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Layonara Server / // Hi Dorg, Ygraine left and
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:03:16 pm »

// Hi Dorg, Ygraine left and re-entered house 204 Lor and repopulated it, so can Ygraine Ursus claim this house as her own please as neither Xanya (the original owner) and Annwyl Cadi (the other user of this house) have either been on for a long time?

Layonara Server / //Thanks for the subtle
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:01:17 pm »

//Thanks for the subtle reminder Acacia - I had originally just waited inside the houses when I logged in, waiting for the house to repopulate as it used to do, and was reluctant to leave in case the yes didn't let me back in (re: Dorg's posts about returning houses to the pool), hence my concern when the houses didn't repopulate.

However, I took your advice and exited the houses for both Eleandilethessa and Ygraine, closed and repoened the doors and the houses repopulated with all their goodies, so a million thanks for clearing this up for me. 

Layonara Server / // Hey, hope this isn't too
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:07:45 pm »

// Hey, hope this isn't too late but have been away for a looong time. My character Ygraine Ursus would like to lay claim to the house 204 -- Xanya Enyafailm that is posted above. She has been using it in partnership with Xanya and another who no longer play so it would be helpful to keep it. p.s. She logged in in this house and I've left her there. 


// FINAL EDIT - I've left the next edit in place so this chain makes sense, but I have re-entered these two houses and they still have their chests in them so please ignore the next edit comment.

//edit - I logged in with Ygraine and 204 is empty - gutted if that means I missed the deadline.

I've also just been in with Eleandilethesaa Quil'lyn and 120 Leringard has been gutted but that number doesn't seem to appear in the lists! Please please tell me 120 Leringard still belomgs to her and all of her hard gathered cnrs, crafted stuff and collected items are still available? p.s. She logged in in this house and I've left her there too.

Fixed Bugs / I've updated the previous
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:11:51 pm »

I've updated the previous post with the phenotype and added a P.P.S. with somr new info too.

Fixed Bugs / Thanks Dorg and I'll try to
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:10:59 pm »

Thanks Dorg and I'll try to get the appearance number and then ox the armour. I'll also try to get as much more info as I can and post back when I can.


Robe Style: 38 (and possibly 40 too, from description below): copper full plate

Race: Human

Phenotype: Large

I managed to get my old Win95 pc to open the character and the armour is copper full plate, robe style 38. With this pc, the game works. However, after the reset, the armour is invisible when worn, and it wasn't when I first found this pc would run with this robe style. I changed the robe to 39, still invisible, then 40 and invisible, and the game locked up and I had to reset the pc.

Luckily, since the armour change hadn't been confirmed, the armour reverted to it's previous robe version, 38, and I could get Portlie to open and play again. I also noticed when I got back in that he now had two sets of copper plate, the second presumably being robe 40, but I didn't put it on to try it out.

P.P.S. I have found a second set of duplicated copper armour on him, and he still has the original copper plate he was using as the template, so this makes two sets of armour that have been created on him while trying to modify the armour. Most strange.

Fixed Bugs / After the server reset I
« on: December 17, 2015, 06:19:42 pm »

After the server reset I tried Portlie but he crashed the game; thanks for trying that though.

I downloaded all the haks, removed the originals and replaced them all, and Portlie crashed the game.

I updated my graphics card drivers, and Portlie  crashed the game.

However, I dug out an ancient Win95 laptop I had and connected to Layo and Portlie opened aok without crashing. When I looked at the copper plate, it was invisible on him and his head and cloak were invisible, although the inventory showed them all still equipped. On the old laptop, I removed the copper plate, helm and cloak, and put the helm and cloak back on along with his 'normal' armour and saved his position in the game. 

I started NWN on my normal machine and opened Portlie and it worked fine. To test the copper armour, I put it on instead of his normal armour and the game crashed. Back to my old laptop to remove the copper and back again to the new one and Portlie is fine.

I think it is a mix of the copper armour's type of mod (don't know the number and am reluctant to check in case my old laptop barfs as well) and my pc's graphic card. I have a Radeon R7 200 series so it may be worth other people being aware of this possible graphic glitch.

Unless I am missing something else. Any thoughts?


Actually, I had a thought after posting this reply. I saved Portlie to my pc, then started a new local game and used the saved Portlie character. The game opened okay and when I put the "dodgy" copper plate mail on, the game didn't crash. I'm now thinking that there is therefore some conflict with one of Layo's haks and my Radeon graphics card, although I have no idea which one and how it could even be fixed.


Fixed Bugs / Okay, I'll reinstall of the
« on: December 17, 2015, 02:56:25 pm »

Okay, I'll reinstall of the Layo haks and come back with the result.


Fixed Bugs / Hi Dorg,Sadly, the server
« on: December 17, 2015, 11:25:13 am »

Hi Dorg,

Sadly, the server reset has not made any difference and my game still crashes when I try to bring my Portlie character into the Layo online game.

My character causes the game to crash (my game, on my pc) when I try to bring Portlie into the Layo server-based game online game. He was in Vehl, crafting on foot, and everything was working as expected, until suddenly, the game crashed (on my pc, not the server).

He was not mounted.

I have not downloaded any other haks or reinstalled any other haks, since none of my other characters cause my game to crash, so I am assuming it is the Portlie character which is at fault and not my game itself.

What are the next steps please?


Trade and Market Hall / //written in a very formal
« on: August 11, 2015, 11:02:51 am »

//written in a very formal script

Oi bumped intae a verra nice priestess lady who said yer guild needed platinum, so Oi collected it an' dropped them off in yer open chests.

Oi've dropped off 80 ingots which Oi make is 16,000 credit. Oi took an undead/shapeshifter enhancement fer me axe (top power) which ye advertised at 16,000 Trues, so Oi make it that we're even on te deal. If ye dinnae agree or need te discuss it, Oi'll be about Center off an' on.

Yer custom, as always....

Sigurd Stronginthearmsson


//updated this post to reflect the last drops to get to 80 and purchase of the enhancement. 

Rumour Has It / Brushing up his skills,
« on: July 16, 2015, 04:07:35 pm »

Brushing up his skills, Sigurd Stronginthearmsson goes collecting copper with a view to making some armours and weapons. After a brief tussle with the goblin patrolling the heights outside Hlint, he made his way into the Red Goblin caves.

He was expecting light resistance on his way to the depths, but he ran into so much more. The goblins must have had enormous reinforcements for they were hanging from the walls there were so many. Sigurd paused to think on his best tactic faced by overwhelming numbers, so in true fashion, he smacked his head, shouted to the roof and charged the heaving mass of the flower of goblinhood and tore his way into them. Wave after wave came at him, but his forward progress was irresistable, and eventually he found himself not far from the end of the tunnels. He only had time for a brief breath of air as the goblins threw their last champions against him and a mighty fight it was. 

Finally he was done... bleeding from a hundred wounds and sporting more bruises than an over-ripe peach, but he stood victorious and looked upon a small bag, buried beneath a sea of dead.

"I wonder what can be inside this," he thought. Then he wondered if he should report this to Alicia Nefzen in Hlint...

//pm sent to Ravemore

//and sorry if I've upset the game. I was only gathering copper ores to start making armours and weapons and ran into the most awful fight-fest it has ever been my pleasure to come out of alive :).  A brilliant idea Ravemore so set it up again please and give others a go at it and apologies for not noticing this thread before I went in-game.

Ask A Gamemaster / Jeez, some of my characters
« on: May 15, 2015, 06:43:05 pm »

Jeez, some of my characters have fought these things with gay abandon and no second thoughts (apart from the deadly sounding name).... but no more. Thanks for the heads-up. And yeah, some write ups on the more unusual encounters might make good late night reading.

Fixed Bugs / Brilliant and thanks Orth.
« on: March 08, 2015, 09:14:14 am »

Brilliant and thanks Orth. I've since logged in and she's back in all her wonderful glory :).... well, she's back as she should be.


~ Xal

Layonara Server / Brilliant fixes, thanks, the
« on: February 26, 2015, 06:54:41 am »

Brilliant fixes, thanks, the least of which is I can at long last get rid of Radrian's Cloak without buggging a gm about it - brilliant. 

General Discussion / Orth,Curry favour? The only
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:07:18 am »


Curry favour? The only curry I actively seek is the gastronomic type. 

Good to know though that "We are however going to introduce reward systems to encourage exploration, diversification and roleplay."

Bring it on.


Trade and Market Hall / Dear Ms Ferrit,Many thanks
« on: January 23, 2015, 02:46:41 pm »

Dear Ms Ferrit,

Many thanks for your prompt attention and admirable work on the design. I have left a note in the Payment chest and the monies split over two chests as described therein.

A most wonderfully crafted item.

I remain, yours,


Trade and Market Hall / Dear Ms Ferrit,I would be
« on: January 22, 2015, 06:10:00 am »

Dear Ms Ferrit,

I would be most indebted to you and your wonderful guild if you could proceed an order for a mithril helm as discussed in our earlier communication for the price quoted. I shall be most happy to deposit the monies upon delivery of the helm.

I remain yours,


Trade and Market Hall / Greetings and salutations.I
« on: January 15, 2015, 09:18:48 am »

Greetings and salutations.

I am looking to purchase a mithril helmet to further enhance my boyish charms and was hoping your highly recommended establishment could provide me with such an item at a competitive rate. I have no materials to provide by way of part payment.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience on what you can offer.

Kindest regards

Ben'Vrackie Bigmountain

General Discussion / Dear All, If, like me, you're
« on: November 09, 2014, 07:13:51 am »
Dear All,
If, like me, you're a little peeved by the delay to be told you can't connect to Bioware's server when trying to log into Layo following Bioware's removal of their service, then here's a solution that works for me on a Windows based machine and following on from Scriptwrecked's first post on the topic:
First of all, find the hosts file on your Windows PC: it is usually stored in the folder C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers\\etc
Open the file in Notepad or Notepad 2 or any other text editor and scroll to the bottom of the file. You should see several lines that start with a #
Go to the end of this file and start a new line then add these lines to the file (and you may already have the first line as per Script's first post)...
Save the file, making sure you DO NOT add an extension to the file such as .txt, .doc or anything else.
If the file won't save to the original folder, save it to your desktop, without an extension, and then copy and paste the file on the desktop to the original folder and overwrite the original file. You may have to provide administrator rights to do this in later versions of Windows.
Now when you try to play Layo, you will still get the message saying Connection failed, try another Nick, but it appears right away and you can happily click Cancel and then connect to Layo.
Happy play

Rumour Has It / Caught between his journey
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:27:27 am »
Caught between his journey from nowhere to anywhere, Ben'Vrackie saw an inn that promised the potential to slake his thirst. He was pleased on entering to see two old acquaintances, Magnus Crunch and Rasa Kirta. He headed to the bar, but Magnus beat him to it, shouting for Mario to bring a round out for them all. Ben said he'd thought he seen Mario out the back driving a small wagon or a cart but that he couldn't be sure.
Magnus continued to ply Ben with drink until Ben's stomach decided enough was enough and took it upon itself to leave a deposit on the tavern floor. His nose a little wrinkled, Ben looked from the Barmaid to the floor, then took his leave to get some air outside, whereupon he ran into a group of halflings running about in agaitation, weapons drawn. The rest of the patrons rushed out at this commotion and Farros Galdor  said he hoped it was some soprt of baking contest, looking at the armed halflings.
The halflings explained what had happend and as the patrons were listening, an arrow appeared from nowhere to take the life of one of them.
Two of the patrons took off in pursuit of a shadow and Magnus tried to administer aid to the slain fellow, all to no avail.
They did find a discarded Rofierenite cloak and the evidence of poison and the use of darkness earlier, so Ben suggested they talk to the authorities, but some of the others felt there was more coin in a more vigilante action.
Ben said he couldn't be part of that, so he will go to talk to Moreg and describe the cloak, the darkness used and the poison to Moreg, as a figure of the law in Vehl, and find out as much information as he can that might create a lead, or even a suspect before he takes it to the proper authorities.

Trade and Market Hall / Angels Guild,Oi would loike
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:12:24 am »

Angels Guild,

Oi would loike te purchase sum Cobalt Full Plate an' a Cobalt Tower Shield from ye. Let me know when it's ready te be picked up; Oi saw te proice in te chest an' have te funds te cover it.

Sigurd Stronginthearmsson

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