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Introduce Yourself -- Game Masters / GM Ravemore
« on: May 26, 2023, 12:32:32 am »
I’m playing from the Eastern US time zone and I'm a returning GM. I was on the team back in 2011. I first started playing Layonara in 2006. I met a lot of really cool people here. I come from a long, long roleplaying background. Anyway, real life pulled me away with a cross country move for work, my master’s degree program, and later a cancer diagnosis for both my wife and I. We both beat it and I’m pushing 5 years now in the clear. The kids are grown up, graduated college, have good jobs, and are mostly on their own. I’ve been back to Layonara since last fall and I’m now ready to do some part time GM work. So… a little bit about my GM style.

1.) I enjoy putting together short impromptu quest sessions most. My ideal groups are smaller. I’m likely to limit participation to no more than 3-6 players. If I schedule a quest its usually “first come first serve.” I love dropping random monsters or encounters on players without formal quests. If you are in the Deep and start seeing weird stuff and it starts becoming much more difficult… A good bet is that I’m probably in the server.

2.) After I have had a fair amount of time re-learning the tools and lore I will run CDQ’s, but there are some caveats. Characters need to be below 10th level. You need to have a journal with enough material for me to work with. Although I will run Corath themed quests, I will not involve myself in ones affecting leadership positions in the church or other affiliated organizations. My main player character could potentially create conflicts (real or imagined.) If I get more than two pending CDQ’s I’ll shut myself off from more signups until further notice. It might be a long time too. I’m not keen on the idea of running them one after another continuously. For the time being I am closed, but I'm open to discussing future ones though now via PM's in Discord.

3.) Good RP will get you good XP… Excellent RP will get you excellent XP. No RP will get you a rust monster.

4.) Actions have consequences… some can be long lasting. Some might be awesome. Some might make you cry.

5.) I’m kind of picky about sleeping/resting. You don’t have to ask permission, but out in the wild places of the world, camps should be set up and night watches placed. Study your spell books, talk with each other a little bit, eat a little food, etc. In towns I don’t want to see you dropping in the middle of the busy street to rest. Find a place that makes sense.

6.) Loot should be split among all players at the end of the quest round-robin style. True should be evenly divided. No hiding or stealing… even if your class or alignment makes sense.

7.) Please have some patience with my use of mechanics and lore... it has been a long time since I have done this work.

8.) I reserve the right to make changes to this later.

Rumour Has It / Vengeance for a Slight
« on: November 05, 2022, 10:03:41 pm »
Stygian is weaving his way among the stalls of the Leringard market looking for interesting odds and ends. He is nibbling out of a small bowl of shaved ice covered in blackberry syrup. While licking the wooden spoon he is abruptly bumped by a burly man wearing the badge of a member of the dockworker’s guild and his shaved ice tumbles to the ground. He stares at it for a few minutes… anger rising in him like a furnace being coaxed to life. The man growls at Stygian “Stay out of my way little man.” Stygian smiles. “Forgive me sir. I should have been paying closer attention to my surroundings. I was looking for rare magical items masquerading as mundane junk. Luckily, I found a few…” He pauses as the large man shows immediate interest and he responds... “I wish I could find something magical to bring that shrew of a wife of mine to heel.” Stygian smiles. There is an evil glint in his eye that almost dissuades the large man… almost. Stygian says, "my name is Adder, and for a simple bowl of shaved ice with some blackberry syrup I’ll provide you the cure for your unfortunate marital situation. No other charge.” The man turns and hurriedly makes his way to the shaved ice vendor.

When the man returns with Stygian’s bowl of shaved ice, they head to a nearby alleyway for some privacy. Stygian extends his hand and opens it. Inside is a small leather pouch. “There is a magical dust inside this pouch. When your wife is in the kitchen cutting up the meat for your dinner, pour this dust into your palm and toss it into the air in a way that it will cover both of you… then tell her how you feel about her being a shrew. I assure you, things will resolve themselves.” The man takes the pouch with a grunt and quickly leaves without so much as a thank you. *Stygian chuckles as he leaves and wonders how things will turn out with all that Star Dust of Grand floating in the air in such a small room full of cutlery.

Introduce Yourself / Great to be Back!!
« on: October 30, 2022, 04:23:59 pm »
I would like to thank everyone for all of the warm “welcome backs” in game and Discord. Coming back to Layonara after so many years has been a treat. Sort of like seeing family after a long absence. Looking forward to spending more time in game becoming familiar with the locations, experiencing the changes, and spreading the evil of Corath across the lands once more.

General Discussion / Taking a Short Break
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:49:33 am »
I just wanted to touch bases with my Layo family... Due to some RL work and personal things I'm taking a short break until January 1st. I may still be in the forums between now and then, and will continue working through the current CDQ I have going, but in-game quests will have to resume in the new year. Thanks for your support and understanding guys and gals... I will be back. :-)-Rave

Rumour Has It / Pimp Slap
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:44:10 pm »

A thin woman is thrown into the Vehl street through the open doorway of the “Sheets in the Wind” tavern. A burly half orc grins at her as he follows through the swinging doorway. “Youse wants to beez out on your ownz darling? You not lasted long withoutz the Fat Man’s good grazes.” He ownz youse.” As the sound of a child crying through an open upstairs window reaches them he grins and two broken tusks protrude over his lower lips and he chuckles dryly. “You wantz youse meat sack back? Then dooz youse job. Giveze the client lovez and getz the item…. or I be eating goodze. *He jerks his thumb towards the window suggestively and licks his lips. He draws closer, slaps her hard, and goes back into the tavern. The woman drags herself to a streetlamp in tears.//This will be going to calendar for in-game quest very soon. No forum work required. All investigation and roleplay will be in game for this one. If you are inclined to do so, you may post to set yourself up for the ingame session and extra quest reward will be granted for posting.

Rumour Has It / Num, Num, Num, Yummy!
« on: October 23, 2015, 08:20:28 pm »
A distraught mother and father have lost their 8 year old child! They stepped out of their Fort Vehl workshop/home to run some errands, locked the doors, and came home to a blood stain on the floor and no sign of their daughter. They are offering a 5,000 True reward for information leading to the recovery of their child. //Quest posted to calendar - Saturday 10/31/2015 12:00pm - 3:00pm PST. This will be 99% roleplay and a mystery/investigation. Meet in Fort Vehl. Feel free to engage in some basic forum RP for some extra Quest XP and to set yourself up for the quest, but be advised that there will be little to no investigation allowed in the forum... it will need to be done in-game and in the allotted time frame. If you have any questions, please give me a shout.-Rave

Rumour Has It / News from the "Bean Counters"
« on: October 17, 2015, 09:08:52 pm »
The clerks and accountants for the Angel’s Guild begin to make some disturbing reports to Ferrit. Some of the institutions and individuals that the guild maintains lines of credit with have reported being contacted by agents of an unknown financial broker who is seeking to purchase Angel’s Guild debt at a significant discount… essentialy coin on the spot for accounts receivable.  Due to the liquidity of guild accounts and assets and no overdue payments, there is no indication of any transactions actually being made.

Rumour Has It / Face Off?
« on: October 16, 2015, 01:31:00 am »
There is a scream in the night... not an unusual event in the warren of dirty side streets in the slums of Fort Vehl, but soon there is more commotion. A thug comes out of an alley scratching his head and looking confused. He motions to a couple of other dirt bags on the corner and says "Never thought I'd hear meself say this... but, go get the constables. This is bad for business.”A couple of hours later two constables are loading a body into a cart. The canvas wrap falls back from the upper torso and there is a gasp from the nearby crowd as the light from a gas lamp shines onto a body with no face. The head looks like a smooth skin wrapped egg…as if someone took a magical eraser and wiped everything clean.Rumors begin to spread. Some say disease, some say an unknown boogeyman is prowling Vehl. Nobody has any real answers though.

Rumour Has It / Deja vu?
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:35:20 am »
Connor looks up from the book he was reading and lays it on the long couch resting in front of his fireplace. His eyes seem to be looking into the distance, unfocused and unblinking, looking at something only he can see. He senses a familiar presence walking into Layonara through a portal that opens and closes within seconds… a very powerful Pit Creature named Dalianavera. She is somewhere in the vicinity of Center.-------Close to midnight in an outlying section of Center, white lines of pure Al’Noth spider web out from a point on the ground. There is a sharp shockwave and thunderclap, then a well formed and apportioned female in green scale armor appears in a crouched position with her right hand on the ground. A long barbed tail swings back and forth, small bat-like wings peek out of her cloak, and small horns protrude through her raven colored hair. Nobody sees her as she quickly disappears into the darkness and shadows. She knew she had to move fast… the one who walked the planes in this world would know she was here.-------Vincent was fast asleep after a long night of drinking and boasting at the Bullseye. Like most nights he was haunted by dreams of the Pit Creature. His body still felt the ache of her touch... and his heart of her absence. He tossed and turned… sweating. He dreamed that she was caressing his skin, breathing whispered words into his ear. He suddenly sat up in bed, jerked awake by some premonition of something amiss. In his dark room he could see white curtains illuminated by moonlight and fluttering in a light breeze. The window was wide open. He was sure it was closed and locked when he went to bed. For some reason his back was now very sore… as if he had pulled several muscles. He tells himself he was probably sleeping at a bad angle and quickly forgets it. He hears a short thunderclap in the distance and thinks it strange, as the night sky is clear and full of stars.-------Connor notes that the portal opens and closes again near Center not long after the first event. He cannot sense anything further after this.

Rumour Has It / Anomaly in the Al’Noth - Near Vale
« on: September 29, 2015, 11:37:08 am »
Continued from  Anomaly in the Al’Noth - Falls ForestAs Lola paces the perimeter, she is sickened by the absences of her gift. She cannot sense anything. The irregular throbbing and pulsing of the anomaly quickens her heartbeat. Although she is pretty sure it is just her imagination, she feels as if there is some type of vacuum sucking the Al’Noth from everything. The nearby plant life even looks less vibrant, dull almost. As she walks around a tree and the anomaly is out of sight for a few seconds, things become… *Dramatic pause* interesting.There is a deafening crack of lightning and thunder, and as she peeks around the tree shards of wood fly in all directions as dozens of lightning bolts emit from the disturbance in all directions. Trees are ripped in half by the energy. A wave of salty water erupts from the core of the pulsating field accompanied by a strong gust of wind as it suddenly expands and winks out of existence with an abrupt sucking sound. Lola is nearly swept away by this sudden flash flood, but manages to grab a small sapling and haul herself partway up its shaking trunk. A few minutes later the waters have subsided and a large armored fish with sharp teeth, a species never before seen on Layonara flops helplessly on the now muddy forest floor. She can feel a rush of Al’Noth back into the void as her gift returns. She shakes her head in astonishment at the event and spits out some salt water. She thought she glimpsed a ropelike extension from the disturbance just as it disappeared. She cannot be sure though.

Rumour Has It / Anomaly in the Al’Noth - Falls Forest
« on: September 28, 2015, 05:04:09 pm »
Reports begin to trickle into Bydel Castle. None have been confirmed as of yet, but several witnesses are being debriefed by authorities. Rumors indicate that some type of wild magic disturbance suddenly appeared in the Falls Forest, accompanied by a hurricane strength gust of wind and large chunks of ice falling out of the sky. After a few minutes it winked out of existence.

General Discussion / GM Team Soliciting Some Assistance
« on: September 23, 2015, 02:56:54 pm »
As you well know, the GM team is currently stretched a little thin. We are in the process of updating and fixing bad or missing information in LORE. This is important to keep the world current and relevant... especially for new players.If any of you have the time or inclination we could use your help in finding things that need to be worked on. (A hundred eyes are better than just a few) This will assist greatly in cataloging what needs to be addressed and will assist in prioritizing our efforts.Perhaps we need to discuss making this a contest to see who can find the most issues?? ;-)Please use this thread to respond and post in the following format: Title of the page or subjectWeb page addressShort description of what needs to be fixed Thanks,-Rave

Everyone, this is just a quick notice!GM Tanman is running an event tonight. He is one of our time zone challenged GM's due to location in the real world in relation to the majority of the player base. Although I cannot make it myself due to spending my alotted Layo time in quest earlier today (Wife Enforced)... I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all of you and personally urge you to take a little time out of your busy RL, if you have it available, to take part. He is talented and you will not be disappointed.The more GM's we can keep active and engaged, the more there is for all of you to experience in this beautiful role-playing world. We are making an attempt to put many more events on the calendar, and player involvement is the largest motivator for us on the GM side of things. We need you as much as you need us! :-)-Rave

Rumour Has It / Disturbances in the Al'Noth
« on: September 09, 2015, 08:40:17 pm »

Rumors circulate through some circles that disturbances in the Al'Noth have begun to appear and disappear randomly. Those "in the know" have been advised to keep their eyes open for them as they can be unpredictable and dangerous...

//If a player finds AND repairs one of the anomalies; let me know via an IC post to this thread describing the harrowing event. It will be worth 1 fortune point.

Rumour Has It / 'Strutting' Down the Cat-walk -Meoww!
« on: September 09, 2015, 01:20:10 pm »
Sally Jayne Frufru, a modeling recruiter from Port Hempstead, will be hosting an amateur fashion show in Center at the Bullseye hoping to "score" new and upcoming talent. Can you shake your hips? Do you have mad tailoring skills? Do you have full, beautiful, puffy lips screaming for the newest shade of red? Then enter and see if you can win! Drinks are half price for ladies.... perhaps even for feminine looking men! //Judges will cast ballots by dice roll for fairness. Winner will receive a pretty hefty lump of coin. Lots of RP potential... and quest reward!

General Discussion / Community Update - Ravemore
« on: September 01, 2015, 10:20:10 pm »
Just an FYI... We had a large windstorm in the Seattle area over the weekend and I'm swamped at work... so there may be some delay in responses, ongoing IRC RP, etc. I do not anticipate having to reschedule anything though. So, if you're waiting for a reply, I'll get to you as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.-Rave

General Discussion / Outstanding Quest...
« on: August 19, 2015, 12:20:45 am »
Thanks Brew for a fun time. Outstanding quest and well worth the time tonight! I appreciate the work you put into that.-Rave

...their packs and bags stuffed with rough sapphire. After a long journey to Black Ice Isle, running battles with the local goblin tribe, and exposure to bitter cold, they returned victorious, pretty much in one piece, and a lot wealthier than when they left. 

Rumour Has It / The "Rush" is on!!!!!!
« on: August 14, 2015, 07:14:52 pm »

Bring your Pickaxes and Chisels!!!!

Dillon, the “Great Merchant of Port Hempstead” will be trekking to the Bullseye in Center to offer a very lucrative mining contract! No written notices! The details of the order will be presented in person and mining teams and companies will have 14 days to complete the order… no more, and no less!

100,000 True! You heard correct…. 100,000 True! Come one, come all! //This will be a RP only session and will be on the calendar. Expect about no more than an hour or so. If miners begin working on this immediately after the RP session though, expect all types of baddies to cross your path when you’re out there in “there them hills.” Expect to get beat on…I'm going to be sticking around in GM mode for several hours. Quest reward will be given to those who are working on the order for the entire time I am online.1, 2 , or even 3 players WILL NOT be able to accomplish this task. You may not even be able to carry everything with that many people! You will need a full team working in cooperation. An in-game session will be put on the calendar to turn in your goods and collect you’re reward 14 RL days after this quest is initiated.The Key word here is "Teamwork." It will make you, or break you.

There will be tasks for all levels of players.... 1st through Super Epic!

*Note: I adjusted the time a little later due to a conflict with my schedule.

Rumour Has It / Black Sand
« on: August 09, 2015, 10:51:12 pm »
Hasim whipped out his scimitar as the flap of his beit al-sha'r fluttered open, facing the newcomer who now framed his doorway… sand from the raging sandstorm blowing into the tent. Hasim’s cat-like stance was obviously that of an expert bladesman. Through his parched lips the man begged forgiveness for his intrusion and asked for shelter.The Law of Diyafa required that Hasim show hospitality to the stranger. In the hostile and unforgiving environment of the desert strangers and travelers did not often cross his path. Although cautious, he invited the man inside and prepared the first cup of coffee.'Al Heif' was poured: The first cup of coffee to be poured and tasted by the host to let the guest feel safe.'Al Keif' was poured: The second cup of coffee to be poured and tasted by the guest himself.'Al Dheif' was poured (The cup of the guest)… the third cup of coffee, to be drunk by the guest.After this, the stranger told a wild tale. He explained that he was a mercenary and was part of a company that had taken a complex of caves rich in ore. They dug too deep though, and disturbed ancient burial chambers. A great evil was awoken… a master and his 12 sons. He rambled on, fear obviously in his eyes. After several hours he asked for a water skin and departed.Hasim stood in the doorway, thoughtful. The sandstorm had subsided. He remembered tales as a boy told by his great grandmother of an ancient Sorcerer King named Amennaanka who lived several centuries ago. He was also said to have 12 sons and was an evil blight that disappeared after his kingdom was overthrown. Where he went, or what happened to him, nobody knew.Hasim called his son from another room and ordered him to run to the other tents and tell the rest of the clan they were moving out. He wanted to be far from this place by dusk. There was a sense of wrongness in the air, and the stranger was a bad omen. // This is a static quest and it has been placed in-game. Feel free to use this thread for RP/Forum posts. Significant posting will also be rewarded at the conclusion of the quest.This is a tough one, CR can get pretty high. The soul mother is active and a balanced group is advised. You have been warned. Rewards have been placed in game as well. Also, the boss has been assigned a special XP bonus for this one… If you beat him/her/it, you deserve it. The reward is set to scale to the party with a max. This means the more people in the party, the more XP. Unfortunately you don’t know what the max party cap  is. ;-)Good luck! PS - DO NOT sneak in invisibly and steal the quest rewards. At the conclusion of the quest, please send me a private message and let me know what loot you found to confirm fair play.-Rave

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