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Introduce Yourself / Re: Great to be Back!!
« on: May 26, 2023, 02:47:53 pm »
Welcome back!
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Introduce Yourself / Allo'
« on: March 13, 2007, 05:35:22 am »
Now that I have more time in Layo, I thought I'd edit this and add a bit more of info in case anyone is wondering. I'll leave the original post in the bottom.
I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
This place is beautiful, the people are warm and welcoming and if you don't know Brazil, I'd advice you to try it once. Just don't go get your kidney stolen!

I have been playing RPG and drums most of my years. Began RP with 14 [ Drums 11 ], playing some D&D, Vampire, GURPS and Tagmar [ Brazilian RPG ] got to other stuff soon but never stopped being an D&D addict.
I love my band, we started as death metal, then began adding Drum n' Bass elements, regional instruments [ such as the Berimbau, from Capoeira ] and now we turned into something completely progressive and experimental.

I've been a hardcore gamer for as long as I have a computer, and since Full Throttle I knew I was born to do this for a living, but it turned out different and now I work in the local hospital's morgue and in a big events house that takes most of my time, unfortunately...

I live in a eight rooms house with my dog and cats, no other humans. Hate 'em.

I have long pitch black hair which goes with most of my dark clothing and eyes. Very pale skin.
Big fan of tattoos and far from done with them. Only 13 of them ATM. I like piercings too but I only have one. Not a goth. Not emo.

As far as music goes I'm a bit strange. My taste ranges from death/gore/trash metal to Mamas and the Papas... No further comments on this.

Finally, I don't consume alcohol, I pratice Krav Maga for about six or seven years and treat my body as best as I can [ If you disregard the heavy smoking habit ]. I hope that gives a view of who I am.

Original Post:

" Not sure what to write down here.. Well, I'm from Brazil and I'm 20 years old, I play drums on an death metal band and enjoy PnP RPG a lot.
Hello to you all and I hope we meet IG... =\\ "
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