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Important Layonara Announcements / Re: Layonara moving to NWN 8193.15
« on: September 19, 2020, 05:31:35 pm »
*Brutus Clawfoot  find himself awake at once deep in the bowels of a forgotten dungeon. With a terrible gasp of hideous Half-Orc breath, he yelps and lands in to a vague and rough consciousness.*


*He looks around, bewildered and in a funk. He is slow to shake off the thick muck of too many years lost to the either.  The dungeon walls are closed all around him.  His new awareness is muzzled by his complete isolation. Modern devices such as iPads and EE versions, are of no concept to his existence. Only  the four walls of his personal dungeon have any  relevance.  He stares into the darkness quieted by his predicament. Then suddenly there is a flash of blue light that blinds him temporarily. The light remains in a circle of energy and promise.*

What the...?

What’s dat? Some kinda portal? Er wonders what’ll happen if Er goes walk’n in to it?

(To be continued) 

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Aw...  I miss Leanora. Ain’t got no computer no more though. If only I could get it on my iPhone. 
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 //If only I had half the wit and wisdom of Edgar Allan Poe! //
Deh Raven by Mangus Crunch
Er wanted to go
In deh blithering snow
To deh pits of er icy cavern 
What Er din' knows
Was deh cold nearly froze
Me fingers as dey clutched me lantern
Along deh way
Corky an me,
An'Gisom was fight'n Goblins.
Dey weren't  afraid
Of me club an' dey blades
So's dey smashed me on me noggin! 
An' some how Er saw him
While Er was er brawl'n
On er tree branch nearby,
Deh Raven!
But Er paid him no mind,
Spend'n me time,
Smash'n dem goblin's skulls in. 
An' Gisom an' me
An' dat dere Corky
Was bust'n dey bones all in!
But den deh cold 
Starts tak'n er hold
An Er quickly git's to freez'n
We was fight'n  some Wargs
Giv'n dem our worst
When suddenly again... Er see's him!
Up in er tree 
As plain as can be
Dat ominous bird
Deh Raven...
But Corky an' Gisom
Was too busy given'm
Wargs er senseless beat'n
Dey was in er hurry
So Er din' worry
No thought to any retreat'n
Den giants we found
An' dey comes around
Bang'n  me head in deh snow
When Er hits deh ground
Er looks around 
An' Er seen him wouldn't yew know?
Dat black bird of night
He gimme er fright
Just er star'n me down
Deh Raven...
Now Lucky for me
Quickly Corky
Done picked me up an' saved me! 
While Gisom was smash'n
Dem giants, Er drank er batch er
Dem potions what Corky gave me!
Den Er see's up ahead
Deep in deh dead
Of deh cold, er icy figure!
He's stand'n dere wait'n
To smash me Orc face in,
With a fistful of clenched icy fingers!
Er thought struck me mind 
While he struck me blind
Dat he had been sent by...
Dat Raven
Er nearly died
We barely survived
When somehow Gisom beat him
An Er was relieved
When Er finally seen
Him lay'n there defeated
We was slow to recover
From dat icy bugger
But after some time we was leav'n
As we left it got colder.
Er looked over me shoulder
To see if Er could see'm,
Deh black winter foul
Who was out on the prowl,
In dat cold, cold place,
Deh Raven...
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General Discussion / Orcs gone wild
« on: October 13, 2014, 11:44:48 am »
Mangus and a bearded,  peg leged dwarf with a patch over his left eye are seen wandering off into the woods outside of Vehl  singing some  almost entirely unintelligible lyric having to do with Leningrad  and a bag of stones  rhyming occasionally with sack of bones. They are carrying several bottles of some toxic concoction each  and draped over Mangus's left shoulder is a freshly killed deer carcass  with its head still attached.... \\\\Hi there gang. Sorry I've been So quiet lately. I've been producing a haunted house for a nearby country club, it's a one day event but it is requiring an extraordinary effort. As soon as the haunted house is over, I will be going on holiday for an honest three or four weeks. Sadly I'm too wrapped up  to go be Mangus steadily until  December.. I sure do miss him and all the WONDERFUL people here. So don't count me out!  I'll be poking my head in during the first few weeks of November then I will flitter off again for a few more weeks in December.  Then I will jump right back in and send Mangus to the first pub he sees in Fort Vehl!((in case any of you forum lurkers are reading this, this is a great website, these are great people, you should definitely jump in and join us!) See you all soon!\\\
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Poetic License / A run for Titanium with Ryubi and Corky
« on: September 30, 2014, 12:56:18 pm »
Dem Stones is Cursed(As sung by Mangus Cruch, if you can call it singin)Yew don' know's nuth'n 'bout fear an' delirium
'till yew spends er night in er sanitarium
Dat's where er landed when er was er carry'n
Stoooones from deh deep down beloooow

Mebe yew's think's Er'm be'n contrary, an'
mebe yew's think's it's too legendary, an'
mebe yew's thinks Er ain' comparing it
to nuth'n Er truly knooooows

But Er'm here to tell ya,
from deep down below,
dem stones in cursed!
Er Knoooows!

Now down in deh deep, below deh geraniums.
Corky an' me an' Ryubi was fillet'n 'em
mushrooms like fishes in search er Titanium
waaaay way deep down  beloooow!

Ryubi's an' Corkies an' My equilibrium's
was loos'n dey way in deh space/time continuum
when angry old golems was smash'n our craniums
Deeeep in deh deep down belooooow!

An' Er'm here to tell ya,
from deep down below,
dem stones is cursed!
Er Knoooows!

See, Me an' Ryubi, we was er folow'n
surely an' slowly, Corky deh whole way in
to er bridge where er wyrm was wait'n alone in
deh Deeeep deep deep down beloooow

an' dere we all took er stand an was smashen 'em
hard an' heavey, 'till his skull was er bash'n in
An little'r golems, den came er crash'n in,
deeeep in deh deep down beloooow!

Er means to tell ya,
as sure as me belly
dem stones is cursed!
Er knoooows!

So dem little'r golems, we was easily contain'n 'em
we smash'd dem up till nuth'n remained er dem
an low an' behold we found us er vein er deh
oooore we wanted deh moooost!

Hurray! Titanium! An' yay! Titanium!
Er was so happy Er sang pertaining 'em!
er love song like er epithalamium
siiiing'n away down beloooow

An yew mebe wonders
how deep down an' under
er word so big
Er Knooooows?

Well...Er dunno either, but we found er place where we
could rest in some hay but we
made er mistake in deh
deeeep deep deep deep down beloooow!

We din' rest, instead, we done hurried in.
Dem mushrooms had doubled dey numbers and furiously
smashed us so bad, Corky had to say  "bury' em"
aloooone with dem stones down beloooow!

Don' fergit what Er said,
eef yew value's yew head,
"dem stones is cursed!"
Er knows....

...Eeeeerrrr ssssaaaaayyyy,....

...Dooon' fergit what Er saaaiiid......

...Eeeeeffff yeeew value's yew heeeaaad....

...deeem stooonesss...

...iiis cuuurrrsssed...




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Mangus blinks and stares blankly at the clerk at the Saddlebags shop.He blinks some more and stares some more while a slow grinding process takes place in the worm infested gunk in his over bludgeoned head...."Huh?!Whadayamean yew ain' got no better gauntlets den dese here Gauntlets er Ogre power?"The Clerk stare blankly back at him almost to mimic his own blank stare but the gesture escapes him easily... (//Darn it! Young Frankenstien is playing in the background and it is  so hard to consentrate here. In short, Mangus will pay you whatever you think is reasonable for a pair of "Greater Gauntlets of Ogre power" or whatever they are that will give him a +2 to strength.//) "But....But...  Er needs stronger gloves den dese! Don' yew know's no body who might have'm? Er got GOOD coin!"  //Will someone please help poor Mangus? He is willing to pay handsomly//
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One for Kalberen
Er meet's er Elf
Who don' treats me well
'Cause he thinks Er wants to eats'm
But Er knows  Er won' 
'Cause down in diss hole
Eef Er wants to gits out Er needs'm
Spiders was there 
But dat Elf din' care
'Cause he could easily pierce'm
Use'n his bow
His arrows dey flowed
Fluidly fast an' fearsome!
Er was er smashen'm
With me club, an' er bashen'm
In like dey was goo
But dat elf's magic arrows
Flew faster den sparrows
An' each time, his aim was true!
An' yew know, even though
Er felt sickly an' slow
An' sluggish from alla dat poison,
Er was er whole lotta glad
On my side Er had
Dat Orc hate'n Elfish person!
An' den in deh end
When we comes 'round er bend
An' finds deh exit at las'
An' dat Orc hate'n Elfish 
Person weren't selfish
He gimme half deh silk what he has..
So now Er believes
Elfish folk can be's
Not all Orc hate'n alla dem
Dem spiders was mean
But we got out clean
Thanks to me good pal Kalberen!
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Poetic License / One for Corkey
« on: July 18, 2014, 11:49:16 am »
Mangus's song about Corkey
Er tells yew deh story
Erv er feller named Corkey
What saved me life one day
He stands er bit shortly
An' jis er bit portly
But he's strong in his own way
Down in deh dungeon 
Deh smell was repugnant
An' Er was taken er beat'n
When alla deh sudden
Out from me bludgen'n
Er heard er fateful greet'n
"Ahoy!"said he
"Please forgive me"
"I see's yer gitt'n beat up"
"An' iff'n yew want's"
"I'll sing yew this once"
"An' help's yew turn's deh heat up!"
An' he sang...
"Git up an' smash'm"
"Git up an' crash'm"
"Fer yer stronger den before"
"Git up an' trash'm"
"Git up an' bash'm"
"'Till dey can't takes it no more"
Now Er ain' too cultured
Er'm as suave as er vulture 
But Er know's er thing er two
An' when he start's singing 
Me ears, dey starts ringing
An' me club, it starts swing'n true
It git's smash'n an' crash 'n
An' trash'n an' bash'n
An' mak'n er big bloody mess
An' Er'm feel'n stronger
It ain' dat much longer
'Fer Er finished off deh rest
After some time, 
Er comes to find
Er beat up every last one
So Er git's to think'n
Its time fer some drink'n
Deh battle is all but done!
An' he sings...
"Git up an' smash'm"
"Git up an' crash'm"
"Fer yer stronger den before"
"Git up an' trash'm"
"Git up an' bash'm"
"'Till dey can't takes it no more!"
"See here little feller"
"Er wants to tell yew"
"Thank yew for helping out"
"Kin Er buy yew er whiskey"
"To toast diss here victory"
"Yew helped me win dat dere bout"
"An' Er owes yew a favor"
"Cause yew din' waver"
"When Er needed yew deh most"
"Yer song helped me thwart the"
"Enemy Corky"
"An' so er wants to toast!"
I raises me mug
An' fore Er kin chug
He jumps up on deh table
An' pulls out er lute
An' toots on er flute
An' sings er little fable!
An' he sings...
"Git up an' smash'm"
"Git up an' crash'm"
"Fer yer stronger den before"
"Git up an' trash'm"
"Git up an' bash'm"
"'Till dey can't takes it no more!"
"Git up an' smash'm"
"Git up an' crash'm"
"Fer yer stronger den before"
"Git up an' trash'm"
"Git up an' bash'm"
"'Till dey can't takes!"
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Ask A Gamemaster / Chase bank finally gets their punishment!
« on: July 16, 2014, 04:47:34 pm »
Oops! I spawned a Mithra Gollum near Dalanther and he followed me all the way into the bank iin Dalanther and now he won't go away. Help! 
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The Ballad of Gromak and Harri as sung by Mangus Crunch
Sung to the tune of...
...let's not kid ourselves. Where Mangus's singing is concerned there isn't much in the way of tune involved.
...let alone tone.
Just try to imagine a drunk half naked Orc dancing on a table at the One Eyed Harpy singing this song. 
...Actually, maybe you shouldn't try to imagine that.
Oh Er went on er journey
In search er some bounty
With me mateys er Gromak an' Harri.
Dem giants an' ogres 
We felled dem real slow 'cause
We wasn't in too much er hurry!
Dem giants, dey frowned,
Said, "me smash yew down!"
But quickly we flanked'm an' parried
An' Er runs around   
Lay me club to dey crowns
An' beats'em with Gromak an' Harri!
An' Er git's...
Silver an' gold, 
silver an'gold, 
dese is deh things 
what makes er Orc happy" 
Silver an' gold
Never git's old
Fer me an' Gromak an' Harri!
Den iron an' platinum,
Will easily fatten an
Orc with deh coin he will git!"
An' Gromak and him
An' Harri will win
More on er really good bet!"
At Leningrad 
We'll win at cards
An' drink away all our lute
An' den eef we wins,
We'll repent our sins
At houses of ill repute!
An' we git's...
Silver an' gold, 
silver an'gold, 
dese is deh things 
what makes er Gnome happy" 
Silver an' gold
Never git's old
Fer me an' Gromak an' Harri!
An' me an' Gromak an' Harri
We will take a ferry
Off to Leningrad
To spend all our money
On cards, booze an' honeys
An' any thing else what's bad!
An' iff'n we looses
We'll finish our boozes
Without deh slightest worry
Cause we kin do it again
Ogres, an' Giants an den
To Leningrad in er hurry!
An' git's...
Silver an' gold, 
silver an'gold, 
dese is deh things 
what makes er Elf happy
Silver an' gold
Never git's ooooold
//Big finnish!//
Fer me an' Gromak an' Harri!
Hahaha hahahaaaa!
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Poetic License / There's this...
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:30:46 pm »
                 Two pebbles
All the pebbles in the river are green.
All the pebbles on the riverbed are white
One of the green pebbles in the river said to one of the white pebbles on the riverbed; " I like you. You are white and beautiful,  and I want to be nearer to you."
And the white pebble on the riverbed said; "I like you. You are green and beautiful,  and I want to be nearer to you."
Then One thousand years passed.
There they remained.
And the white pebble on the riverbed said to the green pebble in the river; "I still like you and I still want to be nearer to you."
And the green pebble in the river said; " I still like you and I still want to be nearer to  you."
Another thousand years passed
There they remained
The white people said; " I want to be near you!"  The green pebble said; " I want to be near you!"
On that day, the wolf was chasing the deer.  
The wolf was getting closer and closer, nearer and nearer.
The dear knew that if she crossed the river it would slow the wolf down, so she raced across the river, and it worked! It's slowed the wolf down. The deer got  away. The wolf gave up the chase.
But when the deer raced across the river she kicked up both the white pebble and the green pebble,
When it was all over the white pebble said; " I am in the river!  Where are you?" and the green pebble said; "I am on the riverbed!"
In one thousand years the white pebble turned green and the green pebble turned white, and a day came when the wolf caught  the deer.
This is the way of time.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Lag death party, and I'm invited!
« on: April 27, 2014, 11:38:30 am »
Ouch! So thats what lag death feels like. I just lost 20,000 xps and got a soul stone, (yikes!) to being killed by a creature who wasn't even in the same hall as me and I didn't even get a grave to pray over. Oh my! I think the site needs a reset or something. It has been kinda glitchy those last few days there. I'd like to make a gracefull plea for my soul stone and exp's but I'm Too dimm to know how to proove it or anything. I dont know how to do thoses still shots that you guys do, plus its too late anyway. But a reset will help!Good luck with all that! On a different note, I'd like to say again, I'm absolutly loving it here!
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General Discussion / You ARE invited! Monday April 21
« on: April 19, 2014, 12:13:28 pm »
Mangus Crunch //OOC// Cordially invites you to join him on his "start" date. I will be delivering him to your welcoming or unwelcoming, claws or hands or even mechanical bits, to plot against or make friends with, as you see fit, on Monday April 21.  I have the whole day off so I plan to run him for the entirety of the time more or less so I should be at your mercy for all the time zones. (are you hearing this Australia?!) so if you're feeling the need to corrupt someone, kick someone around, act as a tour guide, be helpful to someone, or just go smash some skulls (hopefully there will be plenty of that!) com'on down to Brutus Clawfoot's "Here's Mangus Crunch emporium"  and get your self one very fine piece  of Dealer Certified RP and show Young Mangus Crunch a good 'what for' !  (in lawyer speak) offer limited to participating members. Supplies are limited. Offer only good while supplies last. Skull smashing can only be had when the smashing of skulls is occurring. Young Mangus Crunch is not a trademark of anything really. RP is good, and you should get some. Void where RL plays a hand! I hope to see any or  all of you there! Cheers! LOL! Oh and for what it's worth you may notice Mangus on Sunday as well but on that day I'm really only planning to get him sorted out and organized so he will be ready for Monday. (forgive me if he isn't very social on Sunday) Enjoy!
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Just for Fun / What do you groove to?
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:46:29 am »
I'm wondering what you guys tend to have "on" in the background while your gamming here? Yeah. I realise, that is kind of a dorky question, but I am curious. I'm guessing some of you are probly into some truely interesting music.For me, It's usually DVR'd Charly Rose. For instance ATM I have the semi recent program where he is interviewing "Russy Riot" going on in the background as I write this.When the program ends my reciever will default to CNN (Zzzzzzzzz.... Boring! Right?!)But musicly, Nothing does Layo justice for me like Rush's newest album; Clockwork Angels! YEAH! The whole album almost seem's to be about one aspect of Layo or another.Whats your thing? 
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Rumour Has It / Lost Merchant
« on: February 05, 2014, 10:08:02 am »
Boris, a slump, fair willed halve orc, walked up to the camp fire, bringing with him his perpetual stink, a fine blend of fresh sewer water and some charcoaly loam, recognizing several of the adventurers there, and their  disdain for his smell. They were Talia, a practicer of the faith, Kalberen, Sehky, and Glitch, tactical fighters well practiced with the ways of the blade, and a shadowy newcommer, Ryn'lida, someone with unclear intentions. Many had just returned from a hard fought battle with some werebeasts in a temple with strange magic.The flare of banter over the evenings affairs is lite and short. Their  voices were starting to trail off, as some began to exit while others started to arrive.Contemplating for a moment, he utterd in his broken language,"...Any ah yew hear about dat miss'n shop keep?"Met by a a wash of shrugs and "No's", he continued;"Ya! Dey was say'n dat he went miss'n near dem Blackstone mountains! Dey say he's dead but dey want fer someone ta bring back his body!"He looked around the crowd, There seemed to be a willingnes among them."Any ah yew wanna go git his body wit me?"Many showed a genuine interest. Talia and others asked where Blackstone mountains were."Dey ain too far from duh Black hills, what ain too far from Corax Lake, what ain too far from Prantz."He barked in his shabby speech, a rough voice paired badly with a short grasp of the language.Then after a few strange moments involving glitter, indigestion,  and Glitches armpits, the party set off in ernest."Alright den! lets git on wit it!" The road to the Blackstone mountains was long, slow and cumbersome, yet the group made their way without incident. At one point some giants attempted to throw them an unkind a welcoming party but the group met them with an acumen.Bugbears on the other hand posed a bit more of a threat yet there too the group showed poise.Opon entering the cave they could hear the hyper hissing af snakes. They made thier aproach guarded and well planned.Out of the darknes a giant black snake attacked and quickly the walls began to ecco with a cacophony of steel coliding, chaos and the rushed madness of battle. At points snakes gained the upperhand! For a moment the peril seemed to overwhelm them, but lead by Glitches swiftnes, Ryn'lida's stealthy aproach, Kalberen's steady hands, Sehky's brutality, Boris's hearty flatulence, and Talia's sure footed healing, they're victory was assured!In the din of the after battle, a body laying nearby became the focal point. The group gathered around it solemnly. Ryn'lida was  the first to approach, followed by Talia who proceded to prepare the body for the trip back home. Her steady hands wrapped the body and she whispered words, lost to Boris's understanding but which seemed kind and enlightening to him. When she finnished Boris carfully lifted the body positioning it over his shoulder. The body flopped about like a ragdoll amid Boris's handeling.Without, a word the group began to make their way home. The return trip was fairly uneventful, after pauseing only to split up the finds of the journey, and Boris's occasional complaints about the extra weight,  they returned to Center, body and all.... To be continued....//The list of players as I recall it are:Ryn'lidaKalberenGlitchTaliaSehkeyand me..BorisIf I'm missing anyone please pipe in!//Forgive my bad spelling and brevity, Its awfully late at night....*Falls asleep at the keyboard*  Zzzz zz zzzzz.....//Oh and thanks gang!//Well Mr. DM sire, (Xaltotun) I leave it in your capable hands now!//I reedited this mess this morning. I love how I was mixing past tence with present tense. Oh and the many horrible misspellings... some may still remain.... 
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Poetic License / I think this one is mostly about the passing of time...
« on: February 01, 2014, 04:31:46 pm »
Times Shifting Sands

In the middle of a hard driven pace
A thunderous rumbling 
A ponderous grumbling 
There ever subtly 
Is a rare uttered mumbling
Where something stupendous is graced.

This is a place of extremes
Where fate replaces dreams.

Captured in captions beneath the plain.
Mired in the moors
Of tired inner horrors,
There is a supple
Higher remorse
For long lost lives and new aching pains

Where fear replaces desire
And years are faced with mire 

Uncommon blunders abound 
Sickly decisions,
with tricky precision,
splice twice, and thrice,
In equal division,
all asunder, the common ground.

What remains takes pains to perceive.
Too many things are hard to believe.

Slippery in  it's inner meaning,
ever wavering,
never staying
still in any sense,
or savoring 
the innocence of the inner being.

Some forgotten things 
are worth remembering

Truth is stranger than everything!
Fantastic facts,
and fanatical acts,
are split between 
erratic attacks,
and insurmountable suffering.

Some things are better
left in the ether.

Crumbling foundations fall!
With the quickest
even the thickest
bricks, shift
In to rubble, mortar and all!

No monument can withstand
the drifting tides of times shifting sands.
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Hi all!I have a tobacco "pressing" box and I've filled it to the brim with tobacco but it doesn't seem to want to "press" the tobacco. It doesn't have a "use" option. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to ad some other ingredient. (maby salt?) But I'm confident one of you guys will know the answer!This way, the next time someone tells me to put something in my pipe and smoke it, I'll be able to do just that!Yes? 
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To the more present owner of 149 Krandor, whomever you are, I fear I have made a grave error!Last week when I popped on to Layo for the first time in 10 years, and I made the mistake of assuming that 149 Karandor was indeed still my house. Now I realise of course , obviosly, after 10 years it isn't any more, (Too bad! I lost alot of resources in that exchange but on the whole I fully respect and understand the need to keep things tidy and free up houses that have been sitting dormant for years.) At any rate in my missjudgement and lack of understanding, one of my PC's; Trip Nivendarth, "borrowed'' 100 cobalt arrow tips (and possibly one or two other lesser things which at this time I simply can't recall but I thought I should mention the posibility of them,  "just in case," and will happily compansete you for any,  if they should exist)  which he, apon realising his error, has since returned. (I'm thankfull it wasn't Brutus or Boris who walked in there then, They'd likley had taken (er borrowed) so much more.)Please forgive the mistake, and recognise it as just that, "a big dumb mistake" And please enjoy the house. Brutus misses it dearly.My deepest apologies!Sincerely,Brutus_Clawfoot 
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Poetic License / A poem about a blizzard
« on: December 27, 2013, 01:25:18 am »
I see it's been about three years since someone posted something here so I figured "what the hry" 'll drop one of mine here.... This one is about a blizzard.... Bleak and crushing is the majestic cold
Speaking a language from the days of old
Beating a drum
"Thump thump thump!"
Breathing a deaths breath, cruel and bold
Fleeing from branches flurries of Brown and gold,
Heading the drum,
"Thump thump thump!
Laying waste to any place
Where painted flowers graced 
A beleaguered landscape.
And eager hands shape
The land in a quickened pace.
Spraying  bits in a spritely race
Like a flittering cape
In a whirlwind escape
Making every vista change.
Making familiar places strange.
Freeing the drums!
"Thump thump thump!"
Breaking wildly over the range!
Rearranging the rearranged!
Being the drum!
"Thump thump thump"
A haggardly, angry old man,
Entering in to a blithering rant,
Feeling his age, 
Feeling enraged,
Sinister, bleatings of fantastic plans,
Rendering beatngs with pummeling hands!
a hammering sledge 
dredging up sludge
And breaking the kindling
While gracefully  mingling
The beating drum's
"Thump thump thump!"
With a hasty tangling
Mess of everything!
Here it comes!
"Thump thump thump!"
He is your master! Bow to him!
Here is your chance to sing his hymn.
A screaming omen
Of freezing homes and
The crashing of his careless whim
The catastrophe of his  barreling vim
Hear the weary tone
Of his metered drone 
 Crushing even the sweetest sweetness
Coming from the deepest recess
Of the beating drum
"Thump thump thump!"
Because his wrath is fierce and ceaseless
Torridly tossing piercing pieces
One by one
"Thump thump thump"
Against the walls of tiny homes
And through the windows pieces roam
Breaking shattered 
glass is scattered
All around a shrinking room
Morphing to a stinking tomb
Making patterns
Of sheer disaster!
Then nothingness!
Amid distressed
Pounding drums!
"Thump thump thump!"
Amid the mist
And duressed
Pumping drums
"Thump thump thump!"
Unwanted clatter! Ever beating!
Among the clutter not receding.
Neither easing,
Nor releasing
His  angry grip. His meaty 
Fists of blizzards greeting
This freezing
With rapid assuredness.
He raps out the burdens 
Of the the  drum,
"Thump thump thump!'
It slowly becomes a wordless
 permanent abhorrence!
It has begun!
"Thump thump thump!"
And then as if to calm the bluster
flakes of ice in tiny clusters
Fall floating from the sky
Al over. Imminently high
Above the crystal luster
Of a newly whitewashed duster.
A whisking wind blows by,
And fleeting flurries fly...
At last the master is it ease.
His dizzy belligerents is pleased
And his drum's
"Thump thump thump"
In the onward grinding breeze
Is lost to the stillness of the freeze
Replacing "Thumps!"
With a steady "Hummmm..."
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Introduce Yourself / Brutus Clawfoot Lives!
« on: December 22, 2013, 11:17:44 pm »
...Or atleast he wants to anyway! Aw shucks! Its been WAY too long! I sure do miss you guys! I'm assuming Seteece has long since vanished. Damn happy to see that Orth and Shifdragon seem to be still alive and well'ish. I recall Brutus attended a wedding between (I think)  Planareus and... Brisbane? Sooo long ago! Too bad Ozzy split! That dude could RP! So could Talan Vlash! I miss you Talan! Wherever you are. I think I see that Bjorn is still semi alive... Bjorn, If your out there, a big "howdy''  to ya! And yes Fien. Whether you like it or not I miss you too. Dear god there are so many others!Ugh! My typing is so out of practice!I have been following your progress from a far. It sounds like your new engine is atleast on life support. I'm still hopefull that all pans out properly for you guys. Its a brilliant I dea. But it also apears that your NWN engine is somehow still floating. I'm awfully glad to see that.  And Im noticing there are a semi stable amount of new faces (newer) Thats a positive sign!  Well, Simply put, I just wanted to say; Your friendly neighborhood, beans eating, Half ork says "hi" and while RL truely ripped me a whole new one (and permadeath tried to jump in on the action as well) I'm very happy to see that Layonara is still chugg'n along and in particular it is reasuring to see that calender still has new dates (campaigns) being added regularly!I hope to see you all in game soon!  Now, down to business.... Orth, If you will have me, In the comming weeks I should very much like to breath life back in to Brutus. I know he"s got a whole lot of death tokens on him (9 as I recall) I Wouldn't dare ask you for help with that. I'll just be so happy to RP him. I'll take him just the way he is. I dont have my new computer up and running yet but I expect to soonish. I DO have a new email address which you should be able to see when you look me up asI am logged in here now. And I have no idea what my password was back then. (let alone my old email address) but I'm pretty sure my login was brutusclawfoot.  So I'll be kind of starting from scratch.Is there any way I can slip back in to my old account using my new information? I also Played Boris Clawfoot, and Trip Nivendorf. But It's Bruty I miss the most!I do hope there is. RL has'nt been real kind the past several years but I'm finally getting my "mojo' back and I would love to bring some good old fashoned RP to Layo again.Feel free to PM me from here on end. I'll likely PM you as I get closser to "go"timeThankd so much Orth!And again "cheers' to all the rest of you! As well as all you newbies (well...newbies in my eyes. My erra was around the days of yore during 2005)But you all sound like a great bunch! Game on!
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