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Minor request -
Seeing as how the secret underground temple in Prantz is to a god of thieves, wouldn't it make sense to have a pawn shop merchant there to buy stolen goods?

and is there any way that all characters could use all resource acquisition tools? For example, the miners pick could be used by anyone, even if they don't have the feat to use fighter's weapons? Same with crafting tools (smith's hammer, etc).

Thanks for considering!


I'm finding an urgency in my play to level up to level 5 in order to get access to the ability to make my armor/clothes look the way I want. Tough on my sense of identity as a character to look odd or dressed in armor that doesn't suit the personality and outlook of my character.

Can we change this from level 5 to level 1?

Request for Lia Di'Makiir to be added to the Saddlebag Forum. Player: Chuckles_McChuck.
Thank you!

General Discussion / 32 bit vs 64 bit
« on: May 15, 2020, 09:35:11 pm »
well, folks, when the 8186 version was taken off of Steam I did update my Mac OS to Catalina, and that fixed the freezes and problems I was having on the other updated nwn server I play on. But it does not allow me to play on the 8186 32 bit server. So, unfortunately, Riven and Bron and Barley are off doing their own thing for a time. I look forward to reconnecting when Layo does end up upgrading to 64 bit. And in the meantime, I'll keep my eyes on the Saddlebag shop thread.

Calendar Events / Iron Mining in Haven Tonight, Saturday 9PM EST
« on: November 23, 2019, 01:58:51 pm »
Bron is looking to mine iron for the Crimson build-out.
Anyone is welcome to join!
9PM EST in Haven, tonight, Saturday.


Please add these folks to the Crimson Company forum:

Warrioroftheblade (Mica)
Scifibarbie (Brunhilde)
Hellblazer (Egil)
Ke'koa (Bruce the Bard)
Gilshem (Gilshem)
and whoever is playing Iron Oxide. (I'll update this post when I learn who that is).

Thank you!

Trade and Market Hall / Seeking: Vestments of Faith (cloak)
« on: November 09, 2019, 04:41:53 pm »
//small notice tacked in the craft halls of Center, Hempstead, and Ft. Vehl, and on the bulletin board inside the Saddlebag Pawn Shop//

Looking to acquire a cloak called the Vestments of Faith.
~Riven Ring-Cleaver of Saddlebag Pawn


Please add Gilshem Ironstone to Saddlebag Forum, as his character Kalberen has joined.
Thank you!

//Bron posts a note in several craft halls (and sends birds to those he knows)//

Those interested in the Crimson Company - we gather on this day and time (__________) at the campfire in Center to welcome new members, discuss what is Crimson Company, and discuss the building project underway!


// Sunday November 10th, 8 PM EST (6 PM Mountain time) //

// Mica, Brunhilde, Eggy, Ke'Koa, Bruce, Gilshem, and Iron Oxide receive messages via bird //

Ho Kin!

The Crimson Company has conferred
, and we be in righteous ale-sotted but clear-battleminded agreement
That Ye Be Friends, and Worthy Kin, and
T'would be an Honor to us
for ye to consider joining the Crimson Company!

We have conferred, and ye are approved and embraced, if ye so choose to say YEA!

Send a bird in response, and we'll celebrate with good stout!

As to the leadership o' the Company: each o' us has equal say, equal vote, on the goings-on of the company.
No one kin has more power in the company than ye do!

We be workin' to get a fine dwarven hearth-home built in the Ire Mountains!

Come meet with us to discuss, ask questions, and to offer yer suggestions and ideas.

Crimson Company Moot - a gathering for all who are can meet by the campfire in Center:
(// Sunday, Nov 10th, 8 PM Eastern Time, 6 PM Mountain Time).

If ye know other brave-hearted stout kin, invite them to the gatherin!


Lana has joined the Saddlebag Pawn Shop.
Please add Lana to the forums.
I think i posted this request in the wrong forum last week.

Ask A Gamemaster / Request to add Lana (Hellblazer) to Saddlebag Forum
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:14:04 pm »
Lana has joined the Saddlebag Pawn Shop. Please add Hellblazer to the Saddlebag forum.
Thank you!

I heard (have not attempted) that one can pick locks on some doors in cities. I've also heard that there is no loot within. Let's give some incentives and rewards to rogues by having some loot within, and also the potential of an npc, if that's not too difficult.

I'd also like to suggest there are more chests - locked and unlocked, in the cave complexes or lairs of monsters.

Bug Reports / Character freezes while enemies keep fighting
« on: September 20, 2019, 07:05:53 pm »
I've been noticing that sometimes the foes get a bunch of attacks in even though I've made the action to be attacking in response. Then I have to actually move my character a step or two away from the beast and attack again, for my character to actually attack the foe.

I saw in the recent grievances thread that Ke'Koa wrote that he, Hellblazer, and Davidhoff have all three also experienced this issue.

Is this a bug?

in game, i play it off as the fog of war, or being temporarily stunned or intimidated, but it's a hassle, and I lose a lot of attacks due to it. It does keep me on my toes to be aware of the battle and deal with the situation as it comes up.

A lot of animals attack the player, even when in real life those same animals would flee. Examples include deer, birds, skunks, even black bears and cougars (I live in the mountains of Colorado and have encountered black bears many times, and cougars several times - they always flee!). It would be great if a player can choose whether or not to hunt these animals, rather than be forced to fight and slay them.

General Discussion / Good Monk Build?
« on: August 25, 2019, 10:13:57 pm »
I'll soon be starting a level 1 human monk (Barley), and I do not have experience with how to plan the build of a monk.

Any suggestions on good monk builds?

I'm considering a strength-based monk, though I think I've heard most people opt for a dx-based monk.
Thoughts or suggestions?

These are my ideas, thus far:

Feats: 1. Luck of Heroes, Dodge, 3. Weapon Focus Unarmed, 6. Blindfight, 9. Toughness, 12. Imp Crit unarmed  (not sure after that, maybe Power Attack and Great Cleave partially as pre-reqs for Overwhelming Crit later; or if kamas are useful then weapon focus kama, imp crit kama).

I'm assuming Mobility and Spring Attack are not needed if I have a high Tumble.  If Strength-based, I may need Expertise (and Int 13).

Major: discipline, tumble
Minor: Concentration, heal, listen, lore, persuade, spellcraft

// Notice in Center Craft Hall //

Loaner Chest - Crafter's Buff Items - Saddlebag Pawn Shop

As an experiment, Saddlebag Pawn at 181 Port Hempstead Fields is offering a chest of loaner gear to aid crafters in their endeavors.

The Crafter's Loaner Buff Items chest is in the main hall, on the left.

All items should be borrowed only just prior to crafting.
All items must be returned just after finishing crafting.
If the items have been helpful, consider leaving a donation in the Crafter's Loaner Buff Items chest, such as something you've crafted, or something you've smelted, or gear, or coin.

When borrowing items, please leave a note of what you've borrowed (// in this forum thread //).
When returning items, please modify your note.

Examples of some of the items in the chest: Nymph Cloak, Headband of Intellect, Bracers of Dexterity, Boots of Striding, Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power, various Tier I and Tier II rings and amulets.

This experiment is to be of service to crafters and to inspire crafters to provide crafted goods to Saddlebag Pawn. 


I've noticed that lens pricing seems somewhat arbitrary. Some items at 75% of lens just are not worth that much True. Some unique items have already been priced in the past as well below the lens price. And now, more and more unique items are showing up that need special pricing if they are sold or traded at shops.

Is the lens pricing a thing that came with nwn or is it a layonara thing?

Is it possible to see what the lens pricing is relying on for determining value? X value for Y attribute of an item, for example?

If so, is it possible to change parts of that equation?

If not, do you think it's worth it to come up with a list of attributes and their values, and proposing that, to help with pricing unique items?

Bug Reports / chests not showing contents or activity
« on: July 09, 2019, 10:25:36 am »
Minor bug that maybe is common?

Occasionally I find that a chest at the Saddlebag malfunctions and won't show the contents or the activity (what was taken or dropped off), when I examine it. My fix for that is to empty the chest, destroy it, and recreate the chest. Is there something else I should be doing?

Also, sometimes when i examine a chest to see the activity, it lists what has been added, but there's a blank space where it should list the name of who added the item.
Example: 99 Dust of Greenstone added by    on Novlar 20, 1471, 6:39 PM."

Calendar Events / Dwarven Moot with the Stonesmasher Brothers
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:32:14 am »
Starting a brainstorming thread here on when the majority of dwarves can meet with the Stonesmasher Brothers to talk about carving a dwarven home in the Ire Mountains.

Known dwarves interested (and there may be others): Bron, Khrom, Jinn, Gumbo, Van.
Most or all of them heard from Bron in-game that Rocky, of the Stonesmashers, would be in Center soon (sounded like this weekend?).

And idealy we should meet another time earlier, or an hour before Rocky gets there, to talk together (or brainstorm OOC below) about what the home could look like. Ideally, the place has enough small/modest rooms that a dozen dwarves (or two dozen or more?) could call it their home. Rooms large enough for a bed, a few furnishings. and a few chests. 

I'm available online Friday night anytime after 8:30 PM EST, or Sunday anytime after 4 PM EST.

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