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General Discussion / Re: Computer Advice
« on: September 17, 2012, 04:00:10 pm »
Look good? 1400 USD

[table=head;sort=1a,2,3]Display|                                 17.3" Full HD LED-Backlit Display with Super Glossy Surface (1920 x 1080)|
Video & Graphics Card|                                 Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M GPU with 2GB GDDR5 Video Memory|
CPU Processor|                                 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM Processor ( 6MB L3 Cache, 2.30GHz) [$70.00]|
Thermal Compound|                                 Stock Standard Thermal Compound|
Operating System|                                 Genuine MS Windows® 7 Professional 32/64-Bit Edition ( 64-Bit Preloaded ) [$60.00]|
Memory|                                 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz - 2 X 4GB|
RAID Storage Options |                                 Non-RAID Storage|
Primary Hard Disk Drive|                                 180GB Intel 520 Series SATA3 Solid State Disk Drive [$155.00]|
2nd Hard Disk Drive|                                 500GB 7200rpm SATA2 Secondary Hard Disk Drive [$80.00]|
Optical Drive Bay — Optical Drive or Hard Disk Drive in Optical Drive Bay with Caddy case|                                 8X DVD±R/RW/4X +DL Super-Multi Drive & Software|
Wireless Network Card|                                 Killer™ Wireless-N 1103 - 802.11A/B/G/N Wireless LAN Module [$60.00]|
Primary Battery|                                 Smart Li-ION Battery Pack|
Microsoft Office|                                 Microsoft Office Starter 2010 - Included in Price|
Warranty|                                 Sager 1 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty|

General Discussion / Re: Computer Advice
« on: September 12, 2012, 05:52:22 pm »
Thanks guys.

I live in the US, I was pricing it out straight off the Sager site.  I heard they were good laptops without much excess bloat software, but I'm not married to the idea.  So if you think of a good place to shop, I'd love to hear it.  I do not want to go through a dell equivalent because it ends up having a lot of junk I don't want.

On the RAM, I wouldn't have the first idea on how to install something new.  How easy is it?

On the processor, a i5-3210M would be $70 cheaper but I'd be losing the quad.

Is it easy to set things up to have the OS run off a separate SSD?  I'm new to this.

General Discussion / Re: Computer Advice
« on: September 12, 2012, 01:40:28 am »
Thanks for the responses!

I suppose my real question is why I need an HDD with 1TB when after 6+ years my current computer is at 180GB... and bloated with 100 duplicates of nwn1 and nwn2 worlds that I should've erased 5 years ago.

Is it merely a space thing or will it affect performance if I don't have it all separated?

Any thoughts on the processor/ ram bang for buck as I laid it out in additional costs?

General Discussion / Re: Computer Advice
« on: September 11, 2012, 01:43:40 pm »
Thanks for the advice everyone.  Currently looking at this for just under $1400:

[table=head;sort=1a,2,3]Display|                                 17.3" Full HD LED-Backlit Display with Super Glossy Surface (1920 x 1080)|
Video & Graphics Card|                                 Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M GPU with 2GB GDDR5 Video Memory|
CPU Processor|                                 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM Processor ( 6MB L3 Cache, 2.30GHz) [$70.00]|
Thermal Compound|                                 IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU [$35.00]|
Operating System|                                 Genuine MS Windows® 7 Professional 32/64-Bit Edition ( 64-Bit Preloaded ) [$60.00]|
Memory|                                 12GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz - 3 X 4GB [$40.00]|
RAID Storage Options |                                 Non-RAID Storage|
Primary Hard Disk Drive|                                 120GB Intel 520 Series SATA3 Solid State Disk Drive [$100.00]|
Optical Drive Bay — Optical Drive or Hard Disk Drive in Optical Drive Bay with Caddy case|                                 8X DVD±R/RW/4X +DL Super-Multi Drive & Software|
Wireless Network Card|                                 Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - 802.11A/B/G/N Wireless LAN Module [$35.00]|
Primary Battery|                                 Smart Li-ION Battery Pack|
Microsoft Office|                                 Microsoft Office Starter 2010 - Included in Price|
Warranty|                                 Sager 1 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty|

It would cost an additional $160 for an i7-3720QM.

It would cost an additional $90 for 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz - 2 X 8GB.

SSD looks to be $60 jumps for 180GB and 240GB.  Looking at my current computer that I've had for... 6 years I think, I don't think spce is much of an issue and I use external drives for 'legacy waste' so to speak.

Thoughts?  See any gaps?

General Discussion / Re: Computer Advice
« on: September 01, 2012, 11:26:29 pm »
Quote from: Hellblazer
Checking the laptops of sager, I would truly suggest you take at least an i7-3820QM. Yes it's more expensive, but it's a quad core with hyper-threading.

[TABLE=head;sort=1a,2,3]3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM Processor ( 6MB L3 Cache, 2.30GHz)   [+$70.00]   |
                   3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3720QM Processor ( 6MB L3 Cache, 2.60GHz)   [+$230.00]   |
                   3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3820QM Processor ( 8MB L3 Cache, 2.70GHz)   [+$420.00] |
Big price difference, how much of a performance change?

Quote from: Hellblazer
And I don't know what you do with it, but if it's anything to do with video/audio, get a second drive. Having your work files on the same disk as the os disk can cause problems.

Hope that helps.

I'll be playing games on a limited basis... maybe a couple of hours per week - but it'd be nice to have a machine that can play the new ones.  For comparison, Skyrim is too much for my current machine.  I'll also be doing work stuff, nothing crazy - a fair bit of work in adobe cs5.

But I had a question about having 2 drives.  How does it work?  Why would I want it?  It does bring up an interesting point that I would love to have my work stuff segregated from games as it's not the coolest in my line of work to open it up at a meeting and have mass effect 3 as the primary start menu button.  But can't you just do that by adding a partition?

General Discussion / Re: Community Building
« on: August 13, 2012, 11:32:16 pm »
Quote from: Guardian 452
Sorry Chongo... I call em like I see em.

Naturally.  I don't think that comment is unfair.  I check the forums  now and then to look for something interesting enough to make me want to  play here again.  I do this for me, and I won't pretend it's anything  else.  Nor do I think my opinion should hold more stock for the  community than anyone else's.  Past efforts, current efforts, past  positions, current positions... they don't matter here - the initial  query from Row was regarding growing the playerbase.

So as one person who sometimes considers playing here again, I say that  responses like yours are the choir of the unchanging.  It's the current  and active playerbase, which should never be undervalued mind you, that  goes tit for tat on every little change that it ends up barely blowing  your own hair back when the change comes.  My opinion is that the  minutia that results in these underwhelming discussions does little to  grow the playerbase while still giving the team excess work.  This in  turn sometimes drives team assets away and you end up retaining a peace  keeping force instead of creative drivers.  And mind you, I'm not  implying myself as the latter - there are much bigger fish that have  been in that sea.

Again, not to be undervalued, the active community rarely wants change  that might potentially compromise efforts or change the rules by which  they did it fairly with their own hands... I have been there, and I know  how it sounds.  But honestly - you deserve what you get.  By all means  cling to what you have and have deservedly fought for individually...  just realize that without hair-blowing-back change amongst things most  have already seen and experienced - you might end up clinging to your  own crown and little else.

I like Milty's idea.  I think that the choir is confusing it with  shutting down the persistence of the servers when it's really just  internal outreach to get little adventuring companies planned amongst  old friends.  Let it occur in these little groups and empower them.  I  don't think anyone is talking about old school quests with 30 people.   Empower small groups to do their own thing and use the server actively  for small-group plot and dynamic.  Give them an interesting and easy  avenue to start up and have things more interesting than 7 days of rat  killing in tattered cloths whilst trying to have an adventure together  that rivals the other things available elsewhere.

I don't think this is Layo's vision, and I'm alright with it.  Hopefully  one inactive voice with an unabashed statement of need and opinion is  taken for what it is - bothering to tell you.  Years ago when it all  seemed so bustling with life here... it wasn't hordes of people like you  willing to stay the course for a decade, it was voices like what I'm  entertaining here.  They're not bad people, they just didn't sign on for  til death do us part.  Either embrace solitude amongst those that  chugged through with unchanging discipline - or adapt quickly enough to  get small surges here and there.  I think you're all fine folks either  way, but you deserve what you get.

And kill the boldface bud.  No hard feelings, and this is blatantly  patronizing, but I look back with several  shades of shame on how I used to write on these forums.   This will likely be one more shade someday, but hey, adapt and keep growing right?  They're either  going to read it or they won't (this is definitely too long), and the  boldface just calls people into the soundbyte.  I wish I was more  like Rhiz.  Everyone should.

General Discussion / Re: Community Building
« on: August 09, 2012, 01:00:01 pm »
People came to Layonara because NWN was popular and there was inherent  traffic deriving from marketing on NWN sites.  That doesn't exist  anymore so the entire community and team need to come to grips with  reality and stop treating this like an mmo or even a traditional PW.

Adapt.  Do what Milty is saying.  Coordinate the world into an  adventuring company system.  Come up with an outreach tool for all the  old players to get them committed to that one night a week.  And make it  worth their while.  You're delusional if you think you can compete with  anything else out there for folks to do maintaining the mindset that  the 'game' is the draw.  It's going to be old friendships that drive  it.  It's going to be ease of new integration.  Alter the GM team to  expand it into a sub category of adventuring company story masters.   Make it easy for them and empower them.  Give them story options that  aren't utterly flaccid.  Let players start at level 10 and just give  them a bloody shop with fun gear for their new start.  Come up with a  list of simpler code changes to enable this transition, and someone like  Dorg just commit to one hard night of work.  No more, no less - just  plan it all for that and stop entertaining suggestions that don't fit  into that one night... because you and I know full well they aren't  going to get anywhere.  You're not going to rebalance the physical world  because you have no one willing or able to do it.  Make the PC's more  powerful through simpler code changes.  Stop dreaming that you can do  anything else.

Most of the existing players here are creating as much of a problem as  the diehard 'this is a grand grand world' folks on the team.  You need  to stop clinging onto the past.  Commit to a true change and don't turn  back.  Adventuring company server.  You all get so darn sidetracked and  never commit to true changes.  Someone suggests changing xp rates and  the choir of clinging to past efforts burst forth in the song of 'But I  but I but I!'.  Someone says make gear more available and the choir of  crafters crafting alone for no one sing 'but I but I but I!'.  Someone  suggests progression alterations and the choir of world leaders sing  'but I but I!'.  You're not a world leader talking like that, you're the  mayor in the town of 2.  Be a leader and let your people flourish.

Go with Milty's idea and commit.  And don't let the old songs of 'but I'  creep in slowly as they always do and corrupt the whole darn thing.  If  you want real ideas on how to make it happen, I'll tell you them.  I'm  nothing special but I do know what was built in this game and how it  works.  Second I hear that choir though... ugh.  

It's simple.  If you can't adapt to bring back the old players by way of easily  acquired community, then you don't deserve the population you seek to  have entertaining you.

General Discussion / Re: Haven Mines
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:57:14 pm »
Wasn't me.  That is a very old map, could've been Pan.  Pretty sure it was here when I first joined, so it predates most of us that are still around.  Maybe G?

General Discussion / Re: Happy birthday to the tech guy
« on: October 26, 2011, 01:04:29 am »
Happy birthday orth

Don't you get the damage vfx that is appropriate to the element type?  I know its not the ball, but I could've sworn I've seen little acid damage vfx on the actual target.

General Discussion / Re: World policy update -- Discussion
« on: October 04, 2011, 09:25:19 pm »
Quote from: Dorganath
Chongo went into plenty of detail, so I won't (thanks, Chongo!)

It's my uncanny ability to be extremely concise that makes me the forum phenomenon that I am.

General Discussion / Re: World policy update -- Discussion
« on: October 04, 2011, 02:25:00 pm »
Quote from: Frendh
People can step up if they feel like it.

I'll step up.  I think this shouldn't be the focus of the thread, so hopefully it isn't dwelled on.  I've seen most people lure, including the majority of the DM and development staff.  But there is a line in the sand that I think everyone can inherently feel.

So, stepping up - this is my line, and regardless of what anyone says, I'm sticking with it.  It's the way the server was built, and it's mechanically fair in my mind.

- Use terrain features, but once you notice you've dumbfounded AI, stop and try a more fair approach.  Maybe not in that exact instance (since you shouldn't be required to die because you've cornered yourself with the decision of shoddy AI vs. unnecessary death), but the next time don't repeat it.  Sure, archers should find cliffs to shoot from.  Casters too.  But if the creature AI has fizzed out so it's standing still, or doing the frenetic pacing back and forth... try something different next time because you've broken the game.
- Ambushes are great.  Send a guy in and lure creatures back to an ambush.
- Bottlenecks are great.  Ambush them into a bottleneck.  It's their darn fault for not being smart enough to craft bows to fire back at you, and it's not AI stopping them, it's their overly wide cousin that's taking up all the room in the bottleneck.
- Picking off stragglers is fair game.  If a straggler comes to you alone, you shouldn't feel inclined to fire an arrow at the mob past the trees just because you're worried about luring rules.
- Taking chunks at a time is fair game to me.  Technically (in fantasy reality) - if you engaged a trolloc screecher in that 500 foot stretch of forest glade, all 24 that have spawned would hear you.  The game wasn't designed for this - I personally didn't design areas for this.  If you try to say this isn't fair, then prepare to go in and redesign about 500 spawns.  Where the idea of 'chunks' gets sticky is when you toe the visual line.  Here's a perfect example of the wrong, and it's me doing it.  I'm at the goblin boss spawn in the redlights.  I am inching backwards to pull the boss, and only the boss, but not the elite and shaman standing two inches behind him.  They are literally two in game inches apart.  After that battle, I felt dirty about it.  And you know that you've crossed that line... so you think about it, you say 'shucks, not cool', and you don't repeat the practice.  On the other side of that line though, is standing in the woods east of corax, looking at 12 giants, than your party of two who happen to be the only folks online, and letting 3 or 4 giants come at you at a time.  This doesn't feel dirty to me.  You're handling the CR range at twice the number of creatures as there are members in your party - the spawns aren't protecting CNR or beneficial passage, and it is a design issue that does not account for low player numbers, and their ability to play the game as intended.

What I think a lot of people don't realize is the basis for spawn and creature development.  They were calculated to challenge a fair group of same CR.  Well... but... this is not static.  When was it calculated?  What was the estimated fair group size and composition?  This isn't just a dynamic between EST and GMT group sizes, it's server size and composition evaluations that are in many cases a half decade apart.  And you don't blame the player group that is on average only half as large and strong as 5 years ago.  You look at it objectively, and do the math on the disparate composition basis.  Without doing so, you could, to the extreme, effectively make your game unplayable.  For luring and such - I think it comes down to what the fair fight feels like it should be.  I don't think it's 16 giants versus 3 PC's of the same CR.  Perhaps you find the instance where you have 6 PC's.  And yes, the dynamic should change in your head.  But I don't think anyone should ever bark at you for initiating a fair challenge versus the available playerbase.  And everyone can feel that line pretty well in my opinion.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Harrigan stuck on west
« on: September 22, 2011, 08:34:46 pm »
WASD gets you stuck.  Not sure if this is the case, but anytime you have it down during transit you're asking for it.  You'll port across the screen, find yourself on unclimbable cliffs, be standing on top of an invisible black tower, etc.  When someone is just barely stuck in a wall or a weird walkmesh (like the side corners of crypt bridges for example), try backing into them at an angle like you're trying to lever them out of it.

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Possible typo in Lore re: Epic Ranger Feats
« on: September 20, 2011, 11:18:56 am »
And, flipping that over... you don't have to take favored enemy at those FE specific bonus levels.  The ranger list opens up at that point. So you can technically go to 40 ranger with only 5 FE's.

Character Development Quests (CDQ's) / Re: The Troll King - (CDQ/GCDQ)
« on: September 19, 2011, 11:23:36 pm »
*Throws a dart at the placeholders*

General Discussion / Re: Extrem lag on game servers and forum
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:53:33 pm »
Quote from: Hellblazer
The same seems to be happening today. Felt it from 16:40 to 17:00 (EST)

Noticed this as well - it was quite bad.

Fairly bad lag today at 9 PM MST (time of this post).  On central server, only two people online.

General Discussion / Re: Can't let this slip by
« on: September 06, 2011, 07:24:07 pm »
Happy birthday bud

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday scifibarbie!
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:53:19 pm »
Happy birthday!

Fixed Bugs / Re: Flame strike damage
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:42:47 pm »
Looking at the picture a couple things come to mind:

- According to LORE, you should be getting 9d6 damage, half of which is divine and the other half fire.  So... on average, you should be striking for 13ish fire damage and 13ish divine damage.
- From this picture, either the LORE specifics are incorrect on A) the % damage coming from fire vs. divine, or B) the overall damage (9d6) as the kobolds are perhaps fire vulnerable
- Orrrrr.... it's B, the kobolds are fire vulnerable, and you are having substandard damage roles.

I'd say try it on ogres to rule out the fire vulnerability possibility.   If it's consistently below 27 total damage, then there might be something wrong.  Then it gets into whether the 9d6 is incorrect or the divine vs. fire percentages are incorrect.

Introduce Yourself / Re: *waves*
« on: August 26, 2011, 03:40:38 pm »
Welcome back blonde.

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