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Roleplaying / Re: Rebuilding the village of Vale
« on: March 12, 2021, 09:20:24 pm »
*Talia drags her bags with 42 lumps of coal into the shop in Wayfar and deposits them into the chests* I best go gather some more *she sighs and leaves*
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Calendar Events / Re: The pack is called to action!
« on: October 08, 2020, 09:20:06 pm »
*Talia sighs deeply as she hears of the upcoming adventure with the pack and shakes her head sadly*

I wish he had spoken of the trip before I agreed to take on extra duties at the temple.  I hate to leave them without the Lady of Spells' blessings.  I best make sure they have enough supplies to aid their endeavors. 

*Talia quickly picks up her needed supplies and goes about creating several potions, scrolls and ensuring that there will be enough bandages for the pack.  She places all of the items in Feh's bookshelf at the shop.  A bird is sent to the members ensuring someone gathers the supplies* 

//sorry guys! I am unavailable to play then  :(  Hope the trip goes well.
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General Discussion / Re: Cainforge trip
« on: August 24, 2019, 12:27:58 pm »
Thanks to Orth, I was able to get out last night.  I placed all of the items and coins I had in the chest at the house. 
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Trade and Market Hall / Items left in crafting station
« on: August 11, 2019, 10:14:21 pm »
*Talia goes to set up some gems in the crafting station*

Oh look here, *she sighs*, someone will surely miss these.

*she puts a few posters up* Please come claim what you left in the Center craft hall.

Please come claim at the shop in Wayfare.
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Trade and Market Hall / Lost things
« on: July 21, 2019, 12:50:54 pm »
Liliah carefully posts a few signs around Dalanthar. 

"I was carefully minding my own business when I came across a stack of things in the bank in Dalanthar.  If you can tell me what you lost, I'll give 'em back to you!  If not, well I'll make sure they find a good home ;) "

Liliah Cailomel
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Introduce Yourself / Just a follower....
« on: March 27, 2007, 12:49:38 pm »
My name is Amy...and my age..well old enough to have.. 2 boys...8 and 9 years old, well three if you count my significant other *grins and laughs* Although they are all wonderful and keep my life interresting to say the least!

Hobbies...I don't have much time for them...altough I do love being outdoors in the fall and very early spring...the crisp air and the lack of bugs  (I live in Minnesota, where the mosquito is king) make those the perfect times!  I enjoy the great outdoors..camping, fishing, hiking..etc.  I also enjoy watching my kids do anything..well just about everything.

I came to Layo by way of the significant other and two brothers, who all play here.  In other words...I had to go purchase the game, get it installed and create a char. to talk to any of those three *smirks*.  I have been playing on Layo for a little over two months now.  This is my first experience with NWN, Rping, or even really playing a computer game that isn't cards or minesweeper.  I think I am finally starting to master the keyboard controlling..(watch my char in game and have a good laugh sometimes as I forget and start mouse-clicking).  I was not a D&D player ever..*sighs*  Good thing the computer does the math as my degree is in social work!

I created my one and only char:Talia...A preistess of Lucinda...
(even if a nice GM had to help me redo her...because I didn't know enough about the game..let's just say I didn't configure the package right)..Well..she has made great progress I well as me..I have enjoyed my time on Layo so many wonderful chars...(very forgiving I might add and helpful IC and OOC) so many places to die...umm, I mean explore...I really love the new scenery...and the music is nice too..Although I do find myself humming along with it now...*shakes head* not good!  Talia's skills are more healing and making potions of cure for the underdogs or those lacking funds.  Her verbal skills are sometimes reduced to computer tends to crash for just about any reason or do whatever it's doing that stops Talia from doing her healing at times...while working on the wounded.  

As for questions...hmmmm..I always have so many...none are coming to mind right now.  I guess I'll just have to ask when they pop into my head!

Well, enough of to go play again...WOOHOO!
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