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Ask A Gamemaster / I just want to say THANKS for Layo teams!
« on: April 20, 2011, 02:17:39 am »
Thank you for all the time and effort you put here in Layo! You are appreciated!

I just had to say I’m not biggest fan on Layos’ lengthy approval system either even after it has helped me better understand my characters (Hey! What I can say? I love my weird chars! Even if they are harder to get approved), but after I read this thread I have to admit it did Layo community big favor, again.. :D

//Still busy in RL. Trying to pop in time to times.
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Just for Fun / Bear Tv
« on: November 12, 2010, 12:54:19 am »
For Xanya the Ice bear (or honey bear as her tiny little sister Lili would say) and Ygraine bear or for any other bear loving or shape shifting person out there.

These videos are from Kuusamon Suurpetokeskus (Kuusamon large beast center) here in Finland.

Look for the karhutv (BearTv) in Youtube link (three clips):
YouTube - karhutv's Channel

It is talked and texted only in Finnish, but there is only little bit of English talk in middle of the 'Traileri karhutv' video. I hope our gibberish do not ruin it for you :D
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Ask A Gamemaster / Restricted Multiclassing of Paladins
« on: February 02, 2010, 01:16:12 am »

I’m just a bit curious about Restricted Multiclassing of Paladins.

I just wonder why Paladins can’t multiclass to Clerics? In my mind in would make sense that paladin could change (retire :) ) to more clerical path or Cleric could find their way toward Paladin order and grow up their deity devoted warrior. I tried to look but I did not find any lore that expanse it.  Is it just balance issue?
Or are those Restricted Multiclassing pages up to date (Last Updated: Mon, Mar 31, 2008 03:45:38 PM, by ycleption)?

All I found here in forums was this Re: Multi-classing my fighter to fighter/paladin does this mean that in theory there is possible to start as Cleric and become Paladin? But starting as Paladin and retire as cleric is not possible even in theory? Is there any lore, divide or other conflicts here?

I think I have seen one Paladin/Wizard/Spellsword in the server too. Is that just one rare RP exception? Or is it valid as Wizard/Spellsword and then became as paladin (as Paladins can't multiclass as Spellsword)?

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Development Journals and Discussion / Lili Hrathen's adventures
« on: October 19, 2009, 04:21:43 am »
Lili laid down over her new and soft bedroll. It was a complimentary gift from man named Caerwyn Ahrail’lan. She was so happy se had dared to enter that big city. She had learnt so much. Caerwyn seemed to be experienced man of the woods and Lil had imminently felt more relaxed with him than she had though it was possible. Caerwyn had made her a new bow and took her to short sightseeing around the city. He had also introduced her to tall and thought looking woman named Grendola Pigstrotter.
At first glance Lili had thought that Grendola was quote scary. She had carried quite nasty looking weapons like cleaver, fail and big two-handed axe. Grendola strong odor and unusually weaponry was soon explained by her occupation as butcher. She had also given Lili some really good tasting pork meat and that excellent bacon! Grendola obviously knew her trade. Lili had soon founded out that she liked Grendola frank and straight to the point attitude.    
Lilis head still felt a bit dizzy about all that had happened. All had gone so fast!
Caerwyn and Grendola introduced her few towns people that offered Lili some work. Lili was gland Grendola had offered to come along. All those nasty creatures in that smelly sewer. Even though of that smell made her rub her nose again. Grendola had made short work of those creatures wielding two-weapons at same time one each of her hands. That was something that Lili had never seen before. Lili had already decided that she would have to try practicing that with her daggers some time.
Lili and Grendola hand also made their way to the woods and town near by. Near that town they have met other travelers. One was a tall orc and other yellow-blue skinned elf. Lili had tried to hide but Grendola hand confronted them with out fear. As with the big humans all was not what hey seemed to be. Travelers where not hostile even though that scary orc in some reason would have liked to carry Lili to his pocket. That was weird because all thing she had heard about orcs told otherwise. It seemed she could not trusts in stories in this part and she just had to find with more about herself and for now on keep her head open minded.  Soon Lili had found herself travelling with orc called Erugor and elf named Elaviera. Lili did not understand what Elaviera talked. It sounded really strange language. Others said she was sea elf what would explain what skin color that Lili had never seen on other elves.
So what had happened next was something what Lili had not even dreamed a do. Together they have hunted down some goblins that had troubled near by villages. Erugor had taken point with Grendola and Elaviera and Lili had supported them, Lili with her arrows and Elaviera with her magic.
It had been fantastic! Lili had never felt so thrilled! She had never even though doing something like that in her wildest dreams. Even now it was had to believe it was true. She had been part of party with big people. Even that was still hard her to apprehend. Top of that they had successfully hunted down tribe of goblins. She shake her head in disbelieve. It would take time to really sink in to her excited mind.
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Introduce Yourself / Greetings ^^
« on: October 08, 2009, 12:33:01 am »
Hi, I'm new to the world of Layonara. I have heard good things about Layonara in other RP server and finally decided to satisfy my curiosity.
I’m just about to send my first character submission (Lili Hrathen). I’m already looking forward rping with you.
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