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I can't seem to get my  characters to transfer over.  I created a test character as Emie Meadows2.

I have Emie Meadows, Cherry, and Randi Coyle .
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Ask A Gamemaster / Active GM's
« on: November 24, 2009, 08:52:24 pm »
Is the GM's that are posted as a sticky all still active GMs? Are there any that has not posted?

I would be great if the GM's would post on theirs if the are active and in what.. like miltonyorkcastle and EdTheKet did.

It would help players decide which GM to go to when they begin to look for help from a GM.
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General Discussion / Pm's, Quest, CDQ's and more!
« on: November 16, 2009, 04:05:25 pm »
//new thread to not take over the other one.

Quote from: Lynn1020
I will comment on this...

Honestly I didn't know how important it was to pm gm's with things your character wanted to do until just recently. With the way it is now.. a character can have a huge part of the world without even having to log into the game for anything other than quest. I hate bugging GM with pm's. I know they are busy with their RL jobs and families on top of planning quest answering forums etc. But from the way it looks that is the only you can grow your character other than quest and grinding xp.

If GM's don't mind taking the time answering all the pm's they get from a server of people then I guess there is nothing wrong with that other than it leaves everyone else out on what is happening in the world. You go to try to do something only find out that such and such has already did that. Leaves others frustrated.

One thing that does help, is the public threads that people post to IC. That allows others to be pulled in and get involved.

Quote from: miltonyorkcastle
And now you understand one of the big reasons why you see WL's and high level characters less and less IG, or only on quests. World-changing projects take massive amounts of OOC and IC planning, which ultimately boils down to spending lots of time in conversation (either via PM or IRC) with GMs before you can even do anything IG.

Quote from: Lynn1020
So why even log in to play the game? That just says you can't do anything other than search for xp or craft.

To me this leaves a lot of people out.  I think public forms works much better to pull others in.

Quote from: miltonyorkcastle
Because after all the big planning (which often includes forum posts, since you mentioned bringing others into the picture), then you hop IG to actually make the deed happen.

Quote from: Carillon
Heh ... you know when the GM says at the end of the quest, "And remember, my PM box is always open" or something? We do really mean it. Or at least I do. I received around a hundred PMs last week alone, and sent just as many.

Forum RP is great, and serves its purpose. As do IG events and quests. But PMed inquiries also have their place. To me, PMs are to forum RP as CDQs are to quests in at least one way: they allow for a greater range of efforts and pursuits than one might otherwise be able to pursue. There is a time and place for things to be public and shared, but we also make opportunities for a wide variety of playstyles and for people to be involved in as many ways as possible, and for players and characters to take initiative in more private, solitary, unique or individual ways too. Or at least I do. My two cents for the morning.

Quote from: jrizz
Just in case this does not go to a separate thread (like it should), I just wanted to add. That when I was a GM I would run 80% of a CDQ by PM with IG sessions only to finalize or deal with key events.
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General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving!!
« on: October 12, 2009, 12:07:19 pm »
[SIZE=32]Happy Thanksgiving to all you in Canada!![/SIZE][/I]

[SIZE=18][SIZE=24]Hope you enjoy your day with family and friends.  :)

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[SIZE=16]*A finely scribed notice on an elegantly scroll of mahogany is seen posted in various Inn's and magic houses around the land. *[/SIZE]  
[SIZE=18]I am so excited to announce that creator of the Fascinating Missile
Brac'ar Fireface has kind enough agreed to come and
 demonstrate his spell to me as well as others that have interest.  Even
 though you may have studied his spell from a parchment I believe
 that having the chance to listen and watch the man that created it
 will give us a more understanding.

[SIZE=18]I really encourage mages  to come out take of advantage of this learning experience  [/SIZE][/I]
[SIZE=18]We will meet outside my home in Haven then move outside the city to watch the demonstration.[/SIZE][/I]
[SIZE=18]Mulnari, Jular 16, 1455[/SIZE][/I]
[SIZE=18]~ Amanda Doesscha~[/SIZE][/I]

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General Discussion / Looking for a little help from a GM
« on: September 23, 2009, 01:11:47 pm »
Looking for a GM that may have a little free time to hop in game and just help me with a little rp on something. It should not take to long. :)  

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Ask A Gamemaster / Question about quest..
« on: September 21, 2009, 05:41:02 pm »
Okay.. I have been meaning to ask this for sometimes.  I often do not do quest because I am not sure on how do let the gm know things I want my character to do.  

By that I mean, I will emote something and do a role or if the gm has requested I will wait to be told to roll.  So my question is.... if you emote something or ask a gm a question but you get no response... do you just take that as a no to whatever you did or continue to ask until you get a response?  I really hate bugging GM's on quest, even more so when there is a large party or demanding character/player on it.  So with that I often find it hard to get my characters involved on quest and feel like I'm just along for the ride.

Any ideas or tips from the GM's would be appreciated.
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Wild Surge Inn / *A few flyers*
« on: August 20, 2009, 04:18:24 pm »
[SIZE=18]*Children around the land can be seen posting signs in different public places then running off happily with coins in their hands. [/SIZE]*

[SIZE=32]Man tries to prove he is still the better than a summons[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[SIZE=24]Wren Thendor is out to prove to Amanda Doesscha that he is still better than any of her summons.  [/SIZE]
[SIZE=24]They will be meeting up at the arena in Fort Vehl [/SIZE]
[SIZE=24] on Freas, Augra 6, 1453, 11:00 to see who is right.

[SIZE=16]//This is just an rp event to for Wren to prove himself. :) [/SIZE]
[SIZE=16] Mostly just a time and gathering spot for everyone to come out and get the chance to rp with characters you may have not gotten to with before. Everyone welcome.  New and old players. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=16]  I'm sure Wren will be more than happy to prove his toughness to anyone willing to take him on. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=16]Mages welcome to come and shut him down. :)

Friday 21st at 8pm PST
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Ask A Gamemaster / RP or quality of RP?
« on: August 04, 2009, 12:22:36 pm »
A conversation with another player got me curious about this.  They said that they can sit and rp for hours and never get bonus RP XP from GM's.  

 So that brings me to this...

 This is an RP server so we should encourage those that RP right?  I know it may sound silly for wanting a reward for something you should be doing.  But most go bashing these days to get those rewards.  Seems that we may want to go out of our way to encourage RP these days and not only on quest.  

 I know I used to get XP several times a week for sitting and RPing. There were a few GM's that would seem to make their rounds and hand out XP for those were RPing.  I think most of those are no long GMing for whatever reason.  So this question is really for the active GM's...

 When do you give XP for those RPing and what brings you to do it?

 Do you give it to everyone that is RPing?  Only those that are showing good quality of RP?  

 If it is only the those showing what you think is good xp... what do you consider 'good' RP?

General Discussion / Happy Birthday!
« on: July 25, 2009, 09:20:45 pm »
[SIZE=32]Happy Birthday Pibemanden. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]:) Hope you are having a great one! [/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]:)

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Rumour Has It / *A few flyers*
« on: July 10, 2009, 07:59:08 pm »
[SIZE=18]Aerimor and myself are meeting up in Miritix soon to possibly head [/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]
[SIZE=18] out exploring.  We welcome friends to join us.  The lands we may go [/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]
[SIZE=18] will hold many dangers.  Please make sure you are ready to explore [/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]
[SIZE=18] these lands.  We will refuse to let any travel with us that brings [/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]
[SIZE=18] conflict that will put the party in danger. [/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]

[SIZE=18] ~Amanda[/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]

//Gathering tonight (Friday 10th) about 8 pm PST/11 pm EST

//Level 20 and above recommended.  Lower levels will be putting themselves in danger.  Any loot found will be split in the group.  Must be able to use the item within two levels of the requirement  to roll for it.
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General Discussion / To the Daddies
« on: June 21, 2009, 12:16:21 pm »

[SIZE=32]Happy Fathers Day![/SIZE][/I][/FONT]
[SIZE=18]Hope you get a day of relaxation.[/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]

To be a successful father, there's  one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don't look at it for the first two  years. ~ Ernest Hemingway


General Discussion / Arrows
« on: May 06, 2009, 10:12:45 pm »
With the new training bows, I have been asked often what each arrowhead and feathers do. So I have made a new list.  If you see anything that should be corrected or added please let me know and I will make the changes.


[/SIZE] Copper, just the regular plus feather damage.
Bronze extra damage to beasts and animals
Iron extra damage to construct
Silver extra damage to undead and shapechanger
Plat extra damage to magical beasts
Adamantium - Extra damage to outsiders
Colbalt extra damage aberration
 Titanium - Extra damage to giants
 Mithril - Extra damage to dragons
[SIZE=16] Feathers[/SIZE]

Falcon = piercing damage.
Stirges = negative energy
Raven = bludgeoning
Owl=  slashing

Hickory - +1 damage bonus
Oak - 1d4
Mahogany - 1d6
Yew - 1d8
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Trade and Market Hall / ~~Auction for an uncut Emerald~~
« on: April 03, 2009, 02:42:57 am »
[SIZE=18][SIZE=32]~~Up for Auction~~

[/SIZE][SIZE=24][SIZE=32]One Uncut Emerald [/SIZE]

When a group I was with ventured down into the dept of the
 Rift we were fortunate enough to find an small piece
 of emerald. We have decided to put this emerald up for
 auction.  The true will be divided among the group.  

I personally will be donating the share I receive  to
 help in the aid of the western coast of Tilmar where
 the tsunami struck.

      ~Amanda [/SIZE][/SIZE]

Wren has asked that his portion go to the rebuilding of the Ovdear.
[/I] [SIZE=18]  

//Auction will end Thursday 9th at 12 noon PST//
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Fixed Bugs / Shard of Hraykirlar's Portal
« on: February 28, 2009, 11:34:08 am »
Description: The shard drops without charges.  

 Location: Great Ruins
 Verified: Yes by Dorganath
 Reproducable:  Yes
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Wild Surge Inn / *A note is posted at inns and taverns*
« on: December 15, 2008, 08:48:59 pm »
[SIZE=24][SIZE=32]Looking for strong adventurers of all kinds!!![/SIZE] [/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
 [SIZE=18]We have come to believe there are several portals placed around Mistone that may have been used to allow undead to travel through. We found the first portal now its time to discuss when to go find the others.  We have put this off long enough and the danger grows stronger everyday.  If interested in more information or want to lend a hand our next meeting will be in [/SIZE][SIZE=18]Highpass Fort.  [/SIZE][/I]
[SIZE=18] ~Amanda Coyle~

//This goes along with the  on going quest of [/SIZE]
[SIZE=18]Te'thalus' Tome.  If involved you can request acess to the Te'thalus' Tome section of the forms.  There are several characters that you can also get more information from in game. [/SIZE][/I]
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General Discussion / Happy Birthday Drizzlin!
« on: December 07, 2008, 01:41:58 am »
[SIZE=48]Happy Birthday!!


[SIZE=24] Hope you have a good one!! :)

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General Discussion / Thanksgiving ~ Americans
« on: November 27, 2008, 12:51:45 pm »
[SIZE=32]Happy Thanksgiving![/SIZE]

[SIZE=32][SIZE=18]Hope you have a wonderful day full of food and fun with family and friends.

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Wild Surge Inn / *A note is posted at inns and taverns*
« on: October 16, 2008, 01:10:31 pm »
[SIZE=18][SIZE=24]This is to inform those are interested in assisting in closing the portals that may be allowing undead to travel through to various places on Mistone, that we will be meeting in Krandor in a couple of days to begin the preparation for this large task that lies before us.

~Amanda Coyle

//Meeting time here.

[SIZE=18]This is later today! :)[/SIZE][SIZE=18]

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Trade and Market Hall / Looking for a few good men... and women
« on: September 24, 2008, 01:30:27 pm »
[SIZE=24][SIZE=18]*Amanda walks into the inn and with a smile on her face she clears a spot in the middle of the board and posts a parchment with neat handwriting. She tilts her head as she steps back with her hands on her hips and looks at it the note a moment making sure it is straight before turning to leave*[/SIZE][/B]
I have found myself in need of a couple of diamonds for a scroll I am wanting. So I am trying to plan a trip into the Rift to look for a few. There are areas we will travel that I will not be able use my magic, so we will be in need a few strong men and women that can fight without it. I will bring plenty of bandages and potions just in case any are wounded. I need two diamonds. Any diamonds, goods and coins found beyond that will be divided in the party on rolls.
 [/SIZE][SIZE=24]I only ask that you be able to work with the group and travel ahead until everyone is ready. We can gather in Dalanther to meet each other and decide if we have enough to make the trip. Then discuss our travel tactics. [/SIZE][SIZE=24]
 [/SIZE][SIZE=24]~Amanda Coyle~

 [SIZE=18]//We can meet in Dalanther at 3pm PDT, 6pm EST. Thursday night. Everyone is welcome but must be willing to work with the group and no charging ahead. Sigh up here! :)[/SIZE]
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