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Layonara Server / I know what it is! Nah
« on: December 23, 2013, 08:23:05 pm »

I know what it is! Nah Nah!

Good one Dorg!

Development Journals and Discussion / Time continues to pass. I
« on: December 09, 2013, 03:47:07 am »

Time continues to pass. I have trekked many lonely paths across the length and breadth of this world. The last few years I have followed up any myth or legend of ancient shamans and wizards, priests and tribal witch doctors I culd find, seeking the answers I have long sought. I have come to the conclusion that nothing on this world can give me what I need.

There is only one answer that I can see. I must find the Harvester...and failing that...the Soul Mother herself. These are paths not taken lightly and I find myself asking if this is truly what I want. Perhaps all I need is a blade crafted or imbued with the Harvesters power. One that can cut though the very essence of life itself. But to find even a fragment of such power means placing my life at risk. The Quilyn teaches us that to strive as hard as we can and fail still earns us honour. To never strive for fear of failure is a loss of honour in the eyes of the Path.

I will finish my wanderings, and when the time comes I will make my choice.

Development Journals and Discussion / Have you ever played hide and
« on: March 03, 2013, 01:34:06 am »

Have you ever played hide and seek with an orc? I did, the other day. The creature, I dont know his name, only Orc, appeared in Hlint again. I grabbed him straight away and dragged him into the mountains near the town. We fought the gnolls for a while they went into the caves where the spiders are. I must admit I hid most of the time when he was killing them because I could barely touch them and he just killed them in one sweep of his axe.

Anyway, long story short , we collected the silk of which there was a paltry sum and decided to go deeper and explore. I was thrilled by this but I could tell the Orc wasnt so sure. Still, to his credit he came with me.

We ghosted along the passageways deeper and came upon a chamber full of earthern elementals. I hid straight away and wandered amongst them using the shadows they cast on the ground beneath their huge bulks to hide. The orc was not impressed by this as he couldnt move for fear of them seeing him. I spent a good time hiding amongst them causing the Orc no end of grief. He too had lost sight of me and I guess he figured I'd abandonded him because eventually he attacked them.

He was pretty good I must admit but they had him fair and square within a short time and pummeled him into the ground. He didnt want to play with me after that, cant say that I blame him. I'll give him some time to cool off then we'll try another cave! 

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Greycloak journal
« on: February 13, 2013, 04:18:21 pm »
Some people see darkness and shadows as frightening places, these are the placs where nightmares are created, shifting through our subconscious and weakening our resolve. I dont see it that way at all. These places are a mystery, a place waiting to be discovered, a secret place where one can be alone with ones thoughts, a place where one can hide from the world.

Sure, sometimes you are not always alone, other...things, share those places, but even so you know they are just the same as you. Hiding, seeking the darkness for protection or solitude or to watch the world go by and choose what to take for themselves.

I met an elf he other day who used the shadows to hide as I do but he didnt seem to have the same affinity for those places that I feel. He used them as a means to an end. To me, those places, the shadows are an extension of myself, or maybe its a reflection of my nature and thats why I feel such an affinity with them. I am not sure. But I am sure that I have always felt this way about those places, even back as a child when I played hide and seek, still my favourite game.

Rumour Has It / Re: WANTED Dead or Alive
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:56:32 am »
Ever with ears to the ground for new contracts, Leisa sends word that she may pick up the contract if the payment is sufficient to warrant her interest.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Drnii Khuiedr Tyhuekyra
« on: February 08, 2013, 03:50:18 am »
It is done. My Wisdom and Joy, Samantha Merritt, has agreed to be my wife.
I could not say who was the most overjoyed or relieved that the moment had finally come. For myself the moment is one of those that defines your life. I felt the same way when I committed myself to Rofirein and then when I took the path of those Blessed in his name and then again when I joined the Knights of the Wyrm.

I know Mrs Elaine Merritt and in fact my own mother have been waiting for this moment for some time. I guess I have been waiting for this moment my entire life.

Now comes the planning of the wedding. I am sure that our mothers will see that it is suitably grand. To be truthful I would be more than happy to marry Samantha in a small chapel in the Cathedral with a few guests but that will not be the case I am sure. As long as it happens I guess it doesnt matter how it happens. I just want Samantha to get everything she deserves.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Greycloak journal
« on: February 08, 2013, 03:37:54 am »
The few adventurers I have found seem more than willing to aid me in finding the deepest darkest holes we can find around Mistone. Why not long ago I met with an orc that claimed to be an adventurer. I must admit he was vicious but that dangerous aspect of his character seemed to thrill me even more. Especially trawling a cave full of spiders and seeing him move through the near darkness like a huge battering ram. Personally I stuck to the dark crevices and shadows of the place, darting out where I felt the need to strike at a smaller spider. I am proud to admit I reached the passage to a deeper level before I succumbed to my first spider bite.

I retched all over the place after being bitten and was weak from dizzyness. The orc lay me on the ground near that lower passage and stayed while I fought through the period of poison affects. He didnt have to do that and as I slowly faded out to rest I thought that he might eat me when I was asleep.

Thankfully when I next woke up my muscles and body felt stiff and sore but the poison had passed through my system and I was ready to continue. The Orc suggested we head back to Haven from where we had started and I had to admit that it was a good idea. I wasnt prepared to del aproperly with the denizens that lived lower based on what we encountered just getting to the passage. So, he battled his way out and I watched from the darkest patches of shadow I could find. Oddly enough I should have been afraid to go to those places as thats where the spiders would most likely stay. but they seemed intent on attacking the orc intruder and ignored me completely. I thanked the Gods for shadows and darkness when I realised.

Finally I have once again cornered Sein and taken up as much of his time as I could. I made him cast a number of spells while I studied his movements, his words. He spoke of the materials he once needed in order to make the spells work. We spoke at length about these and most of them I recognise and can find without too much effort.

For all intents and purposes I am ready, I just have to cross that invisible threshold when it all comes together and the mist will clear and I shall ahve access to the Al'noth.

Some weeks have passed and Storold has proven elusive as has Sein. The Fates must have decided that this part of my learning shall take time as has all my learning in the past. I did however managed to meet briefly with Sein recently and he showed me some books with spells within them asking me if I could use them. When I told him I could he was surprised. He seemed to think then there was no reason I could not find it within myself to cast spells by drawing on the Al'noth alone.

Thus I continue to practice all that I have learnt so far from Sein and from Storold and meditate on connecting fully with the Al'noth. I sense that it is at the moment just out of reach. But I have never left a challenge unanswered yet. I am determined to succeed in this. My entire future depends on it.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Greycloak journal
« on: January 30, 2013, 07:02:04 am »
I have spent several days just exploring the coastal caves near the township of Center. They go on for miles under the ground and the bottow levels fill with water at high tide. This brings out all sorts of creepy crawlies. Its fascinating to watch. I spent an hour hiding away around a corner, using the shadows in the caves to the best advantage that I could. The water rippling effect on the walls from the lichen in the place too helped to hide me. I watched some of the denizens that live there eating a couple of the large crabs that can be found there.

The best thing about it was that I crept very close to where they were eating and none of them saw me. I did panic a bit at the last minute and withdrew but I went back again just to prove to myself that I could do it.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Tendering for Fire Opals
« on: January 30, 2013, 06:58:21 am »
Opals delivered and paid for thank you...

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Character crash at login
« on: January 28, 2013, 03:20:45 am »
Thanks Dorg,

All working again fine, I crafted the armour again no worries.

I think I was working on the left shoulder at the time now that I think about it.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Greycloak journal
« on: January 27, 2013, 01:49:46 am »
What a strange and fantastic place Mistone has turned out to be. There are so many dark and hidden places that it may take me years to explore each one in depth. I must learn to survive the creatures within them first however as that is proving quite difficult. Luckily my skills at hiding in the shadows and dark corners of the places is proving to be very useful. Why just the other day I managed to fool a goblin into thinking I had run down a passage way when in fact I was standing right next to him in a cleft in the rock using the shadow created there to its best advantage. I was so nervously excited I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop giggling as the goblin walked this way and that way and eventually gave up and ran back to where he had come. I know it was a close call and that the goblin could have ended my life if it had seen me but it didnt. I lived and it ran away. The shadows are my friend as to are the dark places that I seem to have a natural affinity for finding.

I must continue to seek out these dark places, to explore their hidden depths and experience the wonders they possess.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Character crash at login
« on: January 26, 2013, 08:47:31 pm »
Re-extracting the hak files didnt work. Remake it?

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Character crash at login
« on: January 26, 2013, 06:40:09 pm »
I think it was the torso of the armour.

If I re-extract the hak files and it doesnt fix it can I just remake the character? He only had a few levels.

The Dragon Storm Campaign / Re: As the dust settles...
« on: January 26, 2013, 05:27:57 pm »
...and approximately a few hours later when word arrived in Arnax to the chambers of Queen Maillard the palace was thrown into a frenzy as the Queen went on the warpath at the news.

Orders to mobilise the army, to bring the Principality to heel, to order Lord Alexander to crush the Principality, to announce Siphe as a traitor for his treason against the daughter of the Queen, to send the army to destroy Toran etc, etc.

It was a quite impressive raving by the incensed queen but in the end it all boiled down to a very quiet and somber Queen sitting on her throne and musing.

Thus when she called for the latest in a string of lordlings who tried and failed at running intelligence operations for the queen the servants and guards knew what was to come.

They were surprised however when this one left the throne room with his head in tact and a thoughtful expression on his face.

When the queen then sent for her personal Al'nothist, they instinctively knew the queen had something in mind.

When the queen was in the mood she was currently in they knew sooner or later, it would not be good for those she had targeted.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Character crash at login
« on: January 26, 2013, 05:13:29 pm »
Yes! That is exactly right!

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Character crash at login
« on: January 26, 2013, 04:19:45 pm »
No nothing like that the area starts loading and just at the last second NWN crashes every time. Its only with that character.

For weeks now I have practised the exercises the Al'nothist Sein gave me. I am beginning to sense he was leading me along but a recent encounter has assured me that I am not far from the right path.

For some time now I have sought the famed Protector of the Al'noth Storold. Many have told me he regularly is seen in Center and to this end each time I have travelled that way I have checked to see if he was in town. Most of these trips were to no avail until recently. I had begun to suspect I had been led astray in this also until I saw him on the seat as I had been told he would be.

It was a difficult encounter at first, I had nothing to lose by approaching him but he was concerned over who I was and my motives in approaching him. When I told him why I wanted to speak with him his first question was why didnt the Lucindites in Spellguard help me. At first I was reluctant to speak of why this was so but in the end I decided I lost nothing in the telling but may gain the opportunity to learn more from the man.

Thus I told him of the time when I disguised myself as a Lucindite and infiltrated Morakens tower, how I worked alongside the Lucindites for more than two weeks in the tower as I scoped out its wards and Morakens comings and goings. I told him how one day I was able to sneak into Morakens personal chambers and wait for him to return there so I could ask him some very specific questions. I also spoke of how Moraken was not happy with my infiltration past his wards and though he did answer some of my questions he handed me over to the Lucindites. They then evicted me from the tower and warned me never to return. That is why I could not learn in Spellguard or from the Lucindites.

Even after I had explained this and my reasoning for wanting to learn about the Al'noth he was suspicious of my intentions. Thus I proposed we make a deal. I have to date never renegged on a contract or deal nor intend to in the future. The Fates were with me this day and he agreed to such a measure.

His deal was that he would teach me how to use the Al'noth if once I learn how I ensure that I follow the intents of the Star Lady in the use of Al'noth and never knowingly work with anyone seeking to weaken, destroy and change Al'noth in any way. I questioned him on the parameters of such a deal and in the end we were both satisfied with the outcome. Thus, he began to teach me about the Al'noth and how to try and use it.

I went through everything I had been told and taught so far, outlined how I have spent years to be able to cast spells of the highest order without error from scrolls and to use items few if any beyond Al'nothists could use. He seemed impressed by my dedication and training to those aspects.

Coming to terms with reaching myself for the Al'noth however has proven to be another thing entirely. Storold has set me on a path that I feel is the right one, I do get a sense for the Al'noth as if it is just beyond my reach with my mind but that with time it is possible, and this just from his early training.

He has agreed to allow me to seek him out again in future for more lessons on the Al'noth and in its usage. I look forward to learning what so far in my life has alluded me. Truly ultimate perfection shall be mine.

Rumour Has It / Re: As the dust settles... World update..
« on: January 19, 2013, 05:26:08 pm »
8 months on from the end of the Dragon wars in Hilm a seemingly minor incident occurs in Briardusk. It almost goes unnoticed by the rest of the world but its import to some may have wide ranging effects in the future, who can tell.

During the sitting of those ruling Briardusk to hear demands and complaints from concerned citizens of Briardusk the doors to the Hall of Questions are opened foe the umpteenth time that morning but this time those that enter cause quite a stir.

General Krigart, a Deep dwarf of the Rael army encampment outside Briardusk and Lord General Laroux of Prantz, in full military garb stride down the length of the hall towards the table where Lord Amaric, Lady Sesoon Belfrey and various functionaries sit. Their boots clank in unison on the tiled floor of the chamber and commoners hurry to move out of their path.

The two pause before the table and bow before Lord General Laroux takes out a document and places it on the table before the Lord and Lady.

"Lord Amaric, Lady Belfrey," he began. "The document before you includes a deal that was made with Sir Lance Stargazer for the sole occupation of exactly 100 hectares of land north of Briardusk. The region in question is clearly indicated on the document before you. This will become prime sovereign land of Rael."

Worried faces glance about at each other until Lord Amaric picks up the document and scans its contents. "But this land is barren waste, there is nothing there?"

"Then there is no reason not to sign it is there Milord? I must point out that the terms of this deal were brokered in good faith with Sir Lance and approved by Lord Alexander." Lord General Laroux stood straight, arms crossed before him while General Krigart stood motionless beside him.

Lord Amaric went over the document twice and then a third to make sure before passing it around. Finally he took his quill and marked his name on the bottom, a deep frown on his face as he did so. Lady Belfrey followed suit.
"Congratulations on your acquirement General, if there is anything you need from us please let us know."

The Lord General took the signed document and passed it to his comrade. "Thank you Milord but Rael takes care of Rael." He bowed quickly and they about faced and marched back out of the hall watched carefully by everyone present.

Several hundred miles to the east in the Siphe Principality rumours had it that Lady Daniella Stromhaven was about to deliver a child, Jaedon Siphes child. The import of that event was not lost on many politically and religiously motivated people around the world. What that meant for the future of the Siphe Principality and the fragile political power held by Hilm was unclear.

But, one thing was certain, events were moving in the world and as yet there was no clear outcome.

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