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Fixed Bugs / 173 Blackford Castle - No Door Dialog
« on: January 19, 2010, 01:07:25 am »
I walked right into 173 blackford castle today thinking it was an NPC shop or something. There was no PC housing door dialog. I entered a stable area and from there went to a housing section with chests and items in them. It looked like it was set up to be a shop.

It seems like it's a bug that I could get in to the house to root through chests.

General Discussion / Hello Again Layonara!
« on: December 31, 2009, 01:11:31 am »
Hey everybody!

Some of you may have already seen the Sun Archer wandering about in game (battling with apparent memory loss for the names of things hehe). I've been missing Layonara and I decided it's time for a bit of a comeback. I don't intend to (ever) return to the amount of time I used to play, but I'd like to be involved in the world again. I hope the community will welcome me back.

Any tips on where people hang out IG now are appreciated! heh.

*waves to everyone*

General Discussion / A belated farewell
« on: June 15, 2008, 08:19:54 am »
Hello everyone,

I've been meaning to make this post for some months now, but every time I thought about making it I'd think to myself, "Oh, I'll come back." Once I started thinking about Layonara again I'd get excited to come back and do one thing or another. But I never did come back and GM or play. The fact of the matter is, NWN had a good run (and I've spent and absolutely obscene amount of time playing it) but I'm tired of it. I'm not tired of Layonara, but I just don't want to play NWN anymore, and haven't for a while.

I'd like to formally announcing my resignation from all Layonara position that I've held and release any and all of my characters to NPC use.

Talan's house should go to Lalaith, I believe her and some other characters still use it. Akki's house in Krandor (137 I think, the one closest to the crypts) can be resold.


Since about the time I completely disappeared (last December-Januaryish) I've been working on my own project which has captured most of my free time. You can read about it on my blog at:

Cutthroat Studios Developer’s Blog

It's not an MMO or even in the same genre as Layonara, I hope L does not mind me posting the link. The Layonara MMO should come out well before it anyway, which I'm looking forward to as well!

If anyone wants to reach me, feel free to do so! You can find my contact information on the contact page of the website I linked to above (I'm trying to avoid posting my email address on forums these days, some of the email addresses I used to do that with now get more penis enlargement spam than I thought was possible lol.)

Anyway, Have fun everybody! I'm sorry that I won't be here to share the road.

Jesse Wright, AKA SongOfTheWeave, Talan Va'lash

Layonara Server / The Fain Ruins and A Distant Beauty
« on: December 08, 2007, 12:21:16 am »
I just updated the calendar to reflect the change in scheduling to accomodate The Fain Ruins needing one more session to complete (Thank you Lala for reminding me <.<)

Both quests will be open to new characters.

General Discussion / It's me again!
« on: November 23, 2007, 02:40:39 am »
Hello everyone!

I apologise for not making a public announcement before when I knew I wouldn't be around for a while. My job got very crazy for a couple months due to some key staff (my boss) having to resign for medical reasons. All in all it was rather chaotic and unpleasant. Regardless, I just quit (60% of the staff turned over too.. which only increased the chaos) so I expect to have some free time while I look for other employment!

I know I have some storylines to wrap up and I'll likely see to those first off if the characters and players involved are still around.

Thank you to those of you who PMed or e-mailed me. It was nice to know that I was missed :) I regret that I was not more diligent in sending you replies.

Layonara Server / A Distant Beauty - (Coyote)
« on: July 11, 2007, 03:46:43 am »
I've been informed that the bug re: sailing to Western Gate from Lor/Kartherian is still in effect so don't worry, meet in whichever version you end up in and I'll port everyone to the correct one before we start.

If what I just said totally confuses you, just be on central and send me a tell around the appointed time.

General Discussion / Raffle for Stone - Lalaith/Kali - No Internet
« on: June 02, 2007, 04:45:00 pm »
Lalaith won't be able to make the raffle today, her internet is still out.

Since she has people's choice lists and can't get them to anyone else (no internet) she is going to have to postpone the event until two weeks from today.

When she gets internet back she'll post an update on the new date/time.

Sorry for the short notice (my internet was fuzzing out earlier today too, so I had trouble getting on to post this.)

Lalaith's internet is out today and she won't be able to run the Arm's opening.

She's going to reschedule it for approx. two weeks from now.

Layonara Server / The Mathemagician's Task
« on: May 20, 2007, 01:10:27 am »
To the 11 players on the last session of this quest:

Tonight's session was cancelled due to lack of turnout so I'm starting this thread to find out if there is a better time to run the quest. I want to have most if not all of the party we had last time for this next session because it is an important session and certain characters are involved in the events (ones that didn't show up.)

So, lets use the usual time, but next saturday as a starting point. Earlier, later, different day of the week?

Or was it just this week that was bad?

For any of you out there who remember Variable (Aralin Harenya et. al.) and wonder what he's been up to and why he hasn't been around, here's one of the reasons.

His high school science bowl team just won nationals in Washinton DC today (after taking 2nd or somesuch last year.)

Department of Energy - Poudre High School From Fort Collins , Colorado Wins U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl®
The Denver Post - Colo. team wins science bowl

And yes, he's my little bro, so I've got big brother pride : )

Congratulations! (Yes, I'm going to be saying it IRL too.)

Fixed Bugs / West - Fort Vehl - Benches - MINOR
« on: April 14, 2007, 03:38:04 am »
I couldn't manage to sit on the benches inside Fort Vehl against the main keep, near the sundial.

Could be they're backwards, not far enough out from the wall, or don't have the sit script on them.

Fixed Bugs / Default Bindpoint - TO BE ACTIONED
« on: April 07, 2007, 03:39:52 am »
New characters are automatically bound in Hlint. We should probably change it to whichever city they port to, or if that's difficult then hempstead. That would suit the majority of characters.

It only comes into play if you forget to bind after rest/relogging and before dying on a new char (like I just did *blushes*)

General Discussion / Coyote Impromptu Continuation
« on: April 03, 2007, 03:00:45 pm »
I've decided to move this back a couple days due to requests to run it later in the day which just wasn't possible for me. Also, the original time wasn't that great for me, so the new time is better.

Sorry guys, I know you were psyched to do it tonight : (

Please check the calendar and make sure you can attend the new time.

General Discussion / ToD: Xora's Vial - #3 Top Mod at NWVault
« on: March 17, 2007, 05:46:52 am »
Right now (and for the past couple days) the Layonara Single Player Module, Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial is #3 in the top modules at NWVault with over a thousand downloads so far.

Huzzah for Layonara!

Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault

Currently you can go from Hempstead to Vehl but not from Vehl to Hempstead.

For players that know the world, it's easy enough to hop
Vehl->Mariner's Hold->Hempstead
but thats not so intuitive for a new player.

I've seen a couple people get confused by this recently (some of whom weren't all that new) so I though it could definitely throw some very new players off.

I imagine the reason for this route in v2 was a sort of triangle trade going:
Hempstead->Vehl->Mariner's Hold->Hempstead

But since Vehl and Hempstead are the starting areas now I think accessibility (and not confusing people hehe) should be near the top on the list of priorities for that suite of areas.

In the starting areas (Hempstead and Vehl and all the areas they comprise) and perhaps other major cities, especially those with many shops with helpful map tags, it would be real nice to have the minimaps automatically explored every time for everyone.

They're well known cities and not adventuring areas so this wouldn't give any sort of "advantage" to players other than making it easier to get around and not forget whats where or miss stuff.

It would also make it much much more new player friendly as they try to get their basic equipment together on their first excursion into the world.

Fixed Bugs / West - Fort Vehl - Multiple Misc
« on: March 16, 2007, 01:37:27 am »
- among the plethora of merchants, we're missing a crafting vendor
- the craft hall is missing an instrument crafting uh.. harp thing
- the craft hall should have a map tag

- I'm sure this isn't news to anyone (and is my fault) but the doors don't autoclose. Just adding it here for completeness.

Fixed Bugs / West - Battlehelm moors
« on: March 07, 2007, 04:04:00 am »
The encounter trigger is on top of the transition in

Bioware Issues / Kartherian - Temple of Xeen - Manor tileset
« on: March 02, 2007, 03:48:17 am »
the central floor area is unwalkable

Also the water sfx is way too loud. It makes me have to dash to the bathroom.

Fixed Bugs / Dapplegreen Outskirts - Near a Tower
« on: February 28, 2007, 02:15:14 am »
Mercs seem to spawn on top of PC, then kill an elf mage non-hostile npc.

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