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General Discussion / Re: The Call of Bones 5/28/2019 8:30 pm edt
« on: May 23, 2019, 09:14:31 pm »
Jinn stamps a dwarven rune into the notice indicating attendance.
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Rumour Has It / Re: What happened to Vale?
« on: May 20, 2019, 12:45:30 am »
Naldin thanks Jo for bringing him up to date and commiserates with him for the lack of success of their efforts. Naldin draws a parallel to that blighted place in the Hallowlight Forest on Mistone (marked by a grave) that seems to have taken an absolute age to show any signs of improvement.

Naldin then speaks a series of ideas as they enter his thoughts.

"Aye wunder who be stroikin' at tha Mother Nature so? Are thar any soigns un tha Heavens, loike? Yoo know, a dimmin' o' stars, oor oth'r such. Them Aragen folk usually keep an eye on such things. Mabbe that Bird Lord person moight be knowin' a thing oor two."
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There appears to be a lot of problems with folks trying to migrate their characters, so if you're having problems just create a new test character and tell me their name in this thread and I'll move your old characters over and delete that test character.

Name of new test character: Script Wrecked

Thanking you.

~Script Wrecked.
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General Discussion / Catalyst Video Driver Update and NWN
« on: September 15, 2012, 11:21:08 am »
For those of you with an AMD graphics card, if you upgrade the Catalyst Video Drivers and find NWN hangs during load, you may want to check this out.

I found I was able to use the "atioglxx.dll" file from Catalyst version 12.3 for Windows XP 32 bit.
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LORE Bugs / LORE Character Page Updates
« on: September 09, 2012, 04:58:47 pm »
It doesn't look like the character pages have been updated since the end of August.
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General Discussion / NWN Master Server
« on: April 20, 2012, 04:25:53 am »
If you are tired of waiting for NWN authorising your player name against a Master Server which (still) isn't there, you can add the following line to your "hosts" file:


The hosts file is found here:

[NOPARSE]Windows 95/98/Me|c:\\windows\\hosts
Windows XP/Vista/7|c:\\windows\\system32\\drivers\\etc\\hosts
Mac OS X 10.0 – 10.1.5|(via NetInfo or niload)
Mac OS X 10.2 and newer|/etc/hosts

You will still have to click to acknowledge that it couldn't find the Master Server, but at least you won't have to wait for it.

Quote from: davidhoff
... otherwise we don't have defined terms and can't really make any headway discussing it.

Okay, so what is law in regard to the three Lawful alignments?

Taking law in its two constituent parts, the condition (crime) and the consequence (punishment).


Is Lawful Evil law harsh law? That is, punishment is severe, and out of all proportion to the prescribed crime.

Is Lawful Neutral law impartial law? That is, the prescribed punishment is in proportion to the prescribed crime.

Is Lawful Good law compassionate law? That is, as well as proportional punishment, the severity of the punishment can be further mitigated by the circumstance surrounding the crime.


Is Lawful Evil laws the detrimental laws? That is, the prescribed condition to be fulfilled is to the detriment or disadvantage of the individual, but if not complied with, an even more deleterious punishment will be imposed.

Is Lawful Neutral laws the "status quo" laws? All the "thou shalt not cause harm to your fellow being" laws.

Is Lawful Good laws the beneficence laws? Viz, if you are in a disadvantaged position, you are entitled to some prescribed assistance.

Breaking the law down into these two parts creates (3x3) nine "flavours", without even considering  the three alignments and such modifiers as equality before the law.


Script Wrecked.
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Rumour Has It / Fort Vehl: Local Lord Murdered!
« on: September 29, 2011, 03:35:33 am »
In what appears to be a bungled burglary, Lord Rastimaud and several of his house servants were found murdered in the Rastimaud estate. The Merchant Guard were able to track the culprit down to a nearby crafting hall. In the fierce fight that ensued, several of Vehl's finest paid with their lives. A dwarven Knight of the Wyrm, assisting the guard, was also overcome in the fighting. The murderer, one Jartok of Krashin, recently released from prison, was cut down.
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Rumour Has It / Fort Vehl: Squire Training Program
« on: September 18, 2011, 04:15:29 am »
Posters appear about Fort Vehl:

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Rumour Has It / Knights Of The Wyrm Fall To Dark Elf In Silkwood Caves
« on: August 19, 2011, 09:11:49 am »
Rumor has it, two of Rofirein's finest, Sir Justice and Sir Naldin, fell at the hands of a dastardly dark elf in the depths of the caves of the Silkwood. Fortunately, their druid companion was able to make it to the surface again.

// Thanks to Nym'roos Claddana (Dremora/Semper-Fi_Hoo-ah) for playing the villain. Shouldn't there be an arrest [THREAD=283619]warrant[/THREAD] out for him, or something? ;) //
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CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Yep...
« on: June 07, 2011, 10:39:13 am »
[INDENT]Given your level, you have a 25% chance of successfully crafting this recipe:

You successfully made 1 item.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 15.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
You successfully made 1 item.
Failure.  You rolled a 15.
Failure.  You rolled a 13.
Failure.  You rolled a 8.
Failure.  You rolled a 13.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
Failure.  You rolled a 8.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
Failure.  You rolled a 4.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
Failure.  You rolled a 13.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
Failure.  You rolled a 1.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 3.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 2.
Failure.  You rolled a 12.
You successfully made 1 item.
Failure.  You rolled a 15.
Failure.  You rolled a 7.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 11.
Failure.  You rolled a 6.
Failure.  You rolled a 9.
Failure.  You rolled a 10.
You successfully made 1 item.
Failure.  You rolled a 14.
Failure.  You rolled a 7.
Failure.  You rolled a 9.
Failure.  You rolled a 5.
Failure.  You rolled a 7.

From 40 attempts, 4 successes. It should have been 10!

Maybe that should read "you have a 10% chance of successfully crafting this recipe", or, "you have a 40% chance of the reported 25% chance of actually crafting this recipe". :rolleyes:

[SIZE=10](yes, I'm having a bleat; it makes me feel better)[/SIZE]

After speaking [POST=1720656]with[/POST] High Protector Daniel Poetr, Naldin seeks to make an appointment to speak with High Justiciar Reus regarding the Rofirein temple patrolling the streets Vehl.

Would Reus, or someone acting in his stead, be available for such a meeting?

How would this be handled? A CDQ? In-game meeting, IRC, PMs?


Script Wrecked.
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Rumour Has It / About The Temple Of Rofirein In Fort Vehl
« on: May 26, 2011, 09:28:19 am »
... a young dwarf is seen on a semi-frequent if irregular basis. When he visits, he makes brief, somewhat clumsy prayers to the All-Seeing. He often asks the temple staff if he can lend a hand with anything, or if the temple needs guarding.
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General Discussion / City Exterior Reskin Override
« on: May 23, 2011, 03:08:28 am »
For those who indulge in such frivolity, here is an override for the City Exterior tileset that I can personally recommend. *cough, shameless self promotion, cough*
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Trade and Market Hall / Wanted For The War Effort: Stone And Lumber
« on: January 28, 2011, 01:24:56 am »
[INDENT]For the war effort against the Green Dragon Cult, wanted the stone[SIZE=10](1)[/SIZE] and the lumber[SIZE=10](2)[/SIZE]. Please be donating to your local agent[SIZE=10](3)[/SIZE].

Please be mindful from where you are collecting, and not to be ravaging the environment.

~Argali Trueaxe
Blackford War Council

[SIZE=10](1) powdered limestone as the collectible
(2) planks, any type
(3) I am hoping donation to the "Mistone Defence Fund" will be sufficient, unless "Hilm Defense" or "War Against The Green Dragon Cult" gets set up[/SIZE]
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Blackford War Council - Ports And Golems
« on: January 26, 2011, 10:03:13 pm »
// So as not to clog up and/or confuse the [POST=1712778]current[/POST] discussion. Also, this would likely occur after Argali returns from this. //

Argali addresses the War Council, asking for any objections to pursuing the following four points:

  • Send a message to the Tower Academy for magickers who have any expertise with golems.

The Roughlands in the south of the Hilm Protectorate are littered with broken golems. With the Cult occupying Sundance, we need something to harry them with, even if we are not yet engaging them on the battlefield. The golems could provide a suitable distraction.

  • Establish an east port on the point on the coast of the Hilm Protectorate due east of the Fort of Last Hope (aka Fort Gorge) (see map).

This will necessitate finding a path through the coral for the ships. To that end, contact the Children of Shindaleria at the temple of the Bay of Carocsa, the temple at Lan's Port, and the temple at the Fort of Kings to ask if they would provide swimmers to find a path through the coral.

  • Establish a south port on the southern coast of the Hilm Protectorate (see map).
  • Start collecting stone and lumber to build the piers at these two sites.
Argali awaits any response.
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Trade and Market Hall / Wanted: Very, Very Dangerous Traps
« on: January 23, 2011, 10:51:47 pm »
*posted throughout the various trade and crafting halls*

[INDENT]Wanted: the very, very dangerous traps[SIZE=10](1)[/SIZE]

If, over the course of your travels, you have accumulated the very, very dangerous traps, and are willing to part with them in exchange for some service or fee, please be leaving the message here.

Note: villains, scoundrels, and others that would thwart the efforts against the Cult, need not apply

~Argali Trueaxe

[SIZE=10](1) that is, epic level traps[/SIZE]
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Rumour Has It / Seeking Information Regarding Slain Gnomes
« on: December 10, 2010, 06:03:31 am »
*a note is posted about the various taverns and crafting halls that adventurous types are known to frequent*

[INDENT]A gnome and his group are known to have perished in a spider cave of the Silkwood forest, and a thief, or perhaps murderer, to have taken their possessions.

This may be connected with driders looking for poison being found dead in caves in the north of the Silkwood, and dark elves stealing away the driders' bounty.

If anyone is having further information regarding this, please be leaving the message here.

~Argali Trueaxe
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Ask A Gamemaster / Vorax GM Question: Rainstorff's Axe
« on: November 19, 2010, 07:32:04 pm »
Argali has [THREAD=282022]travelled[/THREAD] to the Voraxian Temple in the Ulgrids Fortress to inquire about Rainstorff's Axe.

In the battle against the scourge that is the Green Dragon Cult, she is particularly interested a weapon potent enough to turn the tide in battle against the anticipated minions of said Cult, and is hoping that Rainstorff's Axe might be able to do this. If not, then she makes it known that she is interested in information about anything else that might be useful either on the battlefield or in the ongoing fight against the Cult.

Are the clerics of the Eternally Vigilant able to provide such information? And/or point her in the direction to gain such/further information?


Script Wrecked.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / After The Council Meeting In The Great Forest
« on: October 24, 2010, 02:08:43 am »
Not long after Lance comes coursing [POST=1706917]back[/POST] from the Great Forest, there is a post-meeting gathering in Hilm, perhaps attended by those who were present at the Council Meeting in the Great Forest, and perhaps also attended by those who might have wanted to attend said council meeting, but couldn't quite get there in time and only got as far as Hilm Castle[SIZE=10](1)[/SIZE].

An [POST=1706845]account[/POST] is given of what transpired at the council meeting (hopefully by Andrew Reid himself). After everyone is given several minutes to digest the discourse[SIZE=10](2)[/SIZE], Argali addresses those gathered.

"Thank you for coming zis day. What transpirred at the Counzil Meeting in the Horrn Kingdom has the important consequences for all of Layonarra. If Kuhl had made alliance with Horrn, that would have left them in partnerrzhip with two of the three kingdoms on Belinarra[SIZE=10](3)[/SIZE]. It iz not harrd to be imagining the Cult would then be turrning its attention to the remaining kingdom (Hilm) in the morre overrt and marrtial mannerr. And zhould the Cult gain control of Belinarra, who knows where theirr vile tentacles would then be zprreading.

"But, forr the moment, that has not eventuated. The question iz, what arre we doing next? Nice meeting, no alliance between Kuhl and Horrn, but no alliance between Hilm and Horrn eitherr. Howeverr, we arre learning zome important things that we should be acting on.

"Firrstly, although alliance between Hilm and Horrn was declined, that does not mean we should be giving up. It iz like the firrst refusal at the dance, no? Do not be so easily diszuaded.

"Furtherr to that, we believe..." she gives a slight nod to Lance "... we should be making contact with the tigerr-walking motherr halfling. Larrina iz the Drruid of the Hilm Protectorrate. She has zimilar pozition to us conzerrning the Cult. She hopefully gives us betterr access to Belinarra drruid hierarchy and to Horrn Kingdom. Argali hopes through herr we will be able to forrge alliance between Hilm and Horrn.

"Zis brings herr two zecond point. The Mortimerr, Drruid of Kuhl. He iz obviously being squeezed between rock and harrd place. We zhould not abandon zis man to zuch a fate. She iz surprised otherr high drruids have not interrvened on his behalf. Howeverr, if they won't, we zhould. Firrstly, we need to deterrmine if he iz still alive after his outburrst.

"She proposes we zend drruid sponsorred delegation to be zpeaking with him within Kuhl, assuming that iz where he iz to be found. Hopefully, the Larrina will make such a sponsorrzhip. The Kuhl will be harrd pressed to refuse such a request. And if they do, it furtherr undermines theirr position with the drruids and with the Horrn.

"Zo, arre therre any drruids prrezent who can contact the drruid Larrina on ourr behalf?

"Alzo, does anyone know what became of the Aerimorr zpeaking with the High Drruid?[SIZE=10](4)[/SIZE]

"Oh, and by the way, the 'woman with eye patch' who was talking to the Listerr, iz likely the [POST=1466542]Cyn Chen[/POST], head of the Drrach Tesak, the Cult's secret police.

"Oh-alzo, arre therre any zcouts prresent? She has job forr you."

[SIZE=10](1) yes, that's your "in" ; also, those attending Hilm Castle can see it is at a heightened state of readiness, with increased activity in and about the castle walls
(2) if you're like me, you may need to read it several times; there's a lot of good stuff in there
(3) Nesar being the other partner
(4) at the end of Andrew's account[/SIZE]
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