her Goddess.”C1: “*snorts lightly*”C3: “Perhaps we shall adjourn and take this information under advisement.”

Reus is brought a stack of letters and reports and goes through them one at a time. At one he pauses and sighs heavily. He goes over the wording a few times and then sets the letter down. “Wonderful,” he mutters to himself, “As if this city isn’t blighted enough.”
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Just for Fun / Coming This Summer -- Playable Legendary Characters
« on: April 02, 2016, 02:06:33 am »
Have you ever wondered what Moraken is really like? Have you ever wondered why Xora is so feared and respected? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the might and power of Sinthar Bloodstone?Wonder no longer.We are pleased to announce that this summer we will be releasing the first batch of our Playable Legendary Characters (PLCs). This is something we've been quietly working on for a while now, and the time has come to give you a bit of a preview. Please note this list is what we're intending to have available, though this list could change by the time summer rolls around:
  • Play as Moraken, Xora, Bloodstone, Queen Allurial, Xandrial, Drezneb, Eon or Milara
  • Will not impact your maximum character count; play as many as you want.
  • Play these characters as currently designed, with all abilities, equipment, resistances and immunities
  • Freely usable for all purposes: RP, questing, adventuring, crafting, etc.
  • Level-up your PLCs as high as Level 60
  • Special, unique abilities unlocked at level 40 and every 5 levels thereafter
  • Unique "pets" and/or summons for each PLC
  • Immunity to Soul Strand loss
  • Private bindstones/spawn points
  • Usable/destructible Bloodpools
  • "Strategic Recall" device, which can be used to escape combat or other deadly situation
  • Includes instanced "lair" (similar to player housing) which can be customized plus 100 free placeables included
  • Includes full "domain" of each Legendary Character (i.e. Milara's hordes of Unliving, Eon's golems, etc.), freely usable on quests or with other GM interaction (direct spawning planned for a later release)
  • Lay siege to towns and cities.
  • Terrorize other characters (PvP rules suspended for and against PLCs, though griefing rules still apply)
  • Introduction of "bane" weapons/items, to which a specific PLC is vulnerable (i.e. the Shadow Blade which was used to destroy Bloodstone)
This will be available to all players.In the future, we hope to expand this offering somewhat. Some of our plans include options to play as Molvaren, Black Wizard Grand Master (yet to be named), Jaedon Siphe, Cyn Chen, Rainstorff, Lord Rael and various other well-known figures. Though we'll be a little more selective about this, we're looking into the feasibility of opening up the heads of the various religious faiths. However, as these NPCs have not even been created in the toolset, there's still some balancing and other considerations to be made.That's it for now!
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Please see for more information.
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General Discussion / Announcing New GM
« on: February 29, 2016, 11:05:35 am »
Hello everyone!We wanted to make this overdue announcement to welcome Teo to the GM Team. He's been working pretty diligently over the last month to learn the tools and processes. We know some of you have gotten the chance to experience and/or train him as a GM. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the process.Anyway, please everyone greet the latest addition to the GM team and start getting ready for the ensuing trauma!Thanks for stepping up to help the community out Teo!~row (on behalf of the GM team)

General Discussion / Plot Item Disbursement - part two
« on: December 09, 2015, 09:35:41 pm »
Hey all,Just wanted to direct your attention to this event for the handful or so of you who have not yet recieved your material plot rewards. Our apologies that it has taken us sooo long to get another one of these on the calendar. It's been beyond crazy for both Dorg and I the last few months.As always, thanks for your patience and see some of you there we hope!~rowp.s. if that date isn't going to work, feel free to post something because I'm trying to get something set up for the last week of Dec.
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Layonara Server / Plot News - September 26th 2015
« on: September 26, 2015, 03:47:44 pm »
Hello Everyone!The GM Team just wanted to touch base with you regarding Plot progressing and the like. While we are not completely done tying off the previous plot, we are already hard at work on the next one. We would like to see it started November sometime but at this time we do not have a schedule in place. We're mostly writing to let you know that something is in the works though, there are hints and shadows already happening IG.Holding the anticipation over your heads.....~GM Team~

General Discussion / GM Team Soliciting Some Assistance
« on: September 23, 2015, 02:56:54 pm »
As you well know, the GM team is currently stretched a little thin. We are in the process of updating and fixing bad or missing information in LORE. This is important to keep the world current and relevant... especially for new players.If any of you have the time or inclination we could use your help in finding things that need to be worked on. (A hundred eyes are better than just a few) This will assist greatly in cataloging what needs to be addressed and will assist in prioritizing our efforts.Perhaps we need to discuss making this a contest to see who can find the most issues?? ;-)Please use this thread to respond and post in the following format: Title of the page or subjectWeb page addressShort description of what needs to be fixed Thanks,-Rave

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