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Ask A Gamemaster / gotta ask why
« on: November 21, 2009, 11:02:29 am »
Why is it when somthing really good happens on Layo, it has to get complicated in the long run.  Take the Graceful Pleas, great idea, you make a mistake building your character, you get to redo it.  Great idea :) but now, it seems that character reapproval is necessary.  This from the people that are complaining they dont have time to approve characters that are waiting in the  wings.  Why? why cant it just be kept simple, you only get 1 shot at this as I undersatnd it, so why not make it a blanket thing.   you make a mistake, you get it fixed, you have fun.  
   The same is true with the SS reinbursement.  To get them replaced,  it seems like now you have to file an incident report on them.  A lot of us, me included, have not posted an SS loss, in the past, due to no WL/DM being around.  In cases like that, the chances of a reinbursement are pretty much zip, so why bother.  So I have to ask, is it such a horrid thing to give 3 GP's to extend a characters game life and have it be a blanket thing???  The way I see it, the GP's made life for a player simpler and the game more fun, but for some reason, it seems like that is just not right, that it has to be made tougher, like that is some badge of honor.  Why?  This server like its competitors is about fun.  So why does it always seem like it has to become a pain?  O.o
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General Discussion / Wanted to thank Plen
« on: September 27, 2008, 08:55:47 am »
Wanted to take a moment to thank Orth for the story telling event.  It was fun and imformative and his story telling abilities rival those of Ozzy.   The Lore stories are something I have missed greatly and Im glad he took the time to share them with us as a community.

General Discussion / Rp 101
« on: July 07, 2008, 08:17:36 pm »
is it possible we could do another round of RP 101 or even 201.  The last time we had it, it was extremly helpful. :)
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General Discussion / something worth redoing
« on: July 07, 2008, 07:53:04 pm »
My first expierence on Layo, was when we had the old Dragon called intro for new characters.  From the start,  there was a feeling, to me anyway, like I was entering into something that would be both momentus and challenging.  I was not dissapointed, the game was and still is fantastic and  according to my wife, you can add addictive as well.  But the way we start characters, now is by comparasion, unexciting, there is no sence of something epic that is about to begin.  So, what I guess the point of this is, is this, can we restore the old Dragon called player entry, updating it for the current world or create something equally as exciting.  It would give starting players a feel that they are getting into special, as opposed to just another online community
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General Discussion / Hlint
« on: November 10, 2007, 08:58:43 pm »
Ok, not sure where to post this, but this seemed like as good a  spot as any, so here goes.  What are the chances of getting a Craft Hall and / or merchants in Hlint.  There are a lot of CNR s available out there, that are a pain to haul all the way back to Hemp or Vehl.  Aside from that, I really like Hlint and would like to spend more time there, but with out the craft halls and merchants, it a little hard to do.  So isa this possible to do??
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