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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Buying glass & coal
« on: April 09, 2024, 03:18:24 pm »
Charlee drops off 150 ingots of glass and 50 lumps of coal

Leaves a note   I'll catch up to you for payment and get the other 10 coal to you

Sophia lifts the glass of wine to her lips and leans back into the large male hands that expertly knead the knots from her shoulders.  She groans and closes her eye as a small smile ghosts on her face before quickly fading.   She takes a  large draw from the glass and sets it back on the desk beside and open  book.   Once again leaning into the hands on her body she half closes her eyes, lifts the volume and reads what she written while she worries the tip on the quill between her teeth.

It was a little too close for comfort tonight.  While making a hand off to Silas, who should approach but Steel.  I was able to wave Silas off before he stepped from his hiding place in the shadows, luckily the downpour had emptied the streets and damped sounds as well as everything else

Steel commented on my being out in the rain.  He somehow thinks getting drenched is beneath me.  If he could see the pale haired youth I was hiding under carts and in far worse weather when HE removed me from his household.  Wev as always had my back, but Steel was suitably redirected by the promise of wine and conversation.  At the Arms of course.  I am not prepared to let a mage of his skill past my wards and while the clergy is in such abundance I dare not go without.

He had mentioned he had a library withing the inn and gambling hall.  It was the first time I had ever ventured into the upper portions of the building.  The demon has done well for himself.
His study space was quite cozy and while not particularly rare, there were some unique title present.  I should examine them closer at some other time. Him having a dungeon intrigues me.  I doubt it functions as mine.

He even managed to produce a fairly passable bottle of wine. Questionable origins, but from its qualities I suspect is its a blend of grapes from Dregar and made in Xeen's tradition but not with grapes grown in Morholts' soils.  I will send a case of something better and perhaps something from my enhanced stock for the common room.

The conversation was decent. I guess being raised in HIS court has made me somehow different from others bound to the stones.  Aristocratic, Steel called it.  If he only knew.  If I only knew the truth.  I still wonder about that face but here in Leringard the dreams continue to haunt my sleep.  Leaving the estate and HIS ever watchful gaze didn't halt them.  I will have to visit Lexander when the powders fail to keep the dreams at bay. Two demons in my life.  One wanting to use me to advance his own social position and whatever agenda he has.  The other I have no idea what it wants.  And what of what I want?

Sophia places the quill in the spine of the book and closes it. She reaches her now empty hand up and pulls the head of the masseuse closer .  His jet black hair contrasting the pale white blond of hers .He lifts from the chair easily as she whispers something in his ear.  As they leave the room she turns quitely chants and motions with her hand . The door closes and the lock clicks into place.   Wev slips between the shadows, following.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: orc basher shop
« on: March 30, 2024, 08:50:57 pm »
As Contracted by Jeb, Charlee delivers the following resources to the guild hall

50 Branches of Mahogany
74 Lumps of Coal
72 Raw Quartz Crystals

Greater Archers Belt and Vestment of Faith  traded with 22,700 coins paid.

Trade and Market Hall / Beginner and Apprentice Craftspeople
« on: March 22, 2024, 03:17:46 pm »
Posted in the Select kitchens and Standard Craft Halls through Mistone and Alindor

The Foundation is looking to augment its stocks of relief supplies and is accepting donation and making contracts for beginner and apprentice level clothing, food and building supplies.  Healing kits and potions are also in demand.

Items to be donated may be dropped off into the donation crates at 108 Port Hempstead (the docks district just before the merchant district entrance) .  Those seeking to contract more advanced items please contact Katrien Hommel directly by Raven or note.

Character Submissions / new Character : Mouse
« on: March 17, 2024, 02:26:16 pm »
Name: Mouse
Race : Human
Age: 18
Class: Rogue/Fighter (equal split to level 10, then see how the RP goes. ( may PC to duelist)
Alignment : Neutral
Deity: None


“That makes three this month.  Corath's fetid  breath what is going on?  The two large men load a stiff body of a third into cart and start up the street. 
Mouse peers out from the well disguised nook she has dug herself beside the foundation of the nearest building.  She moves some bushes to cover the opening to her little home and checks both ways before slithering out.  Its time for the traders to take down their stalls at the market and sometimes they can't be bothered to pack up food that is going off or broken items and leave them in the town midden heap.  Mouse likes to get there early for the best finds.  Its how she keeps herself fed these days.   She could tell the town guards what is going on but then she'd be involved and they'd want to know how she knows what she knows.   She values her life more than that.

They call her mouse because, well she's small with nondescript mouse brown hair.  She can move quietly and fit into the smallest of places.  She survives on the crumbs that others leave behind.  She doesn't want to be a mouse but since her older siblings died along with their parents on the ship crossing , its been just her.  That was five years ago, Five very long years.  Cold winters, miserable summers, the wet and the dry she has survived. 

She takes her small finding of some dodgy cheese and stale bread along with a dented old short sword back to her “home”.  As she picks off the mold and dunks the bread in some ale a drunk man tried to bribe her into his room at the inn with, she studies the sword.  Its appears to be just made of copper or at best bronze.  The edge is chipped and dull but she takes a whet stone and does her best to bring it back to functioning.  When its what she deems acceptable she places it carefully next a depression in the ground lines with dried grasses that serves as her bed.  Winter is approaching and the sun sets much earlier so it will soon be dark.  Its a full moon tonight so she can't sneak away to the militia training grounds to test it.

“Well, well, what have we here”   She awakens to the bright light of a torch being shone into her den.  “Looks like we found the rat.  She ain't the tastiest of morsels but she looks like she'll be a bit 'o fun before we turn her in to the boss. “ the torch owner, a very dirty obese man dressed in hide armor leers at her as two similarly dressed  dirty lackeys try to see around him into the hole. 

She's appears to be cornered but Mouse is not without her tricks.. One hand searches the area next to her bed for the handle of the sword, the other reaches for a small knapsack and a pouch.  With a smooth movement she flings the pouch at the opening to her home and the area fills with choking powder. While the men sputter and cough and have to close their eyes she moves a old wooden shield from behind her bed that reveals a tunnel  just big enough for her to wriggle into.  She crawls as fast as she can toward the other end and pops her head up under a bush about ten feet from her home.  She take a sad look a the home she's had to leave but quickly and quietly gets to her feet, grasping the old sword , small shield and her pack and  while clutching  the ring around her neck, whispers a prayer and starts away.

Then she feels it.  Right between her shoulder blades.  A piercing pain that makes her vision go white.  Her mind reels.  No, not again.

When she opens her eyes its dawn.  She's lying with her pack and her sword at the foot of a large standing stone.  She reaches around to feel her back. Sure enough there is small scar where the arrow had been.  The one that pierced her back, the one that killed her.  Only it didn't.  This is not the first time she's awoken feeling ill, but alive at the foot of this stone.  The stone the guards pulled a dead body from the foot of just the other morning.  She should be dead but she isn't.  Stone bound.  That was the whispers she'd heard. 
She can't stay here .  Her home is compromised and who ever found her knows they “killed “ and when the body disappears, well who know what they'll do.  No she has to leave.  Start over again.

She slings her pack over one shoulder the the small shield over the other, tucks her sword into her makeshift rope belt and sets out onto the road.   Who knows where it will take her?

Roleplaying / Re: Rebuilding the village of Vale
« on: March 16, 2024, 09:09:59 pm »
**Katrien wanders past the donation area and inquires as to the materials usage**

Are there any assurances that if Vale is restored that it won't be used as an outpost for Rael propaganda and further subjugate those under their thumb?  Whom do I speak to about the political aims of this venture?


Temple donations receipts # 29284-29286 total = 106475 gold

Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: March 13, 2024, 11:28:04 am »
Adventure Club outing  Sunday March 17th

Levels under 16 preferred  with  Epics as mentors and guides but  you shows, you goes - we're not going to exclude anyone.

We'll decide where we are going based on who shows but its generally an RP decision.   

Meet at the fire in Center

Time - 4pm EST/1pm PST /9pmGMT  - we generally RP for 30-40 min before heading out so if you're a little late, please join  Duration is generally 2-4 hours

Bug Reports / No Merchants in Huangjin Merchant house
« on: March 04, 2024, 01:02:42 pm »
The place is merchants in sight.

Bug Reports / Wraith Venom not applying
« on: February 29, 2024, 01:28:43 pm »
Both Steele and Kat attempted multiple times  to apply Wraith Venom to a blade and arrows and "nothing happened"   Kat was working with a  Dex of 34 at the time.

Bug Reports / Scribing Greater Stoneskin
« on: February 29, 2024, 01:26:50 pm »
Not sure how this was missed for so many years but Greater Stone Skin is a Transmutation spell but the recipe requires ink of Abjuration.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: February 22, 2024, 08:59:46 pm »
Charlee picks out a morningstar from the Adamantium rack and pays the attendant


Semeli Cainforulix's Morningstar
lens price 8016 - 75% = 6012

Calendar Events / Re: Adventure's Club Outing
« on: February 13, 2024, 02:07:57 am »
oops   copy and paste mistake!

Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: February 12, 2024, 10:37:02 am »
Adventure Club outing  Feb 25

Levels under 16 preferred  with  Epics as mentors and guides but  you shows, you goes - we're not going to exclude anyone.

We'll decide where we are going based on who shows but its generally an RP decision.

Meet at the fire in Center

Time - 4pm EST/1pm PST /9pmGMT  - we generally RP for 30-40 min before heading out so if you're a little late, please join

**Kat wanders in and looks around**

She spies the display of dusts

Just what I was looking for, my emergency stash has been depleted of late.   She takes four measures of dust and hands the clerk some gold coins

20000 placed in chest for 4 star dusts of Beryl

Bug Reports / Deadly Gas Trap
« on: January 30, 2024, 02:06:17 pm »
Crafting a Deadly Gas Trap successfully yields a Minor Gas trap

Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 29, 2024, 10:36:09 am »
Adventure Club outing  Feb 11

Levels under 16 preferred  with  Epics as mentors and guides but  you shows, you goes - we're not going to exclude anyone.

We'll decide where we are going based on who shows but its generally an RP decision.

Meet at the fire in Center

Time - 4pm EST/1pm PST /9pmGMT  - we generally RP for 30-40 min before heading out so if you're a little late, please join

Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 22, 2024, 03:40:30 pm »
Lets try to cater to some of the PST folk and try for  4-5 pm EST (1-2 PST) this time

Meet in Center.  Levels under 16 preferred and Epics welcomed as guides/mentors/instigators

Character Katrien Hommell

Her original Bio is lost in mists of the old forms  She is currently Bard (23) and Rogue(8).
I would like to add 5-6 levels of Fighter class.  I am aware that once I start adding fighter I must add at least 5 levels.   My final intended split will be Bard (26), Rogue (12) Fighter (6)
Kat's been singing for some fighting parties in various adventures and lamenting about how squishy she is and wants to toughen up so she feels she can contribute better .  I've re-started her journal to reflect this.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: A Family Legacy ; Katrien
« on: January 16, 2024, 12:25:03 am »
A large room with stone walls and a packed sand floor is divided into several roped training rings as will as areas with padded wooden replicas of men.  Bags of sand hang from the rafters and there are several benches with iron weights stacked close by.  Soldiers in various states of armor and with and without shields are sparring with each other or the dummies. 
Off to one side of the room Kat is hacking at one of the dummies.  Her fashionable dress has been exchanged for what appears to be iron chain mail.  Instead of a short bow she has a blunted iron long sword in one hand and a small wooden shield in the other.   She looks comfortable holding the shield but no the sword.

“Come on Miss Kat, you can hit harder than that.” a grizzled older man, clad only in his leather trews. ,is feet and chest bare, chides at Kat as she makes a very clumsy swing with a long sword at the wooden training dummy.

“That's just it Henry” She wheezes as she places the sword vertical and leans against it.”  I can't hit this thing harder or my arm will fall off.

He walks up behind her and lifts the sword and places it back in her hand and patiently guides her body into a more correct stance.  “It don't come from your arm lass, it comes from here” as he places a large hand on her abdomen. “Use you're whole body, not just yer arm and you'll do better”

Kat sucks in a deep breath, frowns at the dummy and tries to hold the form that Henry has shown her.  Her swing is a little more steady and her arm doesn't vibrate as much when the iron makes contact with the cloth padding but there is little to no damage to be seen.

“Why do others” she grunts when she tries again “ Make this look so damn easy. I'm out with others  and they're dancing around towering giants and bringing them down.  One swipe an a giant would have me clear across the glade.”  She labors a bit with each blow she gives the padding.  “I've better to stick with my bow than to teach this old dog new tricks”   The practice session goes on for about a hour and Kat is left red faced, sweating and with multiple new bruises.

Henry leans over her and puts a friendly arm around her shoulder.  “Join the lads with me in the tavern and have a pint or two.  Mayhap I can convince you to play for us or even sing?  His eyebrows waggle as he adds the last part.  Kat lets out a deep breath and squares up her shoulders. “I'd never miss the opportunity to sing and play for your boys Henry”

The tavern is crowded with those local to the area.  It looks a little worn and tired but it is neat and tidy and the most delicious smells of roasting meat and fowl emanate from the large hearth at the back.  Raucous laughter and cheer permeate the atmosphere of the place and Kat does not have to try hard to forget her aching back and arms and smile warmly at the serving staff and patrons.   A table crammed with several young men and women frantically beckon the pair over.  Its not hard to tell the resemblance to Henry on the faces of several of them.   Kat is greeted as warmly as a member of the family and its apparent that she is well known amongst them.

“A song , a song” they shout as she approaches.  One of the serving staff hands Kat and Henry a mug of ale as she passes.  Kat take a long parched draft from her tankard and her mail creaks as she stands on the bench beside the table.  She holds her tankard aloft and belts out a well known drinking song and not only her table but the entire tavern sing along her voice seeming to heighten and inspire the talents of the singing patrons.  She easily transitions into the ballad of the Norseman, a fierce fighting song, and follows with several more popular tunes.  Much time passes before she holds up her hand and gracefully bows.  “Good folk it has been my honor to sing for you but alas my voice needs a break and”  she holds the now empty tankard aloft “More ale”

She sits beside Henry and places the mug down.  She leans on his shoulder and asks “ I wonder if all of this is worth it.  I'm a singer, not a fighter.  I inspire men and women to fight harder and longer because I sure as hell can't.”
“You can do anything you put your mind to lass.  Perhaps you're going about this the wrong way.  Sure being a fighter is being able to swing a sword or a mace or a hammer and make sure it hit the other guy, hard but its more than that.  Its the mindset.  Its working past the pain when the bandit slices your shoulder and being able to take more.  Learning to ignore the pain sure but also learning your own limits.”   Henry leans his messy grey haired head against Kat's still bright auburn one.  You got strength in that heart of yours. You helped so many in need.  You raised a fine daughter and let no one make her seem less because of that bastard father of hers.  You've got what it takes to move along and the courage to take on challenges.  A fighter is never giving up and child I've never seen you give up.

A trail of wetness trickles from the corner of one of Kat's eyes and she motions to wipe it away. “Thanks Henry, that means a lot coming from you.  Perhaps we can set aside the new stuff and you can focus on teaching me how to move in armor better and some basics weapons.  Things I am already good with like an axe or daggers. I don't want to use a great long bow taller than me, but I can focus on my short one.”

Kat picks the tankard from the table and brings it to her mouth to sip the ale slowly. “ You know Henry I was thinking... “

Henry makes a fake grimace face.  “Dragons shudder when you start thinking Kat.”

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