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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: July 10, 2024, 02:13:05 pm »
Lia scans the inventory and upon seeing what she was looking grabs the bag and drops off a large sum of gold

1 x Malar Bag = 22936 gold paid in full

Burning Destiny: Chronicles from the Desert Kingdom

Taking up residence in a personal tent in Audira, Lia quickly writes in her journal.

Ah, the ever-tumultuous tides of fate have once again woven new threads into the intricate tapestry of my life. Today, I pen these words with a blend of pride and reflection, following a most exhilarating and humbling adventure.

The desert Kingdom of Sedera found itself in dire need. An army of fiery creatures, numbering a daunting 10,000, emerged from the desert, their blazing eyes set upon the capital city of Audira. The kingdom's call for aid echoed far and wide, yet the allies would not arrive in time. So a call for the Stonebound was made, our task, stall the infernal horde long enough for reinforcements to reach the city.

Among the valiant souls who answered this desperate plea were Gum, Van, Gorm, Talia, and a new face known simply as Red. Each of these adventurers clearly surpassed me in skill and power, and a moment of doubt clouded my mind—what could I possibly offer in such esteemed company? Yet, as it turned out, my innovation allowed us to harness our diverse abilities in a unified manner, proving essential to our success. Despite a few hiccups, including my ignominious fall in the second battle—an incident that still singes my ego—our combined efforts bore fruit.

Speaking of wounded pride, Red, a wizard of immense power, persistently referred to me as "child." Each utterance was a blow to my ego. I, who once bore the title of headmaster of the wizards' school in Port Hampstead, who played a crucial role in the defeat of Sinthar Bloodstone, the former wielder of Cadimus the demon slayer, and much more that I dare not divulge here, all contribute to my identity in ways that should prevent me from being seen as a mere novice.

She sighs and her posture calms before she continues to write.

Those days are behind me. Much of my power had waned in retirement and in its place, I have gained wisdom and a greater sense of self and purpose. One day, I shall surpass my former self, but to do so, I must keep my ego in check. Still, I found joy in the camaraderie of my companions, particularly with Talia, whose presence I found most delightful. Our flirtations added a spark of levity to the grim task at hand.

Regarding the task at hand, the fire creatures appeared relentless, their origins shrouded in mystery. I suspect they hail from the Primal Plane of Fire, a riddle we might soon solve. The Prince disclosed that the Sandseers detected a magical aura in the desert that could offer us answers. Red, however, contests this theory, believing they may be from the infernal pits, and even Xandrial's name was mentioned by the Prince. I fervently hope it remains mere speculation, for if only they knew of my ties to Xandrial...

She pauses, nearly still and emotionless.  She takes a deep breath and writes.

The sacrifices… Could I still be bound through those rituals? If the gods have mercy, then sever this connection and rid me of that demon's influence once and for all.

She attempts to hide that last bit with scribbling then carries on with her journal.

It will take time to prepare for this trek; however, so for now, I shall seize this opportunity to further my ambitions.  I believe that the Prince of Sedera, though far beyond my aspirations of marriage, took notice of our efforts. His admiration could prove advantageous in gaining prestige and respect, not only in his lands but also among the allies who have come to aid. If I'm to become a Lady, I would need to earn the respect of my potential soldiers. It is a shame that Vanavar has not come to Sedera's aid. One would think that Miranda and those plutocrats she keeps in line would see the value in aiding a trade partner. Still, the kingdoms of Boyer, Rael, Succession, Trelenia, and Brelin have answered the call to arms.

Trelenia and Brelin are home to many adventurers and upstarts like myself. Many of my adventures began in those regions, and I currently live and dwell there. The prospect of becoming a Lady in these lands is nice due to their familiarity and the presence of kindred spirits, but it also feels somewhat dull. They don't seem to engage in the intricate political games that nobles tend to play, which I find intriguing. Except, perhaps, Frontier Fort, which remains wild and untamed. If any of these soldiers hail from or near Frontier Fort, I might seize the opportunity to tame it and claim the title of its governor.

The Boyer Kingdom could be promising; perhaps I could become the Burgomeister of the region that harbors North Point. I believe the North is less controlled by High Boyer Ivar, allowing me more freedom to run the area as I please. However, aside from the border issues with Tilmar, I don’t see much potential to engage with their politics either. Additionally, "Burgomeister Di'Makiir" doesn't quite roll off the tongue. It may be a trivial reason, but I would like to hear my title with a sense of pride.

I refuse to be a Lady in the wretched, backwater, narrow-minded lands where magic and progress are condemned. Rael is a tyranny that hides its oppression behind a facade of benevolence.  Magic is a natural part of our world, studied by some and coming naturally to others. To single out and brand those people as evil is to reveal one’s own questionable morals.

Succession carries the same laws, and while I despise them for it, I can't help but believe it has something to do with their neighboring kingdom of Rael. Rumors of Rael's forces moving freely in Succession and Succession's laws mirroring Rael's soon after abound. Some nobles are reportedly not fond of these developments but hold their tongues.

If I join one of the many mercenary companies from Succession, I might learn more about this situation. If the rumors are true, helping free Succession from Rael's tyranny would be a true challenge, one that could keep me entertained and might help me gain a title. Magic and those who use it could roam freely in these lands, teetering on the edge of war, hoping diplomacy would prevent conflict. But with the trust and loyalty of mercenaries and other forces, I would gladly help Succession make Rael regret its attempts to oppress land it has no right to claim.

However, I have long dreamed of helping Miranda keep her plutocrats in line, gaining wealth and prestige in the process, and helping Mirikel become a kingdom worthy of recognition. As a new Queen, she might honor me with a title due to my support. With that title, I could share my wealth and help those working the lands I acquire flourish. Mercenaries are not loyal to any kingdom, so perhaps after aiding them here, they might join me in Vanavar if that is the path I still choose.

Options have opened for me, but for now, I must simply seize the opportunity and see where it takes me. I must also not forget that in time, I owe the Black Wizards a visit to remind them what it means to cross me.

A Dance of Friendship and Aspiration

After a hard day's work at the Saddlebag, Lia sits at her desk, her gaze fixed on a flask containing a peculiar liquid. Snapping out of her trance, she pulls out her bound journal and begins to write.

Ah, how the tides of time ebb and flow, weaving new faces into the intricate tapestry of my life. In these recent moons, I have had the luxury of spending time with three intriguing souls whose company I find surprisingly delightful.

First among these is Charlee, a warrior of remarkable prowess. Despite her self-deprecating remarks about her simplicity, she reveals herself to be clever and capable. Her strength and prowess are matched only by her refreshing candor. In combat, her movements are a dance, each strike a graceful step that I find both mesmerizing and instructive. While I may never match her raw strength, I study her fluidity and rhythm to refine my own skill with the sword. Our partnership has become something I look forward to, not only for her companionship but because, as a duo, she challenges me, pushing me to elevate my abilities and adapt to new strategies.

Then, there is the inseparable duo – Hank and Tipsy Oak. While Hank’s unwavering faith constrains his full potential, it makes him predictable and comforting to be around. True power must stem from oneself, not from an entity that demands unwavering loyalty and often much sacrifice—a lesson I learned long ago. Still, he is very kind and helpful, traits I believe are genuine to the individual and not necessarily because their god demands it. Tipsy Oak seems to be a closed book of sorts, but he has a good sense of humor that keeps me engaged. I once inquired why he chose such a peculiar name, to which he responded with nothing more than a roll of his eyes. One day, I hope to extract that story from him; I deserve as much after being grandiosely dubbed "Ghoul Face" by the pair. Our conversations, often light-hearted and filled with jests, sometimes take a turn towards the bizarre, such as the story that cropped up while hunting for the pirate keys and our speculations that the Captain is a lich and perhaps the lass his—lover? This conversation, of course, is never to be repeated, but we can never seem to help ourselves.

Despite the enjoyment I derive from all their company, I remain wary of forging close bonds. I still bear the scars of past betrayals that serve as a stark reminder of the treachery that often lies beneath a facade of camaraderie. Thus, I tread cautiously, masking my true ambitions and, I admit, arrogance behind a veneer of geniality and charm. My yearning desire for revenge is confined to these pages, for in a world where only the appearance of goodness is rewarded, revealing my darker inclinations could prove fatal. I navigate this treacherous landscape with prudence, allowing only these pages to glimpse the full spectrum of my inner world.

Speaking of ambitions, I recently realized the need to diversify my skills. Returning to my roots as an enchantress, I have been employing spells of manipulation, yet I recognize the necessity of mastering non-magical approaches to influence if I am to secure a noble title. Additionally, my lack of expertise in illusions has become a glaring weakness. This shortcoming must be addressed, for the art of illusion is a potent tool that I can no longer afford to neglect. Circumventing this deficiency will require careful planning and diligent study, but in what, I know not.

In the end, my journey is one of constant evolution and adaptation. With each new encounter and challenge, I refine my abilities and expand my repertoire. The friendships I cultivate, though genuine, are tempered by the lessons of the past. It is my own wits and wisdom that shall guide me to the greatness I am destined to achieve. Time unfurls like an intricate tapestry, inviting me to seize every opportunity and weave my destiny into a glorious tale. The world shall soon bear witness to the magnificent rise of my name.

General Discussion / Re: Character Development - State of CDQ and WLDQ
« on: January 02, 2024, 02:19:35 am »
Are the requirements for WLDQ's still the same?  I recall they were a lot more than just reaching level 20.

You had to be a very active member of the community (as both player and character), be involved in the large world-scale quests as well as a variety of DM events, update your journal often, etc.

I just want to know if any of the requirements back then have toned down a bit, and by how much if possible.  As Minerva pointed out, activity is quite a bit more thin these days, and while I enjoy writing my journals and likely still will, I sometimes wonder what is the point of having Lia muse about becoming one of Layonara's nobility (A title worthy of a WLDQ I believe) if such a thing will never happen because the requirements to get the quest started will always be out of reach.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: SADDLEBAG Merchants chests
« on: July 26, 2023, 08:26:22 am »
Lia is in need of raw sapphire!

For any adventurer willing, Lia will buy raw sapphire from you.  She is paying from her own earnings, not from the Saddlebag coffers, so you will be paid the full price of 250 gold pieces per raw gem.

If you go into the Saddlebag Pawnshop, there is a back room for members only located behind the portal.  Within that room is a chest labeled "Lia's Chest".  I have placed 25000 gold in there.  Everyone has my permission to access that chest and take the appropriate amount in payment after placing raw sapphire gems in that chest.

I only want the gem in its raw form, so please don't leave dust, cut, polished or enchanted versions in the chest for payment.

Thank you

          Relaxing in her corner of the Saddlebag Pawnshop, Lia opens a familiar bound book and begins to write.

          In this recent entry, I once again delve into the captivating concepts of destiny and ambition but let us not dwell solely on ethereal musings. Instead, let us revel in the tangible achievements that lie ahead. Mere dreams are pleasant companions, but the true measure of my brilliance lies in my ability to craft a formidable plan that transforms fantasies into reality. Within these pages, my grand aspirations shall find form and flourish like the most enchanting spells.

          Foremost among my objectives is the acquisition of a distinguished title within a Kingdom – that of a Lady who commands not just beautiful lands, but also the hearts and minds of its people and military.  Oh, dear reader, you must understand that I am no ordinary soul. With breathtaking beauty, an intellect unmatched as a wizard, and now refining skill with the sword, I have become a wondrous fusion of talents. I once served the merchant marine, and once again I embark upon the thrilling path of an intrepid adventurer, amassing wealth and acquiring combat expertise. Such endeavors shall surely pave the way for me to lead a formidable army or perhaps even a navy.

          Indeed, some may argue that marrying a nobleman could be an expedient means to secure nobility, but I cannot be content with such mediocrity. To bind myself to someone else's rule would be an insipid endeavor, stifling my ambitions and curbing my potential. Alas, it is an option I must consider, but I shall tread with caution.

          To further my goals, whether through matrimony or other means, I have ventured forth and joined the esteemed Saddlebag Pawnshop – a bastion of prosperity, catering to the needs of daring adventurers. This affiliation shall serve as a stepping stone to amass the wealth required for my ambitions. Moreover, I shall utilize the resources at the Saddlebag to hone my alchemical skills.

          Also, a stroke of fortune smiled upon me during a quest, gifting me a flask of raw magic in liquid form. This potent magic, when harnessed correctly, could bestow immense power upon me. The ingenious Tinks created a marvelous device that converted magical energy into liquid, but alas, it is lost forever. Still, this precious sample in my possession beckons me to meticulously research and study it. With time, my prowess in the arcane arts and alchemy shall mature, and I shall transform the remaining contents of the vial into a spell focus of unparalleled potency. A rapier infused with magic, a gem radiating arcane energies, or perhaps a set of intricate runes etched onto my very being – the possibilities are endless. Such an accomplishment could earn me not only the counsel of kingdoms as a magical advisor but even trepidation from the fearsome Black Wizards. However, I must remember that true power knows no shortcuts, and I must be wise and cautious in my every move.

          Another alluring option beckons: the establishment of a formidable navy that would captivate the covetous desires of a kingdom. My gaze rests upon the enchanting island of Vanavar, where Miranda's own endeavors inspire admiration. A plutocracy, I dare say, offers the perfect means to rise from obscurity. The island's desperate need for a navy harmonizes with my expertise in shipmanship. Moreover, the brilliant mind of Tinks could prove invaluable in engineering revolutionary vessels, unrivaled in all of Layonara. To add to my advantage, Angelica owes me a considerable favor for dispatching the nuisance named Corso on her behalf.

          Indeed, this is but the beginning of my extraordinary journey. Time unfurls like an intricate tapestry, inviting me to seize every opportunity and weave my destiny into a glorious tale. I am destined for greatness, and soon, the world shall bear witness to the magnificent rise of my name.

Thank you for your prompt response Jebediah.

Recently I took a gander within the Angel's Guild Store and discovered that they improved upon their spell stock and through it I ameliorated my own spellbook.

I'm always looking for more spells if you wish to compare and trade or sell more spells.

-   Lia Di’Makiir

((Decided to make a thread that I can update with new requests versus making a new thread every time.))

Lia pins a poster on the board:

Seeking a scroll of See Invisibility.  Please provide your name and where to locate you on this parchment if you have possession of such a scroll or are capable of creating it.

- Lia Di'Makiir

General Discussion / Re: Returning player - locating password
« on: July 07, 2021, 07:50:43 pm »

Trade and Market Hall / Re: SADDLEBAG Merchants chests
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:57:55 pm »
Lia revises the list in the chest ((and forums))

Calendar Events / Re: How about another Low Level Romp & Adventure?
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:54:30 pm »
Now that my computer is running smoothly, my wife and I will be playing together again every Thursday starting from approximately 7:30pm

Roleplaying / Re: Corso Escapes!
« on: March 29, 2021, 01:33:23 pm »
Once Lia hears news of Angela's further interest, she thinks to herself, 'I wonder how many more favors I can attain from our notable pirate queen.'

She then considers quietly, "Perhaps Eileanora does have reason to fear me.  I will have to start getting cozy with her."

Trade and Market Hall / Re: SADDLEBAG Merchants chests
« on: March 26, 2021, 11:16:38 pm »
It has been decided that the Saddlebag will now provide:
 - Lia's chest: Normal credit + 50% of credit in True's from the chest if you donate into it.
 - Riven's chest: Normal credit + 25% of credit in True's from the chest if you donate into it.

Lia requests:
Greenstone Dust
Ginger Root
Dust of Aventurine
Purple Mushroom
Dust of Sapphire

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Alchemist Needed
« on: March 23, 2021, 05:22:13 pm »
Lia reads the note, "Oh, I might be skilled enough and I can definately be discrete."

Roleplaying / Re: Rebuilding the village of Vale
« on: March 18, 2021, 02:00:33 pm »
Lia waltzes into Cailomel's shop and drops off 30,000Tr into one of the donation chests

"Well, that should cover what I owe and more.  Thank you Ferrit for agreeing to this.  Oh, I should leave a note."

Courtesy of Lia Di'Makiir.

"Why be subtle after all; though, I admit it's a small amount."

General Discussion / Re: Current state of Layonara?
« on: March 11, 2021, 07:02:36 am »
Welcome back Polak!  I'm sure we met at some point in the early days, I look forward to seeing you in-game sometime soon.

Layonara has been beautifully evolving since switching to NWN: EE thanks to the efforts of our current team and the current community is very friendly and supportive as well.

Milty and Lily are also being active DM's at the time, throwing in unique adventures every once in a while for added excitement.

It's a good time to return  ;D

Lia Drops off:

19 Glass

100 Gum Arabic

Takes appropriate amount of gold out of chests

General Discussion / Re: The Best and Happiest Birthdays to Swoop!
« on: February 25, 2021, 04:32:56 pm »
Happy Birthday!

Calendar Events / Re: The Troll King Presents: The Hunt Begins Part Deux
« on: February 25, 2021, 01:05:14 pm »
I will be available that day and time.

Trade and Market Hall / SADDLEBAG Merchants chests
« on: February 18, 2021, 02:50:30 pm »
We are attempting another experiment with the Saddlebag Pawnshop.

Within the First Room when you enter 181 Port Hempstead (Where we store gems, wood, fur, etc.), 2 new chests were created.
Goods meant for Lia, and;
Goods meant for Riven

These chests will contain a list of desired crafting materials specifically for that merchant.  Anyone can place the requested materials inside the chests, but only the person whom that chest is assigned to can take materials out.  The saddlebag will still be a free market of crafting material and if anyone wants to use the normal chests provided for those materials they still may, but as an incentive to donate into these chests the Saddlebag will provide full credit for the item plus you will get paid 10% of its value from gold within that chest (this is subject to change depending on feedback).

For fairness, we do ask that you respect the free market and don't remove requested items from other chests to put in these for the 10% payment (I doubt that will happen, but better to cover it than not)

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