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Layonara Server / .... Is this still nwn? I
« on: March 15, 2015, 09:07:21 pm »
.... Is this still nwn? I know that I am not active anymore but I will still say that just seeing the updates added by the team seem truely amazing and makes me want to play to experience their effect on playing

Ancients Legacy / *Storold instruct the ones
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:50:39 am »

*Storold instruct the ones atuned to magic in his household to spread out over the northern part of Dregar and report any weakening of magic back to him to ensure that the Lady is best prepared for what is to come. He provides them with enough true for them and their families to live in the location for a year and instruct them not to take major risks, but rather report back as soon as possible.*

Rumour Has It / *Storold renews his wards and
« on: September 20, 2014, 10:17:49 am »

*Storold renews his wards and tries to build in some advance warning based on his experiences an Connors advice. This is to avoid being run down by a group of knights rushing his location near the stones*

Layonara Server / I cannot participate in the
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:22:52 pm »

I cannot participate in the IG events. However I am still lurking the forums so Storold might participate that way

Rumour Has It / *Storold seems a little
« on: August 18, 2014, 05:43:38 am »

*Storold seems a little worried at first but soon calms down*


I don't think we will have any problems here... However this activation of the stones seems rather strange. Can you see why they are acting up like this Connor?

Rumour Has It / *Storold frowns deeply as
« on: August 15, 2014, 08:49:46 pm »

*Storold frowns deeply as Connor and Anna starts to leave*

I am sorry that I could not keep the influence of the stones more contained. I hope that miss Anna will have a speedy recovery and that we can remove or contain this powerful magic in time before someone uses it against the people or even worse against magic. I will help do whatever is nessesarry in order for these stones to be dealt with in accord with the desires of Lucinda.

*Storold seems to also completely ignore Aesthirs comments about the stones being in custody of the Vehl guards*

Rumour Has It / *As Storold discovers the
« on: August 12, 2014, 07:21:14 pm »

*As Storold discovers the newcommers to the room he turns and bows deeply to Connor and AnnaLee*

Sorceror Connor and miss AnnaLee, I am glad to see that you answered my calling. Hopefully you can help in identifying the true nature of these stones and either get them to a safer place or dispose of their magic in a safe way. I do not have much to report on the workings of the stones myself, I can only tell that they are not from here and that they might pose a threat to the public if they were to fall in the wrong hands. So I have done my best to ensure that no one could find them and that they were not activated from some other Pit.

Rumour Has It / *Storold is spending his time
« on: August 09, 2014, 11:38:36 am »

*Storold is spending his time in the monestary in deep concentration close to the Stones, he is focusing on the Al'Noth to ensure that no one is scrying from afar or trying to enter the Pit of Layonara from them*

Rumour Has It / *Storold is still not very
« on: June 24, 2014, 12:29:17 pm »

*Storold is still not very happy with the situation of the stones being closer to civilization. But having given up on straight up taking his frustrations with the acting commander out on said commander, he spends most of his time weaving protectings around the stones. Thereby hoping to minimize the threath they pose to Layonara as a whole and keeping them safe from outsiders trying to steal or manipulate them*

Rumour Has It / *Storold shakes his head to
« on: June 18, 2014, 11:34:04 am »

*Storold shakes his head to himself and shouts after them*

Do you really want me to stop you with force!? Your church is worse at keeping magical artifacts safe that a xeenite priestess is at keeping men from her doorstep! 

Rumour Has It / *Storold  moves so that he
« on: June 18, 2014, 06:06:14 am »

*Storold  moves so that he can be heard by the captain and his men*

By which rigth do you claim the stones? Because you can clearly not claim the belong to the Realm, otherwise no adventurer would exist, since their only source of income would be gone. Secondly you are violating Lucindas law by bringing potetial harm to others by your actions with these magical items. I therefore see just as much reason as you do to arrest me to hold you and your men responsible for their crimes against Lucinda.

Rumour Has It / No destroying them like that
« on: June 17, 2014, 11:58:51 am »

No destroying them like that might produce even worse result. The problem is that no one here understands their true function... Destroying them might end up destroying most of this swamp

Rumour Has It / //Double post, sorry
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:18:02 am »

//Double post, sorry

Rumour Has It / *Storold speak up after
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:14:40 am »

*Storold speak up after considering the new commanders orders*


It is true that we do not stand much of a chance should an enemy attack us... However that is not the fault as much as it is the fault of these stones. For all we know there could be a legion of deamons waiting on the other side for us to move to a given location. Like for ibstance a town... Containing innocent souls and allies alike for them to exploit.

If we bring these stones to Vehl we risk a much larger disaster that if I had fought the deamon we captured earlier. And for all your churchs hard work in Vehl to be in vain, and the town to turn into the next Stone would be a pity, would it not?


 That is why I say we shouldwait for magical reinforcements to safely deal with the stones, whatever the cost. Because the cost of these stones triggering in a civilized area is far far greater than we can imagine.

Rumour Has It / *Storold nods to Vrebel* I
« on: June 13, 2014, 10:05:33 pm »

*Storold nods to Vrebel* I believe it would be best if you ask Moraken for his oppinion then. If he comes out here we will just have to deal with him trying to blow me up, if that is what he wants to do. Thankfully this is in the middle of nowhere so people wont get hurt.

I will try to contact Connor and the Pit Stalkers, I have been removed from the church too long to actually know if Connor is part of their number, so I will contact both just in case. Hopefully one of these three parties will be able to show up within a reasonable time to help us determine what to do with the stones. I will meanwhile try to keep the stones hiden from scrying eyes and I trust that the more seasoned warriors amoung our number can keep spies and the like away through more conventional means.


*Storold takes some time to carefully study the magic around the stones to determine if it would be affected by any protective magic he might lay down around them before starting to cast spells to ensure that the stones are not a danger to the group and to shield them somewhat from scrying from afar.*

Rumour Has It / *Storold tries to gather as
« on: June 12, 2014, 09:16:55 am »

*Storold tries to gather as many of the others as possible*


I truely advice that we do not move these stones much closer to populated areas. What I am really afraid of are some evil powers stealing them and using them for ill intent. That is why I suggest we call someone knowledgeable about the Pits here to examine the stones and give us a good idea of what we are dealing with. I suggest either Connor or the Pit stalkers, since Moraken is probably still upset about me giving him up to the deamon we dealt with to get these stones. But I would just like your input before I tell someone to come all the way out here, so that you wont be upset about their involvement.

Rumour Has It / *After some time Storold
« on: June 03, 2014, 10:34:42 am »

*After some time Storold returns to the group summoned by Vrebels message, he seems very somber when he sees the losses suffered by the group*


It seems you have won the day at a terrible cost. I guess I was wrong in considering these creatures a minor treat to the world. However despite your losses you prevailed, I hear that you have captured some kind of magical artifact, do you have any vetter description of its use or the magic it contains?

I am not sure myself how much I can help you with artifacts from other Pits, but maybe you could contact Connor or Moraken about it. Or even the Pit stalkers, however I will see what I can do based on the information you can provide.

Rumour Has It / //It seems that I am
« on: May 31, 2014, 10:47:07 am »

//It seems that I am currently not able to run nwn from my laptop. Which means I wont be able to make the quest. Sorry everyone

Rumour Has It / *Storold does a final head
« on: May 31, 2014, 03:16:26 am »

*Storold does a final head count as they are getting nearer their target and is very pleased to also see Vrebel amoung their numbers*

We should have a battle plan ready soon. As far as I can tell we are mostly seasoned fighter with a few priests and other divinely inspired people. We therefore have to take great care against the enemys magic, as we have little magic of our own. However by the account given by our outsider friend earlier I do not belive we should fear thte having access to much more than their inate magic. And I doubt they have a strong morale given the tales from our scout. However we should not underestimate the power of strong brutes. Therefore I would like to hear from the more seasoned fighters how you believe it is best to engage a group of atrong deamons?

Rumour Has It / *Storold Speaks up* I might
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:14:43 am »

*Storold Speaks up* I might be able to banish a few of the deamons, however there are way to many for a permanent banishment of them all. I am a little concerned about sending in normal soldiers, as they might not be suited for fighting against these creatures at all. I would suggest that we hit hard and fast once we hit, as they might have ways of alerting allies which are not restricted to mere shouting and watchfulness.

Furthermore they are next to a portal, where more creatures might start pouring out if they get notified about the fighting. So far it seems we have Aesthir, The dwarf and the servant of Nature. Do you know of anyone else who might answer a call for aid Captain or Jason? We are sure to need everyablebodied adventures for this task if we are to have any chance of success.


// Could you please post the time for the event in your own timezone so I can be sure when to get up if I am to make the event.

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