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Hail and well ta ye all. I have returnned after 10 or more years, and it seems that people re even more friendly than i remember. Durok is here ta hep ye. So remember if you see him say hail have a dwarven ale, relax then let's go killin. I love this game more than i remember. I surely and for true have missed it in my heart of hearts. Durok is still growing but he can and is ready to fight, and he is fearless which could be bad mmmk? But let's have fun life is only 1 time around am I right? Thank you to Everyone that helped me get on Rowana a special thank you to you, without you i would not be playing right now. And I thank you all in the game Durok has fought with and RP'd with you have helped Durok grow and become a better character. And to you all who were so generous to Durok he and I will NEVER forget it! Thank you....Now let's get in there and kick some Gobby booty!
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