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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: May 11, 2019, 09:46:53 pm »
Sapeli Tuuli purchased 2 Iron Scimitars at 1000Tr each for a total of 2,000Tr
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General Discussion / For a friend...
« on: November 20, 2012, 06:25:12 am »
[SIZE=48]Happy Birthday Hellblazer!!![/SIZE][/B]
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General Discussion / Another annual marker to note
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:34:53 am »
A happy birthday to ya lonnarin!  [SIZE=10](this messge has been approved by the self-confidence otter)[/SIZE]
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Just for Fun / Behold the Awesome Glory of the Common Loon!
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:38:02 pm »
Common Loon II (by FMRachel, 6 April 2012)

NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Town Criers & World Leaders Idea
« on: March 23, 2012, 11:44:40 am »
After reading a recent thread that was attempting to incite WL's to more activity in the world, I had an idea.  Yes, dangerous, I know!  But here it is...
Since we already know that LORE can display the the location a PC was most recently active in, why not add a function to Town Criers that automaticly spits out a string of text something like,
"The world-renowned -insert WL character name here- was last seen in the area of -insert area name here-.  -Insert short update of current political situations in the afore-named area here (which could be kept in a seperate DM alterable database perhaps)-.  What -insert WL character name here- was doing there remains a topic of dispute and mystery."
Obviously the magenta colored bit might be too much to add and upkeep, but it would add some flavour and help keep other PC's informed of political developments that they reasonably should be aware of and give them ideas of what they might be able to get involved with themselves, through quests or PMing DM's, or WL's, etc.
If such a function were added to Town Criers, there might also be a function added to the WL tools/widgets that allows them to set how detailed the reporting of their position would be, such as setting it to report everywhere they go, only the cities they visit, or to be turned off entirely to go incognito when they have reason to for their own quests/activities.
Further, I'm sure we wouldn't want real-time reporting of where WL's are, but perhaps the database the Town Criers draw their messages from could be updated once a RL day, just as LORE itself (normally) updates once a day.
If, as I've heard discussed, the DM's are being given authority over seperate regions of the world, it would be their responsibility to keep the entries for the text that would appear in the magenta colored bit up to date.  Editing the entries as events occured, or situations in the region change.
Maybe such a system can't be done though.  I'm still not as knowledgeable about what can be accomplished with NWscript and the Aurora Toolset, and other tools for modding NWN as I'd like to be.  Or maybe it would be simply too much trouble to implement and upkeep from the Team's point of view.  In any case, it's an idea I had, and I think it would benefit the world and enhance some systems already in play if it can be and is later implemented.
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General Discussion / Party forming in Fort Vehl...
« on: February 27, 2012, 07:37:04 pm »
For lower level characters in the 8-16 level range preferably, a party is preparing to set out from Fort Vehl to the Dragon Isles.  Estimated departure time is in about 15-30 minutes from this post.
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Okay...  Was reading another thread just a minute ago and part of the discussion was about how some new items wouldn't be added due to an already over-stuffed item palette and it got me thinking of possible solutions that might be easy to implement to relieve some of that item palette crowding.
 The most obvious was of course to look at 'flavor' items that are otherwise useless and lacking of value.  This would include removing things like the Stone Club or Rusty Red Light Dagger, which have penalties that make them undesirable for use by even starting characters.  However, I kind of like the flavor they add to the game-world with the descriptions they posess.
 So, then I thought, why not yank out all those different individual Material Spell Components and replace them with tiered Material Component Bags with a limitted number of uses (charges) each?  Here's what I mean (and it would require some re-scripting of the spells I'm sure), but each spell-level would have one of these Material Component Bags with say 100 uses, set at increasing prices for each higher level at the magic vendors.  Any spell of level 1 that required a material component would use 1 charge from it's associated component bag when cast, rather than this bit of twisted leather, or that bit of bat guano, or whatever.  Any spell of level 2 uses a charge from a Level 2 bag, etc.  Alternatively, there could just be one bag for each three levels of spells (matching the tiers of the Eschew Materials feats), and higher level spells within a tier would simply use more charges.  So, in the first example a level 1 spell uses one charge from a tier 1 bag, a level 2 spell uses 2 charges, and a level 3 spells uses 3 (or 4) charges.  Then at 4th level spells you'd use 1 charge from a tier 2 bag, and so on.  You now have a platform for an additional gold-sink system (yes, casters, feel free to grumble if you like, but we all know those spells you cast at higher levels give you serious gold-earning advantage over non-casters when soloing.  So it adds some balance, I think.), and another bonus to mages is that they don't have to scrounge the world over for sometimes hard to find materials.  Heck, if you wanted you could still set up the system so it only affected lower level spells, and retain the current material component requirements for spells of level 7 and up, but you wouldn't have the benefit of removing quite as many items from the palette that way.  The Eschew Materials feats would still retain their value also, since they would free casters from the need to buy component bags, and thus also the need to carry said bags (which might have a suggested weight of 2 - 5 lbs. each).
 Anyhow, it's an idea, and I'm sure there'll be other reasons than I've listed here as to why it can't or won't be implemented, but in my opinion at this moment it's still a good idea.    All constructive feedback, whether positive or negative, is welcomed.  However, let's avoid any heated flames, shall we?  ;)
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General Discussion / We're looking for you Hellblazer...
« on: November 20, 2011, 07:22:10 pm »
[SIZE=48]To wish you a Happy Birthday![/SIZE]
 I hope it's been a good one for you, friend!
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General Discussion / Wishes for...
« on: September 24, 2011, 04:56:07 pm »
[SIZE=32]A Very Happy Birthday to EdTheKet![/SIZE]
 From myself and likely the rest of the Layonara community as well.
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Development Journals and Discussion / Emwonk T'noduoy - Emception
« on: August 22, 2011, 10:55:01 am »
Mar 12, 1486
 Emwonk paced the floor in the common area near the fireplace in the Silverbuckle Inn.  A miniature lightning storm flashed and crackled about his person as he waited anxiously for Sister Bernice to arrive.  This would be the day she would begin treating him, and he still had doubts about her nature, and whether she may or may not serve the Wardens in all actuallity.  Elohanna sat nearby reassuring him that Sister Bernice would arrive soon and could indeed be trusted.  Perhaps he was simply fearful of what might be hidden in the depths of his own mind that had caused him to become as he was now.  He needed clarity and control though, this he knew above all the turmoil going on within himself.
 The woman, Sister Bernice, arrived.  As before she was of frigid personality, and detached, refering to Emwonk as "the subject" even in his very pressence.  It irritated him that she seemed to think of him as mothing more than ... what?  An object?  A sick animal needing tending?  A puzzle to be worked out and forgotten when finished?  It seemed the woman chose her words and actions precisely not only to provoke Emwonk, but Andrew as well, and perhaps even Elohanna.  As Andrew helped get things set up in a room upstairs, the woman even asked him to bring -his- favorite red chair from downstairs for herself to sit in.
 Then there was the blue and white pill with a "D" upon its surface that she'd given Emwonk.  He couldn't help but wonder if the "D" wasn't there as a provocation of paranoia from the woman who'd once hunted him and called herself Destiny.  Yet he took the pill anyway, as Bernice had claimed it was a sedative to help him reach the relaxed state he'd need to be in for treatment, and he couldn't tell otherwise after his brief inspection.
 They receeded to the room he'd be treated in, the four of them together.  Himself, Andrew, Elohanna, and the stern woman Sister Bernice, whom Emwonk thought lacked any iota of bedside manner.  The sedative pill hadn't been enough to effect Emwonk much to her surprise, especially given his diminutive size even in comparison to other Halflings.  Perhaps his special qualities interfeared with it in some way?  Perhaps it was simply all the roiling emotions and tension he had within himself about all of this so called treatment about to take place.  In any case, because the pill hadn't done the trick, Sister Bernice produced a vial of a blue liquid that Emwonk knew to be much more potent to the point that he questioned the safety of it.  It didn't help that because of the blue color it reminded him of the "Bad Soup" the Wardens had forced upon him years ago, though that had glown blue and had felt like liquid ice going down.  This concoction merely made Emwonk go nearly limp and sink into the bed upon which he lay.
 He saw a butterfly fluttering it's way around the room on velvet wings as his mind drifted further into numbness.  Then he could hear Sister Bernice talking in a near chant-like voice telling him to go back to his childhood.  Again and again, and again her voice intoned and seemed to get more distant, yet no less audible.  Darkness crept in from all directions until Emwonk lost sight of the room around him, his friends, and even the butterfly.
 He stood then near a river, or stream.  A young Halfling girl came running towards him.  He noticed he seemed young again himself.  What was this place?  Was it a memory?  He didn't know, and everything felt so strange.  The girl spoke, presumeably to himself.
 "Dante!," the girl skipped toward himself and then stopped to giggle as Emwonk looked around in confusion at her, and his new surroundings.
 "Current, unidentified entity...," he greeted her, but something about the words didn't seem right.  "Umm... nikki," he added.
 The girl seemed amused and responded.  "Dante!," she laughed, "What the heck are you babbling about!  I've been looking all over for you!"
 Who was this person?  He decided to ask her, "Who are you?"
 "Betti, you dope!  You know... your sister.  What the heck is wrong with you?"
 The name didn't ring any bells to him, for all intents she was still a stranger, but he answered, "I... don't know?"
 "Mom was right, maybe you are losing it!," Betti giggled and began floating a small fireball in her hand playfully.
 "Losing what?," Emwonk replied, his mind still clogged with confusion by the whole of it.  "Mom?," he asked, not remembering his mother, and wanting to know more.
 Bettie looked at him with a hint of exasperation, "Oh brother," she laughed again, "Come on the people will be here soon!  From the special school!"
 He paused to think in the moment about this new information, but still nothing struck him as familiar.  "What school?," He asked Betti curiously.
 "The one for the gifted kids.  The ones like us!," she paused only to take a breath and continued, "I'm so excited!"  She truly did look exuberant, and bounced on her toes with barely controlled energy.
 Emwonk thought about it all for another minute while Betti waited on him, perhaps too distracted by the fire she played with to even wonder what took him so long.  Nothing was familiar.  He felt he had to find out more and decided to start with his location.  "I don't know where I am," Emwonk stated plainly to Betti.
 For a moment Betti regarded him with curiosity, as though wondering if he were sincere, or merely playing a game with her.  Finally she pronounced, "What do you mean?  We're right here, near the village!"
 It wasn't good enough, he wanted to know something more specific.  A name for the place, he needed to know.  He asked, "Which village?"
 There was a sudden flash of light, and he felt as though he'd been kicked in the head by a mule.  He blinked his eyes shut hard reflexively and clutched at his head.  When the pain subsided as quickly as it had come he opened his eyes once more to find he was elsewhere.
 It was dark, and wet.  He stood chest deep in water covered with a layer of green scum.  Twisted trees grew up out of the mirk in all directions.  To one side he could see a patch of relatively dry ground, and on it a large ring of mushrooms.
 After his tongue rambled off it's initial questionings of "What?," "Where am I now?," and "Betti?  Where are you?", he paused a moment and regarded the patch of mushrooms.  He began slogging toward them numbly, "Mushrooms..."
 Just as he reached the edge of the mushroom-ring there was another flash of light and sudden pain in his head.  The sharp stabbing of it nearly caused him to crumple this time.  "Aah!," he shouted from the pain.  Yet he kept his feet under him after all and opened his eyes to yet another new place.
 He stood on the grilling of a metal walk-way.  Below him the distance was obscured by a bed of thick fog.  Other walkways, some bent and twisted as though torn apart by some gargantuan beast stretched off into the distance in an almost labyrinthine way.
 "Hello? Anyone here?," he questioned the twisted metal walkways and the fog all around, "Where am I?"  There was only silence, eerie, and devoid of any sound at all aside from the faint echoes of his own voice and perhaps the static sounds of condensation dripping off the metal and falling to somewhere far below.  "Helllooo?," he called out again and waited.
 There was another bright flash, and knife-in-the-head pain, but then when he next opened his eyes he was back in the room upstairs in the Silverbuckle.  Andrew sat asleep, Bernice watched and scribbled, bent toward him observantly, and Elohanna smiled down at him as though a burden had been lifted from her mind.  Emwonk's own stomach rumbled protest at being left empty overly long in it's opinion.  After finishing with rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Emwonk patted the complaining tummy with one hand while he looked around in continued confusion.  The room almost seemed like a dream itself still, and the fog in his mind wasn't clearing as quickly as he'd have liked if he'd been more alert to notice it.
 Andrew hadn't quite been asleep after all, or the rumble from Emwonk's belly might've woken him, because he asked if Emwonk were hungry.  Emwonk merely pointed to his pack laying in the corner and nodded.  Once Andrew set the pack onto the bed within his reach he fished out some dried fish and a canteen and began to nibble and sip.
 Elohanna and Bernice both continued to watch him and Bernice asked whether he was alright.  Maybe she wasn't all bad after all, he began to think.  She instructed him he could remove the bandage from his arm if he liked, and then asked questions about what he could remember of his dream-state.  Emwonk still groggy from the experience explained what he could.  Andrew seemed to think the name Dante fit Emwonk well, and seemed pleased.  Elohanna was surprised to hear he had a sister, and Sister Bernice was pleased with all the detail he could describe, stating that she thought his progress for this first session was "a success" and even smiled as she offered to help him continue to really dig deeper into his mind.
 Emwonk himself remained doubtful that any of what he'd just experienced would help him gain control of his mind, but he knew he needed to continue to know for certain.  Focus on the goal in mind, he readilly agreed to see this journey onward.
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Quest Title: Who Took My Cheese??
 Quest Run Date: 6 August, 2011
 Quest DM: Ravemore
 A respectable Halfling woman, Riesaleah Nash of the Wisefoot Trading Company, goes missing in Mariner's Hold. As Emwonk and others dig deeper they find that not only has this one person gone missing, but 37 or more other persons have dissappeared recently, mostly from among the city's poor and destitute.  At first, members of the rival merchant company, Crimwell & Sons, are suspected.  Chief among the suspects at Crimwell & Sons is another Halfling by name of Blanyard, though after an interview with him Andrew believes the fellow too smitten with Riesaleah and worried for her to have been her abductor.  Then a local tax collector, Braile Norsem, becomes a suspect. After Pimpernell Greentoe has a face to fang encounter with a large rodent-like creature in the docks district it soon becomes clear that the root of the problem is a local gang known as the Rat Pack who are also were-rats. An expedition into one of their hideouts is organized by the group of do-gooders which included Emwonk, Andrew William Reid, Aesthir Stargazer, Buddy Tenker, Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir, Fleur, and Katelyn Poetr. During the course of the raid Emwonk dies (again!) and is raized by Aesthir, and the missing Halfling woman is rescued and many were-rats and gang-members are killed.  It is also uncovered that the Rat Pack gang was actually running an extortion scheme against Crimwell & Sons, and that the tax collector (Braile Norsem) and his brother (Hansel Norsem) were the leaders of the gang.  It is believed Hansel Norsem was one of the many were-rats slain in the raid, however Braile Norsem remains unaccounted for.  Several more gang dens remain throughout the city, and more were-rats may remain at large.
 Related Links:
 Mariner's Hold - Missing Person
 Quest Rewards & Character Developments:
  • Emwonk and the party collected cash in the amount of about 1,124 (* still pending additional reward money) Trues each from looting, and rewards posted by Wisefoot Trading and the Silverbuckle Inn.
  • Emwonk earned a +1 Gather Information bonus to rolls dealing with Gang Activity in Mariner's Hold. See the quote below.
Quote from: Ravemore via PM
Good job yesterday. The following is formal notification of some long term results for Emwonk resulting from the quest:
Emwonk has gained some insight into gangs, their structures, and how they operate through his investigations. Any future gather information rolls he makes in regards to gang activity in Mariner's Hold will be given a +1 with no expiration.
Feel free to incorporate this into future RP and development for your character.
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Fixed Bugs / Housing Bug - 173 Blackford
« on: April 22, 2011, 10:09:59 pm »
Okay... Now I totally didn't expect this to happen.  Within the last few weeks I sold the house (173 Blackford Castle) that my character Amgine had owned using the in-game option to put it back on the market.  Tonight, out of curiosity I checked the availability of the house with the Housing Vendor in Leringard and saw that it was available.  I went through the purchase dialogues, expecting to be told I didn't have the funds to buy the home, but instead it was sold to me for exactly nothing.  Not a single True.
 I guess you could say Emwonk found the house abandoned and became a squatter!
 Obviously this is a bug.  When someone can get around to it, please fix it so that the house goes back on the market at it's proper pricing (which I believe was originally 65,000 True before Amgine made his own renovations to the home).
 Even though I don't play here much at all anymore, I still don't wish to be banned for exploiting the system or anything, which is of course why I'm posting here about what happened.  Honesty is the best policy, even if Emwonk wouldn't agree from an in-character point of view.  ;)
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Ask A Gamemaster / Questions About Paladin: Sense Evil
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:06:05 am »
Firstly, let me state that since I'm posting here in the "Ask A Gamemaster" section it means I'm seeking only answers and input from those members of the community who are in fact active Gamemasters.
 Secondly, I'd like to make it clear I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, nor get anyone in trouble, nor ask for a ret-con of any events that have already occurred in-game. I am simply seeking statements to clarify how a certain ability should be used and handled for future reference, to help better the community by hopefully eliminating some potential misunderstandings. I will use a specific recent in-game occurance as an example, but not to point fingers or anything like that.
 Now to address the heart of the matter. I'll start by explaining a recent in-game situation. On a quest there was a rather evil-acting child NPC who was the sole survivor of a camp of presumeably evil persons. In the group of PC's was a paladin, as well as a Nuetral Evil character, and of course a number of various other characters. The paladin at one point questioned via Tell the intent the Nuetral Evil character had toward the presumeably evil NPC child when the NE PC was offering to 'find the child a home'. This was explained to be a use of the paladin ability to Sense Evil.
 Admittedly, I should have answered the Tell with a simple "yes" or "no" answer at that point, but felt I wanted to explain my character's intent somewhat instead. So, when asked if my PC's intent was evil I answered via Tell something along the lines of, "not unless you count wanting to sell the child into slavery as being evil." Taken out of the context of the PC's motivations behind such thoughts most would agree that's definitely an evil intent. I intended to explain further that the NE PC reasoned the child would be given a home, and taught discipline, respect and humility (qualities the child aparently lacked entirely) and have his most basic needs cared for, with the additional motive that the NE PC would make some good True from the transaction herself. I don't recall if I had the opportunity to follow up the first tell with that explaination though as the quest moved on and my focus became more centered on what was going on. Anyway, I feel in the eyes of the NE PC the intent would not have been thought of as evil and my simple answer should have been "no".
 I learned from a conversation with the paladin's player a few days later that the paladin no longer wished anything to do with my NE PC because of the evil she sensed on the quest. Fair enough, in my opinion, logical RP extention of the situation. However, what surprised me was that the other played had relayed my response to the DM to ask for a ruling, and the DM ruled the intent was evil without taking a moment to confirm directly with me the motivations of my character. I suggested to the paladin's player that for future Sense Evil checks they might go to the DM as a mediary and have the DM contact the other players of characters whose intents are being questioned and have the answers relayed that way. Another surprise, the paladin's player informed me they had been told by the DM that players should ask other players directly (as had been done) rather than go through the DM.
 In summary, I guess I'm trying to say that it makes more sense to me for such abilities to be routed through the DM (in situations where DM's are available) for the following reasons:
 1) It might help to avoid the feeling that "because a player knows my PC is of Evil alignment they're only using their paladin ability on my PC." Sort of an 'alignment profiling' metagaming effect.
 2) The DM gains insight on the thoughts and motivations of characters which would be useful in determining the awarding of alignment points, and in support of alignment based judgements for character development as a whole.
 Lastly, when I looked up the Paladin class in LORE, there is no mention of the Paladin Sense Evil ability. I would suggest a LORE page be added to explain the proper use of the ability and its extents and limitations.
 Some other questions about the ability that come to mind which might need to be explained on such a LORE page:
 Is the Sense Evil ability targeted, meaning useable on specific individuals one at a time? Or, is it a ranged area of effect, meaning the paladin senses Evil (or not) from all persons within a certain range, leaving no one's intents un-checked within that range?
 Must the ability be focused upon or 'activated'? Or, is it automatic, in effect at all times?
 Is the ability limitted to sensing only the present intent of an individual, meaning it only gives feedback on the target(s) current state of mind? Or, is it based on the overall alignment of the target(s), meaning that an evil character is detected as such, regardless if their current intents are not evil?
 How is the alignment of an intent determined to be good or evil? Is it based on the actual result that acting on the intent would have, rather than the reasoning or justification behind the act? Is it based on severity of ill-will, meaning a character might intend only to cuss at another person (an evil act, even though it has little meaningful effect, does not cause physical harm) and thus would return a 'positive' result on the Sense Evil check? Or must the target intend actual physical harm to someone?
 If the ability to Sense Evil is automatic, always active, and based on present intent wouldn't the paladin sense evil from almost every PC and NPC they encounter at some point?
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Just for Fun / Still A Fan
« on: April 29, 2010, 10:19:17 pm »
I don't know how many other folks here have checked out the link in Hellblazer's signature to his music on Youtube, but I wanted to let good ol' HB know I was checking it out myself tonight, and that I'm still a fan of his tunes.  If you haven't checked it out, you might give it a listen...  Hope HB doesn't mind me posting a link here.
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Fixed Bugs / Spell Description: Ultravision - FIXED
« on: October 28, 2009, 01:03:22 pm »
[SIZE=16]Bug Report - Spell Description Error:  Ultravision

In the LORE description of the Ultravision spell, Sorceror is not listed as a class the spell is available to.

Location: LORE:  Ultravision

Verified: Yep, see this thread, for discussion and confirmation.
Reproducable: Yes, just look at the LORE page using the link above.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Spell availability - Ultravision
« on: October 22, 2009, 09:01:47 am »
Just curious after recently leveling up Emwonk I discovered that Ultravision isn't available to Sorcerors, but it is for Wizards (and many other classes of casters).  So, after thinking over whether to bother or not, I've finally decided to go ahead and ask, why isn't Ultravision available to Sorcerors?
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It seems like it's once again time to address a commonly recurring issue that could be avoided if all players knew what was expected of them from the start and applied common sense to their role-play time in-game.
 In the past week I've reminded several (new?) players through tells that they really ought not to be going through town in animal/monster forms because:
 1) The NPC's in those towns likely wouldn't be able to tell they were actually people and not whatever beastie they look like and thus would react in a hostile manner to defend their town if they could be repressented properly in-game to do so.
 2) Layonara is supposed to be a relatively low-magic world, where people who can shift forms or polymorph (as well as summon familiars, 'tame' animal companions, or conjure summoned beings, and any other magic ability) are not altogether common, again adding to the potential of a hostile reaction from NPC commoners.
 So, that said, here's my idea: Why not add a "Common Sense in Using Polymorph, Shifting, and Summons, Familiars, and Animal Companions Statement" to the character application and approval process that works much like the Dogma Statements required for Clerics/Paladin? These statements could (and in my opinion at this point -should-) be required for players who wish to play Druids, Shifters, Rangers, Wizards, or Sorcerors.
 Statement 1 - "I have read the rules and acknowledge that common sense dictates my character should not be in shifted or polymorphed form while within a civilized area such as a town, outpost, city or fort, with the exception of events involving DM interaction and supervision, and I agree to follow this common sense rule while playing my character."
 Statement 2 - "I have read the rules and acknowledge that common sense dictates my character should not be accompanied by a creature (summons, familiar, or animal companion) that by its appearance would be considered threateneing by NPC's living in a town, outpost, city, or fort that I am within or about to enter and I will dismiss such creatures before entering such a settled/civilized area when I play my character. The exception being during a DM supervised event such as a quest or impromptu."
 Statement 3 - "I acknowledge that even during a DM supervised event, I should expect NPC's controlled by the DM(s) to react accordingly to the pressence of myself in shifted or polymorphed forms, or to any of my summons, familiars, or animal companions."
 My feeling is that if players are confronted with these common sense rules before they enter the world, they'll be more likely to follow them once in play, and thus preserve the feel of immersion in the world of Layonara for themselves, and everyone else.
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[SIZE=32]Valanca and the Art Thief[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=18]Chapter One[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Janra the 24th of the year 1378 seemed to start much like any other day since I'd left home so far behind in Hlint. I found myself within the walls of the rather seedy port-city of Fort Vehl. Rain came down in sheets from the grey and turbulent looking clouds above, and ten-foot swells battered themselves against the dockside shores. Perhaps Mist was perturbed at one sailor or another whose ship set anchored in the bay. It wouldn't be the first time, Mist being a goddess of fickle temper as She is. I didn't mind the rain, for the sky in all it's states seemed a beauty to behold to my eyes as far back as I can recall.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I entered the crypts of Fort Vehl to test myself against the hosts of undead resident to the dank, dark burial chambers beneath the coastal city. Only Ilsare knew perhaps what fate I would encounter that day. Yet I, in my ignorance of the events forthcoming, strode boldly deeper. Okay, so maybe the unusual absence of the hosts of undead I just mentioned made me a little uneasy, like the calm before a storm, but I still went deeper.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]In the next room I found the remains of a single skeleton, and bent a moment to pluck the remaining knuckle-bone from an otherwise shattered hand. I pocketed it in one practiced move of my hand to the pouch hung form my belt, saving the valuable reagent for use later in a potion that might heal wounds, should Ilsare give her inspired blessing to me to create such an elixir.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]At last I stepped into one of the larger chambers in time to see a figure encircled with a ring of fire, and wielding a flaming sword. Blow after blow the fiery figure struck against the skeletons clamoring around him, sending broken and charred bones scattering in all directions. As the last of them fell before the figure whose visage seemed in my eyes to burn like that of a demon lord from the deepest pits, or at least how I imagine one might look, an empty-eyed skull came clattering across the cobblestone floor to rest a hands-breadth from my feet. For a moment the chamber became silent as the tomb it was meant to be as the imposing figure turned to regard me.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]In a voice calm and collected, strong and certain, he spoke, "What a nice surprise." [/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Even though I could see his stance relax, and that he likely meant no harm to me, I confess my fingers trembled where they clung to bow-grip and arrow-shaft knocked against taut string. This was an adventurer before me, and no one to be trifled with.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]With what strength of will I could muster and praying I didn't sound at all as frightened as I truly was I answered with false bravado, "With all that fire about you, one might believe you to be a demon risen to cause torment."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]In response his hearty laugh broke forth, bringing to me at once relief and perhaps a touch of admiration, and then again touched my ears in tiny echoes having played itself across the far walls of the chamber and returned once more. He followed the laughter up with friendly, mirthful banter, saying, "No demon here...but I appreciate the comparison!" He paused to consider me again for another moment and continued, "You look out of place...a forest maybe better suited?"[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]My thoughts were in a flurry inside my head on how best to answer this fellow, who had now sheathed the flaming sword, when after what seemed was too long to me, but was only the space of half a breath, I said in return, "Mhmm...well, as long as your wrath is upon the undead and not good people like myself, I wish you the best of luck." Then my mind caught up with his second statement. "Forest? Why do you say that?," I asked.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I thought I could detect a hint of mockery in his next words, but perhaps that's just my imagination, but he replied, "The bow...and your casual seem better placed near a big oak."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Now it was I who could not help but to laugh. My own familiar laughter, a cheery sound not unlike the wind-chimes caught in an early evening gust. Okay, perhaps I try to make it sound better than it really does, but can you blame a girl for trying? In any case, after laughing I responded thus, "Well I doubt that! Perhaps a quiet shrine to Ilsare though."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]It was at that moment the circle of flames about the mysterious adventurer suddenly evaporated away, leaving us in only the light of torches hung from the chamber walls. "Woops! There goes my demonism," he said jokingly, and then continued only a tiny bit more seriously, "I hunt the mighty skeleton knuckle. There are many in these parts."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Now more at ease with the fellow I decided to at once tease him and reward him for making himself less threatening to me. "Ah, well you missed one back in the second chamber," I told him as I stepped forward to close the distance between us.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]He seemed surprised, "I did?"[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Yes. The skeleton lay on the floor in pieces... knuckle still attached," I said as I handed him the knuckle just withdrawn from my belt-pouch.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]His tone was grateful, and maybe respect for my honesty laced it as well, "I see...then I do have a weakness. Oversight."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Or haste," I smiled as I looked at him now face to face, and for the first time noticed the unusual blue-green coloring of his hair. It was plain he was Elven as I was from his stature and slightly pointed ears, but that hair was a curiosity to me. Was he of Sea-Elven descent? I didn't know, and wouldn't ask.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Yes that too," he went on, "Add it to the list I imagine. I am Tralek...mighty skeleton hunter." After saying that he made a bow as though the situation of the introduction required such formality .[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Still wary of this relative stranger and obvious adventurer, a type of person I had been taught to avoid or at least mistrust most of my life, I pondered whether to give my own name and decided to hold off for now. "Well, you're welcome to the knuckle, it was your err... kill," I said, hoping to divert his asking me who I might be.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Tralek merely said, "I thank you," but there was something about the way he said it that tickled me somehow inside my heart for just a moment. I, of course repressed the feeling, such bothersome flutters of velvety butterfly wings had brought me more heartache in the past than I cared to chance receiving again. He continued, "More enchating oils for me."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Aha. So that's what you use them for," I feigned ignorance of my full knowledge of the uses of skeleton knuckles. I'm not sure why, but perhaps it was to aid my internal parries against those niggling butterflies. It seemed to work.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]He studied my bow for a moment, I could tell from the way his eyes flicked to it for the briefest of scrutiny. He asked me, "Yes....what kind of bow is that?"[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]The question caught me off guard only a tiny bit, but enough to cause me pause to answer, "A simple longbow. Made of hickory." I regarded him before me, so close I could feel his breath distinguishable from the other currents of air moving in the crypt. Those velvet wings tickled inside me again, and I almost felt my feet begin to tip-toe to raise my eyes level with his own, but I resisted, and they didn't. I took a step or two back instead.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Tralek either didn't notice, or deftly ignored my movement without showing he did so, "You make it?"[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]My tongue wagged almost of its own accord, and I wondered why I should be telling this stranger such a detail, but I did anyhow, "No, this one was a gift from my mother and father."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Perhaps he caught my discomfort, as next he said disarmingly, "Now that's what I call a nice gift...I hate when they give clothes."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"It's seen many years of use, though, so I'm considering buying one made of oak," I heard myself drone on rather distractedly. It was then I heard movement from behind, and Tralek seemed to notice at the same time. We turned to regard the newcomer in unison.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Well hello there," I offered in friendly sounding greeting after realizing the new presence wasn't another undead out to kill us.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Almost at the same time Tralek said, "Hello."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I was nervous again, but tried to hide it with an amused tone as I spoke, "It seems we have company, Tralek, Mighty Skeleton Hunter."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]The man who had come upon us, standing there dressed in grey robes that hid much of his form, answered, "Oh! Hello! Never saw you there. Are you going there?" With that he looked back the way he had come, toward the hallway that would lead back to the entrance to the crypts. Something about his posture, tone and eyes suggested that something back that way was causing him to be quite nervous.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Hmmm...back out...not quite yet," Tralek answered as he looked the man over.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]The grey-robed person seemed to understand our purpose in the crypts. Quickly he stammered out, "Skeleton hunters, eh? Well you likely have nothing to fear! Yes! Good luck in all your hunting...I had better be going!" He began to move past us, deeper into the crypts.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I tried to ask him, "Is there something wrong?"[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]At the same time Tralek told the fellow, "The bowmaster here and I are going deeper."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]The grey-robed man paused briefly to reply, "Ah, I see." He paused to look deeper into the dark corridors that lead to the bowels of the crypts then looked back, "Further eh? Well I wont disturb you...or the skeletons." The last three words came out quietly, as if not meant for us but for himself.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Tralek rebutted the man, "You do not disturb."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I'd looked back to Tralek and waited for a chance to interject, feeling a bit perturbed that he had presumed to speak for me about going further into the crypts, "Well... I hadn't so much as said I was going further in.."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Tralek didn't even look back to me as he said, "Where'd he go?" I could hear his own confusion and dismay in his voice.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I looked for the grey-robed fellow myself and saw that indeed he was no longer within sight. I reasoned he might've been a mage, and shrugged as I answered Tralek, "Maybe a spell of invisibility?"[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"I can see past that...," he answered me, still at a loss, "He vanished."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]"Oh. Can't some mages do that though? Teleport?," I thought out loud, [/SIZE][SIZE=16]rather at a loss myself. My thoughts were interrupted as yet another presence came from the tunnels leading back to the entrance.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]A new, unfamiliar, but distinguished voice began, "Okay...Ah! Got yourself a friend, eh?" There was the slightest pause before the new man's voice resumed, "One with a bow too."[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I whirled about to face the source of this second interruption who followed so closely on the heels of the first...[/SIZE]
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Trade and Market Hall / Lanif Glass & Crystal
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Amgine Lanif, of Lanif Glass & Crystal, is proud to offer for sale the following:
 ----- Currently Offered Goods Listing -----
 Glass Ingots - 65T each
 Crystal Rod I - 450T each
 Crystal Rod II - 950T each
 Crystal Rod III - 1600 each
 Other 'Tinkered' goods may be available via special orders, contact Amgine Lanif in person.
 Additionally, those needing a supply of glass or crystal products to further their own business may consider contracting for short or long-term material support. Interested parties may post a notice here, or write to Amgine Lanif at:
 173 Blackford Castle
 Kingdom of Trelania, Mistone
 [SIZE=32]Long-term Contracting Suspended Until Further Notice[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=18]----- Current Contracts -----[/SIZE]
 Mulnari Chest 1 - Omer - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Mulnair Chest 2 - Omer - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Mulnari Chest 3 - Omer - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Tunar Chest 1 - Stygian Achnuman - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Tunar Chest 2 - Stygian Achnuman - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Tunar Chest 3 - Open
 Wedlar Chest 1 - Open
 Wedlar Chest 2 - Open
 Wedlar Chest 3 - Open
 Threas Chest 1 - Open
 Threas Chest 2 - Omer - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Threas Chest 3 - Omer - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Freas Chest 1 - Stygian Achnuman - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Freas Chest 2 - Stygian Achnuman - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 Freas Chest 3 - Stygian Achnuman - 36 Glass Ingots/week at 2300 Trues
 [SIZE=24]----- New Business Operations Guidelines -----[/SIZE]
 Lanif Glass & Crystal is making some slight alterartions to our business operations that will further enhance service to our customers! As always our facilities are open all hours. Customers are welcome to visit the facilities any time so long as they follow the guidelines listed below.
 General Sales
 General sales products are found in any chest or display case that is labeled with a per unit price. As such, these products, when in-stock, are available for purchase by any customer at the rates posted on the chest or display case. Customers may simply leave payment for goods purchased in the same container from which the goods came. Generally, Lanif Glass & Crystal will try to provide glass and crystal products in the General Sales containers when time and resources are available after fulfilling our contracted orders for a given day.
 Customers will notice chests marked with the days of the week (in the Common tongue) as well as with names of individuals and a number. Currently there are 3 chests for each week-day. Do NOT take product or Trues from any of these chests unless your name is the name on the chest. Doing so will result in criminal charges of theft or business damages, even if you think you've left adequate payment for goods taken from those chests. These chests are placed and filled specificly to meet the needs of our Contract Customers who are listed above in the Current Contracts section. Contracted customers are instructed to remove product from their chests and leave payment in them just as if they were purchasing from the General Orders chests. In order to be able to serve a greater number of customers, and due to increasing demand for our products and limitted ability to keep up with demand, Lanif Glass & Crystal is now imposing a limit of 5 weekly contract chests per customer.
 Incomming Sand & Coal
 Lanif Glass & Crystal has several chests set up to receive sand and coal from those wishing to earn Trues through honest work. However, due to limitted space in our shop, we cannot buy more of these goods than we can use in a short timespan.
 If you're interested in becomming a provider of sand or coal for Lanif Glass & Crystal, here's how it works. Simply come to our shop and check the chests marked for Incomming goods of the type you're providing. If there is True in one of these chests it means we are currently accepting additional materials of that type at the rate posted on the chest. All you have to do next is place your goods in the chest, and remove the amount of True proportionate to the amount of goods delivered.
 Generally Lanif Glass & Crystal offers 28 Trues for each Bag of Sand, and 50 Trues for each Lump of Coal delivered. Since these offers may fluctuate, suppliers should always go by the rate posted on the Incomming goods chests.
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