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General Discussion / Re: Looking to run my old PC
« on: July 15, 2010, 10:02:49 pm »
just found out my old game spy acount or what ever it is that you need to log into to get to the list of severs is no longer around hummm seems I will not be playing after all :(

General Discussion / Re: Looking to run my old PC
« on: July 13, 2010, 01:38:06 pm »
gods its been so long, whats the Address for the servers now an could some one PM the Password thanks

General Discussion / Re: Looking to run my old PC
« on: July 13, 2010, 01:04:50 pm »
Thanks old bean

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello Layonara Lontime no see
« on: July 13, 2010, 12:38:10 pm »
WOW this has passed well, OK have been ill very very ill almost deaded ill but all better now and now looking up here again, dear Mods and RPG gods could I play Spuglyfuglet and Mille Mooneyes again, they may be clocked away ?

Thanks all and Oz had gone o well he was fun

General Discussion / Re: Player whos lost the IP address
« on: March 16, 2007, 02:23:22 pm »
thanks Leanthay just needed to cheack

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from Leanthar
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:22:21 am »
Dan, your dream of Layo has given me some the most fun I have ever had.
For all the time and leadership you have put thanks for all that and the 1000 other things you do to make every here have so much fun.

All the best to you and yours

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 14, 2007, 03:55:29 am »
Movement, light a FLASH and past, I could see but the world was Monacrome, around me was Hlint,
I could see the towns fowk moveing as thow underwarter shades of them selfs, above a dark sun
shone in a geay sky, there was much activertry, the war was undear way, amred men there gray
flags where headeding, I ran around standing infront of them but they just past throw me,
I was not there to them I was a shadow, The gates where opned and out there marched, What was this?
could bloods men be on the march to Hlint, I ran to the gate and looked out, there looking on what a
gold Dragon, could this be the Dragon that others talked about the one that had called them.
This was it I just new this was the last act of the war!, the last grate fight, there was Mr Ozy
and many other of the grate hiroes there faces where grim, things must look bad.

Was this a vistion of the futuer was this waht was to be, so many of my freands heading out,
I started to look for my self, but I could not find my self, I should be there, I was a scout
in the Army and was always there, was I all ready dead, was I know in hell?
I started to cry, why was I not there? I stopped and look out as the last of the army headed
over the hlls, then the grate dragon opened it wings and flappped off the ground headding out.
For a moment I could have sworn it looked start at me but that could be a trick of mind.
There is the gray world I was just a spirit,

then as fast as it had come a flash and one more darkness

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 13, 2007, 05:12:58 am »
"movements and there form, finding ways to sahpe the darkness and move with them"
Abis words rang in My ears, just grate! all I needed to dow as think of a way to do
that in a world of darkness, So I tryed I moved my body, my arms, my legs I fet them move
around me and tuch me, but with not ground tp push on how could I move, and then!
I tuch, just a moment and I felt it, my foot on sold ground, no! not ground shadow
I had tuche shadow felt it shift and take, I thrust me hand out and felt...

Some thing, cold very cold but there like fine silk, new snow but there!

I tryed again and again felt it, now I was getting some where

but then it hit me, where! in all this darkness where!

my hart feel and I stopped moveing my eys closed I just wonted it to end.

Then I felt I was no alone any more some thing or some one was close realy close

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 13, 2007, 12:16:46 am »
moments just moments, each one a memory of the past seeping in, but now some thing new movement,
I could feel once mmore, from the tips of my fingertips to the hears on my head feeling,
as I moved so memory of movment came,

a flash and ...

Dancing with mother in the sierwood sun, my young arms out and the joy of popaps music hanging in the air, mid summers eva.


Running throw the red goblin mines behind the crys of there worriers seeking to kill, a elf bow madin
falls to there arrows, and I hide in a moment out of site and safe untill the next dash, my breathing
coming to hard I fource my self to stop and wait, pain deep in my cheat but no movement is the best way to hide,

a nother

I'm low walking so as to make no sound all around are ogers sniffing the air, they know I  here I
just killed of of there nuber but that was out if there sight, and to save my self, the gray peacks
are unforgiving, the rest of the party lie dead, killed by there own stupidity I tried to tell them
but they just ran in, ogur mages kill with one spell and now there grave markers showed where there
folly came, I stop, one of the grate lumbaring beasts stands next to my hiding place, I need to get
out of there camp but how? then I see it, just off to the right, a grate rock that was our root up
to the higher hills, if I could get there and clime fast I would be away befor they could cach me,
I take a long breath, tumbaling is a skill I have been training in for as long as I can remember my
hole body knows what to do, I move, up out of my hiding place and over the ogers body
he slaps his own head trying to hit the small fast thing now running past the blue mage, the
mage stops and for a moment I know he can not belive his eyes a tinny person is running start
at him, he redays a spell, I jump up and over hitting his arm I back flip and land behind him,
I see for a moment his confusion as he looks around frantic to find his starget, I keep going
behind me know I hear then thindering after me, just at the last moment, I dart left and to the
rock, its hard going and I know if I fail to clime I'm dead but the gods are with me this day and
I jump up over and find a legus up I run and behind me the crys fade away, I set at the top of the
cliff and look down, there they are angry and waiting they know I as I do the only way out is back
down but no now, later when knight comes then ill head ba ck down and try my luck once more,

and here in this plain of shoadows the same feelings come to me, yes when the dark come
then I'm safe, was this why Mr Ozy sent me here? did he know? you can never tell with him,
and then it hits me, I'm my self again hole complet my mind and body have rembered who they are,
I could cry with joy but wjo would hear, and I know at last where here is,

the plain of shadows, abi had talked about it but now here I was, she said that thows of grate
skill could move at will throw ir, but I know that's not me, I'm not here by some act of will,
I'm trapped here, locked away and all around is the syill ness of shadows,

I racked my brain, there had to be a way back, some way to come and go at will,
I started to rember all I could of abis words

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 12, 2007, 03:36:52 pm »
here in darness there is no sound no feeling on my face or arms, I am disinboded
lost a soul alone, light comes again, an inn one of meny on tne road, there buy the
bar standes A bard telling the story of my peaple, of the loss of our home lands and
our run into exsile, I start cryings sound less tears run down my face, them the room
is gone and I'm on the Serpaint Ielands, there the realm of the lost fay links once
more to the land, thet had hid long ago, but here, with a spapling from the grate tree we are back.

and I meet a queen who's wings shimer with all the colors of a rainbow.

She asked me to say for a time and I did telling all I know of the world, and there
I met a sweet fay boy, I smile and darkness takes me once more, but this time I felt
that smile, I can feel once more, here in this realm of shadows feeling floods in
I am masting the dark bit by bit

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 08, 2007, 05:39:35 am »
A flash in the darkness, Frogsnot the half gaint mining copper, then darkness,
another, Barons wedding hes 3ed so sad yet another wife lost to soon, the danceing
singing and pie for all, Im happy drunk and singing with all my hart,
we are all happy the war is a long way away for a moment and every
one is happy.

Sliclane once more and then light Demon Spiders in Hlint climing the walls
killing and so many harmed

I screem

and once more darkness

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 08, 2007, 05:09:36 am »

Darkness thats all Darkness, I was some where but where, my mind drifted and as it did the
past came into my minds eye, War the big war with Bloodstone and his hord,
I was over looking Stone, fire barned and I could see the dark dwarfs working on the walls that they had broken,
shapes and movement there a Demon, there a Oger, all smashing braking hunting down thows left in the deep sellers
and hidden rooms, Blood was making this place a new hell, and here I was on the hulls side looking down, others
had climed this ladder, but when the Army comander has asked her and Lisson a halfling scot to go find out what
had happoned to the last scouts mille new this was going to be a hard task, Lisson was happy, "See Mille thay
called in the best, me and you, thows loudfeet who heeded off there last night will be hiding under a rock,
one of bloods petrols camped out ontop of them, I told that elf dont try it but she and that fools human just
wondered off and now there late back."
I looked up at him, he was good but he was always figiting, Lisson just could not keep
still, the times she had tryed to make him just wait.
"you could be right but its our time now, where not looking for them where going to scout"
"ye ye I know, but it would be funny to find them and lead them back, Talls are aways like that"
Talls hes just a tall as well.

We got our things and headed out, it was a fast run to the hills, the 1st pitroll was easy to
pass then into the vally, we where walking along when I smell some thing

"Lisson whats that smell?"
"its kind of sweet"
We walked around a rock and there was the remenas of a camp, the smell
was comming from a smoldaring spit on which was the barnd flesh of a human like figger
I was Sick, as I renched I looked down and there was the skull cap of
the Human scot who had been sent out the night befor,

"Its Scolly brook the Human ranger, looks like he was spotted"
Lisson just looked at the body,
"they barnt him alive, lets keep going"
Lisson looked at me he was white as new snow,
"ye lets keep going"
He walked on but I could tell he was shaken,
"wonder where the Elf went"
"ye hope she got away"
Lisson lead as walked on we where taking no chances.
2 hours later we where at the hills above stone,
"Mille theres a camp above we need to get past them, I need you to make a Divertion"
Lisson had gone on ahead and scouted he was good and I was happy to have him there.
"All right Lisson I can use my magic to confus them if it works thay may start fighting
them selfs that when you need to slip past"
Lisson noned and I when ahead, there where low bushes which ment I could get
cloues, holding my brath a Sumend the wave and throw the Spell.
The lage Dwarf scout stumbeled and walked into hes leader, there where hard
words in Dwarfish and then axes pulls,
when where I was I could see Lisson running past the scouts, The fight was over fast,
The leader was looking around
I know there and then He was no fool, he knew some was was out here I moved back
to our hidding hole, There comes pasessed looking but did not spot me, as they
past, I relaxed Lisson would be at the top by now,
good, Then there was a rukcus voices shouting and calling. It was some way off
 I looked around and snuck out
slowly moveing back to my view of the scout camp, SHOCK! there in the camp was Lisson he was calling and screaming
, rats they must have had a scout up the ladder Lisson had riun strat into them.
They where cutting is amors off and fighting over his things, He was in a bad way,
 They where getting a poll ready and I knew what they where going to do just like the human they could barrn him over the
fire trying to get him to talk, Whould could I do, there where about 30 of them
and with just me I could only hope to join him on the fire, scout where told
never give you hiding place away ever, even if another scout is captuered.
but Lisson was going to die in grate pain I just could not whach, In my pouch was some dust it was magic
the only magic I had left, it would make one arrow fly true, I dug it out and tuck my best arrow out, spickinging over it
the 1st screems reached my ears, I Snuck back to my view point, Lisson was over the fire his skin red I wonted to cry,
The arrow was nocked and in a moment held me breath, As thorw I was not there the Bow let lose, there arrow sank deep into
Lisson cheast and for a moment hes eys looked start at where I was hiding, he shuddered and he head feel.
There was no more sound from the body over the fire, then I was back and the hells
had been let lose in the camp, 3 Bolts flow over my head as they made for my hiding place,
RUN!! RUNN!! my mind was screamning at me, I moved fast as I could I ran, donw the hill
and then back round, to the left I still had a job to do and this meant I head to run back past the camp,
fast as I could I headed from a small set of trees then up, high into the canapy,
I pulled my green clocke around me and stilled, slowing my hard I did as my kind can do and become one with the trees,
they ran past here and there looking looking but as night came there headed
back to there camp. I let my hart beat again and slowly moved down to the ground,

"That was a brave thing you did there!"
I died, I jumpped up and was still, shocked!
there by may side was the elf who had headed out in the morning
"Where did? how? but? WHY DID YOU NOT HELP ME!"
"I tryed but your freand up set the nest befor I had time"
"But where did you came from I did not spot you"
and with that she was gone once more
"I am one who can hide even wile you look at me, we of the dance of shadows have that going for us, but we most move sloly"
I was stuned, "have you been up to the hights yet,"
"no I was wating untill night, "

We headed up, as we past I could smell barning flash, my arrow any freand.

and then once more darkness

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 08, 2007, 01:16:09 am »

May all my sins be Rember'ed

I rember the 1st time I walked shadows Abi made me stand very still by the pond in hlint, as a looked the
darkness moved around her and the erly eve moved as if to shape its self, then she was gone from my eyes.
There cold scared I looked at the darness and sounds reached my ears, "Millie, do you feel the knight coming"
startaled I looked around, it was abi but she was noware in site.
"I don't know what you mean"
I said, "feel what, its cold if that's what you mean, the wind I feel that, abi I don't know what you mean?"
There was silents and I fet silly there talking into the air, from the couner of my eye I could see Mr Ozy
reading a book across the way, He looked up for a moment with a rie smile on his face as I'd he know how the
disconvert I was in and then back down to his book, garat walked past taking no notice as ever.
"MILLE!" again abi's voice "keep yourmind here and now, I won't show you again, this is not a game silly
quicking this is life and death!"
Abi seemed to be revaled out of thin are jumping and spinds darkness sliped away from her,
"Do you understand?"
Shocked I could say only "Yes Abi"

Now once more, Again the movement like tumbaling out of the world, swarls and spinds all the the time light
shifting and falling away and then once more she was gone.
"here Mille is where we of the dance move, in the line behind day and night, where shadows have form Millie
 and wispper" I was spell pound shadows have from she said, you can shape them and with all things a dance,
I closed my eyes and started to move, It 1st nothing, juct my arms moving but then! " errr I felt some thing,
it was cold and life fine silt, "Abi did I just tuch you?" from behind me came her voice " Millie that was
not me as such that was part of the shadows from a plain fare yet near I'm using to shield me from sight.
That is good that was you 1st tuch now quckily keep going and see if you can pull more to you dont just
tuch shape" so once more the dance  and I tried I realy did but all I could do was feel them, pull them
shape them that's not posibal, Abi was getting angry, I could feel the wetness in my eyes fustraion
racking my body, just at them moment was goinf to give in the world stopped garat in mide strade, Adis
voice helled like a bell, a leaf the 1st of artem flotting down stoped as thow held be a pupters strings,
Evan the wind, Only one thing moved Mr Ozy, he closed his book and as the rest of the world held in a moment
placed his walking stick down his voice came to my ears as thow he was next to me, "Humm looks like your
having some trublen there getting the hang of Abi's trick, lets see if I can give you a hand and show dear
doomed Adi a thing, say your good byes little one you will not meet her again in this life, trust me knowing
what I know is comming you best out the way for a spell" Suddenly time was moving again, the leaf fell my arms
moved and all around sounds came crashing in, I looked over at Mr Ozy and he was as he had been, Had I dearmed
it was I going made. The I fet it, the silken wave of the shadows but all aound me, I know I just new I could
shape them I moved faster spings and then they where every where, " That it Mille, that's! it well done, Yes
good now yiu can stop and we will try again" but I could not stop faster and fast they came all to me,

and with that her voice was gone, the world was gone and all aroubd was darkness.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Mille Mooneyes Maps Co
« on: February 07, 2007, 10:20:47 am »
Zan has showed me the way of shadows and for a time I have been trying them, its hard going but the Ilands of the Dragon is a perfect place, there where the Minatore walk and ugly me walk I have tryed to find places to hid and sneek, the trees walk there and I have to run fast to get out of there way, its the fun of it that I like, so many danger and yet with skill I can move around them. I have found rocks with gems in and food I have not seen befor. The ships come from time to time and I see thows who seek to hunt there walk past, never even seeking me. I think for some time Ill stay here and look at the sights.
What fun for A quickling what fun to run in the green and never be seen.

General Discussion / Re: Barrbarians and sckinning knifes?
« on: February 05, 2007, 02:33:09 pm »
Dowwww Just found it thanks

General Discussion / Re: NWN2 PW pain
« on: January 30, 2007, 07:57:17 am »
thanks guys
the size of stuff is hard i see your point


General Discussion / Re: The Twins Are Here!!!
« on: January 13, 2007, 01:22:04 pm »
grate news there Congratulations!

General Discussion / Re: He's gonna get back at me, buuuuut
« on: January 04, 2007, 09:06:48 am »
happy hippady hopppady brathday

General Discussion / Re: A Poem from a Soldier in Iraq
« on: December 09, 2006, 01:36:55 am »
They have my suport 100%
The US, UK, Uration, Astaltion, canadaon, all of them. Guys and girls who take the kings shilling, hats off to you all and a safe and happy Xmass over there in the land of sand and oil.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Millie Mooneyes MAPS
« on: December 09, 2006, 01:28:35 am »
Dear Journal
what a day, it all started with a meeting with Barion, I know he's  been down in the dumps of late, but he was with a party od new adventure er and asked me if I would scout for them down heven mines. so after getting our self ready we headed down that dreaded plave of ogurs.
Well there I was taking point in each fight, using all my skill and arts, all the tricks that Zan had showed me pulling the shadows in and shifting past the bruerts. The fights where hard and remineded me of the war, seeing barion once more standing tall surounded by enimys, it reminded me why I stared on the path of the shadow dancer, if ever such times should come again...

that time when I scouted on the hill top over looking stone for a week, thows where the days.

well in know at lost my skills are of use once more its time I headed out and made my garat map.

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