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Those bloody dwarve's put me up into the the thick of things. All that training has paid off and those giants didn't stand a chance!

Lets go get some fire opals they would be fun they said. Gum said he was gonna go lure one of the weaker ones away fromteh pack...which he did...then Van said there ya go and shoved me face first into it!

Gum was no better, cheering me on saying go get em!

Well..I got him...flipped him on his back like a turtle and finished him off with a quick whack of my hammer. The rest of the fight got messy as his horde came charging after us but they were no match for the 3 of us.

Terrified out of my wits, but I kept my head and we had the day.

Afterwards...Van supplied plenty of ale to celebrate. I hate hangovers.
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Please also add:

CHaracter: Nate
Player name: Hellblazer

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its seems the hoffs and ke koa have not been added to the basher forum.

Vanderfall Bloodbath- Bill199 (?)

Gumbo Lumbo- David199

ke'koa holyaxe- ke koa

they are saying they dont have access currently.  please add them tothe orc basher forum
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I was thinking that the Spellsword class would benefit from the addition of the Combat Casting feat upon taking the class.

Since they train to learn to be  able to cast while wearing armors, part of that same training would be the casting spells under the duress of combat.

As one trains to become a SS part of the training would naturally include combat casting. During my toons training, it was part of the RP for her development and as a SS trainer she has RP'd it for those under her tutelage. Even for those journalling and RPing on their own to get the class (due to lack of GMs for cdqs), I would think it would be part of their development for the class.

I don't think this would overpower or unbalance the class. It would just removes the -4 concentration penalty to casting in the middle of a fight. They still have to add concentration points on their own when they level.

If it is approved, my recommendation would be to give it at Lvl 1 or 2 of the class.
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I was wondering if the Ranger class would be able to craft poisons?

My argument would be that hunters/ rangers would have knowledge in their training since they live off the land and use it resources for survival and hunting. Hunters in various cultures have learned to use various poison for the use of hunting throughout history. 

Using poison and learning  it would not necessarily be alignment specific, its use would be which would be RP dependent and should have alignment costs.

Just an idea
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So those bloody dwarves met me in center the other day and we went a bit of a trainer. I aint no fronter! Get my arse handed to me and the boys got a good laugh. Still, we survived and i held my own.

I swear i will turn Van into an Elf if he keeps it up. :) progressing and starting to find my warriors footing.
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Several times a week have I been training with the dwarves. Recently they taught me how to trip my enemies nad knock them on their arses! Fascinating to see how the body can move something much larger than oneself with the proper movements.
More often than not when trying the maneuvers i end up tripping over my own feet, but i am beginning to understand my my own body movements. Moving from opponent to the next i still a challenge but i am getting it...

Using a staff and a spear...those were interesting...Gumbo showed me a neat trick about spearing a giant right where his legs make him like a lollipop and how to plant the spear so it catapults him like a rock skipping across the water. Very messy but very effective.
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*sweat droplets darken spots in her journal as she sits under a tree relaxing after along hard training...

Bah...shoveling sand is nothing compared to what those bloody dwarves put me through today. I forgot how tired one can feel after swinging an axe all day. Brings back memories of my days back at the temple.

Van is a tough taskmaster when he wants to be. To be fair, I did ask for it. He thought  he was gonna  be gentle with me, til I forced him to put the screws in by whacking him on the head! If I am to be a true battle mage of the quarter in training as no quarter will be given in a battle.

Gumbo was no better, though he was smart enough to start out giving me a good beating when I messed up. Didnt want to end up with me giving him a swat like I did to Van.

Still...these bruises are a good start and they are pretty good teachers in learning various tactics against different weapons.

*after putting her journal away, rubbing some linament on her joints and bruises, she finishes her beer and passes out from exhaustion.
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Date 4apr20

reproducable- apparently so

problem- permanent loss of character stats after relogging onto LAYO after dying and respawning.

Link to original and updated request for stast to be fixed originally postedin disputes/ grievances

Today was the second time it has happened. I posted screenshots to the bugs forum on discord showing her stat changes after resting  and upon relogging onto the server.  I did receive the notice that her soul was restored upon logging back onto the  server.

The same thing happened almost a month ago, when Abi was forcibly respawned. I logged off before being restored and upn relogging and resting i had lost 2-3 stat points. I didnt notice it until i looked athe stat bar nad saw my lvl 8 & 9 spells were missng. Took me a little bit to figure out i had lost several stat points across the board. I realized it was across the board as INT and Wis werent modified due to gear and she could no longer cast ranger spells, as her stats were too low.

Help me Orthy Dorg Kenobi  :)
Your my only hope
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: a room to let
« on: February 14, 2020, 11:38:31 am »
Mr Martlet,

The room is perfect for my needs. I appreciate your generosity, although if you need anything please let me know. So yes, I would like to let the room.

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please add ke'koa holyaxe (ke koa) to the orc basher forum
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Seeking Mithril Bastard Sword
« on: February 06, 2020, 09:11:34 pm »
Hi Dev,

Those are really expensive! But i would check with the angels guild outside of hempstead.

They also have their price sheet listed in the trade hall somewhere.

Im not sure if any of the other guild halls hhve what is required for you.

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General Discussion / Hak Paks for Layo
« on: January 23, 2020, 06:44:47 pm »
I was wondering if anyone had the current hak paks for Layo.
I want to try my hand at creating a remodel for the orc bashers shop and guild hall with the Layo haks.

I can give a link to a dropbox for upload if someone has the time to do it. I know the files are pretty large.
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please also add:

Vanderfall Bloodbath- Bill199 (?)

Gumbo Lumbo- David199
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General Discussion / Re: nwn no longer!
« on: January 10, 2020, 07:12:26 pm »
that did it.

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I purchased the scribble cloak from you. I deposited 3500 true in the chest by the door

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General Discussion / Re: The Deep- picking up where we left off
« on: September 09, 2019, 10:49:27 pm »
DId you guys ever get together to finish the trip?

Im back from my road trip and if everyone is still down there maybe we can figure this out yet.

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General Discussion / The Deep- picking up where we left off
« on: September 02, 2019, 02:35:15 pm »
HI Guys,

To all those who are still in the deep from yesterdays adventure...did we settle on a time to restart that trip? Since we are still down there. Thougthwe were gonna meet today sometime to finish.

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Purchased a
lvl 2 scroll of blindness/deafness

paid 250 in the chest

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General Discussion / Re: Cainforge trip
« on: August 29, 2019, 01:17:23 am »
I picked up all my share. Thanks guys!

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