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Character Submissions / Test Char. for porting over an old one.
« on: June 15, 2022, 01:02:09 pm »
Char. name Egg1973. Hoping to get Volga out and about again.

General Discussion / Been a very long time
« on: June 15, 2022, 10:09:27 am »
Like it says, a long time +/- 10 years. Just popped in to see what's new, say hello to anyone I knew and maybe dip my toe (not sure even how to redo everything anymore) I have to admit I miss playing Volga.

Rumour Has It / Re: At the edge of the Gobling waste land
« on: June 10, 2009, 09:09:58 am »
*Volga stands by the sign for several hours with a perplexed look on his face. His lips move as he tries to work out the words. Smelling Grovel he looks around hopefuly...Grovel will know what the sign says*

Just for Fun / Re: Character theme songs
« on: April 09, 2009, 01:54:05 pm »
Benny Hill theme song for Volga

Layonara Server / Re: Layonara 3.2 Release Notes
« on: April 06, 2009, 11:53:32 pm »
WOW!  Nuff said

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Can a Halfgiant ride a pony?
« on: March 05, 2009, 01:55:33 pm »
Will do. I just thought it might have some great RP potential to see a meat mountian arrive on a little tiny horse.:)

Poison is a pain and pretty usless except for RP. So unless you want to spend time doing something you can't really sell, trade or even use effectively then don't even try...take it from me...well Volga.;)

Just for Fun / Re: Joke
« on: February 13, 2009, 09:27:34 pm »
He ho, he ho, that's a pretty good joke you know..he he he ho, he he he ho, he ho he ho he he he ho.
 sorry...stuck in a hotel room and getting a bit stir crazy.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: January 22, 2009, 03:08:06 pm »
Volga tink dat bees bettur dat Volga stik wiff bashings tings...
 Volga try lotts ta bee boohooie butt itt nott works guud att alls. Volga furst tink dat mebbe gos plac dat gott ded peepuls, Volga sees dat ded peepuls mak uddur peepuls boohooie. Volga sitt in plac dat ded peepuls getts burrieded fers longs tims butt Volga nott gett boohooie...Volga juss gettt hugry...
 Volga tink dat mebbe needs ta haff owie and dat sures to make Volga have boohooies, Diss Volga tink bees easies toos doos...Volga finnd dat dat nott soos.
 Furst Volga poke eye wiff stik; Dat nott haff effekt dat Volga tink it haff.
Nexx Volga try hittings fase wiff biggurs stik; Volga findd it harded toos hit face in middul wiff wun eyes dat nott wurk soos guud.
Volga giff upps trieses too hits self...Volga gotts neu ideur.
 Diss bettur idur Volga tinks.
Volga smash fingurs in gate toos town...datt gottsa have effekt. Yuup...smashings fingures hass effekt oks...fingurs getts alls bigg ann stik outts alls fuuny...Nos boohooies...
Volga tink mebbe bash hed wiff sames gate bees bettur plann. Volga nott tink datt wun throo verrie guuds...Volga breek da gate wenn klose on hed...Volga skared fer breaks gate ann runnoft. Volga tink dat mebbe sumting nott guuds wenn Volga runnoft. Volga nott runnoft in direktiun dat Volga wanna runnoft in...Volga runnoft lottsa sidwayys and falldowns lotts toos...
 Volga tink dat mebbe being boohooies nott wurk fer Volga ann all dat tinking mak Volga hugry.
Volga noe plac dat gott oxesses dat nobuddy bees wattchun. Volga sees lil oxesses dat fitts guud in fuud bagg... Volga nott sees biggur oxesses datt sees Volga sneekins ups on lil oxesses. Bigg oxesses kik Volga in verry soff spot and datt mak boohooies...Volga nott tink boohooies bees guud fur Volga ann nott wann haff boohooies agains.
 Volga nott noe dat boohooies mak Volga walks alls funnies...

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: January 22, 2009, 02:28:34 pm »
Volga wundurs boutts lotta stuff...
 Lotta lattly Volga helps findings tings ann peepuls dat bees missungs. Volga meet lossa diffrunt peepuls wenn helpings finding dees tings ann peepuls. Sum dees peepuls Volga tink nott lik Volga lotts butt Volga bees helpun, watt mak dems nott like Volga? Wat mak dems tink deys bettur den Volga? Dat juss sum da stuffs dat Volga tinks bout.
 Uddur stuffs Volga tink ons is; Watt mak kitties soos soffts? Volga killt biggur katts ann deys nott soffts at alls, whyy datt soos? Watt mak raainn falls douns ann nott upps? Whyy doos ALLS tings falls douns...datt BIGG qwestiun fers Volga. Watt maks oxeses smells sooos guud dat Volga nott wanna doo snuffing butts stik dems in fuud bag? Tinkings on fuud. Whyy doos skunks getts soffur affur da wurms getts toos dems, anns only getts bettur affur dats? Volga offurs fuud toos annybuddy dere wenn Volga eat. Nobuddy evur wanns ta shares eatings. Volga get bigg eatings lik dat, Volga tink uddurs sees dat and wanna eatses lik Volga toos get bigg...nobuddy duzz. Uddur ting dat Volga notticeses dat lossa peepuls moovs awayys frum Volga ebben doe Volga nott doings nuffing butt standings dere. Volga sees dat dere lossa peepuls dat nott happies and get boohooie ovur stooped tings. Volga wundur watt dat alls fer, ann doos dat helpes anny? Mebbe Volga tries feeling boohoos ann see wat happuns...

Just for Fun / Re: what percent...
« on: January 22, 2009, 12:18:12 am »
0.13 is the best I can sad.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: January 21, 2009, 05:44:05 pm »
Volga keep findings pepuls dat bees needin helps, Volga startings too tink dat mebbes Volga bees truble magnet...
 Volga find groop dat luuking fer ring dat man is missings. Volga offurs da ring dat in nos butt man nott tink it guud nuff...Volga gott nott gott ring...Volga tink dat ring dat Volga gott is beddur den da ring dat man nott gott...butt dat juss watt Volga tinks.
 Man says dat ring is stollens from waggun dat bring him ring toos him butt ring ann waggun nott here wiff ring. Pepuls say dat dey gos ann luuk fer da ring ann mebbe finds demm dat stoles da ring frum da wagguns. Volga tink dat sound guud ann mebbe Volga getta bash demss dat tak da ring...Dat guud plan Volga tink.
 Groop fallow traks ann Volga fallow da groop. Bannditts attak groop ann Volga bash dems wif axx ann feels guud but uddurs nott soos happies wif makings da bannditts ded...Volga happie wiff it.
 Sum in da groop tink mebbe tak wun ann mak hims talks...Volga lik mak pepuls talks...Volga juss bend stuffs alill ann dems offen talks lotts ann fasts.
 Majik pepuls mak wun of da bannditts a rok and Volga keep him frums runnofting wen he nott rok annymorr. Volag tink datt guud jobb...easy jobb...Volga kinda jobb. Wen man nott rok annymorr dey asks hims lossa qwestuns but Volga tink mebbe Volga need bends him...juss a lill bitt.
 Pepuls seem lik da ansurs dat man giff dems, Volga wann toos turn hims hed round da back butt pepuls say datt Volga nott hurts him. Datt stooped Volga tinks. Bannditt try killts dems butt now dey nott killt him? Datt dumm...pepuls gott stooped ideurs...Volga nott tink dems is smarts azz dey tinks dems is.
 Volga getts bash morr bannditts in dere kamp...killt all bannditts. Volga tink datt guud jobb dunn butt groop tink dat killting dems was nott bess ways. Groop says dat mebbe talkings wiff dems wass a bettur plan...Volga tink datt crapps plann. Dees pepuls killts lottsa stuffs befur ann nows dey gett alls boohooie offur sum bandits...Volga nott get pepuls. Volga happies datt Volga nott hooman or ellf...Volga duzz watt Volga tinks bests ann nott gett all boohooies offur ded stuffs...Volga tink ded stuffs bests stuffs toos eatses anyhow....
 Volga nott surr watt happun butt Volga nott feels toos gudd affur killts alls da bannditts...Mebbe Volga eates sumting badd. Volga feel oks affur a bitts ann groop now haff da ring toos. Wiff da ring da groop gos bak toos town too giff da man da ring dat he nott have nows. Pepuls in da groop stills boohooing offur banditts wen giff ring bak too mans. Volga nott boohooings offur bannditts annymorr denn Volga boohoo offur a gublin...ors a skunnks....mmmmmm skunnks.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: January 20, 2009, 01:38:40 pm »
Volga heps pepuls aggin, morr pepuls missuns aggins...
 Volga tinks datt iffs pepuls gos missings lik des bee goings missuns denn dere be nobuddy lefts butt Volga soons. Dis mak Volga wundur hows Volga noe if Volga gos missuns? Mebbe Volga missuns now butt juss nott noe its, mebbe Volga assks Ark bout dis. Ark bee lottsa smarts...
 Volga fallow groop dat gos too luuk at big stattuew of man in sum town. Volga see sum pepul Volga sees befur; Knee-hair is dere and Volga sees Searwinn toos. Volga see udder giantkins dere dat Volga nott sees befur. Diss udder giantkin bee kalled Gog, Volga tink Gog gudd. On ways too town sum stooped man wann takes stuff frum groop...datt bee bad ideur...stooped robburman get hims hed brokein. Volga tink datt nott wurff itts.
 Da town bees nice luukings, gott lottsa annimuls...Volga lik annimuls. Dere lottsa kitties and summ oxxes...Volga lik dems bestsest, Gog luuk lik dat Gog lik dems lotts toos... Stattuew bee easy toos sees, it big rok man in middul of da road. Big, ugly an inn da ways, juss like Volga...
 Pepul frum da groop talks wiff lossa pepuls too sees watt deys noe of da big stattuew. Volga nott guud wiff axing qwestuns. Volga juss guud wiff axings pepuls. Axing qwestuns taks long timeses and Volga fall sleeps. Gog kik Volga wenn timeses too gos and Volga fallow da groop. Morr qwestuns is axed too farmur butt he nott helpsfulls and lady zapp hims wiff majik and he lossa morr helpfulls affur dat. Volga and Gog tink mebbe need shakes him or juss bend him sums to bee sures dat farmur is tellings all dat he noe but lady say no breakings him. Lady say wees keep eye on farmur ann if nott hurt lotts den Volga ann Gog boff getts puppies frum lady. Dat guud wif Volga ann Gog boff so wees nott break da farmur toos much...juss plays wiff him sums. Farmur mak guud puppet toos play wiff, he like big meatpuppet. Volga putt on shoow fer Gog ann datt mak Gog laff lotts...
 Groop luuk in da farmur howse, Volga ann Gog stay outsideses ann keep eyeses on farmur. Dey fine hole datt gos under da howse and tink mebbe dere is trubbles in dere, sos dey getts Volga ann Gog. Underes da howse is big cave ann dere is guud luuking chikuns datt Volga tink mebbe shuld putts in bag fur latturs eatings. Lady dat zap farmur say nott boffur da chikuns cuzz dere nott chikuns. Dey luuks like chikuns to Volga butt lady smarts ann if lady say nott chikuns denn Volga tinks dem nott chkuns too, dey doos luuk lott lik chikuns...
 Spidurs! Lossa lil spidurs. Volga lik spidurs ann wundur mebbe day gotts poisun dat Volga mebbe get. Volga nott get poisun frum dems, soos sadd. Groop find man at end of cave wiff lossa stattuews ann moor talkings happuns...groops lik talkings...Volga ann Gog lik smashings moor den talkings. Lady say toos Volga ann Gog nott break dis man toos or no puppies. Volga ann Gog nott breaks him...
 Man wanna mak big rok man in town nott rok man annymore. Him tink dat ifs take stuff in a lil children hed out ann putts in da rok man dat rok man nott rok annymore...datt mebbe wurk Volga tink. Sounn lik guud plan, but groop say it nott alaoud. Mebbe taking lil children heds is badd...? Volga askeses around latturs bout dat.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: January 16, 2009, 03:15:47 pm »
Volga find da bestest plase kalled "ekko".
 Volga luking fer green roks in goblin cave butt dere lottsa nott soo ded tings dere so Volga leve. Lossa pepuls in town and Volga wunder watt dey ups too so Volga sitt quiet and see watt goings on dere. Man come too sells vegetableses but Volga no like vegetableses...Volga duss like da ox doe. Farmur nott gott nuffing toos sells butt vegetableses butt Volga clerly sees dat he gott ox.
 Man in red shoos ask if Volga find guld in nos yet...Volga nott find guld in nos. Man say he gott nose wiff no guld effer and mebbe wes get bad noses? Volga nott surr mebbe, mebbe nott on bad noses...
 Pepuls talk lotts wiff da farmur butt Volga nott pays attentchun, Volga keeps eye on ox. Farmur muss says sumtin datt sound intresting too da pepul and dey all fallows him wenn he leefs. Man in red shoos say to Volga datt mebbe sumtin need smashing. Volga gos too...
 Dis wenn Volga find bestest plase ebber. Farmur says it kalled "ekko" butt Volga tink it better kalled "plase wiff lossa guud eatingses". All sorttas guud stuffs too eats here; kows, chikuns, bigg piggs, lill piggs, oxseses, horsuses Volga ebben see unattented childrens...
 Pepuls talk too lottsa uddur peoples but Volga juss mossly chase chikuns to put in bag fer lattur, mebbe a piggy or tue alsos. Volga tink mebbe nott leve ekko for long times, butt has toos go wenn peoples head off to lake. Volga like lakeses, dey gott fishes and Volga like fishes lotts. Volga nott get anny fishings dunn...nott ebben get to bash more denn wun keekuu. Dat make Volga nott soos happie...
 Pepul tink datt mebbe in da lake is sumtin immportent and dat dey need tak a guud luuk. Dey find cave in da lake and it too deeps to hold breff fer too get too. Volga sitt long time eastings grass as da smartur wuns tink of guud plann toos get in cave...Long...long...time.
 Uddurs kame bak wiff pochuns datt mebbe wurk in da wattur...mebbe nott...Volga bees sitting lottsa time and nott wantt sitt anyymores. Pochuns wurk guud and Volga gett toos smash watturmens and bigg fishes. Volga nott gets keep fishes...
 Volga tink mebbe get smash lotts morr in cave butt nutting in dere need smashings...juss lill gurl, she nott need smashings. Pepul talks morr wiff gurl and datt she get here by badd dreem. Volga have badd dreem befur, Volga derrm datt bigg skunk take Volga frum stinky bag and trie toos eat Volga. Dat skarry dreem!
 Nott toos long affer gurl tells dis den it show upps, luuk like hors butt nott like hors. Gott bigg teef like Volga teefs and mebbe like skunks toos? Sum pepuls it lett gos pasts it, uddurs nott. Volga tink mebbe nous time fer smashings...Volga rights. Dat wunn tuffs hors!
 Hors ded, gurl nott ded...
 Volga go finds if mebbe green roks gott lossa nott ded still.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: December 31, 2008, 02:08:49 pm »
Affer big Gnull fights Volga doos lotta fishings butt dat getts booring soos Volga wandurs round for long time. Knee-hair find Volga and offs too killt lottsa stuffs; Gublins, bannditts and more Gnulls all falls ded. Volga and Knee-hair getts tangled ups in some peoples surch for a joolur (dat a persun dat maks rings and stuffs) Volga mosly fallow alongs quiet cuzz dees peoples is smarts and dey talks wiff lottsa udder people. Volga nott soos gudd wiff askings lottsa questiuns or thinking big idears, Volga guud at making tings nott in wun peece annymore. Lottsa questiuns getts asked and da peoples finds outts neu peoples toos asks mor questiuns frum, Volga stay quiets and juss pick nose fer a bit whens dey talking...
 Peoples find dat de mann dey luuk fer mebbe krazy and dat he doos odd stuffs. Volga heer sumwun say dat krazy man "gott no weels on his wagon" and dat get Volga tinking. If no weels on wagun denn is it stills a wagon at all? Volga tink it nott guud to be hors dat gottas pull dat wagun...Volga tink longtimm about dat wagon... Mebbe if krazy mann fix wagun den he nott be soo krazy? Mebbe he juss unhappies dat he gotts bad wagun? Volga tink dat he need to luuk fer mann dat sells wagon wiff no weels and bang his hed on wagun till he get dat it nott guud toos sells brokun wagun...
 Volga still tinkings on dis wagun when eberybuddy leeves. Mebbe dey gott wat dey need to noe and it time fer more den talkings. Volga fallow da groop into da woods and affer lottsa luukings dey find cabe dat mebbe has dis mann. All da peoples says dat da cabe stinks lotts but Volga kinda get hungrie and tink about his mudder...ebben doe she nott guud mudder...smells still maks Volga tink of fuud. Big poop hill make udders nott happy but Volga nott impressed by its at all. Volga gos in cave furst and it a tresures chest! Lottsa moldy bred all obber da floor and udder guud stuffs dat Volga putts in bag quiks soo de udders nott take aways from Volga. Deepurs in da cabe dey do finds da mann and he depinettly gotts problums...
 Diss mann talks allsorts of krazy stuffs and Volga nott fallow much of wat he yellings about. Volga duzz sees a big wurd sircle on da floor and nott go sneer it. Udders nott soos smarts as Volga and dey getts hurt badds wen dey walks in it...stooped hoomans... Nudder wun tink it guud idear toos poke skull dat on stik...Volga not tink soos...Volga rites...Dat mann die. Volga tink it guud idear toos juss put hands in pokets. Volga keeps eye on way bak soos dat nuffing commes sneekings in form da reer. Volga bettur at standings still den at talkings wiff krazy peoples annyshow...
 Big shakings happun but it notts Volga dat makes da shakings and a big mann commes outta da floor. Volga tink mebbe now tims fer smashings! Udder peoples nott tinking da sameting. Volga nott smashes till dey says "ok Volga smash time" soos juss keeps standing in da bak. Big man seem too lik wun of da lady in groop and says tings dat Volga nott noe da meenings of but nott tink it a guud idear anyhows. Big mann mak da krazy mann in toos lill pile of dusst. Volga wunder if mebbe add watur to dusst if it guud mebbe too eats? Volga still tinking about watur and dusst wen big man leev. Volga nott sure wat happun but Volga nott getts too smash nuffing, juss sum moldy bred and mebbe that pile of dusst toos...

General Discussion / Re: Still 5 1/2 hours off here ...but.....
« on: December 31, 2008, 12:45:33 pm »
Hawaii says "Happy New's not even breakfast time yet!"

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: December 30, 2008, 02:41:25 pm »
Volga fights lottsa Gnulls...
 Poeples asks udder peoples fer helps wiff Gnulls dat bee massings in da moutans. Lossa peoples comes to help wiff Gnulls and mebbe dat wurser den wen just a fews shows up. Volga sees many of da udder 'outkasts' dere fer da fights; Kamm dere, so was Grovel, Ark and Knee-hair toos. Dat guud dat dems all dere, wes work togetter guud and know what eaches can and cant doos. Dems dat nott knows us looks at us funny and tink mebbe wes more trubbles den da Gnulls bee. Volga tink mebbe it bee guud toos haff tree halfgiants wiff yous in a fights, but dat juss wat Volga tinks. Dere was lottsa squabblings about who leed da groop but dey get dat settled and it nott mattur mutch to Volga or da udder Outkasts whu leed. Ebery wun get grooped up to wat kind of fightings dey doos and dat fuuny cuz Volga and Kamm getts lill lady wiff tiny sword dat tells us wat to doos. Volga nott sure butt tink mebbe she nott happy toos have Kamm and Volga wiff hurr. Mebbe she tinks datt Volga and Kamm toos stooped to lisens too wat she says but Grovel says dat wees lisens to hers if hes says wee toos and he duzz, soos wee doos. Volag still nott sur dat hers lill sword doos much guud butt mebbe poke da Gnulls and makes dem maddur. Volga gotts big sheld so it nott mattur dat dey getts maddur at hers. It take lottsa time too gett moving toos da moutans and dat make Volga bord and a bord Volga is nott a happies Volga... fer annywuns...
 Da Gnulls take fort in da hills soos we gottsa take dat bak frum dem. Dat nott sound hard butt find dat dere is wun ways up toos da fort. Dems Gnulls nott happies toos sees us and dey fights hard. Groop dat Volga wiff haves lottsa majiks and da Gnulls go BOOM and fall down fasts. Volga tink dat mebbe dis nott soos hard and wees killt dem all fasts and bees bak in time fer suppur. Dat nott hows it go doe. Dems Gnulls juss keeps comings and comings and comings. Volga fights lotts and still gotts toos fights mor. Tings nott looks guud to groop leedur and dey tink mebbe new plann is guud plan. Eberybuddy gos bak to town and dey retink a nu planns dat beddur den old plan. Grovel haves ideur butt nobuddy lisenst to him for long tims. Nu plan is dat wees go tru da dessurt and getts Gnulls from da bakside. Peoples gett sepurated and da skorpiuns dat in da dessurt killt wun or tues of dem...
 Da Gnulls haff guud fortfikatuns butt dey nott holds dem long. Dat was wun guud fights! Volga and Ark smash many Gunlls butt dere many mores dat stills need smahings. Wees smashes dem toos! Lottsa majiks and udder wepons make da Gnulls nott lives long and soons dey is all ded. Peoples find sums papurs dat haff da Gnulls idear on its and dey takes dem wiff us. Taking da fort again easiur dis time as da Gnulls have no mores to helps dem. It quiks fight and groop bak too town in no timms toos splitz gold...

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: December 23, 2008, 02:48:47 pm »
Volga fishings at da pond dat gott fish bye da town dat gott pond wif NO fish when little man in orunge fall ovur.
 Volga tink mebbe he hurts and see wat Volga can doos too helps outt. Man dat falls down gott big fiuur sword dat make holes in his shurt like Volga gott holes in underer clothes, now wes gott same clothes. Volgas nott orunge like mans, dems be mostly yellows but dey gott holeses too. Man oks and hass lady frend to helps him, but Volga tink mebbe he bumps hims head and dat make him talks all fuuny. Volga gos bak to fishings when man wif hed like dogg come bys. He see Volga fishings and give his stik dat he use to getts fishes to Volga. Volga nott use stik befur and it nott work like ax or da bow dat Volga have.
 Volga hitt watur lots wif stik but fishes nott listen to Volga and come ups. Fishes mok Volga and dat make Volga maddur at fishes. Volga hitt watur hardur and hardur wif stik but mebbe stik brokun and nott work anny mor. Mebbe man wif dogg face gives Volga brokun stik and tink it fuuny dat Vollga nott get fishes wif stik. Mebbe man in bushes having guud laffs at Volga wif droken stik try get fishes. Mebbe Volga find man dat givs him stik and hits him wif it too sees if it still fuuny.
 Volga yell at fishes butt dey still mokings him, ebben wif ax dey nott listun to Volga. Volga relly relly mad at fishes now and hit dem wif bench dat by pond. Fishes listen den to Volga.
 Volga gott full sak of fishes now, still haves too find dogg face man about stik dat not work...

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Volga scribbles
« on: December 22, 2008, 01:13:02 pm »
Volga nott sure why wake up dis morning cuvered wif chiken fethurs butt dat oks, Volga wakes up cuvered in wurser stuffs befor. Least Volga wakes up in same place dat Volga lays down at...
 Tiurd was Volga butt dat guud fightings dat Volga dus wif udder outkasts like Grovel and Kam. Volga meets nue outkast dat kalled Knee-hair and dat funny name Volga tink. Volga nott kno why dey call hims Knee-hair, Volga nott see hair on dem knees. Volga nott tink on dat toos long or mebbe it make Volga head hurts, dat happen lotts so Volga nott tinks toos long too offen. Grovel has trubbles wif a pallydun and udder peoples too. Peoples nott likes him toos much but Volga likes hims juss fine. Grovel says dat peoples nott like us dat nott like dem and wes need to stand ups fer ourselfeses. Grovel says dat wees need make groop to protekt udder outkasts form peoples dat nott likes dem. Volga gotts big sheld, big armors and biggur ax to protekt Volga butt grovel say dat nott nuff. Volga not sure wat dat meens butt wat Grovel says sound good to Volga...
 Volga nott haves too much trubbles wif peoples, peoples mostly just go wide round where Volga be anyhow. All peoples go udder way when Volga offurs dem sum fuud form bag. Volga jus being friendly butt dey nott wants to share fuuds wif Volga. Nott lotta peoples talk to Volga ebben doe Volga give dem big frindly smile and sum times Volga waves at dems but dey nott want to talks much. Peoples luk funny when Volga go by sum times Volga haves too look to makes surr dat Volga gott pants on, dat only happuns wunse butt now Volga chek jus to bee sure dat da pants is on oks. Volga nott wants to skare little kids agains...
 Nice lady gives Volga sums fishes dat she catches, dey tastes funny and Volga nott likes dem much. Volga tinks mebbe dey be betturs if da worms soffens dems up a bit butt nott ebben da wurms seem too likes dem muches effer. Volga see little mans pickings leefs and tink mebbe dey guud to eats so Volga picks dem too. Volga eats dems; dey makes Volgas tummy nott happys and Volga see brekfasts again. Little man lauffs lotts and says to Volga dat he gotts to dry and smokes dem. Volga make big fiuur and putts leefs in fiuur, dey smok guud. Volga gott big bag of ashes but nott see man to asks wat to doos wif dem now...
 Grovel take Volga bak to gublin cave and wees smash dem guud for long times. Grovel says dat Volga hitt dems harder den Kamm and dat make Volga smiles big. Volga like hittings goblin wif Grovel, Grovel nott skared to bash lotts and nott looks at Volga when takes heds fer sheld. Mebbe Grovel like hed fer sheld toos, Volga ask Grovel. Gublins get smarturs and use mean majik on Volga dat make Volga stand stills. Volga get killt by many dat hitt when Volga nott moves. Volga tinks dat grovel getts out butt mebbe notts. Volga tink dat mebbe lay downs fer a bitt and takes little napps...

Roleplaying / Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« on: December 22, 2008, 11:23:51 am »
As always any time with the outcasts is a goodtime. Cam, Grovel and 'knee-hair' always make Volga feel usefull and welcome. Some of the dialog is just too much to believe and perfect for that perticular collection of individuals.
 So thanks and Kudos.

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