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Introduce Yourself / wuts happenin?
« on: March 12, 2007, 09:18:42 am »
ey, my name is Skyy (19) and i go to Central Washington University. I lvoe doing pretty much jsut about everything, been on Layo for a little of three months now i think? ya pretty sure, three months and little. i got a main char named Tath Zo'layum, as well as a couple alts, Jearick R H'gar and Caim Zyvorn.

um... i have a Myspace, feel free to add me if you want i love making new friends and getting along with mostly everyone. some big passions i have are creativity, snow boarding, and Music.

I love creativity in a raw and prue form, not what it has been concieved to be in mondern times as just randomness. Things should be classy in one way or another, it should all fit in even an obscure way, or it should all cllide in a way that makes sence. ep catchign myself before i ramble heh. but ya go Creativity!

Snow boarding has been in my life for ten years now, though the amount of time doesn't really matter to me. one thign i lvoe about Snow boarding is how it requries you to be in the now, cuz if your not you'll reck yourself =P. i also liek it cuz it's one thing that i actually excell in, cuz i put alot of time and effort (not to mention money =P) into it.

Though the other two are important Nothing to me is mroe important than Music. I alsoways got music around me, WHen i'm playing Layo i'm listening to music, when i have a test in a class i listen to music while i take the test, shor twlaks long walks got my music. doesn't matter. silence sux, and Music is the thing to fill the void it creates =D

and ya that's me pretty much wanna learn mroe feel free to sne dme a Tell ig, hit me up on MSN (ya i know lame but i was like 12 lol), aim Rynosnoborder  or ad me on Myspace =D.

ciao for now!
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