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Introduce Yourself / G'day everyone!
« on: April 26, 2016, 10:51:24 pm »
G'day everyone!Hold on, I said that already.Hope everyone is well - just stopping by to say hello :)Glad to see some of the familiar names still popping up on the server status. Makes me tempted to pop my head back in to have Arkolio pick some pockets or Justice crack some skulls and then I remember .... oh no, I own an Apple and they made it all too hard to run Layo with intolerant operating systems and their partitions and wineskin workarounds  and other stuff I don't understand ...As such, I'll just have to be content sending my best wishes! Cheers, Pseudo 
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Rumour Has It / Wedding of the year?
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:01:18 am »
// Because I couldn't resist!

Rumours begin to circulate through Tyr-Song and Westerngate of the impending marriage between a notable figure in the city and his equally ardent betrothed.

[SIZE=18]Sir Maxamilian De'Lourney, Knight Captain of the Wyrm, Servant of Rofirein, Instructor of the Code to wed Rofireinite Protector and Rofireinite Emissary to Taur'en, Samantha Merritt[/SIZE]

It is believed that the Merritt family of Westerngate and the De'Lourney family of Tyr-Song are going to invite many of the poorest families between the two cities to a celebratory feast at the same time they celebrate with their own friends and guests to share the love and joy of the occassion.

Sounds like an expensive affair but a noble one! Best wishes to them both!
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General Discussion / Happy birthday Layo's hardest working GM
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:03:30 am »
To Dezza,

Old ... but still able to father children. I guess that's something.

Happy Birthday!
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General Discussion / Apologies
« on: September 18, 2011, 05:52:26 am »
Hey everyone,

I want to apologise for my relative inactivity on the quest calendar. I see my role as GM as 99.9% as that of quest provider and I have been below par in this role for the last few weeks.

Want to hear my excuse? Probably not, it's nothing too exciting anyway. Just work, work and more work. If people would just stop assaulting each other, selling drugs, stealing things and generally treat others as they themselves would want to be treated, I would have heaps more time to run quests!!

That said, I have one more week of work craziness before things return to normal and I hope I shall be able to run a scheduled open-to-all quest every week.



General Discussion / Happy Birthday Lonnarin!
« on: July 08, 2011, 04:16:47 am »
Happy Birthday Lonn!

A day of excess, drinking, wild revelry and general no-goodedness.

In other words, a typical Friday except, this time, you have an excuse!!


[SIZE=10]PS. I made the text orange colour, not to offend the eye, but cos it kinda looked beer-ish.[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / LFG - You're invited!
« on: June 16, 2011, 04:11:27 am »
It's one of those rare nights. Not working, Mrs Pseudo is out and little Pseudo-ettes into bed on time.

Arkolio (and I believe Alandric) will be around on central at about 8.00pm AEST (2 hours from this post). What will happen depends on the strength of the party gathered (Arkolio's meagre combat skills will not, of course, be factored into this reckoning).

[SIZE=10]NB. Any characters attending should be prepared to be belittled and ridiculed and have Ark take credit for any good work they do and be prepared to take the blame for anything that may go wrong. Likewise, characters should be prepared to hear Ark boast endlessly when he happens to wipe off the final 5 HPs of the enemy despite the fact that you accounted for the other 995 HPs. Also, characters attending might reasonably expect to have their names purposefully mispronounced, their manhood questioned (both versions of the noun) and their partners propositioned.

Female PCs will probably reasonably think the males got off easy.
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Forum Bugs / Donations Page
« on: May 31, 2011, 07:49:04 am »
I don't think the donations page is updating to reflect what is received versus what needs to be received to cover costs.

It is saying that currently donations are exceeding that balance which they need to be at to meet expenses - but I don't think the last month or two of expenses have been added to the cumulative total?

I, for one, am reminded that this virtual playground that is Layo in which I do indulge costs RL people RL money when the little thermometer over on the right hand side is not reading 'full'.
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Rumour Has It / A new arrival in Hlint
« on: January 30, 2011, 07:54:22 am »
*The Trelanian guard checks to see if anyone is approaching. Six hours into his shift and his back is aching under the weight of his plate armour. Finding the road largely empty, he leans his shield against the palisade wall for a moment and indulges in a long stretch. He cannot help but let out a stifled groan of pure pleasure.*

"Excuse me, Suh"

*The guard does not exactly jump a mile but does give a sufficient jerk that an observer could see where the common expression of 'jumps a mile' must surely come from. Snatching his shield back up, the guard resumes the stance of readiness he had diligently maintained for 5 hours and fifty-nine minutes. His momentary fatigue forgotten, the guard's gaze upon the newcomer is wary.*

"Hold traveler! You approach the township of Hlint. Have you not heard? The town is beset by plague."

*With the 'p' word he covertly makes the sign known to all peasant folk (and scoffed at by adventurer folk) to ward off evil/plague/misfortune/poor-weather and the like. Two other guards approach from their posts only yards away.*

"I know where I am. Are you saying you are denying entry to those who offer ... succor for those inside suffering?"

*A shake of the guard's head*

"I am not saying that. I'm telling you there's plague in there ..."

*looks up and down at the man's stained and rusted chain armour*

"... and you don't look like one of those Sisters who is in there looking after folks. What I am telling you is that you walk in there ... you aren't walking out again."

"I understand your warning. Yet, I'd still be goin' in, if I may."

*The guard gives a little shrug and exchanges a 'Get a load of this guy' look with his fellow guards.*

"Go right ahead, but check in with Sister Moonriver to see what ah ... you might be able to contribute."
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General Discussion / Merry Christmas!
« on: December 24, 2010, 04:57:09 pm »
Sure, it may only be something-PM where you are but it's 8:44am on December 25 where I am so ...


Hope everyone has a safe and happy day!
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General Discussion / Happy birthday Dezza
« on: November 27, 2010, 07:16:42 pm »
I thought I was getting old ... until I remembered you again become a year older than me today! Ha!
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Ask A Gamemaster / (Another) Bindstone question
« on: October 27, 2010, 05:32:42 pm »
All PCs are stonebound right?

I'm trying to determine how much my characters know of the process in an IC sense.

What do they feel when they initially bind?

What prompts them to do it (ie. in terms of commonly known lore)?

What might they be told by attending clergy if they go into a temple to bind? This last one, I understand different faiths might say different things to their followers, but is there anything about the process that is common to all faiths?

I read about how dangerous it is ... but is there any IC idea of how many who attempt to bind die during the process? I'd imagine such a risky process to be a pretty significant event in any PC's life yet, to be honest, i've never really given it a whole lot of thought before now. If it is a small margin that survive a very risky process, then sheesh, it is something that'd require more than a simple "I want to go adventuring and see the sights" type motivation to put oneself through the ordeal. I imagine it would require almost zealot-like devotion to something to undergo the process. If it is relatively safe, then why isn't every Tom, *edit* Mick and Harry doing it?

Maybe more related thoughts to follow. Maybe these questions prompt some of your own questions. Feel free to post in this thread. I'm not exclusionary. ;)

Many thanks!

PS. By 'Many thanks' I mean, big thank-yous to the GMs who might answer some of these questions, not I want 'Many thanks' .... that said, you're here now, so might as well.
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General Discussion / Happy birthday to the Master of Lore!
« on: September 23, 2010, 02:15:31 pm »
Een gelukkige verjaardag, wel gefeliciteerd Eduardo!

PS. I hope that translation website is reputable.
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General Discussion / Ideas
« on: September 01, 2010, 09:14:42 am »
Was just reading akata's post and Dorg's responses ... to be truthful, got me a little disheartened. One of Layo's longest serving players (and world leaders) obviously not happy about some things ... anyways, you can read that thread.

I really want to write a long, well-written post with lots of good ideas and an accurate, sensible summary of some of the thoughts that are in my head ... that said, I don't know where you guys get the time!

I was going to jump on tonight and had a peek at the server status .. again, only 2-3 characters on across both servers. I ended up watching TV and playing Bejewelled on Facebook. Unfortunately, that is becoming the preferred option more and more often - and it seems like not only for me?


I have my thoughts on the matter ... forgive me they aren't couched in loquacious (*nods to darkstorme*) paragraphs. Hopefully the gist is clear.

1. More scheduled quests please! I know GMs are doing it on a volunteer basis, I get it, I do. I did it for a couple of years and know sometimes you really can't be bothered or RL is busy or you'd rather jump on as a player ... but 2-3 a month is achievable, no? How can you incentivize the running of more quests for GMs? Give them XP for their chosen character for their time spent running quests? I certainly wouldn't begrudge a GM earning the same XP for one of their characters at the same rate my character does attending the quest they spend their time running. I don't know ... maybe others have got some ideas to encourage GMs to run quests?

2. Please change existing areas every now and again. Just a tweak, that's all I need. Does it take that long to shift a spawn two inches over? Add another goblin archer around the corner there, some warhounds with the hobgoblins there, a trap in the minotaur caves, a vampire in with the mummies, a treasure chest here, a carrion crawler there, whatever ... I contemplated making (another) new character the other day and had the thought if I have to run them through the same 100 areas that I have done literally hundreds of times previously with other characters I will seriously do myself in. I'd do it myself, honestly I would but ... *hugs his Mac*

3. Less rules, more fun! I have played here for over 4 years and I don't know the rules anymore. If people wanna make a goblin to join in on Lonn's gobbie night, go ahead! The will system and inter-character transfer of assets and house remodels and restricted classes and 4 CDQs to move from A to B and 2 CDQs to change from Y to Z ... I dunno, maybe it's just me but i'd rather play with 20 people, half of whom play as NG when their approved alignment is LG than play with one person who plays their alignment by the letter of the law. If someone is ridiculous with relaxed rules, kick em out ... but do the excesses and abuses of the past have to erect these impossible barriers for entry for new players?

4. More positions for characters! Ongoing responsibilities! Ability to change the world! I know this has been gone over numerous times elsewhere ... don't think there is an easy answer and I understand the lore books are to be released at some point and lore needed to be crystallized at some point and for various dramas lore has had to be re-written but it is a little demoralizing. I think Acacea has written about it elsewhere, all the challenges of the world are these new things that for whatever reason weren't a danger to everyone last week? WLDQs especially. I don't want to go into the ins and outs of all the WLDQs of the last few years but prior to Blood's fall the WLDQs run seemed to affect existing plots and people ... now it seems as if each WLDQ tackles a newly introduced foe so as to not affect existing lore? Fenrir's mithril-eating Balamti? Never heard of them prior to his WL. Daniella's unhappy God. Was it a concept that was created for her WLDQ? Alandric's child of chaos? Never read about him in lore. If other WLs agree, maybe this topic is better taken into the WL forum for dissection?

5. Re-attachment of DTs. Again, it's been spoken about to death elsewhere ... but again I keep coming back to how many of those players/characters now gone due to their character perming would have remained versus those people who remained because of the existing DT system? I'd put money down that the former is more numerous than the latter. Ark is on 9 tokens, if/when he loses No 10, there (most probably) goes yet another player.

Please read this as written from the perspective of a player who wants to get excited about Layo again. Do they read as criticisms? I don't mean them to be. Read them as from a player who wants to look at the server status of a night and jump on and go for a run with a dozen others on west or a different dozen on central.

Dorg, I don't need a response from you individually addressing these points, it's cool.

General Discussion / Happy Birthday!
« on: July 07, 2010, 09:31:36 pm »
To the self confessed love child of Vorax, Xeen and Aragen (no, don't ask me how that pretzel was made).

[SIZE=24]Happy birthday lonnarin![/SIZE]

[SIZE=10](NB. It's been the 8th for nearly 12 hours here)[/SIZE]
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Ask A Gamemaster / 18 GMs = one CDQ?
« on: April 14, 2010, 08:26:27 am »
18 quest GMs and one CDQ on the calendar for the remainder of the month??

Not complaining but the number of quests on the calendar was one of the big things that attracted me to Layo years ago. Can't help but think having only one CDQ (which is relevant to only a few PCs) on the calendar isn't going to entice many new (or old ones for that matter) players.

Is there something we can do, as players or characters, to help/assist the GM group?
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Rumour Has It / An ornate carriage (2) ...
« on: January 09, 2010, 11:18:49 pm »
[SIZE=13]An open carriage rolls slowly across the cobbled streets of Vehl's dock district. The driver, a lean man of middling years, his iron grey hair pulled back into a short, neat pony tail. A man not seen in public for many years.The flash and sparkle of diamond and emerald can be seen on a multitude of rings, necklace, armbands, belt, brooch, earring and more. The showy jewellery is in stark contrast to the two entirely plain and unadorned shortswords sheathed at his hip. Whispers first, then growing crowds follow the carriage's passing.

From the rear of the carriage, four maidens (fair of face and form) reach into a large chest and draw forth handfuls of shining gold. What is brighter, their gay laughter or the shimmer and shine of the Queen's true into outstretched arms, who can say?

A child, thin with hunger and despair is lifted up towards the man in the carriage. The child's small body is covered with bruises and open sores, the harsh signs of neglect and disease. The driver, his beneficent smile beaming forth, reaches down a hand towards the child and strokes his cheek. At his soft touch, miraculously the child's body glows with new health and vitality. The driver of the carriage presses a large gold coin into the boy's hand as the carriage rolls on and the boy is carried away in the arms of the gathered crowd.

"Arkolio has returned! Arkolio has returned!"


[SIZE=10]// 5,000 true taken from Arkolio by GM Dezza //[/SIZE]
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Rumour Has It / A balmy evening in Vehl ...
« on: January 01, 2010, 09:14:37 pm »
"Follow the cups ... keep yer eye on the cups Sir"

"Just one true ... pick the cup and double yer coin ... easy as that Sir it is"

*swish swish, fast moving hands*

"That's it Sir ... I'll go slow as you like, I like the look of you I do, Yessir"

*lifts one of the three upside-down cups to reveal a small nut*

[a conspiratorial whisper] "There you are Sir, thought I'd just give you another quick peek in case you’d lost it"

*swish swish, fast moving hands*

"Whenever you're ready now Sir ... pick your cup and double your money"


*cup overturned to reveal ... nothing*

"Aaaah, I really thought you had it then Sir ... kind of lost track of it myself I did. Better luck next time Sir ..."


Later in the evening.


"'Ello lads. I got your coin here I do. Of course I do. You can trust ol' Markay, safe as houses I is. Not a bad night it was in the end. Two coins fer ev'ry ten for you fine gentlemen. Here you is."

*a hand takes the offered coin purse. The flash of a red sleeve.*

"It feels light on Markay"

[injured tone]"Whaddya mean Sir? Fair as a judge I is, no way would I be so stupid as to try to cheat ye from yer coins. No way Sirs!"

"Best you don't Markay, a word for the wise. The boss is back and if your purse is light it ain't just you we'll come after. You remember how it was before he went away? It'll be you ... your woman ... your pretty lil' 'uns ... your mother, your father ... everyone and anyone you ever once even graced with yer smile ... and it won't be quick either."
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Rumour Has It / An ornate carriage ...
« on: December 31, 2009, 09:20:04 pm »
[SIZE=13]The ornate carriage rolls slowly across the cobbled streets of Vehl's dock district. The two roan mares that draw the carriage walk with a high step, as if reluctant to have their hooves rest overlong in the reeking refuse of the thoroughfare. At the chime of a tinkling bell from within the carriage's shadowed interior, barely audible over the clip clop of hooves, the carriage driver gives a brief flick of the reins, signaling for the horses to come to a stop. The driver's narrowed gaze and a demeanor that promises unpleasantness for those who dare draw near keeps even the most desperate of beggars from approaching too closely.

A slight shift of the curtain at one of the carriage windows, just not quite enough to illuminate the interior. The unseen occupant of the carriage peruses the sights of the street.

The grifters. The beggars. The thin-limbed and hard-eyed urchins. The thugs. Thieves. Scoundrels. The hopeless. The pitiful and the pitiless. The predators and their prey.

The chime of the bell. The curtain shifts closed again. The carriage rolls on towards another destination.

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General Discussion / Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2009, 01:19:14 am »
Happy Birthday Tanman![SIZE=10]*[/SIZE]

Happy New Year Everyone![SIZE=10]*[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10]* Not necessarily ranked in order of importance.[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / I'm not dead!
« on: December 10, 2009, 02:44:04 am »
I am, however, busy busy busy with a new job.

Know though, my thoughts are with you all[SIZE=10](1)[/SIZE].



[SIZE=10](1) occasionally ... when they're not engaging in some fantasy involving Megan Fox.[/SIZE]

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