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General Discussion / A Fond Farewell
« on: January 08, 2011, 11:39:05 am »
Hi everyone,

I have to say ... it's been a great run! That said, this post is to let the community know that I have just stepped down as a GM. The decision to retire was actually some months in the making, but I stayed on a little longer to make sure my work with Center rolled out smoothly, and to finish off my last commitments to CDQ requests.

Time. If only we all could have enough! But with my university days over and my full time job becoming more full time by the day, I know in my heart that I don't have the time for the responsibilities of GMing anymore, and it is time to step aside.

My deepest thanks to the community. You are what makes GMing here worth the time we give up. So thanks, for your commitment and passion to the world, for your creativity on quests and during every day roleplay, and for all the support you give the GMs as we try our best to weave stories for you, puppeteer a dozen NPCs at once, and keep the monsters on a short enough leash that you can at least try to solve the world's problems in a non-combative fashion. Mine were always a little unruly, and apologies to whoever they took a swipe at accidentally during a quest. I do seem to recall a few strand refunds during my tenure ... ;-)

I can say with honesty, it has been my sincerest pleasure to eavesdrop on all your RP conversations, snoop through your character's backpacks and leave the occasional surprise, bash you on the head with the XP wand from time to time, and torture your characters through development quests!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Poetic License / Dragon Stories
« on: July 11, 2010, 09:03:53 pm »
//Please feel free to use this thread to post your stories from the Dragon Storytelling Night, for those who couldn't make it to enjoy.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Opportunity for Information Sharing
« on: July 11, 2010, 01:00:19 pm »
//Attention Players and Plotters!

  • Are you interested in getting involved in plot events, but not sure what's going on?
  • Are you interested in making a difference in Layonara, but don't even know where to start?
  • Do you want to learn more about dragons and their lore, and the famous dragons of Layonara?
  • Have you been involved in plot events, and want to pick up the pieces again, and refresh your memory on what is going on?
  • Do you have unique information or a story to share with your fellow players about the current Dragon Storm plot?
Well if the answer to any of those questions is yes ... you should come to the Dragon Storytelling Night!

(Note: this is meant to be an opportunity for information sharing, storytelling, and fun RP. It's a player-organized event, not a DM-run quest, but there should be fun and food for all, and maybe even some RP XP, so please join us if you're interested or you have something to share.)
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Rumour Has It / Storytelling Night: Dragons
« on: July 04, 2010, 06:11:39 pm »
Before the time of elves and men
Before the dwarves first worked in stone
And halflings wandered desert sands,
One creature called the world its own

First as gods, then fearsome beasts
These mighty serpents roamed the world
And those who glimpse them, even now
Stand in awe at wings unfurled

Scalding breath and wicked fangs,
Claws and teeth and flashing scales
By these we know the mighty dragon,
Subject of a thousand tales

Wyrmlings hatching from an egg,
Wicked beasts and fearsome foes,
Saviors calling heroes forth
And heralds of the greatest woes

Lords of ice and kings of fire,
Wreathed in mystery and lore--
You may know a hundred tales ...
But would you like to know one more?

Poets, storytellers, bards
And any with a myth or song,
Join us where Twin Dragons ward
For dragon stories all night long.

//Join us for an RP night of stories about dragons, that may or may not be plot-related, or include information relevant to the current plot.

Please consider bringing a story, myth, tale, legend, song or poem about a dragon to share. However, if you really can't think of one, don't let it stop you from coming to enjoy the RP. Just please don't bring any copyrighted material from other sources, obviously!

See calendar event here for more details sign up.
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Layonara Server / Please Welcome To The Team ...
« on: February 15, 2010, 07:13:42 pm »
The Layonara Team is pleased to welcome three new Gamemasters and four new Lore editors onto the Team!

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming our three new Gamemasters: Aerimor, thedagda and Lance Stargazer. We have every confidence they will succeed in their new positions and we will see some great quests from these individuals once they are finished their mentoring period! We are very excited to be inviting them on board.

Please also join us in welcoming and congratulating our new Lore Editors: Cinnabar, cbnicholson, Asmodean and Spike. We look forward to working with all four of you, and we are thankful for your help in making the LORE site as accessible and up-to-date as possible.

Thank you to all who applied. The Team was gratified by the enthusiasm from the community, and we feel fortunate to be a part of a community with so many membres who are eager to give back in any way they can.


Layonara Server / Layonara Team Applications Now Open!
« on: January 24, 2010, 06:15:13 pm »
Do you desire to be a part of a fantastic team? Then now is the time to read through the public version of our GM Primer here and apply to the Layonara Team as a gamemaster, or perhaps as part of the LORE team. Please reply to this thread with your application if you are interested. You will also need to send a sample quest in a PM if you are applying as a Gamemaster, as specified below.

For those who are interested in applying as a Layonara GM or to another team position but are hesitant because they feel they may lack experience, please know that we will offer apprenticeship and mentoring as needed. We don't just throw you to the wolves! So if you think you have what it takes, then give it a shot.

If you are applying as a GM, please make sure to answer questions 1-9. If you are applying for the LORE team, please answer questions 1-6 and 10-11. If you are interested in both teams, you can just answer them all! This round of applications will close on Sunday, January 31th, 2010 at 5 pm PST.

Gamemaster Qualifications:

• Has been a community member in good standing for at least four (4) months
• Works well on a team but can also take independent initiative
• Acts responsibly both individually and within teams
• Understands both the rules and the spirit of the server  
• Enforces the spirit and rules of the server when necessary
• Communicates well in text in an online environment.
• Can commit to perform GM Duties as either a part time or full time GM

Gamemaster Duties:

• Run impromptus, CDQs and quests, reward RP, assist players in game, or otherwise be active in game with your GM avatar (Part time: 1 hour/week ; Full time: 2 hours/week)
• Spend at least 2 hours per month working to help the team and community on IRC or forums (e.g. Character approvals, disputes and grievances, answering questions, providing other assistance)
• Participate in GM team discussions
• Write up quests after they are completed with detailed information for tracking.
• Keep appropriate records of character profiling, player interactions, quests, CDQs, etc.
• Communicate with individual players who may need help understanding the rules or spirit of the server.
• Check the forums regularly (Part time: at least 2  times/week ; Full time: at least 5 times/week)

LORE Team Duties and Qualifications:

The LORE Team is responsible for keeping LORE content up to date with game events and rule changes, editing current content for errors (grammatical or content errors) and creating new pages and adding the content that isn't up on LORE yet.


• Organized, responsible and reliable individual
• Strong writing skills and the ability to write in a professional tone
• Strong proofreading skills and knowledge of English spelling and grammar
• Patience and the ability to coordinate with the rest of the team via the forums and IRC
• Good knowledge of lore is an asset but not required
• Prior knowledge of Wiki Markup or a willingness to learn (It's not that hard! We promise!)
• Able to spend a couple hours a week on LORE editing and tasks

Application Questions (All applicants):
(please answer in a response in this thread)

1. What position are you applying for? (Gamemaster or LORE team member)

2. How long have you been a member of Layonara? You need to have been an active community member in good standing for at least four months to qualify.

3. Why do you want to be a GM or LORE team member in Layonara?

4. What characteristics make you well suited to the position of GM/LORE team member?

5. Please read through the GM/LORE team duties and qualifications, if you have not already. In light of these obligations, what other responsibilities (either Layonara-related or real life) could affect your Team performance and how would you balance these?

6. Are you a member of any other Layonara teams? If so and you are accepted as a GM/LORE team member, how do you plan to balance your new role and your current role?

Gamemaster Applications Only:

7. Please describe any DM/GM experience, including any NWN GMing experience. Please note that GMing experience is not required for an application to be considered.

8. Are you applying as a part time or full time quest GM? (Please note the GMing time commitments as specified under GM duties.)

9. Please submit an example quest in a PM (addressed to Leanthar, Harlas Ravelkione and EdTheKet). Your quest should have both a start and a plot with one or more expected conclusions. Your summary should include any side things that a party can do within the quest, as well as how you would handle any anticipated situations within the quest. Your sample quest summary should be between 300 and 500 words in length.

LORE Team Applications Only:

10. Please describe your English writing and editing skills, and any relevant experience you have with proofreading and/or Wikis.

11. How much time per week do you have to devote to LORE editing?

All qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview which will take place in IRC or in game by February 8, 2010. Successful applicants will be notified by February 15, 2010. Good luck!

Important! Special Note About Author-Publisher Agreement
All successful applicants will also be asked to sign an author-publisher agreement releasing the work they do while in the position to the Layonara IP. All Team members must sign an author-publisher agreement before they run any events, do any writing or editing, or otherwise create content. This is for the legal protection of the Layonara IP. Regrettably, we cannot accept anyone onto the Team who does not sign the author-publisher agreement, because of the potential legal ramifications.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Stickied Threads Updates!
« on: December 11, 2009, 09:43:09 pm »
Hey Layonara lovers,

Just a note, you may have noticed that there's a new sticky in the CDQ forum. And hey, where'd the old one go?? Heh, well just in case you were wondering what's going on, we decided that the old sticky needed some love (cause it hadn't been updated since it was written in 2005!) and rolled out a new one.

You can expect to see at least a couple more of these revamps and rewrites in the weeks and months to come, as we do a little forum "spring cleaning" in an attempt to make sure things are up to date, and also to make especially the forums new players will be accessing as welcoming and easy to use as possible.

That's all for now!
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Character Development Quests (CDQ's) / How To Use This Forum (Obsolete)
« on: December 11, 2009, 09:36:15 pm »

Poetic License / The Ballad of Finnias McPhee
« on: December 05, 2009, 08:29:50 pm »
Written for the charity pie event for the Port Hempstead Orphanage, by Jaelle Thornwood.

The Ballad of Finnias McPhee

Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and relax
Enjoy all this pie and your sweet pastry snacks
But lend me your ears for a moment or three
And I'll tell you the tale of Finnias McPhee

My tale is of Finnias William McPhee
And a nicer young man one might never see
He had but one weakness, all would agree
And this is his tale as it was told to me.

You see, lads and lasses, an addict was Finn
No bones about it, one thing did him in
All sweets he'd resist, couldn't tempt him one bit,
Save for one treat, and even he would admit

That Finnias McPhee was addicted to pie
There wasn't a flavor that ol' Finn wouldn't try
He'd eat them by dozens, 'till at last he'd cry
“If I eat one more bite I think I might die!”

Yes, pie was his weakness, the chink in his shield
There wasn't a pastry to which he'd not yield
He'd hem and he'd haw and say “No I can't”
But he'd cave in the end, and then we'd all chant:

“Finnias McPhee, you're addicted to pie!
There isn't a flavor or type you won't try!
You may protest all you like, Finn, but it isn't a lie--
To all manner of pastry you'll always say 'Aye!' ”

A right connoisseur was my friend McPhee
A more knowledgeable piester there will never be
Peach, cherry, blackberry—he knew them all
And there wasn't a pastry that couldn't enthrall

Berry pies, sugar pies, flaky and sweet
Savory sausage pies stuffed full of meat
Bubbling desserts set to cool on the sill,
He'd ravish them all until he'd had his fill

And it got him in trouble, gods know that it did
He'd go after them even if outright forbid
And when the poor baker went to serve her dessert
Her face would turn scarlet 'till at him she'd blurt

“Finnias McPhee, I'm gonna kick you sky high!
I bet you think you're so cunning and sly
Sneaking into my kitchen and stealing my pie ...
That's it, you're cut off! Kiss my pastries goodbye!”

Poor Finn he'd be sorry and full of regret,
But no matter how bashful—or how dire the threat!--
The next time his nose caught a tempting aroma
He'd eat himself into a pie-induced coma!

And so it went on, Finn and his pies
And when Finn was in town every chef had his spies
They had to, you see, for when Finn caught a whiff
Of sweet golden pastry, it'd be gone in a jiff.

Say what you will, but no one will deny
Except for the pastries, Finn was a great guy
But sometimes I worried he just couldn't stop
And there might come a time when old Finn would just pop

Sure enough, there came a fateful spring day
When I found old McPhee at a pastry buffet
How many pies? I don't think they'd kept score
But he'd had at least twelve and was reaching for more!

“Finnias stop!” was my heartfelt war cry
“Put down the fork! Step away from the pie!”
But Finn couldn't stop, didn't even bat an eye
Just reached for the next as I heard myself sigh

He got through two more, but halfway through the third
The inevitable end at long last occurred:
He took one bite too many and let out a bellow,
And burst at the seams--though died a happy fellow

So you see lads and lasses, you can't overindulge
At the worst you'll explode and the least get a bulge
But in moderation, there's no finer treat
Than a pie, any kind—fruit, berry or meat.
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//This will be the thread used to track rebuilding efforts, materials, and aid when the time comes. For now, the embers are cooling, the smoke (literal and figurative) is clearing, and people are taking stock before what will be needed to rebuild becomes clear.

After the fire, dedicated patrons and true lovers of the Arms are seen picking through the rubble, either for lost possessions or for anything salvageable--all under the watchful eye of a small detail of Blackwatch guards who, depending on who you ask, are there to make sure no one is injured poking through the unstable structure or are there in case the errant steward shows his face.

A few long-time patrons talk amidst themselves as they begin to salvage any useable stone, tile, small pieces of unburnt wood, etc. that wasn't ruined completely in the blaze, and talk of incorporating these materials into the inn when it is rebuilt. It is generally agreed that the first thing to do once all has been salvaged that can be is clear the site so things can be started fresh, ready to incorporate pieces of the old and the inn's long history into a new building.
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Rumour Has It / Extra Blackwatch Patrols in Leringard, Homes Searched
« on: November 09, 2009, 08:49:08 pm »
Shortly after a devastating fire burns the Leringard Arms nearly to the ground, extra Blackwatch patrols throughout the city can be seen, searching for its steward, the blue-skinned tiefling known as Steel.

The houses and places of business of any known allies in the city are searched. Any wishing to try to deny entrance to the brutally efficient guard force who has been with Leringard nearly as long as the city has been in existence might think carefully about their actions.

The Blackwatch are insistent but not violent unless provoked, and do not break or steal anything from within the homes. They simply search for the wanted man, then leave again, though often a guard or small force is left to keep watch over places they suspect Steel to seek aid. Any concerned about an unlawful search are tersely informed that in Leringard, the Blackwatch is the law ... or so you are told.

Homes and places searched or where guards are left outside the door include but may not be limited to: 124 Leringard, 125 Leringard, 129 Leringard, 130 Leringard, 131 Leringard, the Leringard Orphanage, and the Twin Dragons Inn, which offered aid to the Arms patrons after the fire.

A watch is also quietly kept over the burned structure of the inn.

//PM me if you think you both have a place of residence in Leringard that might be searched AND you cause a considerable fuss about having your home searched. However, please be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions if your character does in fact resist!
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Rumour Has It / Leringard Arms Destroyed!
« on: November 08, 2009, 07:14:50 pm »
Rumors abound out of Leringard! The well known inn and tavern, the Leringard Arms, and its adjacent card emporium, were completely destroyed in a fire. The building is considered too damaged and structurally unsound to be accessed at this time and the charred structure that remains after the devastating fire has been completely closed to the public.

Thus far it is known that there were some casualties in the fire and that more than one person died from inhaling smoke, though the number and identity of those lost remains unknown at this time. Many of the patrons of the inn were treated for burns.

Plans for rebuilding are unknown at this time. One bystander judged that it was likely the entire structure remaining would have to be completely torn down, and things started fresh.

Thankfully, the fire did not spread to the entire city block, and only a few adjacent homes and structures were burned in the blaze, which was quickly doused by an unseasonably heavy rainshower. A cleric of Mist were seen near the inn shortly after the heavy rains started, but when asked whether he had brought the rains he simply shrugged. Another priestess of the faith claimed that the storm had already been on its way. Whether luck or action from the Misties, all agree the rains and limited damage are good fortune.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Introducing: The Character Library!
« on: November 03, 2009, 11:14:16 pm »
Hello all,

The GM and Character Approver Teams are pleased to bring you ... The Character Library!

Similar to the Character Stable, the Character Library is a forum full of pre-written submissions. The difference is that the Character Library does not have the restrictions for simplicity that the Stable does, and is intended for any player to write for or borrow from! Players can write biographies that they don't have time to develop, leave half-finished ideas for characters, or even submit completed biographies that don't quite fit with the Character Stable philosophy of simplicity. (Of course, players are still welcome to write for the Stable as well, within the guidelines for submission.)

Where is this all coming from? Well, when we developed the Character Stable, we were pleasantly surprised by the generosity and creativity of several players who submitted biographies to it, but sometimes those biographies did not fit what we needed, like biographies for magic classes or those with special, unique and challenging backstories. We began to realize that we needed a place for players to post, exchange and share these great ideas so they didn't just gather dust, and hence the Character Library was born.

We see the Character Library as hopefully becoming a place where authors can share and trade ideas, character biographies can be developed, and players can browse and look for interesting ideas they might want to try out themselves. This is intended as a player-to-player forum, so the GMs will not be taking an active role in it, except to monitor content for family friendly appropriateness as we do with all the forums and perhaps to participate as players. (Yes, we are still players too! Heh.) While it is not in any way a shortcut to the character submissions process and GMs and CAs will not be looking over, commenting on or pre-approving characters in any way before they are submitted through the usual channels, we truly hope it serves and fulfills the need we saw in the community for a place to share these ideas.

Please take a look at the Welcome To The Character Library sticky, or the sticky explaining in more detail how the Library and Stable differ for more information.

Also, this is your opportunity: still confused? Not sure what this means? Have a comment or question? Ask here! We know the forum is new and might take some getting used to, so we will happily answer all questions here, or receive and consider any comments.

Well that's all for now, except to say we hope you get lots of use out of this forum and that it has even a tenth of the potential we saw in it. To horribly paraphrase Casablanca, we hope this will be the start of a beautiful friendship ... between you and the Character Library. ;)

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Character Library / Library vs. Stable: What's The Big Difference?
« on: November 03, 2009, 10:57:17 pm »
If you've glanced over the different forums but haven't had time to read the stickies in detail, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Character Library and the Character Stable. They're both forums full of prewritten characters for use, right? Well, sort of! There are a few important differences between the two forums, so here they are:

1. Purpose:

Character Stable: The Stable is intended for players who do not want to go through the regular submission process for whatever reason. Because it contains pre-written and GM-vetted characters, these characters have been pre-approved for use so new players, young players, or players with a low proficiency in English or who otherwise are struggling with the Character Submission process can get in game.

Character Library: The Library is intended for all players, but especially more experienced players or players who do not mind going through the regular Character Submission process. It is a place to share great ideas, and a goldmine for creative character concepts for those players looking for a fresh idea.

2. Content:

Character Stable: The stable contains simple submissions only, and there are many restrictions on what can be submitted here, as we want submissions that are ideal for those brand new to an RP world. As such, you will only find Barbarians, Rangers, Rogues and Fighters here, of standard races only (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Gnome). Character Stable submissions can also only be of the five unrestricted alignments (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral), and should be fairly simple, straightforward stories that contain clear, concrete biography details.

Character Library: The content within the Character Library can be as diverse as anything else submitted through the regular character submissions process. (Similarly, it must also adhere to the regular guidelines for what is permitted on these forums, so no profanity, overt sexuality, or extremely graphic violence please! Keep it family friendly.) Any of our basic classes or combinations of classes are available (still no PrCs on submission though), and biographies here can be of any of the eight permitted alignments (sorry, still no Chaotic Evil characters!) and any of the normally available races or subraces. Please be aware, though, that while you can write a biography you don't qualify for, like a brand new player writing an evil biography, the player who intends to play the character must meet any restrictions for alignments, etc.

3. GM/Character Approver Involvement:

Character Stable: The Stable is a place for pre-approved characters, and as such the Character Approvers and GMs take a very active role there. Biographies submitted to the forum will be read, edited if necessary, then flagged as ready by approvers.

Character Library: Other than monitoring the forum for appropriate content, similar to our job with any of the forums, the GMs and Character Approvers will not be taking an active role in this forum, except as players. This is a place for player-to-player exchanges of biographies, and sadly we do not have the time to read, comment on, or in any way pre-approve the biographies in this forum--so please don't ask! When the biography is submitted to Character Submissions, we will happily give you any feedback there.

4. Author Agreement and Role:

Character Stable: Players and GMs are welcome to donate to the Character Stable, as per our submission guidelines, which we ask you to read carefully before donating! Donating to the forum comes with its risks, though--by handing over your character, you agree to let us edit it if necessary to bring it in line with any lore issues, areas of ambiguity, etc. Also, you are granting permission for anyone to use the biography. As the author, you do not get a say in whether a player can or cannot use your biography once it is posted here, nor do you have any control over how they play that character once it is submitted. Think carefully before donating a character concept that you are particularly attached to, or submitting a family member of an existing PC, and be prepared for the worst: that your biography may remain unused, be played for a short period of time and then abandoned, or be played in a different way than you imagined.

Character Library: Again, any player or GM can donate to the Character Library ... though just because a GM may write a submission and put it here in no way guarantees pre-approval! Everyone submitting to this forum stands on equal ground, as they do when submitting to the Character Submissions forum. However, here an author retains a little more control over a biography once it is submitted. If someone wishes to use the biography, they must ask the original author and be granted their permission, so authors do get some say over who uses their characters. We ask you to keep in mind the spirit of this forum, though, and an open mind about letting players you might not know well play a character concept you wrote--especially if it will only sit idle otherwise. The only exception is if a player is known to be inactive and has been away from the forums for an extended amount of time, any request not answered within ten days will be considered the author's tacit approval. The reason we do it this way is so even players leaving the community for one reason or another can leave something behind for others to use. If you know you will be away from the forums for an extended period of time and do not want someone else using your characters, please remove them from the forum before you leave by deleting them. Once a character has been submitted, however, that character belongs to the player who is playing him or her and you will not get to have any special say over how the character is played just because you wrote it!

5. How To Submit A Character For Play:

Character Stable: Make sure you read the directions in the Character Stable forum, but basically post in one of the threads flagged as "READY" showing you wish to use the character, and it will be moved over to the Character Submission forum for approval. If you have edited nothing in the biography, it will be approved the first time a CA or GM has a chance to do any approving work. If you wish, you may edit the name, biography details (within the submission guidelines for content), or the deity (but must provide added support), but any edit you make will be subject to review, which could slow your approval. You may not edit or change the class, alignment, race or subrace.

Character Library: Again, make sure you read the stickies in this forum, like this one and the guidelines for use. Post in the thread of the biography you are interested in, and wait for the player to answer. After that, it is up to you and the author to work things out. When you have reached an agreement, you may then post the biography to the Character Submissions forum. After this, the biography will go through the regular review process by the character approvers, who may ask clarifying questions or for something to be edited. Please note, the Library is not in any way intended to be a shortcut to the Submissions process, but rather a place for players to share and exchange ideas and biographies.

We hope this answers many of the questions you might have about the Character Stable and the Character Library, and that you enjoy both of these forums.

The GM and Character Approver Teams
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Rumour Has It / Connor Summoned to Spellgard!
« on: September 14, 2009, 02:48:59 pm »
Rumor has it that Connor Garvill has been summoned to Spellgard for some sort of public hearing, with the head of the Reaching herself, Demisa Shimrasti. Could this be the Reaching making him answer for the explosion in the desert? Friends and acquaintances of Connor Garvill--and even just those very curious--make the journey to Spellgard to see what comes of it.

Calendar Link
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Trade and Market Hall / Costumers For Hire!
« on: May 28, 2009, 08:29:25 pm »
Robinson and Marretts Fantastical Costumes!
Fine Costumes and Illusions Since 1418

Do you long to stand out from the crowd at parties? Tired of blending in? We can help! World renowned tailor Bertrand Robinson and famed illusionist Ylara Marretts can make for you the costume you have always dreamed of!

We can provide:

  • Convincing dragon, butterfly and gargoyle wings
  • Realistic tails (limited variety)
  • Skin dyes and realistic masks
  • Magical effects! Sparkles and more!
  • Full sized costumes for the committed and adventurous! From bodaks to liches to dryads to fairies, from werecats to nymphs to slaadi and rakshasas, we can help you amaze your friends!
  • So much more!
Contact Robinson and Marretts today for your costuming needs. Please have all sketches ready and contact in sufficient time for costumes to be made.

Fine Costumes and Illusions Price List:

Wings -- 2000 true per pair
Tails -- 2000 true each
Skin, Hair and Tattoo Dyes -- 2000 true each color
Face Swap Masks -- 2000 true per mask
Magical Effects -- 2000 true per effect
Whole-body costumes -- 2000 true each costume; wide but finite selection


//This post reflects the ability of players to request specific temporary "costume" changes performed by DMs. Please read the guidelines below before requesting anything!

1. Arrangements should be made with a GM in advance. For large functions such as the Tower Academy's Opening Ball, a GM may try and make a time available for players.

2. A fee of 2000 gold is required for each change. This can be RPed as the charge from the costumer/illusionist. Each component that has to be changed (wings, set tail, skin colour, head change, set appearance, etc) is 2000 gp, and these are additive, so wings and a tail would be 4000 gp.

3. It is your responsibility to know what you want in advance! GMs generally do not have the time to model options for you, so you need to know very specifically what you want. Go into the toolset, poke around, pick your option and write down the number.

4. It is your responsibility to keep track of your original head number and skin colour/tattoo numbers! You can figure out what these are through the toolset as well. If you don't know your head/skin numbers we will not make these changes, as it is very time consuming for us to hunt these down afterward.

5. Each change is a one-time use thing. You don't get to "keep" the costume and have a DM change them for free every time you want.

6. You have to make some arrangements to get changed back at the end of the event. We will try and be around to do the bulk of these at the end, but if you need to leave early or something it is your responsibility to make arrangements with a GM to be return to normal in a timely fashion.

Any questions, post below! Available times coming very soon.
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Just for Fun / Crows and Daggers
« on: May 14, 2009, 03:27:58 am »
Quote from: darkstorme
Minor additional point, not crucial but a bit jarring when I read it; a dagger any bigger than a throwing knife would be very difficult for a crow to lift; it's not a matter of where it grips it, it's a simple matter of weight ratios. Daggers in-game weigh a pound - a one pound bird would be hard-pressed to lift its own weight again for any real distance.

Carillon comes home and checks the forums and goes to find Darkstorme, taking him to task on this oversight

Carillon: You're wrong about the dagger, you know.
Darkstorme: What dagger?
Carillon: The one the crow carries.
Darkstorme: No ... that's the point. The crow cannot carry a dagger.
Carillon: Sure it can. It could grip it by the haft.
Darkstorme: It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce crow could not carry a one pound dagger!

The biologist in Carillon pauses.

Carillon: Full grown crows are about a pound ...
Darkstorme: It was an immature crow.
Carillon: Oh, alright then.


Several hours later ....

Darkstorme: Look, it doesn't matter. It was just a minor point.
Carillon: Wait a minute! It could be carried by a Voltrexian crow!
Darkstorme: Oh, yeah, a Voltrexian crow maybe, but not a Dregarian crow. That's my point.
Carillon: Oh, yeah, I agree with that.


Later that evening, Carillon pokes Darkstorme awake ...

Carillon: Supposing two crows carried it together?
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Just for Fun / That Which Falls Twixt D And F
« on: April 16, 2009, 09:15:27 pm »
On a recent trip to the Deep, Jaelle decided that a fretful Acacea needed distracting, and that she was just the person for the job! She came up with the idea of playing a game with her halfling friend. This was the game they played. (Though the log is heavily edited, cutting out a lot of back chatter and unnecessary emotes)

How would you do at this? *throws down the gauntlet*

Jaelle Thornwood: A task for you, small halfling maid: Can you talk without inclusion of that most common glyph which falls twixt d and f? I say that you cannot! *sticks her tongue out at her* **her tone suddenly enticing** But show this woman that what I thought was wrong and you shall obtain a just bounty for your triumph! So, what say you, maid of winds, music and magic? Shall you and I play at this pursuit a bit? I think I shall most viciously trump you! *waggles her toes at her*

Acacea Thistletounge: *Her eyes flicker again and she straightens a little, looking with interest again at the illusion* What would I win?

And spoil this lark's surprising conclusion? Nay! I shall not say. Play or not ... but it is your only way to know what you could win!

I didn't spot any larks... Too far down... *Her eyes glance up again then*

A lark! A bit of fun ... halfling vocabulary shows its lack! Alright, alright, I shall show good will and good faith by going first, hmm? Mayhaps you would fancy a story?

*Her eyes brighten a little* What kind of story?

*grins, knowing she's hooked* Allow a lady an instant or two to think of a fitting topic for my narration. A drama, mayhaps? A saga of a luminary of our lands? Ah, no, I know ... I shall acquaint you with this distraction's history! Shall I go on? Will that do?

What sort of history?

Why, a history of a match of wits! Did I say that it was this ability that won my husband? His clan in Krashin hosts annual sports of wits. I fought in such sports, amongst many rivals.

And so soon a widow? *She shifts her increasingly illusion-fascinated eyes from the separated spheres to Jaelle*

Ah, it is truth that you say. But this was prior to that. Do not go too far on, or you shall miss the story! Many from south lands did sail to Krashin for this match, including I. Our first trial that annum was a boasting match. All participants in this match said loudly his most amazing and astonishing acts of valor. Such things I caught wind of! Stunning and startling, miraculous, wondrous or ridiculous ... boasts of all kinds.

*Confidingly to Jaelle* Your companions lost quickly.

**grins at Acacea* Again, you try to spoil my story's conclusion! Hush, Lucinda's darling! Nay, not Birdlord nor that indigo warrior was with this wit. But back to boasting! I admit also that it is my suspicion that not all that was said was wholly truthful! Still, it was amusing.

Indigo... a poor switch... boasting *She nods a few times*

I did alright (I usually hold my own with words), though I did not finish in front. But it did gain this lady a spot in round two! Can you fathom what that round was?

But what was round two? Riddling? *She asks hopefully*

Smart bard!*grins* Good work, aala. Round two was full of that which twists minds: labyrinths of words. No doubt all of you hold an amount of familiarity (and mayhaps also utmost facility!) with such cryptic inquiry play? Naturally, such pursuits afford dull minds a lark! You, child of rascality, worship such fun, I know. Anyways, an hour or two did pass by which saw  my rivals and I riddling and puzzling until our poor minds did pound and throb and spasm and twitch and hurt! And it was at this conclusion that I found that I had won my slot for our last round. As I did not think I should attain this last trial of wits, I did know much shock at this. Shall I inform you now of who took part in that last round?

Yoa *She cheats*

Alright. *grins* First among us was that infamous wizard of Lucinda, Storold. Oh! I did not say what my boast for him in that first round was, did I?

Nooo... *Her eyes look shyly up to Jaelle's again at the question*

Poor Storold was in awful want of aid--his boast was dull. *grins* So I said that in that span of chronology during which our sky was dark, an unknown but bright young man did flash his torch onto Storold's bald poll. That is, that shining skull so unusually vacant of hair ... and lo, but its rays did carom and fly off that odd mirror of his and light our world again!

*She covers her mouth, giggling a little*

**she leans in to Acacea, her tone confiding as she wiggles her toes back** That got many laughs ... though not from him! But back to my story, hmm? Anyway, on my right, across from that wizard, was Ahrail'lan (of a most famous Orc Bashing guild, you might know!) And that is all--two only, my rivals!: Gomo, patriarch of my husband's clan, brought forth a man ... this was our third round, naturally. This man, said Gomo, had lost a thing, and first among us to rightly say what it was would win that last round and our witful jousting, that annual match of minds, would find its conclusion.

A spray and salt maid of his own?

No! Try again! Or shall I just say? Gomo's man did start to say what it was that was lacking and my rivals and I hung on his words ... as did my companions .... Awfully soon I was cognizant of what was amiss. Such a small thing, in truth! I shall say that my companions did not catch its lack ... but I, I had found our solution! So ... what was missing? Do you know?

I don't! Mind? Balls? Oft lacking parts, I know...

**snickers at Acacea's guesses** Nay, my darling rascal! 'Twas not balls, nor wits! Why, 'twas just that which I avoid now--common's most ubiquitous symbol or glyph!

*She covers a laugh with both hands at that*

Anyway, I said without thought that which was on my mind, and to much clapping and acclaim I found I had won! And my trophy, you ask? Why nothing short of that clan's patriarch's only son! Momo (son of Gomo) and I took vows that day. Or ... so it would go in any dissimilar land In Krashin, Gomo only took a band of wood and slid it onto my wrist and said his words and it was through! Fathom my shock, if you can!

Fathoming! *She eyes their feet suspiciously*

**She tilts her head to Abiorn in a "Come play with us" gesture** Join us, gnomish illusionist!

Abiorn Rukrym:  *steps forward twice* I b... will *squints, clearly in concentration on her words*

Know you what my halfling companion and I now shun? Say it not, or you shall not win!

*She looks to Abiorn when Jaelle addresses him, eyes alight with laughter at the question*

Abiorn Rukrym:  *smiles a bit,* I shall not

I find it most difficult! I am fond of it *She nods several times*

What of you, mask man? Birdlord? Gold dragon's most faithful knight? Will you play with us?

Plenarius Ashaley: I think I'm rather late to the game

Jennara Creekskipper: [Whisper] I do not know that I am most faithful.

Steel: **leans on the makeshift oven** Is it a game I can win?

You lost...

**laughs** Oh, warrior of navy skin ... If your sword was as dull as your wit, I should worry for you in a fight, for you would lack a tool that could cut all but your most trivial rivals and antagonists! **her eyes sparkle at Steel as she teases him*

Navy! A switch most apropos, naturally in comparison to indigo

Plenarius Ashaley: That didn't sound like a compliment Steel

Steel:  If it were compliments I sought after, Plenarious, I would have long since withered from despair.

**turning back to Acacea** Anyway ...  Our visitors did fancy clan hospitality, though, and took joy in much food and drink until stomachs did groan in outcry and complaint. And that is my story of how I was knit to Gomo's clan and found a husband from Krashin's north. *grins* I think it is your turn now, halfling ...

And as for widowing??

That is a story too ... but not for today. I will put forward a proposal: during this sport, I call upon you to accomplish an additional stunt of wits. I hold in my pack a commodity of curious worth—a doodad, a thingamajig, a whatchamacallit ... say only its alias and it shall pass to you! But mind, say not that which you and I vow to shun, or I shall maintain my hold on your bounty! What say you, hmm? Will you play?

The "game" went on for nearly an hour, progressing into a guessing game where the participants had to guess an item that Jaelle held in her pack. Acacea eventually won ... though I won't say what the "bounty" was! If you wish to know, guess for yourself

... but do not fail to shun that which falls twixt d and f!
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Development Journals and Discussion / A Tale of Vampires
« on: November 21, 2008, 11:25:38 am »
A Tale of Vampires

As told by Jaelle Thornwood to Trouble Tempest in the Flaming Phoenix Inn in Audira one night.

//Please note, this is a story for you, the players, to enjoy, as it is too good a quest series not to tell. However, your characters will have to learn the details in game for themselves. Much of what you will read should be considered OOC knowledge, and even then not fully the truth. This was Jaelle's telling of it, full of her own biases and still carefully edited to protect both the innocent and the not so innocent.

Alright, that said ... enjoy!
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Development Journals and Discussion / Excerpts from the Segem Story Arc
« on: October 27, 2008, 10:42:34 am »
For your reading pleasure ... excerpts from the journals of Jaelle Thornwood and other assorted writing relating to this series!
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