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Well, I figured out the mystery of the missing honey! I found Dweeblie licking the honey bottles I had been gathering for sale. Just as I stepped into the room we're renting at the Inn, there he was, with his tongue on the bottle. He froze for a moment and then ran away and pretended to be sleepwalking. Yes, like I haven't seen that act before! Why does he like sugar so much?  One day he's going to turn into a bear. He's working on his cooking, yes, but I wonder if the excess sugar has to do with his lack of facial hair. Not that I tell him, because he is sensitive about that, just like if I mention the size of his nose. But I love him anyhow. He's my tiny silly sweetheart with a small nose and no facial hair.

So I'm very happy we decided to come visit Port Hempstead after our wedding. There's always something to do! Work, work, work! It's like a lightning bolt explotion of all gnomish senses!  Whoooo! My head feels like spinning in excitement!

Tall folks are funny, sometimes they talk a lot, other times they run away after rolling their eyes. Must be a local custom, like the one Mr. Drachus told us, that whenever he's there sitting on the fountain, we have to toss gold on the floor next to him.  He seems to be happy when we do that.

By the way, Dweeblie is going to write a note to the city leaders to see if we can make benches our size. We have to climb there all the time and our feet don't touch the ground. Makes me feel tiny and I've started to carry a little tiny bench to the crafting halls so that I can reach the tables.

And what's up with the giant rats in the sewers? We went there with this tall folk, Mr. Daniel Poetr, I think was his name? Tall folk, blond almost white hair... which reminds me, I'm going to have to work on a potion to turn hair different colors. I think people like to dye their hair around here... some brown, some blond, some dark, some have no hair at all! I'll be rich!

I just need to work more on that last one, the potion to grow hair.  I ended up once with a werewolf face, covered with fuzzy hairs for two weeks when I tried to make that potion at school for extra credit. The teacher didn't like it. I had to wear a helmet that covered all my face all week. I could barely breath inside it!

I'm going to also work on a shrinking potion to make those sewer rats normal size so that they can live in the holes on the wall, like they used to do back home. Between the walls, no bothering us... outside the walls, angry gnomes will get you! Perhaps I can drop a few drops on the entrance to test them and see if it works... Hopefully it doesn't happen like that one test I did at school once, where my Potion 101 teacher became a giant after I messed up the bat hair for the cat hair on the potion list. Yikes! I remember her head all squished on the roof as she said "Daniella, you mixed some wrong components on your potion of Exponential Surprise."

So Dweeblie has also been working on his tinkering to improve his craftskills and design a device we've engineered. It's like a big cart that traps giants. I'll make it invisible, we'll roll it to the roads where the giants camp and kill adventurers. Then, we'll lure them to the trap, I'll sleep them, then I make a giant strap that keeps them all together on the device, and Dweeble casts Bull Strength on him, so that he can pull the device to the mountains far away. We'll have to put a tiny lever in the front so that Dweebie can reach. I think it will work well. Once we design it, we'll sell it to all towns where giants are nearby. We're going to be rich!

Right now, we're helping the wolf man... I mean... Fehriel and Talia with some materials for their wedding. Such a cute couple. I wonder how their babies will be like, since he usually has a wolf head?  Dweeblie asked him if they sniff each other, you know... like wolves do, but they said they don't. So why would you wear a wolf helmet and pretend you're a wolf and not sniff everything around you? That's what dogs do and wolves too. It beats me... can't think of a reason there. But I like the guy and he gives us work, work, work! I'm looking forward to see how they do their wedding. Ours was... kind of short, but it was ok... even when I tried to run away on the honeymoon.

By the way, Dweeblie and I were very scared the first time Mr. Fehriel walked to town. I screamed "WEREWOLF!", but people dind't know what I was saying. Later on it came out to be that he wears a helmet that looks like a wolf. Why would he do that? I'm not sure, but I like the guy... he pays well. Lots and lots of coins! I'll finally be able to get me a lion bag or 2. *cheers*

Interesting thought... people in this town barely speak. Most times they look at us and run away. Maybe they're scared of Dweeblie's handsomeness?

Speaking of which, I am working on making a potion to grow hair. I'll be rich once I perfect it! The other day I saw a tall folk named Storold. I didn't mean to stare at his forehead, but I could almost imagine his balding forehead growing hair tiny hairs with my potion of hair growth. How shall we call it? Potion of Greezly Fuzziness?

I think that same week we met an angel with no wings. His name is Tod. He said he takes the wings off. I asked him if he worked at the Angels Guild, because it would make sense and he said yes. I stepped in that guild the other day and met a tall folk called Ben. He sold us 2 oak shortbows we needed for a job we were working on with one of the captains. These captains are so lazy... I wonder why they don't get the weapons themselves? I mean... we had to carry a few of the weapons between Dweeblie and I, me on one end and him on the other end because they were big and very heavy, but I'm sure tall folks can carry them much easier.

So we've made an end-of-the-rainbow-gnomish-discovery! We've found so far that people in this town pay you coins for gathering materials, animal skins, and more! I'm so excited, I've broken three quills already writing this! We've been gathering ginseng, skins, corn, lots of it, apples, aloe, wood, you name it! Soon we'll be able to open a crafting material shop. We could call it "The big store of Small noses". Get it? small... noses?

I've noticed that a lot of people are very pretty, and since I think might be something in the water, I have been splashing my face with the water there in Stormcross Roads... *ponders about the name for a moment*

The other day we met a pretty wizard lady, Elohanna, I think was her name? She's the head of the Tower Academy and I've been trying to let her know that my gnomish senses are exploding in excitement to learn more at her academy. Perhaps she manages to squeeze me in in one of her classes? I would love that! My potion making skills will explode like a fireball of knowledge. *pauses for a moment* Is there such a thing? Hm... *ponders*

We met an interesting fellow the other day too. He speaks to animals. I think his name is Shadowolf? Shadowleaf? Something like that... he's a good folk, I would adopt him as a gnome, because he's always looking for work. Maybe he has some gnomish blood on him and he doesn't know it *laughs*. I felt sad the other day, because he lost his bear friend. The goblins smacked them while we were getting gems *pauses to dray dream for a moment* geeemmmss.....

Ah yes... *snaps out of her dreamy trance* I'm using gems to make healing potions. Dweeblie keeps getting in trouble and I have to run to him and throw a few healing ones to help his wounds. He's so brave *looks dreamy again*

Anyway, this Shadowlance fellow talked to my ox. He said my ox is happy how I treat it and I even brush her skin with a tiny brush, that she loves. It's like a kitty cat when you pet it. I was very happy to hear that, especially when we've been trying to learn to speak to animals... you know... I try my best like this: sqweekie, sqweekie. But most times animals don't respond well. Mr. Fehriel told us that you have to communicate to the animals with pictures and thoughts and from the heart. How do you make a picture on your mind and heart? Not sure of that one, but if we can't talk to animals, eventually we can figure out another skill to learn.  Maybe tracking!

I went to the troll cave and interesting enough, Mr. Fehriel was there. I showed him how I am learning tracking. First, I find a rock wall, then face it at 10 degrees, then smell it three times. If I smell troll feet, then there are trolls on the area. If not, then there are no trolls on the area. Easy as pie!

Mr. Fehriel showed me how he fights them with his sword. Very impressive, and some tall folks call that "dancing" with the sword. Like pretty Ms. Annwyl, who dances very well with her shiny sword. The last time I tried to "dance" with my skinning knife I fell upside down... good thing I had pants underneath my pretty dress and the knife was in need of sharpening! Otherwise I might have ended up at the dark land where you travel to the cross in town and then have to sleep like 10 times before you're happy again.

I have to tell Dweeble of the gelatinous cubes that we've found at the caves there in the woods with silk. I took a sample of them and maybe I can develop a potion to make us gelatious too... that way when an enemy hits us, our smoochie skin absorbs the blow and like a ghost, they pass through, making no damage. Or, or, or, or perhaps I can make Dweebo a beverage? With lots and lots of sugar. Could be this the secret ingredient for my hair growing potion? I've heard rumors of some lands using it for growing hair. I wonder if it's true. *looks at gelatinous cube sample on a vial with intrigue*
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