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General Discussion / Re: Saying hi...
« on: August 09, 2007, 10:38:46 pm »
Grats, man!  That's great news.  Glad to see that your life is really coming together.

General Discussion / Re: WANTED: RPers to join strict group
« on: June 15, 2007, 11:14:11 pm »
I really do like the idea behind this, and can't wait to see what comes from it.  I will not be able to join.  I just don't have the time for it on the weekdays.

This past week was a test for me just to see how much time I could find to play.  That was a big fat zero.  So I wouldn't feel right joining when I wouldn't be able to contribute much.

General Discussion / Re: WANTED: RPers to join strict group
« on: June 12, 2007, 09:56:54 pm »
I would be interested in joining something like this.  Sounds fun.  I'll have to consider it though and see if I can find the time to make a commitment.

General Discussion / Re: layo music
« on: June 10, 2007, 11:21:39 pm »
Just extract the music folder to a temporary folder.  Then cut and paste all the music files to the music folder in your NWN folder.  That threw me off at first as well.

General Discussion / Re: For what it's worth...
« on: June 10, 2007, 10:17:33 pm »
Quote from: darkstorme
*waves*  Good luck, and see you around.

Though, with all the recent content releases, I'd say NWN has more legs than people seem to credit it with.  Still, enjoy yourself.

Agreed.  Just last night I was on the Bioware boards and saw that over 4,000 people were on-line playing.  Doesn't sounds like NWN is on it's death bed to me.

In any event.  See you around.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: A few questions some wish to know.
« on: May 27, 2007, 07:10:09 pm »
Druids do have a teleportation system.  We get a stick at level 16, I believe, that allows us to memo one place, if I recall correctly.  A Cleric's teleportation spell has been talked about in the past.  If I recall correctly the team didn't like the idea behind it.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: A few questions some wish to know.
« on: May 27, 2007, 01:58:44 pm »
Quote from: Dorganath
3) Wizard portals: What they said above about the Tome of Teleportation.  Druids also gain a similar ability at the same level.  Further, there is a general portal system that can take people to various pre-defined locations. The locations available depend on the portal.

6) No word of recall.  As mentioned above, Druids have a Tree Walk-like ability after 14th level.  Incidentally, all characters can bind themselves to a bindstone and will return there after death.  I know it's not quite the same as Word of Recall, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

I thought it was level 16 when Druids got their teleportation sticks.  My Druid is level 15 and I don't have one.  If it's really level 14 do I need to make a request to get my stick?

General Discussion / Re: Upcoming New Handbook - Teasers
« on: May 19, 2007, 11:06:21 pm »
Great stuff!  I think I may have said this before in the past, but meh.  I can't wait to read though the PHB once it's finished.  Read Ed's latest post makes me wish I had the time to login and play. :(

General Discussion / Re: Stormcrest Shack Celebration
« on: April 03, 2007, 12:39:56 pm »
Sounds like fun!  Sadly I probably won't be able to go.  Can't make either times.  Have fun everyone.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Twidget658
« on: March 28, 2007, 01:03:36 am »
Happy birthday!  I hope that you have a great one. :)

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Frustrated
« on: March 26, 2007, 09:24:40 am »
Quote from: Zergon
Players control your world.
You may think it's yours but when the players leave, you control the empty server.

That is a very true statement.  I'm not downplaying the people that pay the server fees, develop the world, etc at all.  The true fact is it's the players that make the server.  Have no players?  Why pay the fees and develop for it?  Your player base make or breaks the game.  We are the ones that keep the server active.  And it's arrogant to assume that no matter how much work goes into the world that there will always be people to play it.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Frustrated
« on: March 26, 2007, 02:43:14 am »
Zergon, I encourage you to re think what you are saying here, and make an apology to the people that work so hard, so that we can have so much fun playing a game.
I don't see why he should apologize.  He posted his opinion of what he feels is wrong with Layo.  It's his opinion; neither right or wrong, and we have to respect that.

This ties into what I want to reply to what Dorganath asked him.  About people having a fear of the GMs.  I can not speak for Zergon, but I will say why I hold things back.  It's not that I only have a fear of the GMs, and I might say something that makes one of them angry and I get banned.  It's also the community.  The community is overly critical towards anyone that has a "negative" opinion of the the server.  I'm not saying I do.  There's a lot of things I really like about Layo, just as there are a few things I do not like as well.  There has been a few times when I did not agree to something, and instead of saying so I just remained silent.  Out of fear that the community would jump on my back.

Until people can feel safe about bringing their concerns about the server to these boards this fear will always be here.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Frustrated
« on: March 25, 2007, 09:30:54 pm »
Quote from: Acacea
Ioskeha - Try the Shack in the crossroads between the two towns. It's not within a cobbled city, just a rural place between them where the guides are supposed to be hired, for hanging out near the stream and campfire and other stuff. Should probably be made a safe rest area. It's still getting settled at the moment I think. I actually think it might as well just be made an actual crossroads that people walk through, rather than hidden away, or have a sign added and the guide lantern be moved outside the area to the place where you turn to get there, so you can see if its lit  before going there and seeing for yourself, hehe. But the RP reasons you speak of should be eased there.

Oh, cool!  Thanks.  Today was my first time playing in over three weeks, so I didn't know that people were starting to gather there.  Someone told me that they had seen people there once before.  When I asked about it this person didn't know if it was just a one time thing or not.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Frustrated
« on: March 25, 2007, 06:20:03 pm »
Quote from: Acacea
I dunno about the not finding anyone to RP with. I sat for hours in Hlint. It was almost empty when I was on. I realize it was central and that other times there were many people going in and out, but more often than not it was a ghost town when I was there. I have no doubt whatsoever that the same is the case in the new ones, but in my relatively low playing time I've run into large groups of people hanging out in both starting locations as well as smaller groups at the crossroads between them.

It's not that, Acacea.  From an role-playing prospective my PC avoids both Port Hempstead and Vehl.  My PC would only go there if she had to, and as a last resort.  She would not sit around inside either town at all.  That's why I said in-character.  I know if I go out-of-character that I easily could find people to role-play with.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Frustrated
« on: March 25, 2007, 05:14:38 pm »
You and I are kind of in the same boat, havoc.  The problem I'm having doesn't stem from being able to gather CNR though.  Since V3 was released and the hub for role-playing was changed I've found myself no where to go for role-playing anymore while staying in-character.  I've never had much luck getting into groups in the past I still at least was able to head somewhere to role-play, and now the changes brought in by V3 my luck getting into parties is basically the same, but my ability to role-play has went away as well... and let me tell you sitting alone with no one to role-play with for hours is very boring.  I've been very frustrated about this myself; so much that I haven't logged in and played for a few weeks.

I hope things work out for you, and not end up like me and stop playing..

Forum Discussion / Re: Suggestions for Forums
« on: March 25, 2007, 04:52:08 pm »
I've just got a couple questions myself.  I don't see the need the start a new thread about them.  I hope no one minds if I ask them here.

1.  I prefer to use threaded for my display thread mode myself, but it currently doesn't work for me - example can be seen here

I know that this should be posted in the bug report forums (and will go and post a report about it if needed), but it also ties into the question I have for it.  Once threaded works is it possible to make it work like a real threaded message board? Example here: WWWBoard Version 2.0 Demo!  If not can the threaded window at least be moved below the actual post?  This is more of a personal preference.  Every other board I've been to that uses/offers threaded mode displays the threads under the post.

2.  Does this board have the ability to give the user the option to hide both post count and thanks/thanked count?  If it does can it please be enabled?  It's one of the features of the old board that I loved.

3.  When ignoring a user it shows a box that the user actually replied in the thread and hides the post.  If possible can that box saying that so-and-so replied be hidden as well?

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Thoughts of a Nameless Druid
« on: March 24, 2007, 10:58:53 pm »
*Kutya'I is sitting in her favorite spot in Folian's Forest.  On the stone bridge that crosses the river near the large tree that she calls home.  She's sits with her legs crossed, eyes closed, in deep meditation.  She reflects on what has happened to her life the last sixty years.*

So much of the world has changed since the war.  I almost don't recognize it anymore.  The lands went though a lot of pain because of the war.  So much damage was done do them.  It will take a long time before they fully heal.  Lots of things will die, but that is probably for the best.  Right now Nature just can't support too large of a population.  I hate seeing so many things die.. I can not do a thing about it though.  This is Nature's way.

The world is changing in other ways as well.  Just when I was getting accustomed to using names for places the humans went and changed a lot of them.  Like the lands of Rilara were changed to Alindor, I think, for no reason it seems.  Oh well.  I never had a use for labels before coming here, so it's not really a big deal for me.  People are migrating to the larger towns as well.  Hlint use to be the place adventurers would gather, but not anymore.  They've all moved to the stone cages off of the coast line south of Hlint.  This change as left me with no one to talk with when I feel the need to - I spend most of my time alone once again.  I can not stand being in either of the stone cages for too long of a period of time.  Just entering either of them makes my head hurt.

A lot of people I once knew are gone as well... even including Luna.  Out of every one I once knew, she is the only one I really miss.  I hope that she returns to me soon.  The only person that remembers me, that I've seen, from before I left is Rodlin.  We have spent a some time together with a female named Emie.  I've come to really enjoy both of their companies.  Emie and myself are going though a bit of a problem right now.  And until she can come to terms with her problem I just do not like being around her at all.  All the time she and I had spent together.. and she still treats me like I am some stranger.  It makes me wish that I never helped her with her problems in the past.

*She sighs to herself.*

It makes me not want to help anyone anymore at all.

*Kutay'I sits in meditation for another days before coming out of it.  She reaches for her pack to grab a canteen of water to find out that they are empty.  So she stands up and walks off to fill them all.*

That's easy for you to say.  You have three other characters to play if one was locked up some where and you couldn't play him for a few weeks.

Consequences to your actions are fine, but I see no reason to ban someone from playing for a few weeks because of them.  That type of punishment should be reserved to the people that break the rules.

and at that point your characters will be in a place that does not allow you to play them until they are out of that place. I will, of course, try to run these quests within a short span of RL time, but I will not make any promises at this point.

So you couldn't create a time bubble for something like this?  I was excited about this quest until I read that part of the rules.  Making it so we can't play Layonara at all in between two quest sessions is a huge turn off for me.

Roleplaying / Re: Intimidation?
« on: March 17, 2007, 02:14:33 pm »
Using the same social skill for a check is the standard, otherwise the GMs would not have told us in RP101.  A copy and paste from the log.  Thanks, Lynn! :)

CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:47:20] Sallaron Tempest: Oh...just a quick one......
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:47:39] Sallaron Tempest: ....bit of confusion over it.....what counter's a Intimidate and Bluff check when out of a DM quest?
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:47:55] Death's Harbinger: thats really a tough one
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:48:06] Muireann: I know what Dorgy told me.....
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:48:07] Kutya'I: *raises his hand*
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:48:10] Muireann: for ease
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:48:25] Death's Harbinger: since its DnD skills there SHOULD be skills to counter them but they aren't put in NwN go ahead Muir
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:48:31] Death's Harbinger: one sec Kut
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:48:46] Kutya'I: I looked into this and for NWN a will save is what is typically use.. was rasing my hand for that :)
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:02] Muireann: Dorgy said that due the the fact there aren't skills to counter them and it's not fair to counter with a will....
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:17] Muireann: as you can't up your will in the same way someone can with skill points...
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:34] Muireann: He said to go with an opposed roll of the same skill
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:47] Sallaron Tempest: *sighs miserably* Will save huh.......that's just great
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:51] Death's Harbinger: *nods to Muir*
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:52] Muireann: No
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:56] Death's Harbinger: not a will save
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:49:57] Muireann: Not will
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:06] Sallaron Tempest: Oh *perks up*
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:15] Muireann: Opposed roll of the same skill
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:19] Death's Harbinger: a will save is what you would use on a dm quest where a fair DC could be determined by the DM
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:43] Sallaron Tempest: So....bluff vs bluff.....intim vs intim?
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:51] Death's Harbinger: yes
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:52] Muireann: That's what Dorgy said
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:50:53] Kutya'I: cool!  
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:51:02] Sallaron Tempest: Sounds better to me *grins*
[CHAT WINDOW TEXT] [Tue Feb 27 11:51:27] Muireann: Otherwise the high level rogue will always bluff you unless you've very lucky

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